tagInterracial LoveMy Secret Discovered

My Secret Discovered


I always had this fantasy of a black guy, very handsome, a model type, leaning over me and filling my pussy with his massive cock and lots of his sticky man juice when I am masturbating. I even went so far as to order a huge black vibrating dildo from the Internet to make me feel better than using my fingers. No one knew of my deep dark secret until this past summer.

I was home from college for the summer. It was a warm sunny afternoon. I was sunning myself and reading an interracial story in the backyard. I was shocked hearing my sister's voice not expecting anyone to be around in the afternoon.

"Here you are. I searched the hours and when I did not find you inside, I assumed you might be out here or goofing off someplace else."

"Hi sis, what brings you by this time of day?"

"I had a dentist appointment and decided not to go back to work."

My sis is three years older than I am. She is single and has many boyfriends. She seems to have a new one every two or three weeks.

"What kind off story are you reading Amy?"

"Oh, just a love novel; I wish guys were as good in real life as they are in these novels."

"Yeah I agree with you. They seem to want to get you in the sack and then after sampling, go on to sample someone else."

"Well with school I have not experienced that yet."

"By the way Amy, how long have you been interested in black guys?"

My heart stopped for a few seconds, I turned red from the question, my mouth went dry and my eyes bugged out looking at her. I managed to say, "God sis, what made you ask a question like that?"

"Well when I went looking for you, I saw the black cock by your pillow. The black color tells me you have an interest or might be even enjoying some real live black cocks at school."

I could not hide the fact now that I had an interest but how was I going to explain it so it made sense.

"Are you?"

"God no sis, I am not enjoying black cock at school."

"I have a secret like you. I had my first black cock in high school."

I sat stunned at hearing what she had said.

"I'm not going anywhere for awhile. I will tell you all about it if you want to listen and if you really are interested I can fix you up with a date."

Sis and I never seemed to be close but for some reason the conversation we were having drew me to her.

"Remember me cheer leading in high school? Well that offered me the chances to sample lots of different cocks from the jocks on the team, both black and white."

I sat there with my mouth agape at was coming from her mouth.

"Amy do you remember a black guy named Jason on the junior varsity team? He was my first. I guess you and I must be alike in some ways. I had always desired to see a real black cock but the night Jason showed me, I not only saw it but he stuffed me with it. Ever since that night, I look forward to black guys doing me. I get wet just laying my eyes on a hot looking guy now.

"For some reason listening to the other girls in school giggling and talking about how big and hung the black guys were always had me interested to see and maybe wrap my hand around one.

"Amy this has to stay between us, okay sis? It will be our dark shared secret."

I was speechless and nodded my head in the affirmative.

"In the spring time when I was a junior, I was cheer leading the baseball time. At every game, Jason would ask me for a date in front of everyone. There was no way I was going to accept his invitation in front of everyone. In June, two of us girls had our eighteenth birthday. The cheerleaders decide to give us a party. We met at the pizza shop after a game. Somehow, the baseball team got wind of it and showed up. Jason behaved at the party and wished me a Happy Birthday and said, 'I'm looking forward to my eighteenth in August.'"

"Well football practices started in August and we started with them to get back in shape. Jason was now on the varsity team."

"For a month Jason never asked for a date. I assumed he lost interest after so many no thanks in the spring. But that did not stop me from thinking of his lean, muscular body leaning over me and telling me how fantastic I was in bed when I did to myself what appears you do with that black toy."

"Sis you were so popular and dating white guys that it never crossed my mind you were involved with black guys."

"I had to put up a front Amy. All my white friends would have disowned me if they knew. White guys hate white girls that let a black cock sample them. In reality, I was not that nice sweet cheerleader that all the white guys thought I was.

"You know, watching the black guys practice without uniforms got me so wet looking at that pouch they had between their legs. The older I was getting the more I wanted to feel and see one.

"I would stand in the shower after practice knowing the guys were next door doing the same and wondering how their cocks looked. I pictured the black guys cocks hanging midway to their knee. Many times, I would be the last to shower so I could get myself off with my finger as I was picturing them naked in their shower.

"We won the first game of the season.

"Remember Jessica Jones? Her parents were out of town for the weekend. Her aunt was house sitting. Jessica managed to talk her aunt into a sleepover for the cheerleaders.

"After the game we showered as usual and headed for her house. Jessica told us her brother rented some porn movies for us and after auntie went to bed she would play them for us but until then it was going to be standard movies so auntie would think we were nice girls.

"I decided to wear my cheer leader outfit to the sleepover figuring I would change in the morning into my other clothes. Some of the other girls did the same.

"We had been watching some love story when the pizza showed up. The aunt said it would be bad for her stomach and she was off to bed. Jessica told her she would try to keep the noise level down so she could rest. As we were eating the pizza, her brother Jim came in with the porn movies and some beer.

"We got into watching the first one and it was the usual guy/gal thing. When Jess put in the second one, it was two black guys and a white chick. Well the chatter started amongst us and my pussy was leaking from watching the action.

"We all heard someone say, 'The guys are in the back yard if anyone is interested.'

"We all looked at each other and headed out to see them. Most of the team was there including Jason.

"When I saw him I returned to the house because I was so horny from the porn movie, I would have walked up to him and we would have gotten it on there in front of everyone.

"I was watching the porn movie and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jason go upstairs. I was getting hornier by the minute and was thinking of getting myself off with a finger if I could only find a dark corner and still see the action on the TV screen.

"It was getting to me that Jason did not come down after going upstairs.

"I was concentrating on the movie when someone knelt behind me and leaned into my ear and whispered, 'Jason is in my room and would like to see you.' My heart nearly stopped. It was a male voice and when I turned, it was Jim. I wondered what did Jason and Jim talk about.

"I decided to go up after Jim told me it was the room at the end of the hall and if anyone asks for me he would tell them the last he saw of me was outside. I looked around the room and only two other girls were glued to the porn movie; the others were outside. I headed for the room.

"As I was walking to the room I was hoping him seeing me in my uniform, mid-calf length, green pleated skirt, tight white sweater, white tennis shoes and white ankle covering socks would please him. When I got to the room, Jason was propped up on Jim's bed, with his shoes off watching a porn movie. It was a black guy and a white girl. I looked at Jason's crotch. He had his hand in his open trousers stroking his cock inside his briefs. I think I surprised him.He removed his hand from his trouser and said, 'Babe we need to talk. Thanks for coming up. Can we talk? You sure are hot looking babe in that outfit.'

I looked at him, nodded yes and asked, "About what?"

"I heard, 'Us', and asked, 'What about us?'"

"Look babe, every time I look at you on the field, your eyes are focused on my crotch. That has me wanting you so much knowing you want what I got. We've got to work something out. I know you do not want your white sisters to know but please get me out of my misery. I want more than just jerking, thinking of your lovely hot snatch. I want it to be clamping down on me, making me feel good."

"By then he had zipped up his trouser, gotten out of bed and was walking towards me. I wanted to run but my legs did not move. I stared at him as he approached.

"When he was within touching distance, his arms went around me and our mouths connected. There was no turning back Amy. I was melting in his arms. His hands moved slowly down my back to my butt. He used his fingers to lift my skirt. He then rolled my cheeks in his hands when he had his hands on my panties; he was pressing me into his boner at the same time. We were kissing all this time and our breathing was becoming shallow and ragged. He moved his right hand around to feel my mound. He broke the kiss and said, 'Jill your panties are soaked. Why not take them off?'"

"I knew I was embarrassed but could not stop myself from leaning on him with one hand while reaching up and tugging them down. I wanted to feel his hand on my pussy. I was his play dough from the time we began kissing. I remember the cool air coming into contact with my hot pussy."

"When I stepped out of them I tossed them aside. Jason lowered himself to the floor, lifted my skirt and went to lick my clit while holding on to my butt cheeks. I thought he was going to use a hand but ..., with just a few flicks of his black tongue, I was muffling my orgasm into my arm and shaking violently as the orgasm took over my body. If Jason had not been holding me by having his hands on my butt cheeks, pulling me into his face, I would have collapsed. He did not let me calm down much because he kept up the flicks with light touches of his tongue. I placed my hands on the side of his head then which was covered with my skirt and spread my legs further apart. He then inserted two fingers into my hot, wet pussy and between the tongue and the finger; I was shaking again. I did not know orgasms could be so intense.

"Jason let me calm down and removed the fingers as he slurped up my juices. As he was drinking my pussy juice, he removed the hands from my butt and undid his trousers. I knew when he went to stand I would see what I had been desiring for so long in my life.

"I gasped when I saw the black cock at attention. The rumors were right. These guys are well endowed with massive meat poles."

"My hand was trembling as it went to touch and feel it as my eyes had glued themselves to it. I was marveling at its length, girth and hardness as my hand encircled it. I could feel his heart beating in it. There was no way that I could get my hand around the fat black monster.

"I felt his hands go to my shoulders. He was pushing them down with slight pressure. It dawned on me he wanted me to give him head. I was getting scared. I then heard, 'Take your time Jill and take as much as you like or non at all but kneel and get a closer look at it, so when it is fucking you, you will have a good picture in your brain of what your pussy has in it. My heart stopped when I heard that he was going to fuck me.

"I did not want to cause a scene so I knelt and looked it over good. Blood was rushing to my pussy. My pussy lips were so swollen that they hurt. I think I saw every vein in his cock filled with blood. I decided to be brave and lick the underside at the head. His hands wrapped around my head and held me there. I was smelling the musky smell of a guy and for some reason my pussy was reacting to it. It wanted to be stuffed with the object I was looking at. My pussy felt like a big hole needing to be filled in. It was a weird feeling. The odor had me take in the head and suck on it. Jason moaned so nicely when he felt the warm moist mouth encase it.

"It was not but a few minutes until he lifted my head. I stood and we kissed. His hands went to my wet pussy and I exhaled a lot of air when a finger went into the slit and then into my hole. I pulled myself hard to him.

"Babe I was ready to explode with your hot mouth but want to explode in your pussy. Can I do you bare back or should I put on a condom?"

"Do you sleep around much?"

"Only with Jessica; she needs to be discreet like you."

"My pussy gushed hearing her name.

"I was going to get fucked in Jessica's brother's bed.

"No Jason you can do me bareback as you called it. I want to feel you leaking and smell you for days.

"He took me by the hand, led me to the bed, lifted my skirt and asked me to get on the bed in doggy position. My heart was pounding hard.

"I did as he asked. My ass was in the air and he buried his face in it to lick me from my pussy to my ass hole. I was afraid to ask if he was going to put his cock in my ass. It might have given him an idea.

"I then felt him place the head of the monster at the entrance. He placed both hands on my shoulders and pulled me back to it. It was stretching me but I wanted it so much. It was like the first time a cock went in to get my cherry. When the head popped in, I went, 'Ohoo,' not so much from pain but shock as how it felt. He then began very slow thrust back and forth. It was waking up nerves that have never felt a cock before. I was beginning to tingle all over from the feeling. I knew it was going to be a gigantic orgasm as he was pacing himself. My God Amy, when his balls hit my thighs, he took off fucking me like a rabbit. I went for a cum and then another as he was jamming me with his black monster. There was no doubt in my mind that a huge cock was doing me. I heard, 'Go for another cum Amy if you can. Your pussy feels so good locking down on my cock when it cums, Do it babe do it.'"

"Amy I lost track of the cums, and the best one was when he stiffened and fired volley after volley of his nut juice deep into me as he held me by the hips tight to him. I felt ever flex and the flow through the vein as it surged forward deep into my box. I was muffling my screams into the mattress and he was grunting his so as not to draw attention. His nut juices were warming my insides up. I was just glad I was just a day away or so from starting my period so I felt comfortable all of his seed would be flushed out.

"We collapsed forward when he fired his last shot. We panted a long time. When he had deflated, I became worried about me being missed all of a sudden. I whispered to him to pull out and let me get cleaned up and go back downstairs.

"I grabbed my panties; he held me and kissed me deep before I left the room sneaking to the bathroom. God Amy I wanted to stay and have his cock in me all night. Before leaving he asked, 'Are we going to get it on again Jill?' I replied that when the opportunity was there I'd love to.

"I got to the bathroom, cleaned up, lined my panties with toilet paper and headed downstairs. As I was going down, Jessica was coming up. My heart leaped into my throat. Did she know what we had been doing?

"Hi Jill, I hope you are enjoying the sleepover. Hey, it's crowded downstairs; why not sleep with me in my bed?"

"I broke out in a sweat and assumed she was right and said, 'Okay, Thanks.'

"I went downstairs, grabbed my overnight case, and headed back up. I guess all the other girls were outside with the guys. No one was there. Why did Jessica say it was all filled up crossed my mind.

"When I was back upstairs there was a light in another bedroom so I assumed it was Jessica's and was right. She had slipped into long legged silky white PJs with a matching front button top.

"I went into the bathroom to slip into my Black Checkmate shorts and pink sleep shirt with long sleeves that fit easily into my carrying case. I changed the panty liner I had made and took a whiff of Jason's sperm that had leaked. All that did was to make me horny for his cock again. Blood rushed to my pussy and I started to leak, causing more of his sperm to leak out. I put in fresh tissue and put my stained panties back on. I headed to the bedroom. Jessica had open a Playboy rag and smiled at me as I walked in. She pulled the covers back, patted the mattress and said, 'Make yourself comfortable. Do you want to look at a magazine and get worked up? I love to do this every night before going to sleep.'"

"I replied with 'sure,' I love to see gorgeous guys and what they have.

"As I was flipping through the magazine, Jim stuck his head in the room, since we did not close the door and said, 'Well Jess, what was the answer?"

"Jess looked daggers at him."

"He backed out of the room."

"I looked at Jessica with a 'What was that all about look.'

"She looked at me and said, 'Jill please don't get mad at me but Jim wants to get it on with you. He thinks you are hot. I know Jason in his room. I want to get it on with Jason. Please let him so I can spend some time with Jason. Look, later Jason can come here and get it on with you if you would like and I will sleep with my brother.'"

"Amy I laid there dry mouth and probably my mouth was hanging open. Blood was rushing to my pussy lips and my nipples were getting hard just knowing two cocks wanted to get into me. My heart started to beat hard and I was warming up. Evidently, Jessica did not know Jason and I had already gotten it on since she asked the question the way she did.

"Jessica, I have always had the hots for Jason. If it takes me getting it on with Jim first, then I will do it. I hope this stays between us and the guys keep their mouths shut."

"Jason and I have been getting it together for two years. I know he is interested in you because he looks at you in particular when you are with the cheerleaders. He knows how to keep mum and so does Jim. They know they will be cut off if they talk. Can I go to Jason and send Jim here to you?"

"God yes Jess, I am so horny thinking of those guys doing me. I am already leaking.

"Jess leaned into kiss me on the lips. I was shocked that her tongue went into my mouth. We tongued dueled a little and when she broke the kiss she said, "Maybe you and I should get it on sometime. Have fun with the guys."

"Do you know Jill if Jessica and her brother were getting it on or did she just stay in the room so you and Jason could play?"

"Amy I did find out that Jim and Jessica were getting it on a lot but I did not find that out until Christmas break. Jim was doing me and he said, 'God Jill I love your pussy so much. It is as tight as Jessie's is. He stopped his thrusting and we stared at each other. He let the cat out of the bag. I think he was expecting a negative reaction from me. I said, 'I need to cum now on your cock. Finish what you started.' He began some serious thrusting and knowing Jessica had felt what I was feeling sent me on my way. When we had recovered, he told me all about him and his sister. Now Amy that is a story alone that you need to hear."

"Do you want me to tell you about Jessica and her brother or about Jason and Jim?"

"Jill, I want to know about Jason. He sounds so hot. I like to have a guy do me like he did you the first time."

"Well sis, maybe I can work it out with some friends. You can tell the folks you are spending a weekend with me and I will cover for you."

"Oh sis, that would be so neat if you did that for me."

"Getting back to Jason and Jim. Doing it with Jim was pretty much routine like doing it with any white guy. He at least took his time and ate me good to two cums before doing me. He did apologize for firing so quick using the excuse he was so worked up wanting me that he could not hold out.

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