tagIncest/TabooMy Renaissance Ch. 12

My Renaissance Ch. 12


[Author's note: First up, like the other stories in the My Renaissance series, this story a based very closely on a true story. I've led a great life these last few years and I'm merely sharing. Names and places haven't been changed. Thankfully our family doesn't read Literotica, given the sensitive nature of the incestuous encounter of sorts described herein.

As far as a court of law goes, until late 2013 rolls around (and the Statute of Limitations has run), this is a work of fiction. That's my story and I'm sticking to it (Nicole and Brian as well).

Yes, the first two-thirds reads kind of like "No Country for Old Men". Yes, we remarked the similarities in what happened in real life with that movie shortly after it came out about a year later and still laugh about it to this day (and count our blessings).

With all that in mind, read and enjoy.]

Chapter 12: A little excitement.

The weekend after Thanksgiving night foursome was a busy one for me. In addition to Black Friday shopping and some gift-wrapping for Christmas, I was busy with my two new female friends.

Jessie, the big, beautiful 230ish pound friend of my cousin Nicole came over Friday night and we went a couple of rounds of great sex. The next morning, we slept in and rolled around in the hay after breakfast. Jessie was a lot of fun and very eager to please me. She worked very hard to make me happy and left me sated.

Before she came over, I was had a second thought or two about having a chubby girl over for sex. She made me reconsider that. She made love to me with a ton of passion and enthusiasm. We even took a bunch of photos with her camera.

At one point fairly early in the night, we were out in the hot tub. Brian had just gotten home from Chicago. She told Brian we were nude when he came down in his suit to get into the hot tub with us. He shrugged his shoulders and shucked his suit.

Jessie's mouth just hung open looking at Brian's package. "God, you're both packing!" she blurted out. Brian got in and sat across from Jessie and I.

Brian was staring at her bare tits that were half-floating in the water pretty much the whole time we talked. Eventually, she moved over to a seat near Brian and let him get a close look and then put them in his face. She actually encouraged Brian to fondle them. He did and then she reciprocated by fondling his cock. He stood up and she let him to titty fuck her. I watched, of course.

She really liked his cock and soon it was a half-blowjob, half-titty fuck before he erupted all over her face and neck.

We were out there with Brian for a while after that and he got hard again when Jessie began making love to me. She let him fondle her tits while she rode me, but she wouldn't let him fuck her though. She told Brian to get her camera, which was on the table next to the hot tub, and take some photos while we made love. It was Brian's excuse to get nice and close to the action both in the tub and later, when we moved to the futon for the sexy finale.

Brian got some great photos of the moneyshot, including a stream of cum about six inches long from my cock into her mouth. It was a great photo.

She helped Brian with his stiffness by letting him give her another facial after she sucked him off again. It took about ten minutes, but it was pretty hot. I took some shots this time and everyone had a great time.

I asked her later when we were laying in bed after our bedtime romantic interlude why she turned Brian down for sex. She reminded me of what I had told her the previous night about not letting just any guy get inside her pussy.

"Attagirl," I told her.

Lisa, the part Puerto Rican girl who was Jessie's room-mate came over Saturday night. She told me Jessie was talking non-stop about me. Jess reported that I was a god in the sack, my house-mate was as handsome as any Marlboro Man and raved about our time together.

"And then she showed me the pictures! After that, I had to call you!" Lisa said.

She scratched a literal notch into my belt buckle with her knife after we had sex the first time so I would remember her. I didn't get much sleep that night as we pretty much had sex all evening, night and slept into the morning.

It was pretty exciting and she too was quite eager to please the older guy in me.

Lisa had some stretch marks on her tummy and bearclaw marks on her breasts from a pregnancy. I asked her about that and she said she lost the baby after a little over eight months. I gave her my condolences and she seemed to be handling it okay. "Yeah, I was pregnant and all I got for it were these lousy stretch marks," she quipped, mimicking the old t-shirt slogan.

She did say that the father was someone she thought she wanted to marry when they dated before she got pregnant. When he bailed about six months into the pregnancy, she realized how wrong she was and for that she was very grateful, she said. "At least I didn't marry him and then have him leave me for another woman just because my tummy was getting big and I wasn't as sexy as I was when I was in high school."

I told her I'd give her some extra skin cream for those bearclaws on her breasts and she just laughed. She laughed again as I followed through later that night, rubbing my semen into her skin on her breasts after pulling out and coming on them a couple of different times. I gave her little boobs a lot of attention, almost as much as her pussy and that lovely round ass. I was like a kid at a candy store.

She asked me if she could meet Brian and I asked her if she wanted me to give Brian her phone number. Brian was over at Rachel's place.

"If you don't mind. I'd like to date him," she said with a grin.

"You mean fuck him?"

"I'd let him get his way with me, sure."

I left her number and a photo on his desk. I knew Brian. He'd take her for a ride but treat her right.

Jessie had called three times last night and this morning, wanting to talk with me and wanting a rematch.

Lisa left after breakfast, leaving me with her panties and telling me she'd like to get back together with me as often as I wanted.

I called Jessie and chatted with her for about ten minutes, telling her I had to do some household chores tonight before going back to work tomorrow. In reality, I didn't want to be up late.

Jessie said she was so jealous of Lisa being over with me last night and that all she could think about was spending more time with me. I told her that I wasn't wanting her to get feelings like that for me and she said it was hard not to. I told her to chill on the phone calls and messages, too. I might have to take her out of the rotation if she's going to get all weird on me.

My cousin Nicole called me a half-hour after I got off the phone with Jessie and said she wanted to talk right away. She didn't sound like she was calling for a date, but rather she seemed nervous.

I invited her over to the house and told her to come on over when she was ready. Five minutes later, she was ringing the doorbell with some urgency wearing shades and carrying a duffel bag.

"What's up, Nicole? Oh my god, what happened?"

She looked over her shoulder as she came inside and took off her glasses slowly.

Her right eye was swollen and black and blue. Her left eye was blackened.

Ordinarily Nicole was a very attractive blonde, about 5' 7" tall and 115 pounds with great legs, nice C-cup breasts and an ass that's round like a sister's. Today, she looked someone used her face as a punching bag.

"Damn, what happened?"

"I got rid of Marcus Friday."

"Good! Is that who did that?"

"He's not happy. He did some of this Friday night. I stayed over at Michelle's place last night to avoid him and he showed up and caused a scene and beat me some more. Of course, he left before the cops got there. They're looking for him right now."


"I have two favors to ask," Nicole said, looking out the window to the street outside.

"Jesus Nicole, you look like you're afraid he's going to show up here."

"Well, that's the first favor." She pulled out a stack of cash from the duffel bag.

"Holy Christ!" I said without even thinking. That stack was at least six inches high and held together with three rubber bands!

"There's a little better than forty thousand here." She handed me the cash. "I know you've got a big safe here. Can you keep that safe for me? My mom and dad don't have a safe and honestly, I worry that it would disappear even if they did."

"Holy shit, Nicole. That's a lot of fuckin' money!"

"I know. But check this out." She handed me a duffel bag. It was heavy.

"What's this?"

"Open it."

I did. The odor of marijuana hit me. Inside was a brick of weed wrapped in black plastic with a chunk missing and under that was a full brick. There was also a quart-sized bag with big, flat chunks of what looked like crack. And there were a dozen or more small bags bulging full of white powder. And pills - lots and lots of pills.

"Jesus!" I blurted out. "Hey Brian, come here."

"So, Nicole, I gotta tell you, I'm not putting this in the safe." I was pointing at the duffel bag full of drugs.

"I know. I just don't know what to do with all that."

Brian came downstairs.

"Damn, Joe. Nice wad," he said, looking at the stack of cash. He looked closer and saw the top bill was a $100. "Jesus."

"That's the easy part," I said. "Check out what's in the bag."

He pulled his flashlight from his back pocket and peered inside the bag.

"Holy shit! What the fuck is all this?"

"Nicole took it from her apartment after her ex-boyfriend beat the shit out of her the last two nights."

Brian looked at Nicole and noticed her swollen eye and shiners.

"Can I stay with you tonight? I don't want to get beat again tonight and I've got to go work tomorrow early so I'd rather not go all the way down to Newman. Besides, he's liable to drive down there and cause problems."

I looked at Brian and he was looking at me. He didn't offer any non-verbal objections. "Absolutely you can stay. You'll be safe here, you have my word."

She gave me a big hug.

"Thank you!" she said.

Brian spoke up. "I hate to be the party pooper here, but he's going to be looking for this. Does he know you're here?"

"No," Nicole said.

"I say we call Dave or Mike and have them take it and make a report," I suggested to Brian, referring to our friends who were cops.

"You live in Urbana, don't you Nicole?"


"There might be enough here for headline news and I know just the guy over at Urbana. I think he's going to owe me another favor." Brian was already pulling out his cell phone. "He's off today, but I'm sure he'll clock in for this."

"Is that cash his too?" Brian asked Nicole.

"It was," she said.

Brian turned to me. "How about we put about a quarter of that cash in the duffel with the drugs before Kent gets here. Without any cash, there's gonna be questions. If they find a sizeable amount of cash, those questions won't get raised."

"Nicole, is that okay with you?" Brian asked her.

She looked completely timid. "I guess."

"Alright Joe, why don't you peel off about a quarter of that and throw it in there and I'm going to call Kent and have him come over. Nicole, with the exception of the cash Joe's going to put into safekeeping for you, just tell Kent the truth when he gets here."

Kent was over about a half-hour later. I knew him only in passing from the hospital but he and Brian were like old friends from way back. Kent was a supervisory officer with the Urbana police. He took off his coat after Brian let him in and I noticed he was carrying a Glock.

"Kent, you know Joe," Brian said. I shook hands with Kent.

"Good to see you without a lab coat," he said. We've seen one another plenty of times in the E.R.

"Kent, this is Nicole, Joe's cousin," Brian said.

Nicole timidly shook hands with Kent.

"Nice to meet you Nicole. Did you burn Brian's toast this morning?" Kent joked.

"Her boyfriend did that last night and the night before. Champaign's looking for him right now, actually," Brian explained.

"I'm so sorry, Nicole. I hope they catch him."

Brian continued. "Nicole brought something of his over from her place and we thought you would have a good place for it."

"What's that?" Kent asked.

Brian handed him the duffel bag.

He unzipped it and looked inside.

"He's gonna be pissed," was all Kent said.

"She wants him gone," I said.

"Oh, he'll be gone. I'm not sure, but she might be looking at some charges."

"Already taken care of. I spoke with Chris from the SA's office and he said no problem."

Kent had a series of questions for Nicole. He made a call to the State's Attorney's on-call number and spoke with someone other than Chris and they too said no problem. They were interested in Marcus because he was obviously one or two levels up from a street corner pusher with all that volume.

Kent got on his cell and called dispatch to send a uniformed officer to come over and take custody of the cash and dope.

After it was taken away, Kent told Nicole that when Marcus found out his dope was gone and she took it, he would probably try to kill her.

He told her not to go to work and find someplace out of town that Marcus doesn't know about and hang out there until Marcus is in custody. He also said that he was guessing that she kept some of the cash and told her to use that wisely and frugally to get her by in lieu of her paycheck.

"I didn't say this, but I'll also tell you to borrow a gun if you don't have one and make sure it's close to your bed wherever you sleep at night until Marcus gets caught. I'm sure Brian or Joe here could probably help you out with that including showing you how to use it." Kent chuckled.

Brian said that she was going to be here tonight. Kent replied with something like "sleep with one eye open then, folks."

Kent left, thanking us all, but especially Nicole and Brian.

We agreed to double-check that the doors were to be locked at all times while Nicole was visiting.

I had a couple of errands to do and Nicole tagged along with me.

We came back around two and Nicole and I got into my bed and took a nap together. She cuddled up next to me and I put my arm around her. The nap felt great.


I was upstairs with Nicole in my bedroom later in the evening. We were both surfing on the internet on our laptops and yapping about silly stuff.

It was about eight o'clock when I heard car doors closing outside. I peeked out the window and saw four black guys dressed in the latest hip-hop fashion - meaning pants hanging down and grossly over-sized - get out and walk towards our front door.

"Oh shit," I thought to myself.

"Company Brian," I hollered as I grabbed my Glock 17 9mm pistol out of the drawer. It was in a holster and I slipped the whole rig on my belt. I grabbed the Sure-Fire tactical light and a spare mag and slipped them on my belt as well.

"Nicole, I think you should go to the basement."

Boom boom boom! "Open up muthafucka!"

"What the hell is that?" Brian asked from downstairs somewhere. I guess he didn't hear me.

"I know the fuckin' bitch is in there. Open up or I'll fuck you up!"

Whoomp! Whoomp! It sounded like he was kicking at the front door, trying to force it open.

"HOSTILES at the front door!" I shouted loudly. "I count FOUR!"

"Shotgun!" Brian hollered back. "NOW!"

I doubled back and grabbed my Remington 1100 semi-auto riot shotgun and charged it. "Coming!"

At least two of them were beating hard on the back door now. I wasn't too worried about them breaching either door. Not without a battering ram and repeated blows anyway. Brian's doors were steel-framed, high-security units and his walls were poured concrete inside some sort of plastic molds.

Brian was barking orders. "Nicole! To the basement, now! Call 9-1-1. Tell them we have a home invasion in progress and we need backup. Go! Go! Go!"

"Alright. Oh my god!" She was almost in tears as she ran down into the basement trying to dial her cell phone.

"At least she was keeping half her wits about her," I thought to myself.

I heard her talking with the dispatcher as I saw Brian. He had his plate vest on with his M4gery rifle slung up at low-ready. He also had his electronic ear muffs on. Nicole asked him for our address and he shouted it down at her.

"Open up, you mothafucka! I know she's in there. I'll fuckin' fuck you up if you don't let me in!" Marcus shouted from outside. Boom! Boom! He was kicking at the door.

Brian tossed me some foam earplugs in a little plastic bag. "Here, put those in."

I did just as I heard a big crash in back.

An instant later, the glass broke in the storm door up front. I could feel the massive adrenaline dump. I was in fight mode and I was ready for action.

"Open up or I'll fuck you bitches up!"

He was beating on the door with something metal. There was a short pause then Whoomp! Marcus was kicking the front door for all he was worth.

"Okay here?" I said to Brian.


"Ready," he said.

"I'll take the back."


"GUN up front!" Brian hollered.

One of the bad guys was armed outside at the front door.

"Goddammit Mothafucka! I'm gonna kill every one of you."

I heard another crash in the back of the house and glass breaking just as I got there. I lined up on the door in case it came open, finger off the trigger and safety off. Right about now I wished I had more gun.

"Bring enough gun," I thought to myself from my training.

"Gun!" I shouted. One of the thugs in the back was waving a pistol around.

"What the fuck is wrong with these assholes?" I said.

I heard more glass breaking in the back of the house. That puzzled me because Brian's windows were all super-strong hurricane glass and the windows in the sidelights to the doors were bullet-resistant.

I peered out a window and the dumb motherfuckers outside were throwing frozen ceramic flowerpots at the door. They now grabbed the big patio table. Two of them were carrying it to the door to use it as a battering ram on the door while the third guy with the pistol held the screen door open.

"Battering ram in the back. Three guys, one gun!" I hollered at Brian.

Whoomp! They were trying to batter the fucking door down.

"Front secure. One bad guy, maybe two. One gun."

Whoomp! Whoomp!

The door was shaking each time they bashed the table into it.

Brian was hollering to Nicole. "Nicole, tell the dispatcher they are trying to batter the back door down with a battering ram. Tell them to step it up. We need back-up here now! Tell them that."

I had retreated back from the door and was now kneeling beside a wall, in what was affectionately known in firearm training schools as "low Monica", aiming at the back door where the door would swing open. The wall would offer me some cover and my position down low would hopefully catch them off guard.

The beating, kicking and shouting continued. I was so adrenaline pumped it was hard to keep track of time, but I was thinking to myself, "Where the fuck are the police? Why are there no sirens?"

All I knew was that the moment that door came open, I was going to fire a 12ga. rifled slug at center mass of whatever dipshit was unlucky enough to be the point man followed up by a load of 00-buckshot then reassess for other targets and pump them each with a double load of double-ought as well. I knew I had at least six rounds in my shotgun and I was trying to remember if I had seven in it or not.

We heard shouting outside then a scream. Then a "POLICE! Drop the gun!" "GET DOWN!"

The shit-heads out back ran and there were more shouts for them to stop. I was expecting the "pop" of gunfire at any moment. Sirens started coming on nearby - lots of sirens. We could hear tires screeching and squealing around nearby corners and a bunch of commotion.

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