tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Rude Roommate

My Rude Roommate


"Bobby! Could you come in here a minute?" I heard a muffled yell from next door.

"Huh!, what is it?" I called back. I hadn't really gotten to know my flatmate very well. She was hot but quite aloof as I had found a lot of Goths to be. She had long dark hair and a fairly svelte figure, wore a lot of eyeliner and had the de-rigeur pale face.

"Could you just fucking come in here please?" she shouted a little more urgently, though only just audible over the din of her thrash metal music.

"All right. I'm coming." I moaned. If I knew what I was in for I would have moved a little more urgently. I almost laughed when I saw her, while simultaneously springing a hard on. I had seen her go in and out in some odd PVC and leather outfits before, but this was priceless. She had a black plastic top half on but had got it on awkwardly so that her arms were pinned at her back with the zip half up. Her chest wasn't quite covered yet, and hung out of it in a comparatively demure black shiny mesh bra through which I could quite plainly see her nipples. She of course was wearing her full length leather gloves so didn't have the dexterity to get hold of the zipper and pull it back down. The rest of her outfit comprised of a long leather skirt with a zip down the front which would make it more or less form fitting as desired, and a pair of black patent leather boots, tied to half way up her shins, and from there up till they disappeared under the skirt, her legs were bedecked in black fishnet.

I laughed, "Wow,what have you done to yourself Luce?"

"Look, just fucking help me you dweeb, I'm stuck."

"Huh?" I said, annoyed at her rudeness.

"I'm stuck you fucking nerd! Pull the zipper down at my back so I can get out!"

I moved towards her and she budged as much as she could so I could get to her back. I don't know what got into me though, maybe it was her insults, or maybe it was just the opportunity, but instead of pulling the zipper down and freeing her, I yanked it up as far as it would go, pinning her arms as tightly to her back as possible.

"Hey that's the wrong way you idiot! She wriggled pathetically in the ungiving plastic top.

"I know," I said and pushed her back onto her bed, pulling the tightening zip on her skirt up past her knees swiftly as I did.

"What, what the fuck?" she said as I sat across her stomach and she wriggled pathetically under me staring up.

"Get off me you prick! I..." she started then "Oomph!" as I covered her black lipsticked mouth with my left hand. With my right, I grabbed her left boob and squeezed tightly through her sheer bra.

"OOO! MMff! Eee!" she grunted. I said nothing but continued squeezing her tit. I let go her mouth and she squealed at the top of her voice "Get off me you prick! Fuck you! I yaooww!" she squealed as I slapped her tit then got up to let her wriggle furiously against her partially self imposed restraints. The noise of her squeals was only just audible in the room through her deafening music that she would play at all hours of the day and night, Thinking about that got me more determined.

"What are you doing?" she yelled, as I got up and started looking through her drawer on her desk, ignoring all the usual goth trappings. A candle holder in the shape of a skull I thought was a nice touch, then I found what I was after. At the back, behind some makeup and a few other items of interest was a roll of thick parcel tape. Perfect. "Let me out of this you shit!" she continued to yell. "I'm going to tell mmph," she said,just before I applied a length of tape across her mouth. "mmmph!" she finished the sentence.

Much better, I thought and straddled her once more. She looked up at me impotently, eyes wide and staring as I began leisurely squeezing both of her tits again, then gently pulled her bra cups down and slid my hands inside them and began kneading her soft warm flesh. "Mmm!" she objected but not too loudly. I grinned and teased her nipples erect between my thumbs and forefingers. I got up again and began undressing to muffled grunts from my flatmate who watched me intently throughout as she tried to sit up, then once again I took up my position sitting across her stomach. I held her tits again, but this time slid forward allowing my dick to slide into position in her cleavage as I squeezed her breasts around it. I fucked them gently for a little while, then raised myself up onto my knees and wiped my hard dick across her face, causing her to screw her eyes shut.

I regretted her mouth being out of the question due to its tapegag, but consoled myself with her availability below and adjusted myself. Her head arched threateningly from the bed as I caught both of her ankles and pulled them apart then pushed them back towards her shoulders while my cock instinctively pressed against her crotch, pushing the fabric of her lacy black panties partially into her cunt. My cock needed virtually no help in pulling these aside and right away I was inside her, right up to the hilt and pummelling her hard.

I gave way to it and leaning over her, rogered her at full tilt, with her grunting into the tape at every thrust. After a little while I thought, in for a penny and all that and withdrew. As I placed the head of my cock at her fully exposed sphincter she let out a high "MMMMMMMM!" to no avail as I forced my way in her back door. Shortly before I was ready to cum, I switched back - I would have liked to come on the little bitch's face but it felt more rewarding to come in wave after pulsing wave deep inside her cunt with her black lined eyes bulging and staring at me and nostrils flaring throughout.

Satisfied and feeling a lot more mellow, I looked at her now nervous eyes, gave her nipples one more cruel tweak, then caught her by the hips and rolled her over. She went without resistance now, and I reached up to her back and pulled the zip down, freeing her arms after almost an hour since she had first asked me. I got up without ceremony, gathered my things and said "Don't call me a dweeb again!" and left the room without looking back.

I returned from my lectures a few hours later half expecting the police to be waiting for me at my dorm. Fuck it, I thought, it had been worth it --and it would be my word against hers. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there at a different reception. Lucy was in the shared kitchen, and stirring a pot of chilli wearing ripped tight black jeans and a t-shirt with the warming slogan -- Eat shit and die, fucker.

"Hi Bobby," she said, breaking off a conversation with a plump skinhead girl, smiling and waving to me. I don't think I had ever seen her smile before! The skinhead smiled and waved too.

"Uh hi!" I said.

Lucy had never spoken to me of her own volition before in anything like a friendly tone. She dropped the ladle into the pot and dropped her bald friend almost as quickly and trotted over to me just before I slipped into my room.

"I bought a new top today," she said with an innocent smile. "I thought you might help me try it on a bit later?"

"Uh, ok". I said with a breaking smile, "sure. Why not?"

"Thanks," she said and gave me a peck on the cheek, before trotting back off to the kitchen.

"Oh well," I thought, leaning on my room door from the other side. Things could definitely be worse and laughed out loud to myself. "Sure. Why not?"

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