tagFetishMy Secret Service Ch. 03

My Secret Service Ch. 03


My phone was buzzing gently, nestled in the towel on my poolside lounger.

"Call me," the text from Jen, my next-door neighbor, said.

I picked up the phone and hit the button to dial her as I used the towel to dry off after my early morning swim.

"I'm all wet," she said after answering my call.

"Me, too," I replied. "I just got out of the pool."

"That's funny, smartass," she said. "I mean that I'm laying in bed, with Jim's cum leaking into my panties. Now, do you still want to crack jokes?"

"No, ma'am. I do not."

"Good. The back door is open. Let yourself in."

I did as Jen had instructed, and made my way up the stairs to the bedroom she shared with her husband.

I found her laying in bed, wearing only a pair of pink lace panties, as she lightly ran her fingernails over the outside of the material.

Even without any makeup, she was stunning. Her arms cradled her breasts, and they jiggled slightly as she touched herself through her underwear.

"Very alluring," I said as I approached the bed.

"Jim must have though so, too," she said. "I woke up to him touching my pussy through my panties. He was already hard, and pretty quickly, he was fucking me. It's a nice way to wake up."

I crawled between her legs as she spread them to give me access.

"I just pushed my panties to the side so I could catch as much cum as possible," she said.

As I brought my face to her sex, I could feel the heat from her body and smell the arousal emanating from her crotch. I kissed her thigh near the junction with her torso and rubbed my face in the fabric of her panties, inhaling the sent of her recent lovemaking.

Jen gave a contented sigh as my face brushed against her panties.

I peeled the damp fabric away from her body, revealing a glob of cum that was suspended between her panties and the aroused lip of her pussy.

I sucked it into my mouth, savoring the stickiness as it spread across my tongue. It had the consistency and taste of male ejaculate with a hint of female arousal that made my cock —stiff against the shorts I'd thown on before leaving my house —twitch and release a rivulet of precum that ran down my shaft.

I worked to clean the cum that had leaked from her freshly fucked pussy from where it stuck to the outside of her crotch and pooled in her panties. I pushed my tongue between her lips and found more sticky residue from her husband's orgasm.

Jen lifted her knees to give my better access to her pussy and I took the opportunity to remove her panties, which I dropped on the floor beside the bed after slipping them past her ankles.

As I settled again between her legs, I pushed them toward her torso, which rocked her hips back and gave me my first look at her asshole.

I leaned in and let my tongue make contact with her puckered anus. Jen had been fairly quiet during my visit, cooing softly as I cleaned her cummy pussy. But when my tongue found her backdoor, she moaned and I felt a tremor streak across her body.

The shimmy caused another stream of cum to slip from inside her, slide over her perineum and run down the crack of her ass to my waiting mouth.

"That's it," she said. "Get my pussy and ass nice and clean."

I licked and probed at her bottom, while Jen continued to moan her approval. In my time between her legs, I had yet to touch her clit. I liked to spend as much time worshipping her pussy and her ass and I knew when she was ready to push toward an orgasm, she would let me know.

Sure enough, Jen soon shifted her weight, and I rolled with her until she was deftly on top of me. She pushed her pussy onto my face and began rocking back and forth as I licked her from her asshole to her clit.

As her pace increased, so did the stream of words that flowed from her mouth. The closer Jen got to cumming, the more she talked.

"Eat it. Eat that pussy. Lick it. Suck it," she moaned. "Make me cum. Make me cum. Oh, shit, make me cum."

I knew she was just seconds from an orgasm. I opened my eyes and saw her fingers pulling on her nipples as her torso became a blur. I grabbed her hips, latched onto her clit with my lips and gently sucked her button as I fought to control her movements and keep myself attached to her most sensitive spot.

She screamed as she came, her body arching and stiffening as she pushed her pussy into my face with all of her weight. I sucked, harder now, as I felt the spasms wrack her body. My nose was trapped against the small strip of hair that she allowed to grow above her pussy and if I weren't so wrapped up in pleasing her, I might have been worried that I would suffocate before she eased up.

As her orgasm subsided she lifted up, and I reluctantly let go of her. She climbed off of me and stood, a bit shakily, beside the bed.

"That was great," she said, as she bent over and picked up her panties. "I really needed a second orgasm this morning."

She wiped her panties between her legs and then reached over and cleaned my neck and chin.

"You got a little cum on your face, sweetie," she said with a grin.

She dropped the panties on my chest and walked toward the bathroom.

"I have an appointment in about a hour, can you see yourself out?" she asked. "You can bring those panties back — clean — when you are done with them."

I gathered myself and did as she asked. While walking across the lawn between our homes, I could feel and see the wet spot in my shorts. I planned to be on my couch, Jen's panties in my face and my cock in my hand, in just about a minute.

But Jim had other plans for me. As I walked in the door, my phone was ringing from the kitchen table where I had left it.

"Jim wants to know if you can come by today to talk about your portfolio," his secretary, Missy, said when I answered. "He said it's nothing to worry about, but he would like to see you as soon as possible."

I made arrangements to meet him in about 90 minutes and headed for the shower to wash the pool and pussy residue from my body.

* * * * *

It took me about 20 minutes longer than I'd anticipated to get to Jim's office. When I walked in, Missy greeted me with a huge smile.

"He's on the phone with a client, so it will be just a minute," she said.

We chit-chatted while I waited. Missy was probably 10 years younger than me and I always enjoyed seeing her.

She was a big girl. I don't mean fat, just big. She most always wore heels to the office and when she stood on some of the longest legs I'd ever seen on a woman, she was a couple inches taller than my 6-foot-nothing.

She also had the largest breasts I'd even seen, though they fit her broad-shouldered, wide-hipped frame. She always wore tops that showed off her assets well, and I had to do my dead-level best to talk to her face while we chatted.

Fortunately, she had beautiful blue eyes framed by her blonde hair, which helped me to concentrate.

She was the kind of woman that assholes would call "pretty, if she wasn't so big." I just called her stunning, myself.

I'd often thought about asking her on a date, but after the failure of my marrage, I wasn't sure I could take the rejection.

After about 5 minutes, Jim appeared in the doorway to his office and greeted me warmly.

"Come on in, Will," he said with a smile. "Missy, we don't have another appointment for awhile. Why don't you take a long lunch? I can handle Will and the telephone, I think."

As Jim closed the door to his office, I could see her headed toward the front door.

I sank to my knees in the middle of his office as Jim turned his attention toward me. He walked to where I was kneeling, leaving me face-to-cock with the bulge in his pants.

I reached and unbuckled his belt, my hand brushing past his erection. I unbuttoned his pants and let the fall to his ankles. He was wearing briefs today and I leaned in and rubbed my face on his underwear, just as I had done to his wife a few hours earlier.

I could smell the musky scent of their sex trapped in the fabric, just as I had with Jen's panties.

"I guess I should warn you," he said. "I fucked Jen this morning before I left for work. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all," I said, kissing and nibbling at his cotton-covered shaft. After all, I just ate your cum from your wife's soaked snatch, I thought to myself.

I sat back on my heels and took hold of his underwear with my hand, pulling them down and letting his hard dick flop in front of my face. My own cock was hard in my pants and I reached between my legs and gave it a squeeze.

A drop of precum bubbled from his cockhead and I flicked my tongue to draw it into my mouth.

I opened my mouth and took him into my mouth, trying to touch him as little as possible, until I felt his head hit the back of my mouth. Then I clamped my lips around his shaft and squirmed my tongue on the underside of his dick.

"Ohhhh, yeah," Jim moaned. "That's it."

I slowly backed away, until only Jim's cockhead was in my mouth, before sliding back down his shaft. His cock tasted of sex and I wanted to get every drop of it in my mouth.

"Can you taste my wife's pussy on my dick?" Jim asked.

I moaned an "un-huh" around his shaft. In truth, his cock tasted less like pussy than his wife's pussy had tasted like cock, but who was I to quibble? Either way, I was getting both ends of my neighbors' early-morning romp and I was happy to have it.

I worked Jim's dick, sometime taking him as deep as I could and sometimes just working on the sensitive patch under his head. Jim's precum leaked steadily into my throat.

I wondered how long he would let me play with his dick. I lose track of time when Jim's dick in my mouth.

When he grabbed the back of my head, I knew he was wanting to pick up the pace. Jim began to pump his his hips.

"Fuuuuuck," he moaned as he pushed his dick in and out of my mouth.

His grip tightened on the back of my head and I felt his shaft swell in my mouth. He pushed in, farther than I'd ever taking his dick, and I felt his cum coat the back of my throat.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he moaned loudly enough I was worried the people in the next office suite might hear. "Eat my load. Eat it. Oh, yeah."

I didn't move as he shuddered with the aftershocks of his second orgasm of the day. When he was done, he pulled his cock from my mouth with an audible pop. We didn't move for some time, me on my knees and him standing over me with his pants around his ankles, both trying to catch our breath.

Eventually, he leaned over and pulled up his pants, which was my cue to get off my knees.

He walked to a refrigerator in his office and grabbed two sodas, offering one to me. I took it, but didn't open it. I wanted to savor the taste of his cock in my mouth.

We talked for a few minutes about my portfolio and sports and other things, but soon I had to go. After taking care of Jen's creampie and Jim's hard cock, I needed to take care of myself.

I said my good-byes and when I opened the office door, I was taken aback to see Missy sitting at her desk. She gave me a big smile, but I thought I saw something more.

How long had she been sitting there, I wondered as I walked to my car. Had she heard me sucking her bosses' cock?

I pondered that until I got to my car. My own cock was again a sticky mess of precum and I couldn't wait any longer to touch it. I undid my pants as I pulled away from the curb and let my fingers touch my stiffening dick through the fabric of Jen's still damp panties, which I had slipped on before leaving the house.

I teased myself all the way home, mixing more of my own excretions with those Jen and her husband had deposited there. By the time I pulled into the garage, I was nearly delirious with the need to bust my nut.

I turned off the car, and let the seat back, my hand jacking my cock faster and faster. It took me less than 20 seconds to fill her panties with my own load as I relived the sounds, smells and tastes of my morning.

I didn't know how long I could keep up my oral service of my married neighbors without one of them finding out about the other. But I also knew I couldn't stop either. I was hooked.

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