tagGroup SexMy Renaissance Ch. 16

My Renaissance Ch. 16


Chapter 16. Sharon and Nathan: My first MFM threesome.

So, it was Monday night after the great weekend with Jennifer and Melissa in every guy's dream threesome. Both girls were attractive, bisexual and crazy about me. They gave themselves and their bodies freely and without reservation to pleasure me, and they made me a very happy guy. Of course, in return I made sure each of them was euphoric at times in their own pleasure.

It was wonderful. There was no jealousy between the girls. They were good friends and had decided to share me instead of competing for me. The only competition, I discovered, was a friendly $1 wager on which one of them would make me get off the most times. I made sure, after I found out, that it was a tie.

That Monday I was at the gym. Sharon, my little gym buddy with benefits was there, as usual and we did our workout together. After we'd worked out in the cardio room and in the weight room, we did our customary run together. We could talk a little more freely on the track than we could in the training rooms.

"My husband keeps asking me when you're coming over. Are you still up for playing with us or are you getting cold feet?" Sharon wasn't shy with me. I liked that about her.

"Someone getting impatient?"

"I'm sorry. My husband asks me about it about every other day. He's like a little kid checking to see if his Ovaltine decoder ring has come in the mail."

I laughed. "I know the feeling. You want to do it this week?"

"Last week would have been better."

"Sorry 'bout that. I can't help you there. How about maybe tonight or Thursday."

"Hmmm. I've got a payin' date Thursday night." she said, smiling. "How about tonight after 9. We'll put Alina to bed around 8:30 and retire to the bedroom when she's asleep."

"Should I bring an overnight bag?"

"Unless you want to drive home around two in the morning," Sharon said, smiling.

"Sounds like I'll need to bring some Gatorade more than an overnight bag," I quipped, chuckling.


We jogged for another lap or so. "So, tell me about your date Thursday," I asked.

"A guy's wife called me and set up a little surprise birthday present for her husband."

"Damn, that sounds like one helluva loving wife," I said.

"She's a good woman. They used to be one of my couples. She had cancer and a hysterectomy earlier this year and has had very little in the way of energy or a sex drive so I'm the now-and-then surrogate wife."

"That's still very thoughtful of her."

"Like I said, she's very nice and I was saddened when I heard she had cancer."

We ran probably another lap or so without saying much. Cancer is a bad deal, no doubt about it.

"Sharon, I've got a favor to ask of you. A big favor that I've really probably got no business asking actually," I said.

"I'm not running for public office as your running-mate," Sharon joked.

I laughed and then she did as well.

"Okay. I'm listening," she said.

"I've got a friend whose wife made him get snipped so they could have sex without her worrying about getting pregnant. That was fifteen months ago or more and she's put out exactly once since that fateful day. He moved out a few weeks ago. I'd like to see him get laid, so to speak."

"Is he obese, fugly, have body odor or hair lice?"

I laughed. "No. He's a nice guy. Like I said, he's a friend. Works at the university."

"What do you have in mind?"

"You show him the evening of his life. Nothing kinky, just plain-vanilla fun."

"Sure, tentatively, why not. After tonight, I'll owe you anyway. I take it you'll make arrangements."

"Yeah. Maybe next Tuesday you could tag along with me. We all usually meet up for snacks, drinks and conversation. I'll introduce you two. If I'm a betting man, when I tell him you're single, he'll be open to a little flirting from you. If all goes well I'll see if he wants to come back to my place and you can take over from there. If he's not interested, I'll be your sex slave for the night."

"I hope he's not interested," she noted wryly. "I still want you even if he is interested. That'll be your payment. Is that fair enough?"

"With a payment plan like that. Matt might be getting laid a lot!" I chuckled.

"Yes indeed."

We had finished our run, two miles today. We were making one last trip around the track at a walk to cool down.

"I'd like to see you at least once every couple of weeks, Joe. I'm crazy about you and just seeing you here at the gym is only making me crave you more."

"Sharon, have I ever told you about my golden rule?"

"Nope. I'll bite. What's your golden rule?"

"Always leave them wanting more."

"Hmm. I never thought of it that way, but you have a point. It works both ways though."

"It surely does."

I grabbed her ass and gave it a squeeze. "Buns of steel." I noted.

"Watch it, buddy or I'll rape you right here and now. I'm so fucking horny right now it's not even funny," she said.

"Nathan not giving it to you enough?"

"Joseph's not giving it to me enough."

I looked at her.

"I'm so glad we met, Sharon. You're a lot of fun to be around, and you're cute and naughty at the same time." I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close as we walked.

Sharon put her arm around my waist and we walked the rest of the lap like this.

We went to the locker rooms to shower and change. I met her at the door as we both came out of the locker rooms at about the same time. She gave me a hug and a kiss before we left.

"I'm so looking forward to tonight," Sharon said.

"Me too, you sexy thing."


Never taking a woman for granted, I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought some of their finest flowers for Sharon along with some chocolates on my way over to her house. She lived about twenty miles northwest of my place. I figured I'd arrive a few minutes after nine if all went well.

Of course, no plan survives first contact and I heard a hissing sound and noticed my driver's side front time was almost flat when I came back to my car in the lot.

Now, this was early in December and it was cold outside, in the 20s the wind was blowing making it even feel even colder. Thankfully, there wasn't any snow down and I pulled my DC air compressor out of the trunk and aired up the tire. I backed the car up while cutting the wheel sharply and the second time I did so, I found a nail in the driver's side front tire and marked it with a piece of chalk.

"Well, at least it is easily accessible," I thought to myself.

Figuring it would take who knows how long to have a tow truck come out and do the repair or change a tire, I decided to do it myself. First though, I called Sharon's cell phone.

"Hello, Joseph," she answered.

"Hello, beautiful. How are you?"

"I'm excited, awaiting your arrival. We're just reading Alina a story until she gets sleepy but dad's being all goofy keeping her awake." I heard a little girl's giggling in the background.

"I'll be late. I've got a flat. I'll be on my way as soon as it's fixed."

"Do you want to cancel?"

"No, I'll be there, just a little late. Tell dad he can horse around for another fifteen or twenty minutes and we'll still be fine."

"Okay then. We'll await your arrival, Joe."

"See ya soon, beautiful."

"Okay. Bye."

I decided to move the car to a well-lit area in the parking lot away from other cars to give myself more room to work. I found a spot and parked, then went back to the trunk and put on a warm stocking cap and some warm Goretex gloves.

I found the tire repair kit stuff out of my tool bag, along with a set of big needle-nose pliers.

The nail came out without too terribly much trouble.

"A fuckin' roofing nail!" I thought to myself. "Who the fuck roofs in December?"

I roughed up the hole and plugged it with a tire plug and a copious amount of rubber cement. I ran the compressor while I put things back in their place in the tool bag then got warm in the car. At around five minutes, I got out and turned off the pump. I let some of the air out and left it at 36 pounds, according to my made in China Good Year digital tire gauge, and reminded myself that I needed to check it in the morning.

I put the air compressor back in its place and left for Sharon's. Thankfully, the rest of the trip was uneventful.

I pulled into their driveway around 9:25. I brought an overnight bag with me. I wasn't sure what they had in mind but I knew going out in the teens with a breeze is not something you want to do dressed in your boxers.

I knocked softly on the door, not wanting to wake their daughter by ringing the doorbell.

The door opened and it was a man who greeted me. Nathan, I suppose.

"Hi there. You're Joseph, right?"

"Yes I am. You must be Nathan, right?" He shook my hand, a little firmer than I like but I reciprocated with an extra-firm grip.

"Yes, sir. Welcome. Come on in."

I walked in and Nathan took my bag and my coat. I took off my shoes and looked up to see Sharon walking towards me.

"Hi, Joseph. How are you?"

"I'm well. I have some flowers for you and a surprise."

"Oh chocolates! You're such a gentleman. Alina's in bed, probably asleep, but we should just be friends out here, okay?"

"Your wish is my command, my lady."

"You're going to regret those words later, my friend," she said softly with a wink.

Nathan was almost six-foot tall and 175 pounds, a bit shorter and skinnier than me. He did look like a bit of a rebel with his nose stud and hoop earring. He wore jeans and a nice sweater.

We talked about current events and innocuous topics after Nathan got me a beer. Sharon was sitting over next to Nathan. Around ten, she checked on the little girl and returned, reporting that she was asleep.

"Shall we?" Nathan said, motioning towards the stairs.

"Lead the way, Sharon."

She led the way to the second floor bedroom and when we were all in, she closed and locked the door.

"Okay. It almost never happens, but should Alina need something, she'll knock on our door," Sharon explained. "Before Nathan opens it, we'll have you go into the bathroom with me and we'll close the door and turn on the shower, okay?"

"Gotcha. How about noise?"

"As long as you don't scream, we'll be okay," Nathan said.

I looked askance at that.

Sharon laughed. "That didn't come out right. Just about anything goes in here."

"Sharon, I want to go home with both kidneys in the morning."

We all had a little chuckle or two. "You'll be fine. We'll have a good time. Now, if you don't mind, feel free to get comfortable while I change in the bathroom," Sharon said. She gave me a kiss before scampering off, half-skipping. She was obviously bursting with anticipation and excitement.

Nathan was already stripping down to his boxers.

Sharon wasn't the only excited one. Nathan's erection poked forth under his boxers.

Sharon closed the door behind her and I began to undress.

"So, Nathan, I must confess, I'm a little nervous here," I admitted. I folded my shirt and pants neatly on a little sitting couch they had next to the door.

"Don't sweat it. Most times I just get to hear her tell me about her experiences with other men. Tonight I get to watch and play," he said. He had sat down in a chair. "This is a real treat for me."

"I'm just not used to having sex with another guy's wife, certainly not while he's watching!"

"Like I said, just relax and have a good time with her."

"Alright, sir. Anything I can do to make this better for you? Anything off limits? Words of advice?"

"Well, I really enjoy watching. She says you're going to take her bareback, so please don't pull out. I want to eat her out of her after you finish," Nathan said - as cool and casually as if he was ordering a cheeseburger with extra cheese.

"That's easy enough. Could I ask the same of you? I'm not sure I want to eat her afterwards, but I'd like to see what another man's creampie looks like in her."

"Sure. You asked about off-limits. I don't have any boundaries and as long as you're not into really rough stuff or potty games, Sharon's game for about anything, especially as she really likes you a lot."

Nathan took a hit off his drink. "If circumstances allow, I'd like to DP her with you. That would be a perfect night for me, since you're not bi-curious anyway."

"Are you talking both of us in her pussy or are you talking one anal?"

"Both vaginally."

"Eh, we'll have to see about that one."

"Okay. You're our guest here tonight. You call the shots. ...so to speak."

"I caught that," I laughed, albeit somewhat nervously.

Nathan chuckled. "I was just testing you."

"Cool. Would you like to go first?" I asked him. I thought that the courteous thing to ask, being as it was his wife I was going to fuck right there in front of him on their marital bed.

"No, I want you to go first. You are our guest here."

Sharon came out of the bathroom, all 5' 4" and 87 pounds of her, wearing white, thigh-high stockings with a white garter belt with some lace trim. She had a couple of bobby pins in her dark brown pixie-cut hair making her look more like a teenager than her true 30 years of age. Her hair had just a hint of auburn and I wasn't sure if it was natural or not but knew better than to ask.

I whistled. She looked incredible.

She was wearing some almost ridiculous platform stripper shoes that made her every bit of my six foot tall and maybe even taller. She had some racy white panties on as well and a damn sexy white bra with lace trim on it as well. She was tiny, too. Her hips were all of 26", but she had great legs, a nice ass, and a pretty face. It's a shame she didn't have bigger boobs than her little A-cups that were a little saggy.

"Wow, Nathan. Your wife is stunning."

"Hello, Joe. I'm right here!" Sharon stomped her foot and put her hands on her hips.

"Sharon, you're a goddess. Pinch me, I must be dreaming."

"She's all yours, Joe."

I walked over to her and have her a hug and a kiss. I felt her ass and it was nice and firm.

"God, I can't wait to fuck you, Sharon!"

She laughed. "I'm pretty excited too, Joe."

Before we started to play, she had me sit on the bed while she walked over to her husband.

She kissed him as well, passionately. He grabbed her ass and was squeezing her butt as they kissed. When they broke the kiss, she knelt down and pulled his boxers off. Nathan's raging erection was enormous. It must have been 8" long and it was quite plump too.

Sharon held it and stroked it gently. She looked over at me, smiling.

"Sharon, I'm feeling inferior over here. Your husband's cock is enormous."

"Thanks," Nathan said.

"No need to feel inferior, Joe," Sharon assured me.

Sharon took her husband's cock into her mouth and gave him one hell of a blowjob, then she applied her thumb and forefinger to the base to interrupt the climax. She did that a couple times then had she stood up.

"Damn, I'm not a meat gazer, but that's a nice cock."

"I like it," she said, walking over to me. "You mind if we videotape this?"

"As long as you make me a copy and don't ever post it publicly, that's fine."

"That's easy," Nathan said, smiling.

Sharon came up to me and began kissing me while her husband got up and went into the closet. I was enjoying making out with Sharon like were teens in high school again and before I realized it, Nathan had his camera set up on a tripod beside the bed, turned on extra lights and was shooting video himself with a second camera.

"What now?"

"We're gonna get busy, that's what!" Sharon said chuckling. Her face beamed with excitement.

She pulled my boxers down and began sucking my cock. Her husband was only a couple of feet away getting close-up shots of the action. I coaxed her back up to her feet after a couple of minutes. We kissed and caressed before I gently laid her back on the bed.

I started with her feet, taking off those high-heel, fuck-me pumps.

"We'll put these back on later," I assured Nathan, who looked a little sad as I took them off.

I told Sharon to lay back and relax.

"It's hard, I'm so excited," she said.

"Shh! That's supposed to be my line." They both laughed pretty hard.

I messaged her feet and then her legs, taking my time to relax her just a bit. Then I began messaging her thighs and I noticed her breathing picked up as I got closer to the treasure between her legs. She spread her legs even further apart and began gently rubbing herself as I got closer.

I slid my hands up the outside of her thighs to her panty straps, then I gently pulled her panties down and the off.

"Oh yeah!" I said, admiring her bald pussy. She spread her legs once again and put her hands over her muff then slowly pulled them back, revealing her goodies and rubbing herself. She was great at keeping up the suspense.

I had her roll over onto her tummy and messaged the backs of her thighs up to her small, but round buttocks. She kept spreading her legs and arching her back to shamelessly flash her goodies, tempting me to apply direct stimulation between her legs.

"You up for getting on your back again?" I asked her. She eagerly rolled over.

I knelt down between her legs and gently messaged her outer lips.

Sharon body was signaling her readiness for more. Her breathing was deep, her moans came freely and she was squirming around. I put my face right there and began with a single lick across her crevice. Sharon gasped.

"Oh god. This is going to be good," she said, breathing hard.

I wasn't exactly sure what she meant until I put my mouth back on her pussy and began licking her clit in earnest. She had such a nice little pussy. I relished going down on her. I was working my magic down there and Sharon was savoring every bit of pleasure I was giving her.

A short while later Sharon tensed up with a powerful orgasm, her hips bucking and her legs squeezing my face a little. I tried to keep my face in the right place but it was impossible. "Oh!" she cried out. "Oh my god!"

She calmed down and quit squirming. "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!" she said cheerfully.

I resumed my licking and sucking, knowing the next one would be easier.

Sure enough. With a little patience and pussy eating, I got her off a couple of more times then I upped the ante by putting my finger inside her to play with her G-spot. She loved it, having a series of orgasms.

For the most part Nathan didn't say a thing and stayed out of the way as he recorded the action. It was easy to forget he was around much of the time. Nathan captured several of those O-faces up close, his cock as hard as ever. He also got some close-ups too.

"Man, I bet this is going to be a good tape as much effort as you're putting into this," I told him.

"I try to do a good job," he said. "Kind of like you're doing."

"Well thanks."

After my tongue got tired, I sat up and put my cock on top of her slit. The anticipation was running high for both of us.

I leaned down and kissed Sharon passionately and she moved her hips around. She reached down and guided my cock inside her even though I wasn't ready to give it to her. She gasped when it slipped inside and I had to let out a little moan myself.

When I didn't push it the rest of the way in, she simply wrapped her legs around me and pulled herself up until I was in deep. She groaned and trembled with another orgasm. As I realized she was climaxing, I began pumping her hard.

Ecstatic feelings soaked my body to the core. I'm sure she felt the same as her body trembled and she whimpered and moaned.

"Oh god, Joe. You made me come again."

"I almost came myself, baby. You're quite a woman!"

I looked over at Nathan who was holding the camera getting a wide shot. "Nathan, you're one very lucky guy."

He just smiled back at me and gave me a thumbs up sign. I leaned back down and kissed her gently. We made out softly while I slowly stroked in and out of her as her husband watched and recorded.

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