tagBDSMMy Public Humiliation

My Public Humiliation


Author's Note: The following is a true story. Everything is real, but the dialogues have been reconstructed from memory. The word choices might not always be exact but the meanings behind them are the same. The names have been changed for obvious reasons. As always thanks to AsylumSeeker for his editing.

My First Public Humiliation.

Before we can get into the story, it's important I tell you a little about myself. In my social life I am an independent, jealous person who needs to be in control. I don't like sharing or taking orders; I am the boss.

I live alone in my own apartment and do not do well in serious relationships. But despite all of that, I do have a very close friend who I'll call Mark. I guess you could say he is my lover, although I wouldn't have used that word back then as it gave the impression he was almost my equal, and I wouldn't have wanted that.

Some of our common friends teased him about being my little puppy, but he always just smiled at them because he had a secret. You see, when I am horny I'm a totally different person; I love being dominated, humiliated, and used. I absolutely hate it, I absolutely love it.

This has been our little secret; in private I make up for my bitchiness by submitting to him by playing a game we call "Fuck Toy." I'll be his good little slave and do all of his biddings.

When I'm at the height of passion I always have the fantasy of letting him dominate me in public, but nothing had come of it because once I cool down I am horrified by the idea.

One fateful summer day as we were fondling each other in bed I opened my heart and blurted out the whole thing. Unsurprisingly he was interested by the idea and we spent hours inventing scenarios as we caressed ourselves before enjoying some of the greatest sex I ever had.

I thought this would be the end of it. But he didn't need to be on the verge of an orgasm to be turned on by the idea, and so kept bringing it up. Eventually after much insistence and orgasm denial he managed to convince me.

"Don't worry," he had said with an evil little smile. "I'll plan everything."

When the day finally came he knew I was nervous, so we spent most of the day having fun so I'd be horny as hell and willing to go along, although he didn't let me get an orgasm.

He had planned a private party at eight p.m. in a friend's apartment, and when the time to leave came he had gotten me really hot and very much into it. The plan was that I'd put on only a dog collar, a leash, one of my long coats, and he'd drive us there with no turning back.

I liked the idea of being totally without any control in public. Just as we were about to leave my apartment I grabbed him painfully by the hair and forced him to look me down in the eyes.

"You don't let me chicken out," I ordered. "If I try to get out of it you dump me outside naked and leave without me. If you let me get out of this I swear you'll regret it."

This seemed like a good idea at the time; I was hot just thinking about it. Why would I ever want to change my mind?

"Sure," he assured me. "I won't let you back out."

I let go off his hair and he stood back upright. He grabbed the leash which was hanging out of the top of my coat and jerked on it, pulling me stumbling into the hallway. And then he closed the door behind me.

"Follow," he ordered as he started walking ahead of me, leading me by the leash.

The game had started; I was his little Fuck Toy now. I wasn't supposed to talk unless being addressed, and have to be obedient, among other rules I won't get into right now. I let him lead me down the hall, hanging back just enough so that he'd have to put some pressure on the leash to drag me.

I was being dragged down the hall by a leash, wearing only a coat, which only came down mid thigh, and made me totally horny. This was great, I thought, starting to wish we'd run into a neighbor. What would happen? What would Mark make me do?

But we got down to ground level and to his car without any incident. Mark opened his door and moved his seat forward.

"Get in the back," he ordered.

I was a little surprised by the request, but did as I was told. He took the opportunity to get his hand under the coat and squeeze one of my ass cheeks as I bent forward to get in and the coat rose up. I quickly sat down in the back seat, looking at him for instructions.

He was still standing outside his door holding his end of the leash. He leaned forward over me, reached for the little handle on the ceiling next to my door window and inserted the leash through it.

He started pulling on his end, shortening my side of the leash forcing my head up and toward to the window until I was sitting upright and had to strain to keep my butt against the seat. He grabbed my wrists and tied them together against the handle, forcing me in that position, with my hands tied above my head.

He looked at me with a satisfied smile, patting my bare thigh. "That's a good Fuck Toy."

His hand crept up my leg until he found my dripping pussy. I let out a gasp as he inserted two fingers, massaging my inside. I strained against the leash, scooting my hips forward and spreading my legs to give him better access.

He kept playing with me for a little while, then pulled his fingers out and pressed them against my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked hungrily, looking him in the eyes as I did so, teasing his fingers with my tongue.

I was so horny I wanted him to fuck me right there. He was looking at me lustily and I opened my legs invitingly, but he just stood back and outside the car.

He rose his seat back up, sat in front, closed the door and started the car. We got out of the parking lot and into traffic.

I wasn't in a comfortable position, but I was horny and didn't care; soon enough we'd be at the party and he'd fuck me silly. But then I realized we were not heading for our friend's apartment.

I couldn't tell where he was going. I tried sitting demurely like a good little Fuck Toy, but I was getting impatient and a little anxious; I'd normally be the one in control of the car.

He noticed I was getting agitated, or maybe he'd been checking me all along in the rear view mirror, and spoke up.

"You're wondering where we're going," he declared. "I lied to you," he continued. I felt a chill go through me at that.

"The party's not starting at eight; we're not going there straight-away. You think I'd take you there dripping wet? Where's the fun in that? No, we'll have a nice little drive while you cool down."

And drive around we did. It couldn't have been for very long, but it felt like an eternity. My legs were aching from the strain of being just barely sitting, my hands were getting numb, I was getting a little cold and I was totally pissed off. This wasn't funny!

Then we finally reached our destination; an old duplex. Our friend lived on the second floor, with an open-air stairway leading up to his balcony. Mark opened his door and got out of the car and lowered his seat again, looking at me.

I was starting to have second thoughts about all of this. "You know I wasn't serious when I said..." I began but he interrupted.

"Don't even think about begging off," he snapped. "You've been clear enough."

I was so mad at him, and scared too. I didn't want to go along with this anymore. I didn't even know who would be in there, but worse of all was that I'd been bossing around our friends since forever. This wasn't funny, my standing would be ruined.

"Here's how it's going to be," he announced "I told our friends you're really a horny little bitch who wants dirty sex. They didn't really believe me, but they're curious to see what will happen. I also told them to go along with what I say."

He smiled at me. "And you don't want me to leave you outside naked right? This is all your idea right? Well you better go along with what I say. You know I'd do it. You got that?"

I wasn't sure if he would, but I thought he was capable of it. I didn't trust my voice so I just nodded. I was so pissed off I wanted to choke him with the damn leash.

That seemed to satisfy him. He reached down and untied the leash; I fell down against my seat in relief. I sat there a while rubbing my hands as the blood started flowing through them normally.

He'd been standing outside holding the leash, looking down at me. "Give me the coat." he ordered.

I looked around and didn't see anyone outside. I glared at him, but reluctantly unzipped my coat and handed it to him. He threw it on the front seat.

"Now you're going to come out on all fours and follow me. I don't want to see you at all on two legs tonight. Also from now on you can't talk; you gotta act like a good little doggy would."

God! I knew this game; we'd play it sometimes at home. But I couldn't act like a dog in front of our friends!

"Please..." I begged.

"That's it?" he asked. "Alright then if that's how it's going to be get out of my car."

He grabbed my arm and started pulling me out. I pulled back in the opposite direction, desperate not to get thrown out.

"Alright! Alright! I'll do it! I'm sorry; I'll do it!" I babbled frantically. He let go of my arm and I fell back, relieved.

"Well then get out on all fours!" he snapped, taking a step away from the door.

I took a steadying breath and leaned down outside the car, putting my hands on the ground. With some effort I managed to get down onto my knees without stumbling.

I was standing naked on all fours on the sidewalk shaking in shame and felt like throwing up, and to make it worse my breasts were hanging down pointing at the ground.

I've always been self-conscious about having my breasts hang like that; when I'm horny I think it's obscene and turns me on, but the rest of the time I really hate it.

Mark tugged against the leash and I moved, the rough ground painful against my knees.

When I was out of the way he locked and closed the door. Now there was really no turning back; my coat was locked in the car. I looked around nervously, but couldn't see anyone.

"Alright come on," he ordered as he started walking toward the stairs. I followed behind as he led me by the leash.

I don't know if you've ever tried getting up a stairway on all fours, but there's no graceful way to go about it, especially when you're naked. I wanted to hurry up, but Mark just kept a casual pace.

I hated the thought I was exposing my pussy every time I raised a leg, especially as we got close to the top and above ground level where everyone passing through could see me. Finally we reached the top and I looked around to see if anyone had seen me. I couldn't help feeling a little pang of disappointment when I spotted no one.

"Heel!" he commanded when we got to the door and I did, sitting on my heels.

He knocked on the door and I started shaking again; this was it. I waited anxiously and then the door opened. A guy I didn't know stood in the doorway.

"Hi," he began looking at Mark. Then he spotted me sitting on my hells with only a collar and a leash. His eyes nearly popped out in shock. "Who's this?!"

"Oh," Mark remarked offhandedly. "Just a whore I picked up on the way."

I let out an outraged gasp. How could he say that to a stranger?! I felt my face flush in shame and anger.

The guy looked down at me in disdain. "Oh, well come in everyone's in the living room." He stood out of the way to let us pass.

Mark took the lead and I followed on all fours, the guy closed the door behind us. I looked back and I caught him looking at my ass as I walked.

"Hi guys! I brought a whore; I hope you guys don't mind..." Mark exclaimed out loud when we reached the living room.

The first thing noticeable to anyone upon entering would be the couch, which is facing away from the entrance toward the TV and stereo on the opposite wall. The next thing would be the lazy boy on one side, and finally the coffee table in the middle of it all.

They had been sitting watching TV and drinking beer, but they all turned around looking at us in surprise.

There were four people in the living room; Trent, the guy this apartment belonged to; Bret, one of mark's friends from work; Ted, a mutual friend from way back and his girlfriend, Lidia. I didn't know it back then but the fifth, the one that had answered the door, was Jake, Trent's brother.

They all stared at me with expressions ranging from surprise to amusement. Lidia was smirking at me.

I couldn't stand those stares and closed my teary eyes. I was visibly shaking and close to hyperventilating. Mark knelt down next to me and started caressing my head.

"Breathe" he told me, and to everyone else announced, "I think she took too many drugs." This really wasn't helping.

His hand left my head and started caressing my back, then down to my ass. He lingered there a while massaging my cheeks, then down between my thighs toward my pussy. He found my clit and started stroking it.

As he did so he leaned close to my head and bit down lightly on my earlobe. "Relax," he whispered. "You're going to be okay..."

I calmed down slowly. I was starting to forget where I was, with my eyes closed and focusing on the sensations in my clit.

He removed his hand and I opened my eyes nervously. They had been watching as Mark had fondled me. I looked away, preferring not to meet those stares.

"Trent," Mark called offering the leash. "I gotta go get a beer, why don't you get the Fuck Toy settled in front of the couch."

"Uh yeah I guess..." he said nervously. He got up from the couch, walked around to us and took the proffered leash. Mark left the room heading for the kitchen.

Trent stood nervously, holding my leash. "Hi... so uh, you wanna go over to the couch?"

I couldn't reply; I didn't have permission to speak. I stood there looking down at the floor. He gave a tentative tug on the leash and I took a step toward him, still looking down.

"Okay..." he let out.

Still looking down at me he took a step backward toward the couch, I followed. He seemed to gain confidence at that and led me around toward the front of the couch, still walking backward. I'm not sure if he was checking me out or just making sure I followed, probably both.

So we reached the front of the couch. It was made to sit three persons comfortably, although you could fit more if you didn't mind being shoulder to shoulder. Ted and Lidia were already sitting there, his arm over her shoulders. Trent sat down next to them, still holding my leash.

He hadn't given me permission to sit or get comfortable, so I knelt there on all fours directly in front of Ted and Lidia with less than a foot separating us. I was in a profile view to them and I knew they were getting an eyeful, which shamefully reminded me of my breasts hanging down.

There was total silence but for the forgotten TV. Everyone was still, staring at me. I heard Mark coming back and I looked at him in relief; this stillness was getting to me.

He had two beers in one hand and a bowl in the other. He came in front of me and set the bowl down, opened a beer and emptied it in the bowl. "Drink," he ordered.

I lowered my head and started lapping. I knew they were all watching me but this was offset by knowing the alcohol would help settle my nerves. I tried to keep it away, but my hair would sometimes dip down in the bowl. I had to raise my head and shake the hair out of my way before I could resume lapping.

"So how do you like the Fuck Toy?" Mark asked. They answered with shy noises.

"Come on," he said. "She won't bite, you can pet her. Anyone want to pet her?"

"Sure," came Bret's voice from the lazy boy. He got up, coming to kneel next to me.

I let out a gasp when his hands touched my back. I stopped drinking and righted myself on all fours again. He started roaming his hands all over my body, trying to touch every inch of me. I arched my back and couldn't help but let out a little shiver of pleasure.

His hands came down over my stomach and reached my breasts. He grabbed one in each hand, squeezing.

"Make them swing around," Mark interrupted. "She really likes that." I opened my mouth in protest, but closed it with a snap; I couldn't talk.

Bret released my breasts and let them hang, then pushed them around; making them move as I knelt mortified. "Like this?" he asked.

"Oh yeah," Mark replied. "She really loves that."

To my relief he eventually tired of it, instead starting to explore my pussy which had apparently gotten really wet. It made slick noises as he fingered me.

"Don't make her cum!" Mark announced urgently. "No one let her cum. Why don't you make her give you a blowjob? She's really good."

He seemed to like the idea. He grabbed my leash, led me to the foot of the lazy boy, fumbled with his pants and pushed them and his boxers to his ankles, then sat down on the edge.

His cock was average in size but very hard and slick with pre-cum. Following Mark's suggestion he guided my head with the leash, bringing it closer, forcing my mouth to his groin area.

I sat back on my heels thankfully; my knees were really hurting. I grabbed his cock in one hand and started licking his pre-cum, cleaning the head of his cock. I haven't told this to anyone, but I really love the taste of pre-cum.

Then I took his cock in my mouth. I don't deep throat, I've got too much of a gag reflex. But I'm pretty good with my tongue and lips. I started bobbing my head up and down as I massaged him with my hand.

Somehow while I was sucking Bret's cock Mark had managed to convince Trent to fuck me up the ass, something he'd wanted to try but his girlfriends had never gone along.

"Put a condom on so you don't catch anything from the whore," he said "I've brought plenty."

I stiffened at that comment. Bret jerked under me and I quickly relaxed my mouth; good thing he hadn't cried out or I'd have gotten punished. I was grateful we wouldn't be having unprotected sex, but I didn't like the story at all.

Trent came behind me as Mark gave him directions. "Pump into her pussy a few times, and then put it in her ass. Prod her slowly and she'll take it."

I went on my knees again and raised my ass as he got behind me. He cock rested a moment at the entrance of my pussy, and then pushed in. I let out a moan against the cock in my mouth, pushing my pussy against Trent's cock and meeting him as he pumped, but he quickly pulled out.

I next felt his cock against my anus, and tried relaxing my muscles. I had stopped paying attention to the cock in my mouth, but I didn't care right now. I'm used to taking cocks dry, but it's always uncomfortable at first. Bret grabbed my hair and started fucking himself with my mouth but I tried ignoring it, going along with the motion.

At first when Trent pushed his cock against my anus it wouldn't go in and all I felt was pain, but at Mark's coaching he kept pushing and stopping, pushing and stopping, on and on.

It was a little painful but I'm used to it. He kept at it until the extreme tip of his head started going in, backed off, and pushed forward again. This was repeated, penetrating slightly more each time, until the whole head pushed inside.

As soon as he got the head in he gave a powerful lunge and impaled me with his full length. I let out a mighty cry of pain around the cock in my mouth; I really wasn't stretched enough for that yet.

He quickly pulled out, afraid he'd broken something. I could feel my legs spasm from the shock; I probably couldn't have stood upright steadily if I tried.

"You gotta take it slow at first," Mark scolded. "But I guess you mostly stretched her up now, just go slowly."

The cock came back at my anus, but this time he went slowly. I was a little sore but I adjusted to his length quickly enough. He started pumping regularly.

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