tagErotic CouplingsMy Red Headed Friend Ch. 03

My Red Headed Friend Ch. 03


I looked over at the redheaded girl next to me as she laid out in the sun. My eyes traveled from the tips of her tippy toes, up past her calf, to the space where her swim suit would start is she was wearing one. I noticed her butt was starting to turn a little red as she opened her eyes and smiled at me. Even after everything I was still ashamed to be caught looking at her and turned away in embarrassment. This brought on a laugh from her as she sat up in her lounge chair.

"A girl could get used to this life." Was all she said as started to make her way to the diving board of the pool. I watched as she pushed her hair behind her ears smiled and drove into the cool water. She came up smiling.

"You should probably join me in here." She said as she swam around the pool enjoying the feeling of the cool water all over her body. I walked over to the diving board and started jumping up and down on it. I watched as her eyes were drawn to my cock as it bounced up and down. She bit her lower lip as I kept bouncing.

"You coming or-" I launched myself off the diving board and almost landed on her. While I was under water I took a moment to enjoy the view. I run my hands up her body as I came up for air. I had hardly managed to get half a breath before she attacked me. She wrapped her legs around me and pushed her warm pussy against my stomach. Her arms were around my neck and I started to struggle to keep afloat. I managed to drag up over to the shallow end of the pool while she attacked my neck and chest with her lips. I gained some balance and started to do some kissing of my own. I leaned her back far enough and started to kiss her sweet puffy nipples. Every time I took one in my mouth I felt her grind herself into me more and more. I dragged both of us over to the edge of the pool and lifted her body on the edge. I broke away and looked at her, she looked crazed, her hair was a mess, her nipples were sticking out like diamonds, and she kept taking in quick short breaths. I pushed her back so that she was laying down on the concrete surrounding the pool, her legs up to her knees where in the water, and as I spread her legs open her breathing began to quicken.

I started at her left knee, I kissed lightly every square inch of her thigh all the way up to her hip bone. I started to work my way down and just as she felt my hot breath on her clit, I moved to the right knee, repeating the whole process. I saw try to start getting herself off with her hand but I slapped it away. I wanted to make her suffer a bit before the started. She started bucking her hips up and down, trying to get some relief as I finally started to make my to her pussy.

I stuck my tongue out and slowly moved it to her clit until I gave it the tiniest flick. Her whole body shivered in delight. I could hear her begging me to start as my tongue finally entered her. She moaned as her fingers ran though my wet hair. I could still taste the pool water on her as I begin to lick deeper and deeper.

"Lick my clit, please, lick my clit" She started saying between moans. I was only happy to oblige. I started licking with long slow lick, taking a chance to blow cool air on it in-between. As I started to speed up I felt her fingers pushing my head down more and more. I kept going faster and she would push harder and harder. Finally I had my entire face crushed against her as her body was starting to lose control.

"ugh" was all the warning she could manage to give to me as I felt her first squirt hit my face. I kept licking as she kept squirting. I was covered in her juices by the time it was all done. Her whole body was spent as I picked her up and carried her inside.

We had to get cleaned up, we were going out for dinner after all.

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