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My Partner's Car


My partner bought himself a new Pontiac 6000 four door family style mid-size sedan right off the showroom floor at the local GM dealership in 1982 when they first came out.

The first generation of these cars were carb'd with very quirky and stubborn tendencies when it came to cold starts. In our cold North American climate here, if you left the car outside for a couple of hours with a strong cold wind blowing, the bitch would not start - you had to take a pen or a screwdriver or something long and stick it down into the choke to open it up and then crank it continually until it started.

The poor guy was so proud of his car (he was one hot masculine straight-looking gay male back in those days) - it completely emasculated him when his prized baby wouldn't start for him.

I loved his car. It smelled of him and carried his essence inside - you could feel it every time you got into the car. The driver's seat had worn down over the course of the 9 years he drove the car until it fit the outline of his ass perfectly. I always felt like I was sitting in his crotch whenever I drove his car. The upholstery was brown fabric and carried his heat and the smell of him (or at least it did in my imagination). I used to have fun once in a while sucking him off when he drove - I would rub my face against the grain of the driver's seat fabric and drive myself crazy feeling the coarse, rough texture of his trousers and that wonderful musky man smelling hard cock of his throbbing when I went down on it.

His car sometimes just wouldn't start for him in the winter. I always got half hard whenever I was with him in his ride and I had to get out and fool with the carb while he cranked and cranked.

He parked it in our underground garage where we lived back then and at rare times very early in the morning when he was getting ready for work, I would sneak down into the garage and pump his gas pedal until it completely flooded out - he always looked so disappointed and upset when it wouldn't start for him - that used to really make me extremely horny.

The prospect of him not being able to make it in to work and having to stay home and being frustrated and unhappy that his prized baby let him down yet again.

His frustration always resulted in strong cum sessions if he let me suck him off whenever I did this secretly to his car. I can still feel the heat rising from his suit pants and that rock hard cock - all my senses at full alert - touch, smell, taste, see - a powerful sensual experience that he delivered until he let his load go and then eventually heading back down to his car, cranking it repeatedly and determined until it finally started for him and then him driving off to work with his hard man butt in that seat and his legs spread to give his hairy balls some room with his foot planted on the gas pedal tooling on down the road.

I remember one night I was particularly horny and he had gone to bed and I just had to have some ME time in his personal ride. It was probably pretty kinky of me (we all have our particular takes on our fetishes and what gets us off) - I got dressed in his clothes - shirt he wore that day to work and his favourite tweed sport coat and wool dress trousers. Commando. I just had to feel where his hot male balls had been all day and the friction of that fabric riding against my cock made me half hard in the elevator as I rode down into the dimly lit P2 parking garage.

His car was sitting there just waiting as I walked over to it where it was parked in that dark garage.

I pulled out his car keys from his sport jacket and felt them in my hand - found the key I needed and opened the driver's side door and stared down at his well worn driver's seat that the interior dome light highlighted perfectly.

Sliding into his driver's seat with his loose fitting trousers on and feeling the masculine texture of his sport coat and putting my hand between my legs to feel the upholstery fabric under my cock almost made me cum then and there.

I took my time and felt the steering wheel and adjusted the seat so I could stretch my legs and pump the gas pedal a few times. Then sticking the key in the ignition and turning it to see the red GEN light come on and watch the gas gauge spring to life with my foot firmly planted on that pedal.

I didn't want to flood it out in the parking garage, so I only gave it three or four quick pumps - just enough so it wouldn't start for me on the first try.

My cock sprang into action the second I turned the key to start and the starter commenced to whine away with that familiar GM cranking noise I knew so well. It took two tries to get the son of a bitch started, so I just waited for thirty seconds or so while the uneven rough idling adjusted, feeling his car vibrate through his warmed up driver's seat, rubbing my cock inside the trousers he had worn all day long that day at work and feeling my hard cock twitching between my legs.

I put that stubborn, misbehaving bitch of a sedan into reverse and drove it out of the parking garage feeling so manly and pretending I was my hot and sexy partner heading in to work for the day.

I just had to find a private spot to have some fun with his car. Luckily, there were a few unlit and secluded parking lots not far from where we lived.

I had an idea and I was going to do what I had been fantasizing about for some time.

I drove for a bit revving his shitbox every time I had to stop for a stop sign, feeling his car protesting at the abuse and then turned into the lot I was thinking about.

Took my foot off the gas and let the car coast along and then turned the key off and started to pump the gas pedal like crazy until that bitch of a Pontiac came to a full stop. And then I started to crank it.

The piece of shit wouldn't start, of course. Kept pumping that pedal relentlessly and kept rubbing my left hand against the coarse grain of my partner's trousers never letting up on that starter.

Silence when I let up with his ignition key and stopped pumping the gas. Pretending I was my partner stranded somewhere, trying to get my ride going and not going anywhere soon. Swearing at it and pleading with it to start for me. Constantly rubbing my cock inside his pants that were getting hot from the friction of my hard dick throbbing inside them and from the tactile feel of my hand rubbing against the hardness of my cock that was stating to ooze pre cum through the fabric.

I kept cranking about ten or eleven times listening to his car starter straining and bounced up and down in his seat swearing at his bitch of a car and then was afraid to drain the battery and be stranded there and have to walk back home and have to tell him in the morning what I had done to his baby and why it wasn't down in the garage.

I waited for about ten minutes slouched down in his driver's seat playing with my cock until I could feel the cum starting to rise in me, leaning against the elbow rest dividing the bench style front seat into driver's and passenger's sides, taking in the whole horny sensual bad boy experience and then started to be concerned that a police car might come along and stop and ask me what I was doing alone in a parking lot late at night sitting in a car, so I figured I would end the fantasy with what I had wanted to do in his car from the very first moment I sat in it.

I unzipped his trousers (the sound of that zipper was so erotic) feeling the heat and horny mix of his sweat and mine on my hand, pulled out my cock and started to finish myself off, every now and then letting my sensitive hard cock rub against the fabric of the driver's seat where I fantasized his hot and hairy balls were earlier that day when he was driving and as well, whenever his dick got hard the times he let me suck him off when we were in his 6000 together.

Every thirty seconds or so I would crank the starter and curse and beg the stubborn bitch to start for me.

The fourth or fifth try I just kept up with the cranking and pleading with it to start. I kept my foot down on the gas until it started to sputter and I had one hell of a powerful orgasm when it finally started and stumbled to life for me.

I took some of my cum and rubbed it between my legs on his seat, knowing his hot ass would be sitting on it every time he drove his car from that moment on. Also some of my cum on the steering wheel where his hands rested at ten and two o'clock.

I quietly drove his car home feeling pretty masculine and not quite believing I had had the balls to do what I just did to the car he loved so much and was so proud of.

Once parked in the garage again, I pumped that worn and abused gas pedal for a long time and got out quietly hoping and praying that the stubborn bitch wouldn't start for him the next morning.

I did that a few more times until he finally sold the 6000 in early 1991.

By then I had cum inside his car so many times and his driver's seat felt so good to me - I missed that car for the longest time.

Wished we'd kept it - too difficult to explain to my partner why I would have wanted to at that time, as by then it was on its last legs and not reliable at all...

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