tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 36

My Only Talent Ch. 36


Mikey Likes It! Robbie Doesn't!


Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.


Mei Ling had worn her Vietcong Full Metal Jacket movie hooker outfit to the Horseshoe Bay condo, and when she smiled at all four of us and said "Hi, GI! Suckey Fuckey?" you could have heard a pin drop. Mei Ling may have had a submissive side, but things sure weren't starting out that way.

She smiled again. "Hello Boys. First Rule Number One. What are you going to say about tonight to anyone? Robbie?"

I smiled. "Nothing!"

She smiled. "And if anyone asks you about Mei Ling?"

I smiled again, and delivered my standard line. "She is a wonderful young lady and I am proud to call her my friend. That is all any of us should ever say." Heads nodded all around.

Mei Ling smiled, and carried in her ESU logo gym bag and put it in the downstairs bathroom. I guess she was planning a workout.

"Very good. We are going to start with a little game of "Mei Ling Says". It's like "Simon Says" except I am cuter and I give much better head." She shot out a hip in a pose and I noticed her nipples pointing through the tight red halter top. The black leather hot pants crinkled.

I am sure at least three of us made an audible gulp, and perhaps all four.

Her Suzie fired up, like someone starting a cold chain saw, just after they pushed the little rubber button that primed it with a rich mixture. It rumbled and popped, but was not yet at full RPM. I was the only one that noticed her Suzie signal, as far as I knew.

She smiled again, almost in a predatory way. "If I say Mei Ling says to do something, you do it or you get slapped for despoiling my virtue. If I just tell you to do something, without the enabling phrase, and you do it, you also get slapped. If you get slapped twice, you are out of the game for the rest of the evening. Does it make sense?"

Husky, Ralph, Kevin and I all nodded. Whatever Mei Ling wants, Mei Ling gets. There was something about a hot girl on her knees that held our attention.

Her little Suzie chain saw began to idle and purr. It sounded like it could handle a lot of wood. I was pretty sure that's what Mei Ling had in mind. Suddenly her carrier wave waxed strong, and images began to pop into my head.

"Mei Ling says put both hands on top of your head and keep them there."

Images of Mei Ling taking all of us in her mouth one after the other bubbled into my Suzie receiver. We stood in a circle around her and gave her our full and undivided attention.

We hurried to put our hands on our heads. It looked like we were being arrested by the cops and waiting for the handcuffs to be applied.

She looked very obviously at our crotches and licked her lips. "If you take your hands off your head, I stop what I am doing. But as long as you keep your hands up there and don't try to grab me, I think you will really like this little game."

She moved over right in front of Kevin, so that her face was about three inches from his crotch.

"Hi, Kevin. Suzanne says you have a nice dick." Kevin made some sort of snorting sound, and a big grin spread across his face. Husky and Ralph laughed. I couldn't breathe.

She leaned over and just brushed the front of Kevin's jeans with her cheeks, first the right and then the left, keeping her eyes up on him. He groaned. She gave him a series of little kisses through his jeans, and he took a gasping breath. The Suzie chain saw revved up and stayed running faster.

She licked up and down, slowly and theatrically, tracing his outline through the jeans. Then she bared her teeth and grabbed his zipper with them and tugged it down slowly. Kevin was paralyzed, except for his legs vibrating.

She reached up and pulled his pants down, then his underwear. He sprang to attention.

Mei Ling, in her best Texas accent, pronounced, "Yep. That's nice!" Kevin's grin got even wider. After that, she didn't talk with her mouth full, but she did make a variety of appreciative noises. After a while, Mei Ling's neck motions synchronized with the slight forward thrusting of Kevin's hips, and Kevin began to groan.

Mei Ling pulled back and smacked her lips loudly, drew a big breath, and said, "Come for me!" with a mischievous grin.

Kevin groaned, and screwed his face up into a weird expression, but did not follow her command, since it lacked the specified enabling phrase.

Mei Ling smiled up at him, frantically licking the underside of his cock. Now Husky groaned.

She took another big breath, and said, "Mei Ling says, come in my mouth!" and engulfed Kevin's cock again, imploring him with her eyes. Her tongue moved frantically inside her mouth and under his dick, and Kevin's groan turned into sort of a whimper. His hips thrust forward one more time and then his motions stopped.

Mei Ling's did not. Her throat oscillated and her cheeks hollowed, her eyes still smiling. She synchronized her breathing through her nose with the obvious vacuum waves her lungs were applying to Kevin. Kevin gave and she took, both of them obviously enjoying each other. She kept working until there was apparently nothing else left to get. Kevin's expression said he was grateful, but sad it was over.

Mei Ling smacked her lips one last time, and broke out in a huge grin. "'rank you, GI!" Very politically incorrect, but hot as hell, plus nobody cared about micro-aggressions at this juncture.

She stood up and walked over to me, still smiling. "Mei Ling says, take off your shirt, Robbie!"

I did it, hoping that wasn't all she wanted. She made eye contact with me, and then began to play with my nipples. Oh man!

She teased me and tantalized me with her fingers and fingernails, just barely touching my nipples but sending waves of excitement through me. She smiled wickedly. She knew exactly what that did to me. She stared obviously at my now rock-hard cock, and smiled again.

She pulled her little red halter top over her head. The chain saw revved a little higher. Her nipples looked like the bullets protruding from the AK-47 rounds that Big Un favored for short range point and shoot targets: tapered, pointed, red-brown, hard, and deadly. Then she slipped out of the black leather hot pants, too. She was wearing some incongruously pure white silk panties, tight and sheer. The sight of them lit me up. She stood up to her full height, grabbed my head, and shouted, "Mei Ling says, Robbie, lick my nipples, tongue only!"

I did my best. Suddenly I was plugged into her Suzie, listening to the nuances of that chain saw note, and I knew what she wanted almost before she did. I also sensed a little trap.

"Bite them!" she screamed. I smiled up a her and kept licking, gently.

She smiled back, then backed away from me.

"Smart boy! To be continued."

She moved over in front of Husky. "Hi, football guy. Mei Ling says get naked!"

He did, with a big smile on his face. Mei Ling pleasured herself through those thin white panties, the slipped them off, maintaining perfect balance and making eye contact with each of us.

She held the panties under each of our noses in turn. "You like?"

It was like my whole body lit up with lust. Her smell was intoxicating, demanding.

She threw the panties on the floor and then walked around behind Husky and grabbed his buttocks with both hands. "Hey, you work out!" She kneeled behind him. Her Suzie revved a little higher still. "The weight room has been very, very good to you!"

She kneaded his ass checks like bread dough, then used her hands to stroke up and down along the front and back of his legs while she kissed his buttocks fervently. She moved her hands around to the front of his thighs and rubbed her rock hard little bullet nipples along the back of his legs. Husky made a funny whooshing sound as her tongue began to part his buttocks.

Her mouth roamed all over his butt and lower legs. One hand snaked round and teasingly stroked his cock while the other grabbed the front of his thigh and pulled his ass toward her mouth. She was obviously thrusting her tongue into his butt with glee. Her hand began to jack his cock faster and faster. Husky made a high-pitched kind of sound effect noise.

"Mei Ling says tell me when you are about to come!" She moved around in front of him and held his cock up with one hand and sucked on his balls. Her Suzie revved even higher, and the other hand frantically jacked his cock, then guided it into her mouth.

Husky drew in a huge breath. "I'm gonna come!"

Mei Ling's Suzie sounded like a chain saw right next to my head. She deep throated his cock, and grabbed a butt cheek with each hand, pulling him into her with both arms. Husky made a high pitched little shriek, and obviously struggled to keep his hands up on his head. Any guy would have wanted to grab her head and fuck her face, but that would have meant she would stop what she was doing, and that was unthinkable.

Her cheeks began to puff and hollow, and Husky made a deep rumbling noise. He kept his arms on his head, but began flexing his elbows forward, like he was finishing one of the crunch exercises Saskia made me do at the gym. Based on Mei Ling making a deep throated "yum" noise, each elbow motion was accompanied by an ejaculation. After five or so he stopped moving his arms, but Mei Ling kept sucking hard, smiling up at him and fully aware we were all looking at her. Her Suzie revved. She was in her element.

She pulled back and blew him a theatric kiss, then turned back to me.

"Robbie, Mei Ling says kiss my nipples! Lips and tongue but no biting!"

I was happy to comply. Her Suzie told me she wanted me to bite them, but she was waiting and anticipating. Two could play that game. Her Suzie told me exactly how to drive her nipples wild, and she began to chant a little bit as I got very creative with them, but stopped short of biting. She shivered.

"Me Ling says, Robbie kiss my right, Ralph my left."

Ralph had been staring at her like a puppy. My dick was so hard it hurt. Husky had fully recovered, too, but at this point could only watch. Ralph made a noise sort of like our dogs made when Grandma fed them boiled liver on top of their normal dry food.

Mei Ling leaned back slightly, and put one hand under each breast, offering them up for us to kiss. This went on for some time, and then her Suzie note changed, taking on another overtone.

"Mei Ling says, Ralph, take off your clothes!"

Ralph would have happily gone on nuzzling her breasts forever, but he stood and stripped quickly. Mei Ling had already inspired him to new lengths, so to speak. She theatrically looked at Ralph's giant dick, and then made specific eye contact with each of the rest of us. She repeated the cycle again. I could hear her Suzie signal saying, "watch this, boys!"

She took Ralph's cock in both hands and gently toyed with it. Her small hands made it seem even bigger. Their motions made it get even bigger. "This GI big boy!" she said, and paused for effect. She put her tongue on her upper lip and looked right at me until I made eye contact. It had the same effect on me as when Suzanne did it.

She closed her eyes and licked the big lollipop. She knew we were all watching. I think that was just as big a turn on for her as actually doing the four of us. She spent a long time covering every square millimeter of Ralph's cock with kisses. He was in a trance. Then she seemed to push her tongue down into the opening in the front, and waited for Ralph to look at her. He finally did, wondering why the magic motions had ceased.

She smiled wickedly, now looking at the three of us instead of Ralph. "Mei Ling says don't come until Mei Ling says!"

She almost attacked Ralph' dick, stuffing as much of it as she could in her mouth and making gargling noises. She would pause with as much in her mouth as she could and look up at Ralph. Then she would gobble down a little more. When she got a little more than half of it in, we could see it moving in her throat. She stopped trying to take more, and began moving her throat up and down on it, faster and faster. Drool dribbled down her chin.

Ralph's legs began to synchronize with her motions. She changed pace and nibbled his cock side to side like an ear of corn. Ralph neighed like a horse. Mei Ling giggled. "Big Boy like?"

She then grabbed it with both her little hands and began working them up and down, staring down at it like she was looking down the barrel of a gun. Ralph gritted his teeth and made a funny sound through them.

She stopped and asked. "Is the entire universe really expanding?"

Ralph was not expecting a cosmological question, and was hardly able to concentrate fully on astrophysics at this point. But Ralph was Ralph. "The part we can observe is. I think it all is. The multiverse may or may not be."

Mei Ling smiled. "Mei Ling says come!" She devoured his dick.

Ralph came. You could almost see the shock wave pulse along Mei Ling's cheeks. She worked her hands on him like she was squeezing toothpaste from tube. Her Suzie signal revved wildly like the chain had broken on her chain saw.

Ralph's face went white and his head traced a path like the precession of a spinning top. Mei Ling used one hand on his butt to steady him but kept the other hand on his dick, and kept her mouth sealed on it. She then pulled back, smacked her lips, and triumphantly announced "Mei Ling got it all!"

Kevin, ever thoughtful, had retrieved an orange and white hand towel from the bathroom, and offered it to Mei Ling. She used it wipe a little perspiration from her brow, but did not need it for anything else. She was efficient and effective.

Ralph began to huff and puff to catch his breath. Husky looked like he was in shock. Kevin was probably thinking about casting Mei Ling in a combination martial arts and porn film.

Mei Ling sat on the big round coffee table and held up her breasts again, looking right at me.

"Robbie, Mei Ling says kiss my breasts and nipples!"

I knelt in front of her and bent to my task. She began to make little cooing noises. "Robbie, can you really give me a nipple orgasm?" Her Suzie swelled in time to my kisses, and I knew I could. I answered only with my tongue, getting rougher and rougher, then being almost too tender, then rougher again. As her Suzie began to peak, I added little bites to the mix.

Mei Ling put her legs around my waist and locked them together. I suppose it might be some kind of martial arts submission move, but if she squeezed too hard I would have to stop kissing her to breathe.

"Mei Ling says don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!" No worries then.

Two more complete cycles put her right over the edge. She squeezed me so hard with her legs that I did have trouble breathing, and then groaned and screamed. Her Suzie blasted and a wave of exotic pussy smell pulsed at the same time. She was incredible.

She motioned for me to stand up and then knelt on the table, her eyes on my long-suffering erection. "Mei Ling says GI get first crass A1 bro job!" She was really into this Asian hooker thing, and I wasn't about to argue. I was glad Cisco wasn't here to watch.

She proceeded to give me the most amazing head I have ever had. I thought Janet was great that first week of school, and Lara and Suzanne improved on that, but this from another planet! Fast and slow, deep and shallow, strong and gentle, lips and tongue, throat and teeth, nose and chin, and even ears and eyes, alternated and switched and morphed and pushed and pulled and sucked and blown. I was soon in such a state that it all began to merge together. I lost contact with her Suzie and retreated into my own little sensual world.

Cisco had told us that one of her martial arts skills was being able to hold her breath longer than he could believe. He had never officially mentioned the sensual implications of that skill, but it was certainly apparent to me now! She took me all the way down her throat, and looked me right in the eye. Her Suzie broke through my fog. She was enjoying this more than I was! She knew she was in control. She pulled all the way back, give me a quick little flick on the head of my cock, and plunged me back down. Again, and again.

About the tenth time, she stopped and said, "Mei Ling says give it all up for Mei Ling!"

Her timing was excellent, because I couldn't hold out anymore. She sucked me so hard I through there might be some permanent damage, then stopped, and started again. She owned me. If was de facto submission, if not de jure. When I had completely emptied out, I almost passed out.

Mei Ling sat back on the coffee table and smiled contentedly, and dropped the Vietcong hooker patois. "Okay boys, your responses and sensitivities are now properly calibrated and I know just how this party should proceed."

She motioned to Kevin and Ralph. "Mei Ling says Kevin, you kiss and lick my left breast, shoulder and armpit, and Mei Ling says Ralph you take the right. I want to feel it, boys." She then spread herself out across the table, grabbing the top edge with both arms.

Then she did one of the stretches that Saskia had favored for our conditioning class. Her left leg went up over her center and then all the way over to the table on her right, up near her shoulder. Talk about flexibility. The she moved it back about to the center, pointed it straight up, and then bent it slightly and held it in place effortlessly.

"Husky, Mei Ling says worship my pussy!" She didn't have to tell him twice. Her exotic aroma had been filling the room of the last ten minutes, and it was acting directly on our brains.

She looked at me, tongue on upper lip until I looked, and then crooned, "Mei Ling says, Robbie, worship my ass!"

She didn't have to ask me twice either. I've had several technicolor dreams about Mei Ling's hot little ass, but it was even better than I imagined. Every muscle was a perfect specimen beneath her cinnamon skin. Soon her Suzie was screaming again. It had gone beyond the chain saw stage, and was now more like a single jet turbine. As strong as it was, it was sweet and pure, with no hint of discord, distortion, or Melanie meltdown.

She disengaged from us all and turned over onto all fours on the big round coffee table. She motioned for Ralph and Kevin to approach her face and began sucking them both alternatively. If Keven felt intimidated by the comparison, he didn't show it.

"Mei Ling says Husky, lie on your back so I can mount you." He slipped under her like a defensive line stunt to avoid a pulling guard. He was a little uncomfortable with the resulting view of her sucking Ralph and Kevin while she rode his rod, but he simply turned his head and closed his eyes.

Mei Ling found a rhythm quickly and the phrase 'fuck like a snake' came immediately to mind. Husky did a good job of moving up to meet her, and I could hear her Suzie signal accelerate.

"Mei Ling says Robbie fuck my ass!" I stood over her like a was going to drop onto a horse in a rodeo chute, timing her motions. She bent forward even further. I put one leg on each side of her and squatted like one a Saskia's difficult modified lunges. I held my position and her perfectly muscled ass moved up to meet me. I made one final adjustment to get the optimum angle, and then thrust forward.

As my depth of penetration increased, she began to chant. "Yes, yes, yes!"

I took that as an invitation to proceed, bending my legs another ten degrees, and using Saskia's special glut thrust and cat back arch exercises to push my pelvis forward at just the right time. I was suddenly uncomfortably aware of Husky's efforts on her behalf.

Our frequencies of thrusting moved and beat like two aircraft engines trying to synchronize. Sometimes we would both thrust at maximum depth at the same time, sometimes one was all in as the other was all out, and we moved through every possible state in between. As far as I could tell from her Suzie, Mei Ling liked it all.

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