tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Renaissance Ch. 04

My Renaissance Ch. 04


Chapter 4. I meet Rachel.

Brian brought Rachel over to the house that Friday, the day after he watched Crystal and I making love out in the Florida room in the hot tub and on the couch next to it. I guess he was feeling a little frustrated after watching the show with Crystal without a female around for the perfect sort of happy ending.

It was the first time I'd met her but Brian had told me earlier she was as close as he was going to get to having a regular girlfriend. She was a public high school teacher, a few years out of college, he told me.

"She was the county fair queen when she was a freshman in college," he bragged to me.

"Nice!" I said.

He said those high school boys probably have plenty of wet dreams about her because she was very cute and small, about 5' 5" tall and barely 110 pounds. Brian had shown be pictures of her in the past. She always flashed a pretty smile, with big brown eyes and hair with some subtle highlights that ran down a few inches past her shoulders. Brian had also shown me some topless photos of her featuring her delicious large B-cup breasts and dark brown nipples and dime-sized areolas.

No doubt those high school boys had naughty thoughts about Miss Rachel. Hell, I was already having them and I hadn't even met her yet.

I was absolutely sure her male students would all be walking around funny if they'd seen those pictures of their teacher and beauty queen without her clothes.

I was surfing on the couch when the two of them had come in.

"Joe, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend Rachel," Brian said.

"Pleased to meet you, Rachel. You're even more beautiful and captivating in person," I said. She moved to shake my hand but I turned it 90 degrees and kissed the back of her hand. "It's a pleasure."

She looked at Brian and smiled and maybe blushed a little too. This girl had natural beauty and radiated confidence and poise. I could see why Brian had chosen her as his almost-girlfriend.

"Thank you. You're so kind. So, you're Brian's new room-mate?"

"That would be me, his domestic servant," I said with a chuckle, glancing her up and down to let her know I thought her body was hot.

We chatted for a few minutes about where I worked and what I did there (one of the local hospital clinics and physician's assistant), my personal life (single after recent amicable divorce and no kids), and so on.

She was very nice and probably didn't mean to sound like an interrogator. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties, and was all dolled up for their date. She had a miniskirt that fell about three inches below indecent on her thighs, showed off her very nice legs. Her low cut top showed off her cleavage as well. She caught me peeking too. It looked as though she had one of those Victoria's Secret miracle bras as the cleavage was even more "pronounced", maybe just this side of slutty.

I caught myself staring at her ass as they walked out of the room towards the basement. She was wearing heels that weren't quite fuck me pumps but they were certainly tall.

They went downstairs and I heard the TV going and the sounds of Brian making drinks.

About a half-hour later, I was curious what was going on downstairs so I quietly walked down the stairs. Walking down, I heard some odd sounds. "Something is going on down here," I thought to myself.

I peeked around the corner and saw Rachel's back and head bobbing up and down in Brian's lap. She was wearing her black bra and her skirt, and those sexy shoes. Brian was sitting on the couch with his pants down around his ankles and little Rachel was between his legs sucking his dick like a lollipop. The popping sound I heard earlier was her mouth's Hoover action.

"Oh, babe," Rachel said softly to Brian, "I want you to fuck me with that thing now."

She slowly stood up and hiked up her skirt, revealing some sexy matching black thong panties. My eyeballs probably were about to pop out of my head. She looked like a goddamn Victoria's Secret model and she just asked my friend to fuck her pussy.

Brian stood up and got out of his pants and took off his shirt, his erection bouncing around as he moved. I must say they both looked like kids in a candy store. Rachel had her hand covering her mouth giggling softly at Brian's clumsy efforts to shed his pants and his cock bouncing around.

When he sat back down on the couch, Rachel was all smiles as she straddled his crotch and moved her hips back and forth on his erection while they kissed some more. I was off to their side peeking around the corner. Given that they were engrossed in one another, I wasn't too worried about being seen. Even if I was, after Brian's overt watching of Crystal and I last night and this morning, I wasn't too worried about him being upset.

She raised her hips up a little and reached down between her legs. I saw her move her thong aside and then was guiding Brian's throbbing cock into her pussy.

"Ahhhhh" she moaned as she sat back down. "Wow! I love that nice cock of yours, Brian!"

"Your pussy is pretty damn sweet too, Rachel."

I watched them for quite a little -- long enough for Rachel to unfasten her bra and show me those nice perky boobs with dark little areolas and hard nipples. They were going very slow, with Rachel slowing grinding her hips on Brian's cock and allowing him to alternate between sucking on her tits and soul kissing her. When she bounced a little quicker, her tits bounced too.

"Damn!" I thought. "This girl is hawt!"

Sadly, between angle and distance, I really couldn't see nearly as much as I would have liked. Eventually, I gave up and went back upstairs.

It was difficult concentrating on anything upstairs as Rachel's sounds of passion easily made their way up to my ears.

After exactly 13 more minutes of torture they seemed to reach a crescendo of sorts down there and the "oohs" and "ahhs" stopped along with the grunts. Apparently rutting season was over for the moment.

About ten minutes later, Rachel emerged from the basement. She was dressed, face flush from the exertion and pleasure. Her hair was a little tussled too. Brian was right behind her.

"Hi again. How's your date going, Rachel? Is Brian being a good boy?" I asked her. I couldn't help myself.

She smiled and glanced behind at Brian. "I'll say he's being a good boy!" she said with enthusiasm, grabbing his arm and hugging it like a teenager.

They continued on and after exchanging pleasantries with me at the front door. I gave her a hug and she kissed me on the cheek then Brian walked her out to her car.

Brian sent her off and when he came back in, I complimented him on how cute Rachel was.

"Hot little thing, isn't she?"

"I couldn't concentrate on anything except what she must have looked like as you railed that sweet pussy of hers."

"Yeah, it's pretty nice. I'd consider asking her to marry me if I wasn't having so much fun with other women."

"Your secret is safe with me," I told him, closing up the laptop and heading for my bedroom to rub one out. If it weren't so late, I'd call Crystal to see if I could go take my frustrations out on her.

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