tagGroup SexMy Renaissance Ch. 15

My Renaissance Ch. 15


Chapter 15. Jenny and Melissa: Double delicious and delectable.

Jenn called me around two o'clock the next day, Saturday, and said that her room-mate Melissa was walking on clouds when she got home after work.

"What did you do to that girl?"

"What do you mean?"

"I've never seen her this happy and carefree since I've known her! She's still glowing from your date last night!"

"God, please don't tell me she's fallen in love with me," I said, being unusually candid.

"Well, could be. Certainly your tongue from what she told me," Jenn laughed. "I wanted to ask, can we both come over tonight?"

"Both?" I asked, seeking some clarification. "I thought you and I had a date planned."

"Yeah, think of it as a double date of sorts," she replied. "We had a nice talk after she got home. We agreed, all things considered, to share you instead of compete for you. And we've got a surprise for you."

"Okay. Brian's going to have his girlfriend over though. It's movie night. You want me to come over to your place or are you okay staying here?"

"Are you kidding? We love your place!"

"I didn't know how you felt about seeing Brian."

"He's a nice guy who treated me okay. I'm much happier with you though."

"No hard feelings about him not calling you back?"

"I owe him for introducing me to you. I'm not mad at him."

We agreed that they would come over around six for steaks and potatoes and plan to spend the night.

Nothing like making plans for a hot threesome!

I got off the phone, stoked for a night of debauchery with two sexy young ladies. I did my chores, including changing sheets and errands around town, which included buying more sets of sheets.

When I got back to the house, Brian's car was in the garage and Sherri's BMW was parked along the curb out front. I went inside and the two of them were in the hot tub making out. Sherri was Brian's "other" girlfriend. She was 32, a single mom with two kids and a pretty blonde. She was about 5' 5" tall, maybe 115 pounds and had a bit of a muscular build. She did interior design for a living.

She was a natural blonde and I knew from picking up her clothes in the living room one morning a while back that she wore a 32A bra and her little lime-green panties were size 5. Trust me, I'm sorry I wasn't awake for that night!

She and Brian had been friends with benefits since shortly after Brian moved back into town. In the last few months, they had apparently hooked up a little more regularly as she and the hubby were separated and she was now living with her mom and two kids. Even at that, she had only been over to the house once or twice.

There was some music playing softly. I walked in to say hi. Sherri slid lower in the water as I approached, modesty taking over.

"Hi Sherri! Hi Brian."

"Howdy!" Brian said.

"Hey, I've got a couple of girls going to join us for dinner tonight. They are going to stick around for movie night too if you don't mind."

"The more the merrier," Brian said.

"Two?" Sherri asked.

"Yep. Melissa and Jenn. I've got to pick things up a bit so I'll let you two be."

I headed upstairs to get in the shower.

After getting cleaned up, I went downstairs and peeked out into the Florida room where the Jacuzzi was. Brian had Sherri bent over the side of the tub and was putting he wood to her. She was grunting as he was thrusting. He was looking down at her ass as his cock slamming into her.

My dick was hard pretty quick, hearing their bodies slap together and seeing part of Sherri's profile. I really wanted to see Sherri getting fucked but I thought it would be rude to invite myself in, so I left and picked things up a little bit before the girls came over.

I went to the kitchen to make myself a drink and then upstairs to change the sheets. My "dates" would be over shortly and with any luck, I'd be out in that tub later this evening putting some wood to a pair of pretty girls myself.

I put the stuff in the laundry room and found myself back in the kitchen considering logistics for dinner.

Brian and Sherri came out of the Florida room wearing towels.

"Hi guys. It's good to see you Sherri!" I said, genuinely glad to her. I asked Brian months ago to see if she was game for a threesome. That was before I moved in. I wondered if he had asked her yet.

"Hi Joe."

I walked over and I kissed the back of her hand and complimented her on how pretty and glowing she looked.

"My goodness. Such you are such gentleman!" she exclaimed.

"My dear Sherri, chivalry is not dead. Not around here anyway," Brian replied.

"Brian's stealing my lines, Lady Sherri. Would you like some steak and potatoes for dinner? I trust you're not a grazer, are you?"

"I like mine medium rare," she shot back, winking.

Brian said that he and Sherri were going upstairs to get ready. I told them to take their time and I'd get dinner going and it would be ready around 6:15 or so.

The girls showed up at 5:50. Brian let them in and summoned me. They each brought an overnight bag and looked great. I wasn't sure what the surprise was but I was pretty sure it was in those bags.

Jenn gave me a hug and a kiss and Melissa was right behind for hers. She too gave me a hug and a kiss and whispered "You're so getting lucky tonight" in my ear before kissing it.

I took their coats and noticed right away that Jenn was braless, in some fairly tight jeans. Her cute little 32 A-cup boobies bounced around under her form-fitting shirt, nipples poking through. I glanced to her from head to toe and then turned to Melissa who was wearing a low-cut black top, showing off her ample cleavage from those 38-D breasts. Both girls smelled delightful.

I introduced them to Sherri, who had materialized from upstairs, and took them upstairs to drop off their bags.

Dinner went exceedingly well. The grill cooperated and the steaks were wonderful and cooked pretty well. I wasn't the world's greatest on the grill, but I managed tonight. Sherri was impressed with both the steak and the wine. More importantly, Jenn and Melissa were having a great time and were equally impressed.

I was happy there was no apparent tension or stress between Jennifer and Brian. I'm sure Sherri had no idea that Brian and Jennifer had fucked here just a few weeks ago.

It was a good meal and Brian thoughtfully volunteered to do the cleanup with Sherri. I loaded and lit the fireplace, stacked some wood for later and threw out a couple of warm, fleece blankets onto the couch and loveseat. Soon, the fire was going nicely and the dining room and kitchen were spotless.

We settled down for a movie – something Brian had downloaded from the Internet that had just come out in theaters the week before. I mixed up some drinks for everyone while Brian made the popcorn. The girls chatted while we were getting things ready.

The movie was a chick flick and the girls loved it. During the movie, there was plenty of groping and kissing going on. It was almost like the back row of a theater on a Friday night when the high school kids are around.

The two girls and I had the couch and Brian and Sherri were on the loveseat. After the movie, the girls ran off in a pack to the bathroom as females love to do. Brian queued up the second movie, I made the drinks while the girls conspired to do who knows what.

When they came back, the girls took me up to our bedrooms to change into something "more comfortable."

Mel and Jenn made me wait outside while they changed. When they came out I took one glance and said "Holy shit!"

They came out in somewhat matching black boy-shorts on under a black halter top that was cut like a sports bra only it and the boy-shorts were made of a thick fishnet material. In good light, there was little left to the imagination as both girls' nipples and areolas were only slightly obscured and Melissa's freshly trimmed up bush, now a much smaller triangle was visible. Both girls' nipples were erect.

"Whatcha think, Joe?" Jenn asked.

"I think I want to skip the movie," I said.

"Easy tiger," Mel said in a sexy voice. "You can have us any way you want soon enough."

My cock was stirring in my pants.

Then Sherri walked out of Brian's bedroom.

"Wow!" I drooled.

She was wearing a very thin wife-beater shirt that was practically see-through. Her 32-A boobies and her areolas and nipples weren't at all hard to see. Even her tan lines were evident. I tried not to stare, but it was difficult not to, especially as I'm a sucker for small breasts and Sherri's 32-As fit that description. She was also wearing a pair of black semi-sheer panties.

"I feel like a kid in a candy store," I stammered, trying to keep my jaw off the floor.

"I know you've been wanting to see me like this for awhile," Sherri said. "We're going to make you boys horny tonight."

"I think he's already there," Jenn said looking down at my erection in my pants.

"Let's go down and see how Brian's doing," Sherri said.

With that, the girls giggled their way downstairs, stopping first to turn the heat up a couple of degrees. I can't say as I blamed them.

I changed into some flannel pajama boxers and a t-shirt and went back downstairs.

The girls were in the kitchen "helping" Brian make some popcorn. Brian was trying to be "normal" with three pretty and nearly naked girls helping him, but his eyes darting to snatch a peek when he thought he could get away with it told the tale.

"Brian, they want us to look," I said.

He laughed. "I'm trying to be a gentleman."

"Resistance is futile," I said in my best Borg impression.

All of us laughed.

I went back into the living room and threw a trio of logs on the fire and then climbed under a blanket for the second movie. It didn't take long for things to heat up. Brian was on the love seat, with Sherri reclined on his chest. One hand was under her shirt playing with her little tits and the other was between her legs. She had her knees open and relaxed, giving him plenty of access down below. As time wore on, she began rocking her hips as he massaged her clitoris and fingered her under her panties.

Mel and Jenn each had a hand down my pants playing with my cock. After a while, Jenn went under the blanket and gave me a slow blowjob while Melissa and I played tonsil hockey. The blanket came off after a few minutes and the girls took turns gently sucking my cock.

I glanced over and saw Sherri squirming around, moaning softly as Brian was obviously concentrating on making her climax with his hand. This went on for a while and finally I think he achieved success judging by her moans, her breathing and her squirming around.

After she came, she spent the next five or ten minutes watching the girls suck my cock. It was pretty freaking hot.

"Are you ready for your surprise," Jenn asked me.

"You mean there's more?"

I thought the surprise was the lingerie. I wasn't sure what else it could be but I knew it had to be good.

Jenn and Mel got up and I quickly put my raging boner back into my shorts. I looked silly with that huge tent in my pants and Sherri was watching it closely as I walked by her. The girls had me by the hands and were leading the way back to my bedroom.

Once there, they stripped me of my clothes and put me on the bed. They then got naked and climbed into bed with me.

I thought they were going to work me over, but instead they began kissing each other and soon that turned into 69. Melissa was on top and there I was, my jaw agape, as two very pretty girls began licking one another's pussies.

This wasn't any of that simulated lesbian crap one sometimes sees in porn movies and strip clubs. This was full tongue-to-pussy contact and finger fucking. I saw Jenn's tongue between Melissa's sexy lips and her pinkie was half-buried in Melissa's asshole. Melissa was going nuts on the other end.

Jenn paused momentarily, closing her eyes and laying her head back. "Mmm! Oh Melissa. That's so damn good!"

Melissa's pouty, red vulva was all wet from Jenn licking and eating her. Her clit was poking out as well. I wanted to just stick my cock in there.

Melissa began moaning again softly as Jenn returned to performing cunnilingus on her.

I moved down to the other end of the bed and saw Melissa with her face buried deep between Jenn's legs. Mel was eating Jenn's pussy with gusto. I had no idea that these two girls were bi. This was certainly a wonderful surprise.

"Damn, girls! This is hot!"

They stayed there, doing each other, for at least five more minutes, moaning, squirming and breathing hot and heavy. There wasn't much talking as both had their mouths full, although there was some giggling now and then.

I have to say, this was exceptionally cool to watch and I noticed that our bedroom door was still open. I wondered if Brian and Sherri could hear the show in here.

Suddenly, Jenn thrust her hips into Melissa's face as she climaxed. "Oh yes!" Jenn cried out.

Melissa must have found the sweet spot. She still had her first two fingers deep inside Jenn even though Jenn's hips were squirming around. Melissa was smiling broadly at her success in bringing Jenn to a climax.

When Jenn came down from getting off, Melissa sat up and reclined beside Jenn.

"My turn!" Melissa said, prompting Jenn to roll over and put her face between Melissa's legs.

Jenn spread her legs so I could see her pussy while she was eating Mel. Jenn was such a tease flashing that ass and pussy at me.

It was so incredibly tempting to help out or play but I just sat back and enjoyed the show stroking myself right up to the edge of an orgasm over and over again.

A minute or two later, Jenn got Melissa over the hump.

Melissa whimpered loudly as she had a powerful, body-shaking orgasm right there with Jenn's face between her legs.

"Oh god, that was so nice," Melissa said when it was over, still breathing hard.

"Your pussy tastes so good," Jenn said, kissing Melissa's wet pussy one last time before sitting up next to Melissa.

The girls sat there against the headboard, utterly and completely nude. They were so fucking hot: Melissa with her pretty smile and big tits and Jennifer with her perky little boobs. I was in heaven when I climbed in between them. I was kind of surprised when they didn't immediately begin to molest me, but they seemed content in their post-orgasmic bliss.

We cuddled for a maybe ten minutes or so when we heard the skin-slapping and moaning sounds of amorous activities in the living room. It renewed my enthusiasm for some sexual gratification of my own. It didn't take much in the way of prompting and both girls were on me, taking turns sucking my cock to its erect state once again.

Melissa mounted me up first while Jenn watched. Melissa slowly and gently moved those hips up and down while kissing me passionately.

"You feel so good, Melissa," I told her, feeling her ass.

We went on for a while before she sat up to take the full length inside her. I fondled her big tits as she was sitting up.

Jenn sat up and moved down to the foot of the bed.

Melissa began bouncing on my cock a little more vigorously and we were both getting closer to a sweet release. Melissa felt so good I wanted to come right then.

Jenn whistled from the foot of the bed. "That's so hot, guys!" she said.

She slapped Melissa on the ass then came up beside us and kissed her room-mate.

"You like watching me take him inside me?" Melissa asked. "It feels good, you know."

"Watching his cock going in and out of you is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen," Jenn said to her friend before kissing her again. Jenn reached down between Melissa's legs and rubbed her friend's clit while my cock slid between her first and second fingers.

"Oh god, I can feel how hard he is," Jenn said to Melissa. "And how wet you are!"

"It feels so fucking good," Melissa replied, half-moaning. She rocked her hips back and forth then began bouncing up and down again. "Oh, it feels good!"

I reached around and grabbed Jenn's ass and teased her asshole with the tip of my middle finger. She liked it and pushed back a little harder.

"Ooh!" Jenn said as my finger sank into her warm little bunghole. She was smiling. I wiggled my finger and she squirmed and moaned.

Mel reached her first climax a moment later as Jenn was still rubbing on her clit. I was playing with one of Mel's glorious tits as it happened, flicking her nipple with my thumb. Melissa grunted, leaning forward like she was doing a crunch as she climaxed.

"Oh fuck!" she cried out as she moved around.

"God damn, girl. That feels so damn good!" I told her.

Melissa paused for a few seconds. I could feel Jennifer's fingers against my cock as she slowly rubbed Melissa's clit. Melissa was trying to catch her breath.

Mel started back up again. Jenn had resumed the fluttering motion against Melissa's clit. I could feel her fingers down there as well.

"Oh yeah!" I cried out. I was so close to busting my nut.

Melissa paused for a second to let me calm down then resumed the action. Pretty soon she was moaning again, working her way back to a frenzied pace while Jenn continued playing with her clit. I was loving this.

"I'm gonna come!" Melissa hollered.

She bounced a few more times and came with a little schoolgirl-like scream, grinding her pelvis against mine as she had her orgasm.

When it was over, she collapsed on me, panting.

"Oh yeah!" Melissa said, resting her cheek on my shoulder, panting. "So good!"

"Yes indeed," I said.

"Let's trade," Jenn said after Melissa had half-composed herself.

Melissa rolled off and laid next to me for a moment before moving to straddle my face and watch her friend Jenn fuck me. Jenn brought her leg over and straddled my hips. I felt her hand guide my cock into her tight, wet pussy. She felt silky smooth as she sank down on my cock.

I thrust my hips forward to get as much penetration as I could and heard her gasp as she reached the full penetration. I must have bottomed out.

Melissa sat on my face. Her pussy and upper thighs were coated with her sex sauce. I was so hyper-excited. I licked, sucked and probed her vagina with my tongue and I played with her asshole with my middle fingers.

Jenn was down working some sort of a belly-dancing routine on my rock-hard cock. I couldn't see what she was doing but her pussy delivering lots of pleasure to my cock while I had my face buried in Melissa's crack.

"Make him come for you, Jenn!" Melissa told Jennifer. "You are so fucking hot taking that cock."

It didn't take her long up there to achieve her own orgasm, given hyper-sexually charged we all were. She began to climax and I could feel her pussy throttle down on my cock as the waves of her orgasm rippled through her body to my cock.

I felt myself begin to come.

I tried to holler as the first of my jets of semen blasted into Jenn's sweet vagina, but with Melissa's pussy over my mouth it just wasn't going to happen.

She let out a little yelp. "Oh yeah, come in me Joe!" she replied. "Oh god!"

I unloaded deep inside Jenn, enjoying the orgasmic bliss that saturated my senses. I could only feel what was happening. All I could see was Melissa's ass crack above my face. Jenn slowly rocked her hips back and forth as my cock twitched in her as it was over.

Melissa eased herself off of my face and looked down at me giggling. "You came!" she said.

"Oh my god! That was incredible!" I said. Semen was already leaking out and down around my scrotum.

Jenn eased herself off my still half-erect member and held her pussy. She sat down then laid back on the bed and spread her legs.

I sat up to see what was going on and Melissa was situating herself between Jenn's legs, then she went down on Jenn, licking her still-gaping hole and all of our fluids mixed together leaking out of Jenn's cunt.

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