tagGroup SexMy Renaissance Ch. 18

My Renaissance Ch. 18


Chapter 18. Big girl Tracy shares me with Amanda.

I had been putting off seeing Tracy for a host of reasons. She was a big-boned girl. She was tall and cute, with a well-proportioned body. It's just that she was almost physically bigger than me and I'm not super-attracted to big girls quite honestly.

She had been getting more and more adamant about seeing me and I was leaning into it. I had a very good time the last time I was over there, fucking both Tracy and her room-mate. Her roomie wasn't any beauty queen, but she was cute enough.

Tracy wasn't obtuse about what she wanted. "I want you to come over for a movie and some nookie" was how she put it. I knew she would take good care of me.

I finally agreed to go over for a movie Thursday after working out and eating dinner. I wasn't really up for a full wine 'em and dine 'em experience, but she didn't mind.

I brought along some flowers and a bottle of White Zinfandel and popped a Cialis, knowing that this would probably be a multiple-round night.

I knocked on the door and Tracy's room-mate Amanda answered. She was wearing flannel, mostly black pajamas and seemed quite perky. She was fairly cute, about 5' 4" tall, maybe 150 pounds with dark brown hair down a few inches past her shoulders. She looked nice tonight too. I didn't see her boyfriend around.

"Hi Joe!" she said. "Wow. It's so wonderful to see you again!" She turned and motioned for me to come inside. She was very bubbly. I wondered if she had a drink or two before I arrived.

"Hello Amanda. You look very nice tonight. Chipper too!" I said.

"Thanks Joe. You're looking dapper tonight yourself. Good enough to eat, I'd say." She winked at me.

She turned towards the bedrooms.

"Joe's here!" she yelled.

"I'll be there in a minute," Tracy hollered back.

"Since she's not here yet," Amanda said softly, leaning into me. She gave me a kiss on the lips then gave me some tongue while grabbing my ass. I didn't quite know what to do. I didn't want to get caught kissing the room-mate of the girl I was here to have sex with.

"Amanda..." I protested, pulling back.

"It's okay, trust me. May I take your jacket?" she asked.

"Why yes," I said. I took off my coat and gave it to her.

Tracy came out a moment later. "Hiya Joe!" she said. She too was wearing flannel pajamas. She looked pretty good, especially after having done up her hair and makeup. Tracy was a big girl, but well proportioned, weighing about 200 pounds on a roughly 5' 10", big-boned frame.

"Wow, you're looking fabulous - in flannel too!" I said with a grin. "I've got some flowers for you and a bottle of wine."

"Thanks!" Tracy came over and gave me a nice, long kiss. She smelled good.

"For you, darling," I told her as I gave her the flowers and wine.

"You don't need to get me drunk to take advantage of me," Amanda said grinning playfully.

"Me either," Tracy noted with a nice smile.

After Tracy gave me that kiss and took the gifts, Amanda asked Tracy if she could get a kiss.

Tracy took the wine and headed for the kitchen. She didn't even look back. "Do with him as you wish, woman."

Amanda easily trumped the kiss I'd just gotten from Tracy. She was all over me and I had the feeling she was ready to fuck me right there. I felt her ass and it felt good through her flannel PJs. I almost put my hands down the backside but I restrained myself, instead reaching up to fondle one of her breasts as she was still sticking her tongue in my mouth. She was braless and her nipple was hard.

After we broke up our kiss, Amanda told me to go sit down on the couch and they would be out momentarily.

I sat on the couch as I was told. They had a couple of rented DVDs out, some magazines and a coffee table book on birds.

"Birds, eh?" I thought to myself cynically.

They came back in a few minutes later. Tracy had drinks for all of us and Amanda brought the popcorn.

The popcorn was great. It even had real butter on top! I was sure to compliment the chef. The chef turned out to be Amanda and thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. The girls had given me a Tequiza beer and it washed down the popcorn nicely.

We watched the first movie, a chick flick.

Tracy was to my left and Amanda, not to my surprise, was cuddled up on my right with her hand on my groin.

"Where's your boyfriend?" I asked Amanda.

"He's gone for training this week," she said. "And I'm feeling randy!" She emphasized the point by freely feeling up my package and I found myself getting hard and she kept encouraging my growing erection.

After my cock was rock hard for about ten minutes, we took a hand-washing and potty break. Tracy asked me if I brought any pajamas and I told her no. She took me to her room and told me to strip down to my boxers.

I took my clothes off and Tracy kissed on me for a minute or two. She then took me back out to the living room. The girls got snuggled up on either side of me and when Amanda hit "play", it wasn't the same movie.

It was apparently the amateur adult home-made movie. There was a young couple making out, without any clothes on. The girl was a little on the chubby side. Then a second guy came into the picture. He was a little older and already had a boner and he began to fondle the girl's tits while she began to suck on the other guy's cock.

I just played dumb and watched the show. The girl was now sucking both cocks. She didn't look particularly experienced giving a blowjob, much less two at once, but what she lacked in experience, she seemed to try to make up for with enthusiasm.

"Damn, I didn't know they could get away with this in a PG-13 movie these days," I quipped.

The girls laughed. I looked over at Amanda and she was unbuttoning her top smiling at me. She gave me a little wink.

"It's getting warm in here," she said as she took off her top, showing me her tits. Her B-cup breasts sagged just a bit and had some bearclaws but were certainly cute enough. Her nipples were hard and she had big, dark-brown areolas.

I looked to the other side and Tracy had already taken her top off and was starting to take down her pants. "I agree."

She slid her pajama bottoms down and was without any panties, her dark brown bush plainly visible.

Amanda was tugging at me as her pants were falling down around her ankles. "Stand up, Joe."

She was now pulling on me, totally nude. I looked down and her hairy muff was looking back at me. I guess neither one of these girls really liked the high and tight trims or the bare look on their pussies.

"Quit staring at my pussy and stand up!" Amanda said.

I stood up and Amanda snatched my boxers off and began sucking my cock.

Tracy walked over to me and began kissing me as I stood there.

"You don't mind if I share you with Amanda, do you?"

"Who me?" I asked with a grin.

Tracy pushed me down onto the couch and Amanda was first to get on. She straddled my hips and reached down and guided my cock into her wet hole. From there, she just sat down on my cock.

"What about a condom?" I asked.

"You came inside me last time you were here. I want you to do the same tonight." Amanda was slowly rocking that pussy back and forth while she talked, looking me in the eyes and smiling.

Amanda began bounced up and down on me, closing her eyes as she enjoyed those feelings I was sharing with her. I looked over at Tracy, to make sure everything was okay.

She saw me glance over at her and give her a lingering look. She was just sitting on the loveseat watching the show. "It's okay. Enjoy yourself, Joe. We're sharing you tonight." She read my mind.

I played with Amanda's tits, sucking and fondling them as she rode me on the couch. I could hear the sounds of my cock in her very wet pussy those few times she wasn't moaning too loudly.

Ten minutes later, she was really going at it on me. She'd had a couple of climaxes and was riding me working on a third and doing a pretty good job. I was playing with her ass as she fucked me.

Tracy sat next to me and watched for part of time time.

"I'm gonna come if you keep going," I warned her. Amanda was so wet and I was so wanton with desire.

"That's the idea here, mister," Amanda grunted. "I want you to come."

Less than a minute later, as she was riding my cock, allowing me to gaze upon and fondle those tits of hers in front of my face, I felt my balls tense up.

"Oh it's coming," I moaned.

"Fill my pussy!" Amanda said.

She stopped bouncing when I started grunting and coming.

"Oh yes!" I cried out. I could feel my cum squirting out inside her. A few seconds later, it was over and I continued to hug Amanda, trying to catch my breath.

Amanda was all smiles and thanking me. She looked over at Tracy, sitting next to us watching.

"Are you ready?" Amanda asked Tracy.

"I think so," Tracy laid down on the floor at our feet.

Amanda looked down at me and eased herself off my cock, holding her pussy.

Amanda squatted over Tracy's face and seeing that squatting wasn't going to work, she got down on both knees.

"I don't know about this," Tracy said.

"You said you wanted to do this," Amanda said.

Amanda took her hand away and let the spunk drip into Tracy's mouth. Tracy was a little reticent about eating her friend's pussy but she didn't seem to mind the semen.

She moaned after swallowing some of it and then licked at Amanda's fairly hairy muff a little bit, but didn't dig right in. Maybe she wasn't ready to be bisexual. I don't know. Amanda sank down lower on Tracy's face, but Tracy didn't seem to like it and pushed her away gently.

When Amanda got off Tracy's face, there was all sorts of slimy stuff on Tracy's cheeks, chin and lips.

"Eew!" Tracy said.

I decided distract Tracy. I leaned over and kissed her then moved down between her legs and began eating her pussy. It was a quickie start, but soon she was moaning and holding the sides of my head gently. It wasn't the best smelling pussy I've ever had, but it wasn't too bad. I got her off after a few minutes and then quit eating. Ordinarily, I would have given her several orgasms eating her, but tonight I was feeling lazy.

Amanda was beside us now, caressing Tracy's thigh.

I sat up and had Amanda suck on my cock to finish getting me fully rigid. It didn't take very long, especially with two naked women cavorting around me.

Soon enough, my dick was hard and I eased myself into Tracy.

"Oh yeah," I said to Tracy as I watched my cock disappear into her pussy. She was looking down too, moaning.

I fucked this girl to a couple of great orgasms over about ten minutes in a couple of positions. She felt damn good and tight and I loved her nipples and areolas looking back up at me.

"Hey, Amanda. How's your room-mate look getting fucked?" I asked Amanda.

"It's sexy. I bet it's even hotter when I can eat the cum out of her when you're done!"

"You're such a freak!" I said.

"You know it!" Amanda said, playing with my ass.

"Hey lover, kiss me," Tracy commanded.

We kissed. She was so warm and wet inside, eager to please me as well. She eased her middle finger up my ass while I was fucking her and that was something a little novel to me. The look on her face when it happened was completely naughty and lascivious.

I probably had an O-face at that moment. It wasn't "O" for orgasm though, but rather "O" for "Oh shit!"

Ordinarily, I consider my ass to be a one-way street, but Tracy did a nice job and had me very close to climaxing even though I was very gently fucking her.

"How would you like to hit it from behind?" Tracy asked me.

"Sure, babe. I'd love to!"

We changed positions and she put her knees on the edge of the couch and I moved in and slid my cock inside her. I held onto her hips as I pounded her from behind. I felt myself getting close as I admired Tracy's bare back and the shape of her hips.

"Oh god I'm coming!" I said as I began to squirt inside Tracy's pussy. I looked down as my wet dick was only half inside her and I could see it twitch with each squirt I delivered in her. I almost pulled out afterwards but Amanda told me not to move just yet.

"I want to taste it!" she said. Amanda got down on the floor putting her head right under us as much as possible. "Alright, before you pull out, try to put her over my face."

It was awkward, but we managed to get our still-coupled groins over Amanda's mouth. I pulled out slowly and semen ran out and landed on Amanda's chin. I let go of Tracy and she squatted down, putting her gaping, leaking hole right on Amanda's mouth.

"Mmm. That tastes so good!" she said. "Tracy, can you push any more out?"

"Asking for seconds, how's that for a woman?" I thought to myself.

She ate Tracy's pussy like a champ. I felt myself getting excited again, especially at the sight of a bare pussy with a tongue in it.

I straddled Amanda's head with my knees and entered Tracy again. Tracy had been moaning from her friend eating her pussy and she climaxed as I sank balls-deep back into her sodden, freshly fucked vagina doggy-style again.

"Ah yes!" she cried out.

I fucked her for a few minutes, long enough for her to get off again.

After Tracy climaxed, I pulled out and moved down to Amanda's hairy muff.

I teased her briefly before I began to fuck her. She was still extremely wet with my leftovers and her own lubrication. We fucked for about fifteen minutes or so. I was about ready to come again when I noticed Tracy was looking as though she was getting jealous after Amanda had enjoyed at least three or four orgasms.

I figured I'd better take care of her.

I pulled out of Amanda and had Tracy bend over the end of the couch. I sank into Tracy and fucked her from behind. It felt pretty damn wonderful.

Amanda added to the fun by standing behind me and playing with my scrotum as I was railing Tracy's pussy.

Tracy was loving it. I must have been bumping her G-spot well, because she was quivering, moaning and panting under me. She was enjoying one orgasm after another.

Finally I came again, pressing myself against Tracy's ass and pushing her tightly against the couch arm.

I pulled out and sat down on the couch.

Tracy fled with Amanda to the bathroom, holding her pussy. I heard some moaning from the bathroom a few minutes later.

Being the voyeur, I walked over and poked my head in.

Tracy was sitting on the bathroom counter with her legs spread wide. Amanda was eating Tracy's pussy.

Tracy saw me sticking my head in.

"Amanda's just enjoying a snack," Tracy said before laughing. Amanda laughed too.

"That's so hot!" I said.

I watched for a bit longer and the girls asked me for a little privacy so I walked back to the couch.

I heard more moaning in there. Tracy got off at least once, maybe twice more before the shower turned on.

They came out about thirty minutes later. They had showered together and were looking pretty flush.

"Oh, Joe. Thank you for that wonderful sex!" Tracy said.

I gave her a kiss. "It was hot, just like you." I told her.

Amanda kissed me next. "Thank you Joe! You're a hunk, you fuck like a porn star and I love the taste of your spermies!"

Both girls laughed.

"Thanks," I said. "Let's go back and get into a bed."

There was no argument. We all walked back to Tracy's bedroom and piled into her queen-sized bed after she pulled the covers down.

The girls were on either side of me.

"So, Amanda, what's up with you? Does your boyfriend know what you're up to tonight?"

"Not a clue, but I let him fuck Tracy since that night you first visited, so turnabout is fair play I'd say," Amanda said. She was playing with my cock and it was getting hard again.

"Damn, he's a lucky guy," I said, smiling.

"Not as lucky as I am," Amanda said. "Tracy, may I fuck your boyfriend again?"

"Boyfriend?" I thought to myself.

"I told you to do with him as you wish!"

She sat up and brought her leg over and straddled my hips, lowering herself down on my cock.

She gasped as I split her open again.

We fucked slow and easy. I asked her to tell me about sharing her boyfriend with Tracy and she just grinned.

Amanda rode me nice and easy while telling me about it. Amanda explained how she and her boyfriend Jim had been having some super hot sex since my last visit and had been leaving the door open as they fucked, allowing Tracy to look in on them if she wanted.

Tracy had begun watching from the door then from the chair adjacent to their bed. Finally, one night they had all been drinking and one thing led to another. Tracy brought a dildo with her. While Amanda and Jim were engaged in foreplay on their bed, Tracy stripped off her clothes and began masturbating with the dildo.

I looked over at Tracy and she was getting her dildo out. "It's true. I love watching!"

Anyway, Jim asked Amanda if she minded if he gave her some and she said it was okay. Jim shot his first load in about thirty seconds, Amanda said. It was a big disappointment for Tracy but the two girls took turns with him for about an hour or so more before Jim's drinking caused him performance issues.

"It was fun, but it wasn't anything like tonight," Tracy said.

"I'd have to agree," Amanda said, picking up the pace, sensing my growing excitement and bringing herself to her own climax. She was now working it seriously on me and it felt great.

I was already getting seriously turned on listening to Amanda's dirty story while my cock was making wet sex noises in her pussy. It was erotic listening to her tell me about fucking her boyfriend while she was cheating on him with me. Better yet, my date was bringing herself to her happy place with her dildo.

I began to control the pace of her riding me in anticipation of coming again. My orgasm came soon, triggered by Amanda's climax. It was almost magical climaxing simultaneously like that. I couldn't have planned it any better.

Amanda rolled off, grinning broadly and panting a little bit. The two girls kissed.

I went to the bathroom and took out my contacts and returned to bed.

They then kissed me and cuddled up, one on each side of me with their arms across my chest and one of their legs thrown over each of my thighs.

We talked a little while longer before I called it a night. That song by Rod Stewart was playing in my head as I dozed off.

"Some guys have all the luck."

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