tagGay MaleMy Secret Dreams Come True Ch. 2

My Secret Dreams Come True Ch. 2


I woke up early the next morning with the sun shining on my face. My thoughts immediately went back to the night before. Was it just a wishful dream? It had to be. Nothing like that could ever really happen to me.

I opened my eyes to gaze over at the sleeping god at the opposite side of the room. To my surprise he was already awake still laying on his stomach and gazing at me with his beautiful blue eyes. I could see traces of cum on the back of his thigh. It wasn't a dream!

"Morning Sunshine," he said when he saw I was awake.

I lay there frozen. I didn't know what to say or do. He must've sensed my confusion because he got up and came over to me. He sat down on the edge of my bed and rubbed his finger down the backside of his thigh to wipe some of my cum onto it. Then he lovingly stuck his finger into my mouth. It tasted kind of salty but good. Then he leaned over me and gave me a passionate kiss. I returned it with equal passion.

Once the kiss was broken I turned away from him and looked out the window. I didn't feel uncomfortable really; I just didn't know what I felt. "What's wrong?" he asked.

I turned back to face him and looked him straight in the eye. I asked him the question that had been on my mind since I was 12. "Am I gay?" I asked.

He looked away and chuckled, then brought his powerful gaze back to me. "Why are you so worried about labels?" he asked.

"I just want to know, am I gay?"

"Only you can answer that hun."

"I can't be gay. My father has so many expectations. He wants me to get my business degree and marry a beautiful woman and have lots of children."

He put his strong hands on my shoulders and gave me another soft kiss to shut me up. "Don't worry about your father. I stopped trying to please my parents a long time ago. It wears me out watching you knock yourself out just to please him. Tell me, is all that what you want?"

"I'm not really sure what I want to tell you the truth."

"Is this what you want?" He then started showering my neck and shoulders with light wet kisses. I never wanted him to stop. "Or how about this?" He immediately moved down my chest and sucked on one nipple and played with the other. A soft moan escaped my lips as I fell back into a laying position.

He moved himself so he was lying on top of me. "You liked that didn't you," he said with a Cheshire cat grin on his face.

"But it's wrong!" I cried.

He put one finger over my lips to quiet me then took his other hand and lovingly stroked my head. "Nothing is wrong with doing something you enjoy, something that feels good. That is, unless you're doing harm to another. Did either of us do anyone else harm last night?" "No, but men are supposed to be with women."

"Are you attracted to women?"


"Neither am I. I'm attracted to you. Some ignorant people may think it's wrong but don't listen to them it's not. Since the day I first met you I saw your attraction to me. I knew I had to make the first move. You're scared and I understand that. I was too at first. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I know I enjoyed myself last night. I hope you did too."

"I just have one question. How could you enjoy having my cock stuffed up your ass? It looked painful to me."

An evil scientist looking grin appeared on his face and I was scared of what would happen next. He lay on his back and said, "Straddle me face."

I did as he was told and waited in anticipation for what he was going to do. I felt him spread my ass cheeks exposing my ass hole. Soon I felt a finger lightly brush against it. I jumped at the sensation. His hands wrapped around my ass and pulled it down closer to his face. Then I felt something warm and wet against my opening. It was his tongue! He traced around my whole for a while then plunged his tongue in as deep as it would go. I couldn't believe how good it felt! I never thought of getting sexual pleasure from my ass but there I was moaning at his touch and becoming very aroused.

I looked up at the clock to see what time it was and saw that his massive poll was hard too. Then it came to me that he never came that night. Wanting to return the favor I reached out and grabbed his blood engorged organ. It jumped at my touch and I heard a muffled moan. The vibrations coming out of his throat drove me wild.

I extended myself until my face was inches away from his manhood. I grabbed it again and stroked it with my tongue. It felt strangely right. I soon got bolder and took as much as I could in my mouth. This time I tried to relax my throat and fit more in than I had the night before. It worked a little better.

His breathing came in short gasps as did mine. I could feel my blood boil and knew that I would come soon. I couldn't believe that I could cum just from getting my ass licked! When he began to lick more rapidly I knew he was close to cumming too. My heart pounded in excitement and my body shook. I would soon have another man cumming in my mouth.

The excitement was too much and I blew my load all over him and the bed. His cock swelled in my mouth and before I could even react a long spurt of cum shot into my mouth. I instinctively swallowed as he kept cumming, but I couldn't keep up. It was like someone put a hose in my mouth and turned it on. It ran down my chin and onto my chest.

When he was finally done he pushed me off of him and on to my back. He licked his cum off my face and chest then kissed me deeply, my tongue wrestling with his for control of my mouth.

He sat back up and said, "You still scared?"

"Yes," I answered with a grin, "but I'm starting to relax."

"Good. Now I don't know about you, but I have a class to get to shortly. We need a shower." I nodded and followed him out of the room and down the hall to the shower room. He stepped into a shower stall and pulled me in with him. For some reason I wasn't worried about being seen. All I could seem to concentrate on was his perfectly sculpted body and how he used it to do to me things I never thought possible.

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