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My Saturday


I locked the door. Slightly altering my stance I extinguished the lights. Darkness enveloped us, with only a trickle of moonlight sneaking in from the window to ward off its clutch. My eyes adjusted, and I could see her slowly undressing before me. Once bare, she softly walked over and began to remove mine. My shirt, she pulled up over my head. She looked into my eyes as she undid my belt, and maintained that gaze as she unbuttoned my pants and slid them down. I kicked off my pants and held her naked body against mine. I could feel myself rub against her stomach. I longed to feel her insides around me.

"Keep me warm," she whispered.

"Abuse me," she added softly.

I kissed her, running my hands down her sides, over her hips and across her thighs. My fingers began to probe her, and I pushed her onto the bed. I crawled atop her, and sat on her chest. Grabbing her hair I forced her to take me. I reached back with my other hand and inserted my fingers, pulling up on her pubic bone as if I was trying to pull her head and groin together. She wrapped her lips around me as I forced her head up and down till she forced her face away choking.

"I'm sorry," she gasped, coughing.

I turned away, and removed myself from the bed. I decided that I would use chain tonight. I began by clipping the chain to the foot of the bed. When I rolled her over, she dutifully got to her knees and laid her head to rest on her arms. I bound her ankles, clamping them to the chain, forcing her to keep her legs spread. I gazed lovingly at her exposed womanhood and in my eagerness almost took her then. Its soft opening beckoned me. I leaned in and softly kissed her, tasted her and breathed in her alluring smell. I reached down and stroked myself...knowing that I must finish what I had started. I looked thoughtfully at my assortment of tools, and decided that her arms would be bound by cord this eve. I wrapped the cord around her wrists, her forearms and around her waist, forcing her to be on her knees with both arms bound behind her, her face buried in the sheets of the bed. I climbed up onto the bed and grabbed her hips. I pulled her close to me and reached down, grabbing myself. I began to rub it onto her, sliding the tip into her. She moaned, and I thrust it deep into her. I could feel her leg muscles tense, and I began to move myself in and out of her, but stopped after only a few strokes. She sighed as I exited her, waiting for what was next. I reached over and selected a delicious toy, one that had a dual curved shaft. I began by slowly spreading her cheeks apart, and worked the beaded shaft into her rear.

"Oh God, please be gentle," she whispered.

Once the tip of it was in, I positioned the second shaft's tip into her front. I flipped the switch and the soft hum of its vibrations could be heard. She began to moan and I forced both halves into her.

"Oh shit" she moaned both shafts inside her as far as they could go.

I began to shake the inserted toy, forcing it to rub back and forth against her insides. My hand grew heavy, and I violently moved the toy back and forth. She moaned and grunted, and I could watch her bottom move back and forth as she was overwhelmed. Then I began to pull it out, but then rammed it back into her. Her arms strained against the rope as she struggled to get away. I continued to force it into her, and then withdraw it quickly.

"I want you," she begged me. "I want you in me."

I forced the toy deep into her, its split shaft ensuring me that it would not be lost to her insides if left unattended. I stood up, and drew my belt. She cried out as I lashed her rear.

"Oh no," she sobbed as I repeated the lashing.

Left. Right. Left. Right.

"Oh please stop," she begged.

I lashed her one last time and crawled up onto the bed. I grabbed her hair and forced her up. I rubbed myself over her face and she eagerly opened her mouth and found me. I thrust my hips and entered her. Her soft, warm mouth and throat welcomed me, and I held her head up by her hair while I used her. I felt myself reaching the end, it was building up...my thighs began to tense, the energy building. Her hot whore mouth wrapped around my cock. I began to tremble in anticipation. I deftly withdrew and grabbed my shaft and directed my release all over her eyes, her nose, and her lips.

"You came on my face," she whispered incredulously.

"I wanted to taste you," she said between gasps.

I wiped my wet hand across her back, and moved around her.

"Oh please fuck me," she asked. "Fuck me."

I pulled out the twins from her, and grabbed a much larger plug. I slowly pushed this into her rear.

"Oh fuck," she gaped as I slid it into her.

Each connected bead was larger than the first, and once inside her to the end she was breathing heavily at just the sense of being filled. I began to spank her, ensuring my open hand fell across the base of the plug. She whimpered and moaned with each blow. I noticed that her arms were coming undone then, so I crawled up onto the bed and unbound her arms. She raised herself up onto her elbows and moved her bottom back and forth.

"Please fuck me. Fuck me," she implored.

I grabbed her hips and felt myself slide up into her. I could feel the pressure from the plug, and I began to ram myself into and out of her. She put her head down as I filled her, my stomach slapping loudly against her backside.

"I want to cum." she gasped "Oh please let me cum!"

I stayed silent and dug my nails into the curve of her hips where torso ends and leg begins.

"Oh fuck! Let me cum!"

I kept pounding her, but put my hands lovingly on her back.

"I want you to cum baby." I whispered. "Cum."

Her legs stiffened, and then the rest of her muscles tensed and her breathing became ragged. I continued to plow myself into her. Her release was ripped out of her with a guttural cry, and then her body went slack as she collapsed onto the bed. I kissed her back and pulled myself out of her and released her ankles. I lay next to her and kissed her, tasting my salty release on her lips.

"I love you," I whispered.

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