tagIncest/TabooMy Powerful Aunt Krisztina

My Powerful Aunt Krisztina


Disclaimer: If you only like reading realistic things, please don't read this. I only like to read and to write fiction.

The story involves femdom, humiliation and incest.

All characters and facts are pure imagination.

Everybody is over 18 years old.

I must thank justchick who edited my text.


My parents were lying in the sun of a Mediterranean beach, when my father's stepsister called me she is at the airport and doesn't know how to find our address.

I was very surprised. My father's stepsister was 28 years and never quit Hungary, so we haven't met until she suddenly decided to visit my father.

I was annoyed by this unpredicted visit, I had plans to bring my girlfriend home from another town to spend the week-end together, but it seemed I had no other choice but to play the host and meet her at the airport.

I had no idea how my aunt looked like, but she told me she will wear pink clothes and that she is 5'10'', 155 lbs. I've found at last a tall blue eyed blonde. Her hair rolled down to the middle of her back. She had a perfect shapely body which could do any woman kill for. She was wearing a revealing tiny miniskirt and high heels, making her tanned legs even longer.

I was sure from the very moment I saw her that the woman smiling at me was my aunt Krisztina.

"You must be Alin! You look very much alike my brother! You are a tall and handsome man, judging you have only 23 years of age!"

She had a nice strange accent, but her English was good enough to understand what she meant to.

We had a little chat a little in the car, on our way home. We were glad to find that we had things in common. I've been training in martial arts since I was 10 years of age; I have two black belt degrees in TKD and kung fu. This year I will finish the college.

She owned a modern fitness centre in Hungary. She trained in kung fu for 8 years and Brazilian ju-jitsu for another 7 years. But she said smiling that any martial art is useless, the only important thing is to understand power. She only trained in Tae Bo to keep fit, and, of course, fitness and bodybuilding. I concluded to myself that she is a nice person, after all.

When we reached home, I showed her the entire house, the swimming pool, and so on. Kris liked very much the training room I had in the basement and asked me whether she could use it, which I was very happy to comply.

I couldn't believe the luck I had to spend an entire weekend with such a friendly gorgeous young woman under the same roof. "Too bad this beauty is my aunt", I thought.

She took a long shower and changed her clothes with something more casual and came downstairs in the living room to continue the chat.

This time I was really stunned. She was wearing a green bustier revealing the most outrageous pair of breasts possible. She had perfect abs; with a very clearly defined six pack. But the most eye-catching part of her body was her impressive biceps. You never expect a sexy bomb to have such wrestler arms. The very first single look at her sexy legs gave me an instant hard on. I didn't know how I could hide it properly, so I took a refuge on the couch, face-by face with her. She told me a lot of things about her life and business in Europe, while I was admiring her tattoos: a black star on her right wrist and a barbed wire imprisoning a red heart on the right wrist, but I wasn't able to find out what was the tattoo on her left ankle.

She saw me starring at it, so she put her slender ankle near me.

"Is this tattoo the one thing you are starring at?"

I blushed, replying nothing.

"It is a playboy rabbit. Do you think it's sexy?"

Was she reading my mind? I was thinking she was damn hot. I tried to slightly change the subject.

"Do your tattoos have some special meaning? I see you have more of them. Was it painful when you made them?"

Her perfect teeth blinked when she answered my question.

"The dragon I have on my back is my power and luck. The heart at the right ankle is the big number of men enslaved by me. Do you see these thorns? Every thorn is a slave of mine. The playboy rabbit is my open mind for new sex experiences and games. The black star is something you cannot understand yet."


"Because of your lack of life and sex experience. You don't know what power is. I also have another tattoo on my pubic area-a red rose. I think you can find a meaning for it by yourself" she smiled again.

"You always repeat the word power and I don't understand why".

She smiled and said "power must be felt, not explained". It was strange, I had the living impression that she was trying to seduce me. It was just my vivid imagination, for sure.

I couldn't wait to retire in my room where I could jack off myself, thinking about her perfect ass and magnificent tits.

We had a pizza and we broke apart for our rooms.


I couldn't sleep at all; I was waiting for her to sleep first, so I could watch a porn movie. When I did not hear any noise anymore, I went downstairs to have a drink. But something was unusual: maybe there was a thief or something in the house? There was a low vibration, obviously coming from my training room in the basement. As I was getting closer, I saw the door was open. I made a plan to steal a glance through the door, before rushing in.

"I hope he doesn't have a gun or something", I thought, trying to manage the adrenaline firing my blood.

I had to stop, because I was very surprised by what I saw. My auntie was training very hard. In fact, I doubted that I could lift the dumbbells she played with. The most shocking thing for me was that she was entirely naked. She was looking as good as a centerfold! The blue dragon tattoo on her skin, moved by the muscles, looked as if was alive. Her firm long dark nipples gave me an instant hard on.

As in trance, I began to caress my penis through the pants.

Maybe I moaned or something, because she turned her head in my direction and threw a towel, causing the door open widely. She smiled broadly when she noticed the raging erection I was sporting.

"It looks like you are enjoying the show! Come here! Closer! Closer!"

Red faced, I approached her. I was completely amazed when she touched my pre-cum spotted pants, trying to feel its size through the fabric.

"You seem to be pretty well hung. Maybe I should check it some other time, could be something fun to play with. Now I must work my daily training routine. You may watch. I don't like to train dressed, and I was not expecting you to be so rude to come and watch me!" She began to pull the ropes again, making her bulging muscles dance. She stopped, adding, "I wouldn't try to jack off again if I'd be you!"

I was terribly excited, so I couldn't help but touch my cock. I was sure that she didn't see me, so my heart skipped a beat when she said "I'm afraid I have to punish you."

She jumped towards me, grabbing my arm and pulled me to stand up. I tried to free my arm, but she twisted it behind my back, wheeled me around and pushed me down against the floor.

"Maybe she is stronger than I thought."

I tried to react, but her response was faster than lightening. In less than a second, I was wrapped by her limbs, with my head crushing in the vice-grip of her thighs. I wanted to get her off me and pin her quick but she continued to work me. She was still holding my arm and twisting it back, forcing me to stay on my stomach.

I was thrilled. How did she take me down so quickly? How could I have a girl on top of me, completely controlling me? I attempted again to break free of her strong grip but I couldn't move at all. To my surprise, she was putting more pressure on me. I was no longer able to withstand it.

"You think you can cheat on me, aren't you, little pervert? You were trying to wank while looking at your aunt's naked body, weren't you?"

I wasn't able to speak at all, I had no air. I received a slap that almost left me deaf.


I moaned something like an approval. She pushed a sharp fingernail in my iron-like manhood.

"You like it, don't you, pervert!" She scissored my head so hard I could hear my skull crushing. I tried to break her mighty legs apart, but my hands were cotton like. I was definitely caught like a mouse in a trap.

"Answer, you sneaky pervert!"

I moaned again.

"Did you say something? I didn't hear you!"

"Yes, I'm excited about it, but I don't know why!" I replied in a very low voice.

"You must obey my pussy, do you understand?"


"Yes, MISTRESS! Repeat once again!"

Sweat was drenching me.

"Yes, mistress!"

"My muscles can hurt you very much. Do you want me to do that to you?"

"No, mistress!"

She mounted me and placed her bald shaved pussy on my nose. I was barely able to breath, and almost all the air was through her smooth and sweet perfumed pussy. She was keeping my wrists together with one hand and used the other hand to caress my boner. I didn't know whether I should try to escape or not. In fact, it was more than I dreamed, but it was much different.

"Poor little cock, be happy, you have found your mistress at last!"

She dismounted me, head scissoring me again and locking my free elbow (the other one was under my body and I couldn't move it at all). Somehow I managed to find enough power to roll over a little bit, but this was a big mistake because she fixed my both hands, still having my head in the vice of her thighs.

I felt broken and humbled. I didn't expect a voluptuous blonde to play with me like I was a breathless toy.

"I'll take a shower. You may watch, but no wanking, I repeat!"


Watching her washing her perfect body was something between pleasure and pain. All that soap on her tits and ass was extremely exciting (and it kept my enormous erection all the time), but I wasn't used to listen to a woman and I really wanted to fuck her. But I was already sure that would only happen at her will. Too bad the shower was terrible short.


She went out wearing the pink towel around her hips as a skirt.

"Come with me in my room. I'll let you watch me, but remember: don't even think about touching your penis!"

She took a transparent red dildo from her bag. Its shape was very realistic, but the size was huge. As I stared in utter amazement, she replied:

"Do you like my rubber lover? Every girl should own one, in case there's no proper penis around!"

She sat on the couch and began to lick the dildo. She put it between her huge tits, squeezing it and licked the tip slowly.

"Would you like to feel your cock between my juicy tits instead of seeing this fake cock there?"

"Yes, auntie, err, I mean, mistress!"

"What if they could crush your teenie?"

"I would be glad to!"

"Take care what you wish for! Maybe your wishes could become true and you'll see you cannot face the real thing!"

She spread her endless legs all over the couch. Splits were something natural for her.

"I will show you my pink little pussy."

She teased her pussy lips with the tip of the rubber penis.

"Should I shove this dick in my cunt, slave?"

"I would you like to!"

" Nice boy! It could be your cock here...deep inside me.... But you must behave..."

The dildo was now deep in her pussy. She moved it very fast and deep amazingly it didn't hurt her.

"This is what you have wanted to see all day, didn't you?"

I nodded "Yes"

"Get on your knees!"

Kris maybe thought that I didn't move fast enough, so she grabbed my neck and thrown me on the floor. Instantly, she was above me. She took my wrists and fixed them on the floor, an after that she fixed my biceps painfully with her knees.

"I don't want to hurt you. You just do what I say, OK?"

"Yes, Mistress!"

So I kneeled before her. She sat down on the edge of the sofa, spreading her legs again, taking the rubber cock in her hands again. The giant fake cock was stretching her tiny moist pussy near breaking point. She motioned me to approach her.

"I love sweets! Especially sweet things I can suck on! Don't you think this cock looks like a lollipop? Nice and colourful! You are going to sit there and watch me as I do very naughty things with my lolli!"

Her pussy was really close to my face. Her intimate scent was intoxicating.

"Would you love to stick your hard cock in there?"

As I nodded again, she replied "I have so much fun with my cock, things no man would be able to do to me! "

She rubbed my erection with her feet, as I was moaning in delight.

"You think I am just going to tease you? No! I am going to let you suck off my pussy juice from the lollipop! Just imagine seeing a bright red pop being shoved in my tight little cunt! And if you are really good I might just make you lick my tasty pop covered with my sweet pussy juice. Watch as I pleasure myself with a long lollipop!"

She get the fake cock out, covered with sticky cum.

"Come here and suck me!"

I needed badly to taste her pussy, but not like this!

She flexed her right arm, making her bulging biceps to look very threatening. I was aware she was able make me scream in pain, so it looked like I had no choice but to obey. But every bit of my mind was against it. She kissed her biceps.

"Would you prefer me to wear a strap on and forcing you to suck it clean? This sounds very erotic to me, too!"

Was she a woman or what? I was stunned. The beauty transformed herself into one wild kinky beast and reduced me to a quivering, crawling worm. She put her right calf on my shoulder and positioned the rubber cock close to my mouth, pressing it against my lips.

"Soon I am sure you will be a master of sucking cock... "

I closed my eyes and licked the head of the dildo slicked from cum. She grabbed my hair and forced the enormous dong inside my mouth. I panicked I will loose my breath and I tried to avoid it. She slapped my face; I felt it like an iron club.

"I love to abuse and humiliate the hell out of men! The punishment for not obeying is a severe ass fucking from my mean strap on cock. I get a real joy out it; however I like to play nice too! Choice is yours! It's up to you!"

The first picture that came in my mind was her taking the giant dildo and shoving it straight into my sphincter! What if she was really going to use me and throw me around like a rag doll? My eyes were swimming in tears while I was licking clean the fake penis.

"Get naked and lay down on the floor, face upwards!"


She gets up. I get naked and I lied on the floor on my back.

"Well, well! What have we got here! It seems like you have the biggest dick in the family!"

I felt my body was hot and the floor was very cold, like sexual excitement was giving me fever. Though, my painfully erect penis was throbbing.

"Very nice cock!"

She touched it lightly with her toes, then she began to caress it very gently. It was the most pleasurable sensation I had ever experienced, considering the extreme pain I had before.

I involuntarily gasped.

"And wonderful mushroom-like head! I see I teased you enough to get you nice and frustrated! Here let me help you then with your hard willing cock!"

I was completely under her control. She grabbed the shaft between her long thin toes and began to stroke it up and down faster and faster, looking straight in my eyes. It was painful, so I screamed and begged her to stop. She kept jerking it, as if she didn't hear me.

I was so terribly mentally excited by the fact that my gorgeous aunt was making me a tug job, so I knew I was not able to hold it more than a few seconds. I closed my eyes and moaned deeply. My entire body shook in extreme pleasure while I felt like my balls were producing a bucket of cum. There was sticky semen all over the place.

"Yeah, give auntie your hot cum!"

She cleaned very skillfully her toes full of cum with my hair. To my own surprise, I didn't dare to say something. Maybe she was right; I was not man enough to face her. Obviously, the humiliation was written all over my face, because she told me "It looks like you never thought of being overpowered by a woman, were you?"

"You are right."

"What if next time I will tell you to clean the sperm from my feet with your own tongue?"

I had no answer for her question. When she saw tears began to well up in my eyes, she slapped me.

"How sweet! You started to cry like a little bitch! I know it's hard for a dominant, muscular young man to see what it's like to totally give up control to a Dominatrix. I must admit I did abuse you a little. I couldn't help it, it's too much fun! But I wouldn't take the chance to see "brutally abused" means if I'd be you!"

I didn't dare to reply anything. She was beginning to really scare me.

"It's you the one who started the game! Didn't you think that it would be better not to be caught masturbating by your aunt? Tomorrow you'll begin your apprenticeship. You will understand what real power is! You are too cocky and it is time for someone to show you that you aren't all that"."


I fall asleep instantly; I was tired of the new try-outs I've been through for. Fear was beginning to fill my blood.

More to come!

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