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My Perfect Little Sister


Welcome to my latest story and my first tale in the Incest/Taboo Category which I hope you will enjoy. Feedback is, as ever, very welcome as are ratings: knowing that one's stories are appreciated is a tremendous encouragement to keep writing.

My heartfelt thanks to my stalwart, generous, supportive and brilliant editor, Winterreisser. Thanks also to my favourite test reader and friend, Kat.

Just for the avoidance of ambiguity (especially for those less familiar with the UK education system) all the characters in the story are 18 or over.


"It's so unfair," I complain as I flop down on my sister's bed following her surprise announcement of her lesbianism just as Sunday lunch was finishing.

"What?" she asks incredulously as she sits in the chair by her desk, smoothing her skirt as she does so. "What's so unfair about my being gay, Cathy?" This is, of course, a ridiculous question, though Fee won't realize this.

"I didn't say you being gay was unfair," I struggle to keep the bitterness out of my voice, "but, of course, when Little Miss Perfect, Felicity the Favourite, tells Mum and Dad that she's a raving dyke then they're all wonderfully accepting and 'Oh, we're so pleased that you could come out to us and be who you are.' It's not fair, Fee."

"Would you rather they disowned me?" she asks, clearly upset by my anger. "Perhaps they should have called me a sicko, a pervert and thrown me out. Would that have made you happy?"

"No!" I protest.

"Then what's your problem, Cathy?"

"It's not you, it's them, fucking Mum and Dad. I'm so fed up with always having to fight for everything and them always being dissatisfied with me."

"What do you mean, 'fight for everything'?" she asks and I realize that her being four years younger than me means she's not understood or noticed how our parents treat us so differently.

"Look, when I came to choose my subjects for GCSEs, they wanted to tell me what I should take. They succeeded, mostly, but I made a stand and insisted on taking Art, which they said was a waste of time, instead of German, which I hated and was complete crap at but that was, according to them, much more 'useful' for my future."

"But, Cathy, you're, like, amazing at drawing and painting and stuff. Surely they could see that?"

"I don't know if they could see it or not; it didn't matter. Art for them was simply a waste of time. It was only with the help of the teacher at school that I got to take it."

"What, did your Art teacher talk them round?" Fee asks, intrigued and I cannot help a wry laugh.

"Nope; the German teacher: he said I was too shit at the subject to be allowed to take it! I got to take art but, of course, it was only because I was a failure at German." I shake my head. "Naturally, there was much the same battle when it came to A Levels; Art was again a no-no, but this time I didn't need them to fill in the form so in theory I could pick whatever I wanted, as you did. In the end, I had to compromise just to, well, just to not have them push me into going out to work, or so it felt at the time. Psychology was okay and they didn't mind that, but Philosophy was a waste of time so I ended up with Economics and History just so I could again keep Art."

"That's not fair. They just let me choose... oh yeah, that was your point wasn't it." She looks sad for me. "At least you could do the degree you wanted," Fee tries to sound positive.

"Yeah, sort of... and only once I persuaded them that I ought to be allowed to do a degree at all. You should be glad you were at your friend's house the afternoon of that argument; Mum and I were both in tears by the end of it."

"But how, I mean, Mum and Dad have always said they want us to go to University and, well, that the Graphic Design degree was the course you really wanted to do..." Fee protests, though with less conviction.

"Yes, well, that's another sore point. I did choose Graphic Design and, yeah, okay, it wasn't a bad course and I like the job I have now but... well, it was the only art course that I could find that seemed to link to a job afterwards. That was the condition, you see: the course had to be practical or vocational... not like you."

"Well, International Relations is... quite... yeah, okay, it's not the same." She hesitates. "I'm sorry Mum and Dad have such a downer on you, it's not fair. I think you're pretty amazing, for a big sister, anyway," she smiles.

"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself... for a little sister!" I smile back. We haven't always been such good friends, due to our age difference mainly I guess, but over the last few years we have grown closer. Despite that, her coming out as lesbian this afternoon had come as a shock; she had never mentioned anything like this to me. She'd also had what I'd assumed were boyfriends in the past. It was frustrating but clearly my gaydar didn't work, at least not with Fee; perhaps my feelings towards her got in the way. She looks at me with an expression of confusion on her face.

"Cathy, look, I really am upset with the parents for how they've treated you but there's just one thing: what the fuck do any of your problems with Mum and Dad have to do with me coming out to them? " she asks a little anxiously, "Are... are you okay with me being gay? You are, aren't you? Please say you are. I know I should have told you before telling Mum and Dad but if, like, you'd disapproved then I couldn't have gone through with telling them." There is now desperation in her voice so I smile reassuringly.

"Fee, I'm absolutely fine with you being gay, really I am, though it was a surprise. It's just..." I take a deep breath. "Fee, you know where I live in Portsmouth, the flat that I share..."

"Yes, with your flatmate, Helena. She's nice," Fee replies, obviously remembering the couple of times she's come down and visited.

"Fee, Helena wasn't my flatmate..." I look down, suddenly nervous.

"What? Cath, I know she lives with you so what are you talking about?"

"Jeez, Fee, make me paint you a picture, why not?" I say in exasperation. "Yes, of course Helena lived there but she wasn't just my flatmate..." I look at her, willing her to understand. She looks confused for a moment, before understanding dawns.

"She was your... girlfriend?" I nod and a grin spreads across her face as she moves from her chair to sit on the bed beside where I lie. I wriggle aside to make room for her. "So you're lesbian too; my big sis is a dyke like me. That's so cool!"

"Excuse me?" I poke her in the ribs, "She, Helena, and I were together for eighteen months and I've known I was gay since I was I was younger than you are now; I think, therefore, that my cute little sister is a dyke like me! My problem now is that you've told Mum and Dad you're a lesbian, right? So if I tell them now that I am, what are they going to think? That I'm copying you, probably, because they were so okay with it."

"More than okay," Fee admits, "it's almost as if they were pleased about it."

"Well, they were probably so concerned to be not the least bit negative that they overdid it a bit. You can bet I won't get the same reaction; they'll think I'm just looking for their approval by being like you."

"No they couldn't: you knew you were gay before me and you've got a girlfriend." She sees me shake my head sadly and, I assume, the look on my face as my throat constricts with grief. "Oh... so... is Helena not your girlfriend anymore?" she asks.

"No, she's not," there is a catch in my voice, "she, she left me for someone else three weeks ago." Fee lies down and puts her arms around me.

"Cathy, I'm so sorry, she was lovely. Pretty too... um sorry, that's not helping is it?" she apologises as she sees the tears welling in my eyes. She pulls me in and hugs me; I resist briefly before relaxing into her arms as, finally, I cry for the pain of losing my girlfriend, my lover. I feel Fee stroking my hair, "There, there, Cathy," she says softly before holding me as tears fall from my eyes. "Why didn't you tell me you were a lesbian, Cath?" she asks eventually.

"Honestly? Like you were with me, I didn't know how you'd take it and so I was too scared to come out and just say it. That's why I invited you to come and stay, hoping you'd ask an awkward question and I could confess to you."

"That was your master plan for coming out?" Fee asks incredulously. "But, like, you had your own room and everything; how was I meant to suspect that you and Helena were, like, having it off together?" Despite the tears I smile at the term 'having it off', remembering being at school, too shy to say 'fucking' or even simply 'having sex'.

"It had been the spare room since Helena and I became a couple," I tell her, turning my head to look at her. "I thought you might notice how bare the room was with no pictures or knickknacks or stuff." She looks at me with a frown. "Sorry, have I upset you?" I ask, desperate for her kindness and friendship right now.

"Well apart from it being annoying that you deliberately pretended that there was nothing between you and Helena and then expected me to be Miss fucking Marple or Jessica bloody Fletcher and work out you were a couple, there are also several uncomfortable nights on that bloody sofa of yours when I could have been in your comfy bed if you'd damn well been in bed with Helena, where you belonged! Oh, newsflash: that would also have given me a decent hint that you were gay!" she smiles. "What did Helena think about you pretending that there was nothing between the two of you?"

"It, er, pissed her off... quite a lot, actually. Fee, I've really struggled with admitting my sexuality to people and I think that's what finally pushed her to leave; she thought I was ashamed of her." I feel Fee stroking my hair again. "I should have told you of all people, trusted that you'd not reject me."

"Cath, I'd never do that... I love you too much to hurt you." I look into her pale blue eyes, take in her cute round nose, high cheeks and full, sensual-looking mouth all framed in her wavy, red-blonde hair; so different from my dark hair and deep brown eyes that I get from Dad. I feel butterflies in my stomach, hoping she won't realize how much Helena looked like her and why that mattered...

"We're heading off now," Mum's voice calls up from downstairs. "We'll be back this evening."

"Bye Mum, Bye Dad," we both call.

"Where are they off to?" I ask.

"Didn't you know? They've taken up golf together. I think they have a lesson followed by a game each Sunday afternoon."

"I thought it was called a round of golf, not a game," I tell her and laugh at her shrug of indifference as we hear the front door slam. "So, little sis: who's the lucky girl who's got you as a girlfriend?" I ask.

"Um, well there isn't one, not at the moment. I mean I've kissed a few and, well, you know that Spanish exchange student we had staying, Laura?"

"Yes, and you were staying with her in return last month if I recall. Did something happened between the two of you?"

"Yeah, the first night I was there she came into my bed in the middle of the night. She said she'd seen the way I looked at her, which was fair enough: I'd been eyeing her up since the moment we met she was so gorgeous. She said she wanted, you know, to see what being with a girl was like so it was a first time for both of us." The image of Fee in bed with another girl is, I have to admit, turning me on.

"And how was it?" I ask, trying for big-sisterly interest rather than voyeuristic fascination.

"Like you don't know what it's like!"

"I meant did you enjoy... what you did with Laura?"

"Duh! I've just come out to you as gay: what do you think? Or are you looking for the salacious details about how we started kissing before our hands began to wander? About my sucking her tits and Laura sucking mine..." a mischievous grin appears on her lips as if she can tell the effect her words are having on me, "about my fingers inside her, feeling her cum as I held her? Is that what you wanted?"

"Um, more information than I needed. It's probably not right, me hearing details of your sexual activities," I tell her as I shift uncomfortably, the dampness in my panties now noticeable. "I really just wanted to know if it had been as good as you'd hoped."

"She came to me every night I was there. Oh shit Cathy, it was wonderful. Except that on the last night she told me that it was over and that I wasn't to try and keep in touch. She wouldn't say why or anything, just that it was over. She said she was ill the next morning so she didn't even come to see me off."

"What a bitch; I'd never leave a girlfriend or lover like that."

"That's because you're a wonderful, caring person. I was devastated; I thought she was beautiful and that she loved me..." she sighs. "Still, the one good thing is that it left me in no doubt about being a lesbian." She falls silent and we lay cuddled together. I've been very aware of my little sister physically for several years as she's turned from adolescent girl to woman, and a beautiful woman at that. If I'm honest, I've had a crush on her for ages; maybe more than just a crush.

"Um," Fee looks bashful. "Cathy, did you ever notice anything about Laura?"

"I never met her did I, so what do you mean?"

"Oh, no you didn't did you..." she takes her arms from around me and gets up, going over to her desk to pick up her tablet computer. She fiddles with it before holding it out to me. On it is a photo, obviously a selfie, of Fee and another girl, Laura I assume. Laura with dark, straight hair just a little longer than mine, deep, brown eyes but, most of all, a slight gap in her front teeth, like the one Fee teases me about in mine... fuck.

"Um well, she is pretty and, well..." I can't bring myself to say it.

"Does she, er, remind you of anyone?"

"Well, maybe... Should I be worried that your first lover looked a little bit like me?" I try to joke but Fee doesn't even smile.

"I don't know... should I be worried that Helena looked somewhat like me? Or perhaps that was just chance..."

"And if it wasn't?" I whisper, my heart pounding.

"Then it might just mean that you find you sister attractive... very attractive." Fee is standing close as I look up at her. "And that you find me..."

"Beautiful... sexy, even," I suggest as I sit up.

"Oh yes, very sexy..." She bends towards my upturned face. "The word 'hot' might be better still..." I reach up and cup her cheek in my hand.

"Fee, can I kiss you?" I ask, my voice trembling.

"I'm going to be bloody disappointed if you don't," she smiles as our lips touch. This feels slightly surreal, as if I'm suddenly inside a fantasy. And this is a fantasy of mine, one that has attracted and scared me in equal measure. Oh, how I've longed to kiss you, Fee, but what kind of girl lusts for the kiss her own sister? And not just a kiss... I hesitate as our lips rest together and she does too, a timeless moment of indecision on the cusp of something momentous. My thumb brushes her cheek softly and she gives a slight but appreciative sigh. That is enough to tip me over the edge and I press my mouth to hers.

Fee presses forward too as our lips part and mouths mash, hungry to taste and share. The pressure topples me back onto the bed and she lands gently on top of me. Our legs interlace as I savour the feel of her body pressing down on me. I run my tongue across her lip and her response is instantaneous, our tongues meeting and entwining. Her thigh is warm and firm as it presses between my legs, against my vulva. I cannot resist arching my back slightly to press my pussy against her as my right hand drops to cup her boob.

"Mmm Cath that feels good," Fee breaks the kiss to tell me. "I've wanted to do this with you for so long."

"How long?" I ask as my left hand begins caressing and squeezing her other boob.

"Summer three years ago. Oh that's nice, Cath. You were back from uni and I heard you masturbating one morning as I passed your bedroom door and I stopped and listened. I was already wondering about, you know, my sexuality and stuff, what it would be like going with a girl, all that stuff and hearing you, like, really turned me on. I went back to my bed to do the same as you and all the time I kept thinking about what I would have seen if I'd opened the door and walked into your room..."

"I could show you, if you'd like," I whisper.

"Oh Cath, I'd more than like that. Can I... can I undress you?"

"That would be so hot. Here, let me stand." I rise from the bed and Fee stands too. We wrap our arms around each other and embrace, kissing deeply as I notice once again that little sis is actually taller than me now. I feel her hands glide down across my back.

"Oh, I love the feel of this shirt on you," she tells me before lifting the hem of my silver-grey silk tee shirt, "but I think I'd like it even better off!" she grins. I raise my hands as she slips the shirt smoothly up over my head before casting it onto the floor. Immediately she reaches around and unhooks my bra before running her hands up my back and across my shoulders to slide the bra straps down my arms. I let the bra fall to the floor as Fee takes half a step back to look at me and I try to relax under her gaze, unexpectedly nervous of what she thinks of my body. "Mmm I wish my boobs were more like yours, lovely and round and full and, wow, your nipples are so big and hard," she says in awe as her fingers reach out to touch.

"That's because you've been getting me a horny as hell since you started talking about what you and Laura got up to. You got horny thinking of me frigging myself so imagine what the image of you in bed with a girl did to me!"

"Well, I think I should find out, don't you?" she says and reaches out to pop open the button of my jeans before sliding the zip down. She squats as my jeans are tugged down but I have to rest my hand on her head to pull my feet from each leg in turn after which the jeans are unceremoniously cast aside. Fee's eyes are glued to my mid-blue panties or, more accurately, to the deeper blue of the damp fabric pressed against my gently oozing pussy. Finally she looks up, her gleaming eyes mirroring the joyfulness of her smile. "My big sister really does have the hots for me!" she says happily.

"And I wonder what tale your panties would tell?" I ask. "I think we should find out, don't you?" I reach down and pull her to her feet then immediately begin unbuttoning the mauve cotton blouse she is wearing. Unbuttoned, I push it open and off her shoulders as she lowers her arms behind her to allow the blouse to flutter to the floor. Even before the garment has settled her delicate demi-cup bra is undone and I pull it down. "Oh, Fee, your tits are so cute... no, more than cute: they're perfect," I tell her as my eyes gaze on the firm, petite mounds, each hemisphere firm, supporting the hard, rose pink nubbins of her nipples.

My mind is full of thoughts of what those nipples would feel like between my lips, how her skin would taste and, without realizing it, my head dips to bring my mouth towards the objects of my desire. However, as if reading my mind, Fee's hand stops me. "Ah ah, not yet, no extra turning on before the pantie check!" she laughs so I turn my attention to undoing the fastening on her demure but feminine just-above-the-knee black skirt.

"I can't remember the last time I saw you in a skirt," I comment as I struggle slightly with unfastening the skirt.

"Yeah, well, I didn't want Mum or Dad thinking that being gay made me, like, some kind of tomboy," she replies as she guides my fumbling hand, "or some lesbo slut. There." The skirt clip pops open. With a slight tug the skirt falls to the floor. It occurs to me that Fee really works at ensuring Mum and Dad's approval in ways that have never occurred to me. However, the sight of Fee's panties immediately interrupts my train of thought.

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