My Own Heaven Ch. 25


Keith put me on my knees and bent me over pressing my bare breasts into the ottoman with my hands cuffed behind my back, my ass, his target for the afternoon, in the air. I looked over at Tina, she was in the same position, but Phil had his fingers between the cheeks of her ass. Seconds later, I could feel Keith's fingers between my ass cheeks applying cold slippery lubricant to my puckered asshole.

Phil had the cock shaped nozzle at the end of hose from the huge plastic bag over Tina's head in his hand. I could imagine Keith behind me, preparing to shove the nozzle from my bag up my little asshole. Tina screamed as Phil pushed the nozzle up her poor little ass in one push, but once it was buried in her, she moaned and wiggled her ass in the air.

Keith put the head of my nozzle against my tight little hole. I gasped and whimpered as the head of the artificial cock pressed against my poor little hole and I cried out as it stretched my tight little hole and pushed into my rear. He pushed it in slowly, not like Phil had done to Tina, and it was uncomfortable more than it hurt.

Keith had pushed the head of his cock into my ass once before and his cock was much, much bigger than this nozzle. Of course, Keith came as soon as the head of his cock penetrated my virgin ass; he said that I was so tight and my little ass cheeks wiggled so much he couldn't help himself. I was so horny at the time, I came just feeling his come shooting into my ass, but I was disappointed that I didn't get to feel his cock all the way inside of me. He promised then that I would get to feel his cock up my ass and now he was going to thoroughly clean out my cute little ass and fulfill that promise this afternoon.

He pushed the cock/nozzle deep into my ass until it was firmly seated and though I tried, I couldn't push it out. Much like a butt plug, this nozzle narrowed near the base so my own tight little sphincter would hold my tormentor in place.

I looked over at Tina and she had her eyes closed and a smile on her face. She was wiggling her cute bare little ass in the air and Phil hadn't even turned on the water yet. I guess they wanted to start our enemas at the same time. I looked up at the big plastic bag and I hoped that Keith didn't expect all of that water to fit inside me.

I saw Phil adjusting the silver pole, raising the bag connected to Tina's asshole and I looked back at Keith, who was doing the same thing. I guess he saw the puzzled look on my face. He smiled saying, "The higher the bag is, the more pressure the water has as it goes up your ass. More pressure means more water goes into your little belly."

I'm not sure if that is true or not, but it was enough to make wonder just how much of that bag of soapy water did he intend to force inside of me. I didn't get to think long; he flicked the clip on the hose and the water did, indeed, start pouring into my poor little ass.

I couldn't hold back the groan as the warm, almost hot, soapy water filled my intestines. I heard Tina squeal and I looked over to see Phil with his fingers between Tina's legs. Her beautiful ass was dancing in the air with the hose sticking out of it as Phil teased her shaved and defenseless pussy.

I was about as full of soapy water as I thought I could be, but Keith had other thoughts. The water seemed to slow down, but I could still feel it filling every available space in my stomach. I was starting to get cramps and Keith reached under me with both hands and gently massaged my belly easing the cramps a little and allowing even more water to flow into my overfilled little ass. Now I know why he made me rest my breasts on the ottoman instead of my belly.

I tucked my head under and looked down past my hanging breasts and was shocked to see how distended my belly was. I looked up at the bag; it looked to be almost half empty and I was beginning to sweat, both from the pressure being put on my tortured asshole and belly and the warmth of the water.

The cramps were really starting to get bad, and I was just going to beg Keith to stop when he stopped the water going up my ass. I looked over at Tina and she had taken more water than I had. Phil was helping her to stand up when Keith wrapped his hands around my upper arms and lifted me to my feet.

The warm soapy water shifted inside me. I could hear it gurgling and bubbling in my belly and I really had to go to the bathroom. Not only from the soapy water Keith had pumped up my little ass, but from the pressure on my kidneys, too. I really wished I didn't drink that extra cup of coffee. If it wasn't for the nozzle stuck in my rear hole, I knew there was no way I could hold it in.

I looked down at my belly and moaned, "Oh my goooodddd." My belly was sticking out and I looked like I was six months pregnant. I looked over at Tina and, although Phil had forced more water up her ass than Keith did mine, her belly wasn't sticking out quite as far as mine. I guess I needed to do more work on my abs if this was going to be on Keith's "things to do to my sub list".

Keith disconnected the hose to my nozzle/butt plug; apparently the water could go in, but not come out. This didn't help my situation any as the soapy water gurgled and churned in my belly and the cramps were getting worse. Keith turned me to face him; he kissed me and tweaked both of my nipples. I didn't realize how sensitive they were until the tingles ran down past my excited bare pussy to my painted little toes.

He reached behind me and unclipped my wrist cuffs and whispered, "You have twenty minutes to empty yourself and get back here bent over the ottoman for your second enema."

I hesitated a second while what he said sank in. He swatted my bare over-filled ass as I started running, as best as I could with a belly full of warm soapy water, toward the steps for our bathroom. I wrapped my arms around my protruding belly and the more I ran the worst the cramps got.

I got into the bathroom and realized I was going to have to pull the butt plug out on my own if I wanted relief. Considering how bad the cramps were, it was a no brainer. I slowly pulled the plug out of my little rear hole as I sat on the toilet; leave it to Keith to find subtle ways for me to torture and humiliate myself. The warm soapy water gushed out of my ass and the feeling of relief was overwhelming as I watched my swollen little belly go back to its' normal flatness.

It seemed like the water and the cramps would never stop, but finally they both did. I quickly cleaned myself up and as I walked through the bedroom, I realized I had no idea how long I had been in the bathroom. When I came through the bedroom, full of warm soapy water, the time was not foremost on my mind.

I ran downstairs and Tina was standing next to Phil and her refilled, big, plastic bag of water. Her hands were again cuffed behind her back and she was looking at the floor but she looked up as I ran over to Keith.

Keith looked at his watch, "Twenty-eight minutes." he said solemnly.

"I'm sorry sir, I did know how long I was up in the..."

He held up his hand and shook his head, "We have been waiting eight minutes for you, the reason you are late is unimportant. Turn around, bend over and place your hands on the ottoman without bending your knees."

I did as I was told as Keith walked over to a table and picked up a wooden paddle not unlike the paddle we used as kids that had a rubber band and little red ball attached. Keith's paddle had no rubber band or ball, and I knew what was going to be red when he was done.

"I think on stroke for each minute will remind you to be on time, don't you agree?" he asked coming behind me and running his hand over my upturned ass.

"Yes, sir." I whimpered, knowing that trying to talk myself out of my punishment would only get me more punishment.

He alternated cheeks of my ass with each stroke. I started out moaning with each one, but by number five, I was crying out as the paddle warmed my ass.

After the eighth stroke, he stood me up reattached my wrist cuffs behind my back without giving me a chance to rub my very warm little butt. He put me back down on my knees and bent me over the ottoman like I was for my first enema and applied the cold lube to my puckered asshole.

He picked up the nozzle/butt plug and I saw that it was not the same one he had used before; I had left that one up in the bathroom. This one was a little longer and wider, but it still had the indention at the base to lock it in place in my poor little ass.

I heard Tina cry out and I looked over to where she was; Phil had again filled her ass in one push. I felt my intruder rub against my rear hole and push slowly into me. It was wider and longer and my tight little asshole knew it. They were using progressively bigger enema nozzles to stretch us for their cocks.

When my new, bigger intruder was firmly seated in my ass, Keith stood me up facing him. I could feel the hose running from between my ass cheeks and it was a humiliating feeling knowing that I was connected to the big plastic bag now refilled to capacity. Keith adjusted the pole on the stand so the bag was as high as he could get it. I noticed moisture on the outside of the bag and didn't remember seeing that before.

Keith put his arms around me and held me gently against his big hard chest, one hand on the small of my back and one hand on my warm red little ass cheeks. I laid the side of my face against his chest and I could see Tina standing with Phil's arms around her.

Phil reached out with one hand and flicked the clip on the hose running from Tina's ass to the bag above her. He quickly put his arms around and she stiffened, and then suddenly started squirming against him, "Ooooohh, Noooooo. Please sir, not that, Pleeeeeaaasseee." she cried.

Before the scene registered in my mind, I felt Keith's hand move and I immediately began a dance of my own. "Ohhhhhh myyyyy Goooodddd, Master, Noooooo. Please make it stop." I wailed. I squirmed and wriggled against him, hands tied behind my back, rubbing my naked body against him. He had filled the bag with icy cold water, and the icy cold water was quickly filling my ass.

He held me close against him and I could feel his cock growing against my swelling belly as I gasped and begged for mercy. He held my hair at the back of my head, turned my face up to his and kissed me, his tongue probing my open mouth, as I couldn't help but rub against his big cock. He moaned softly; he was enjoying my predicament, my humiliation, my torture.

His moan of pleasure, his hard cock against my belly and his control of my body excited me. Even though my ass was freezing and my flat belly was growing as the water filled me, my nipples got painfully hard, my breasts ached for his hands, and my shaved little pussy was wet.

He stopped kissing me and I thought my belly was going to explode. I looked up at him and there was that look on his face; lust, pure lust. He wanted me bad, as bad as I wanted him; but I knew he would torture me and make me beg before he took his satisfaction.

He put his lips to my nipple and I gasped; I gasped again as he gently sucked on the hard little button on the tip of my breast. I moaned as he changed breasts and I gasped again as he started to suck. I realized that each time I gasped, I took a deep breath and the icy water flowed deeper into my belly. He was using my own uncontrollable sexual responses against me.

I tried to shake my breast loose from his lip, but he only used his teeth to hold onto my hard little nipple. I gasped again and I could feel the water move even higher in my belly. I was lost; the cramps were clawing at my insides, my belly was gurgling and rumbling, I was shivering from the ice cold water filling my body, but my shaved pussy was so wet that it was leaking onto the insides of my bare thighs.

He stood up and held me, naked, against him. I was moaning and kissing Keith's shirt covered chest when suddenly the water stopped. I looked at Keith and then up at the plastic bag that was connected to my submissive ass. I had taken about half of the water that was in the bag -- three quarts of cold water. I was sure the gurgling and rumbling in my belly could be heard clear across the room where Tina was standing in Phil's arms begging, "Please, please, please, please." over and over again.

Keith reached behind me and released the hose from the nozzle/cock that he had shoved up my ass. He kissed me softly on my trembling lips then whispered, "Twenty minutes; if you're late, two strokes on that cute little ass for each minute."

I went up on tiptoe, something I immediately regretted as the cramps returned with a vengeance, and kissed Keith on his cheek. I needed to let him know that I was his and he could make me do what ever he wanted. I ran for the bathroom, bent over with my arms holding my swollen stomach, hoping the plug up my ass would hold back the water until I got there.

I squatted over the toilet and reached between my legs and carefully pulled the bigger butt plug out of my ass. I tried to stop it, but as soon as the plug was out the water gushed out of my ass. This time, the cold water stung my puckered ass hole and the crack of my little ass and my ass cheeks were treated to an icy cold spray. I didn't know which was worse, holding in the cold water, or feeling it freeze my delicate rear parts.

Every time I thought my ass had given up all the water Keith had made me take, more water gushed out of me. The cramps and the water finally stopped and I quickly cleaned up and ran downstairs hoping the twenty minutes had not expired. The first thing I saw was Tina, bent over holding her ankles with her legs slightly spread. I could see her shaved pussy was wet and Phil was standing behind her holding the wooden paddle. If she was late, I knew I was going to get my ass reddened, too.

"Six minutes late," Phil said, "that's twelve strokes."

Tina was crying out and begging from the first stroke. Phil seemed to be hitting her a lot harder than Keith hit me and I hoped that trend continued. Of course, Tina has been into this a lot longer than me and I wondered if she needed more 'stimulation' to achieve the same level of response.

Tina's ass cheeks were a warm red when Phil finished with her twelve strokes with the paddle. There were tears in her eyes, but a smile on her face; she loved being teased and tortured. Phil handed the paddle to Keith, and Keith turned to me, "Nine minutes late, that's eighteen strokes."

I gasped, even though I tried to be brave. Eighteen stokes with the wooden paddle on my poor little ass, followed by another enema. He indicated I turn facing the ottoman and bend over. I did as I was told, legs straight and slightly spread, hands on the ottoman and my cute little ass in the air.

"You are not to move out of the position you're in." he said, "If you move, we start again."

Before I could even think about what he said, the paddle smacked against my left ass cheek, followed immediately by one to my right ass cheek. They weren't even close to being as hard as the swats Phil gave Tina; in fact, they weren't even as hard as the first set he gave me about a half an hour ago.

He did, however, give me all eighteen without stopping. I wiggled my ass to try to stop the heat he was generating on my backside but it didn't help. Even with Keith holding back, my poor little ass was on fire when he finally stopped. Just like before, he didn't give me a chance to rub my sore little ass. He stood me up, locked my wrists behind my back and put my face and chest on the ottoman with my bright red and burning ass up in the air begging to be abused.

He coated my puckered little rosebud with the cold lube, I think they must keep it in the refrigerator just to add to our torment, and slid one of his big fingers inside me. I moaned and turned to look back and that's when I saw it.

On the end of the hose attached to my refilled six quart enema bag, was a nozzle/butt plug even bigger than the one he had used last time. It wasn't as big as Keith's cock, but it wasn't much smaller. I stared at it until Keith took it in his hand and I knew where it was headed. I tensed up my ass and legs; I couldn't help it. Keith laid his hand on my tender ass, leaned over and whispered, "Relax you body, Kitten, you know I'll try to be gentle with you, it will hurt less if you relax."

I made myself relax and Keith, true to his word, 'gently' shoved that big plug up my little asshole. It hurt when he pushed the head in and I whimpered pitifully, but after that, I just felt my rear get very full as the plug seated itself inside my body. I didn't think there'd be room for any water.

As I laid there, my poor ass impaled, I remembered that Keith said that there would be some kind of oil in this enema to make it easier to push his cock up my ass. As soon as I thought of Keith's huge cock up my ass, I started to worry. How was that cock ever going to fit in my little ass? I've wanted him to butt fuck me, even if it hurt, ever since the day in the shower when he put the head of his cock in my ass and we both came too fast because we were so excited, but I was still scared.

My thoughts were interrupted by warm, almost hot water pumping up my ass. "Oooohhhh, god." I moaned wiggling my bare ass in the air. I looked over at Tina and she looked so sexy, hands cuffed behind her back, bent over the ottoman, with her freshly spanked ass in the air and the hose running from her ass to the big plastic bag hanging over her.

I realized I looked just like Tina, so I began wiggling my ass in the air and moaning as the warm oily water filled my belly. The moaning was for real, my belly was really full, but I wiggled my ass as sexily as I could just to tease Keith. He was giving me three enemas and then he was going to fuck me up the ass; what did I have to lose? Little did I know...

I looked back and up at the bag, I had already taken as much as, if not more than, Keith made me take the last two times. The cramps were getting really bad and my belly was really pushing out. On the other hand, my nipples were tingling and my shaved little pussy was dripping onto my naked thighs. How could something that hurt so bad and was so humiliating get me so excited?

I spread my legs a little more and wiggled my ass making sure Kith got a good look at my wet pussy and moaned, "Please, Master, no more water up my ass. Please, I'm going to explode." He reached under me and gently massaged my distended belly with one hand while he teased and played with my open pussy and swollen clit with the other.

I thought I was going to die I was so excited. Just like before, every time he made me gasp, more water pushed up my ass. I was sweating again from the hot, oily, water up my ass and the fire Keith was fanning between my legs.

My body was so overloaded I started to get light headed. Before I got to say anything, the water stopped and Keith took his hands from my eager pussy. I pushed my ass up a little high and opened my legs a little more, my open pussy searching for Keith's fingers.

Keith wrapped his hands around my upper arms and stood me up. He turned me to face him and I saw that Tina was still on her knees, begging Phil to please stop the water. Her bag was almost empty. I looked at my bag as Keith disconnected the hose from the big cock/nozzle up my ass; I had taken almost a gallon of warm oily water up my ass.

I leaned against Keith, rubbing my breasts across his hard stomach. I wanted him to hold me almost as much as I wanted to run to the bathroom. He kissed my lightly on my lips and said, "Thirty minutes, try to get as much water out of you as you can."

He unclipped my wrist cuffs and gave me loving swat on my bare ass as I ran for the steps to the bathroom and relief for my poor little ass. I ran upstairs for the bathroom, and I could feel the big butt plug and the warm oily water moving around inside of me.

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