tagFirst TimeMy Sex Life Ch. 01

My Sex Life Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

What I'm about to recount was one of my earliest sexual experiences. It happened just shortly after my 18th birthday when I was seeing a guy called Patrick. Patrick was a year older than me and was a student at a local college. We had been 'seeing' each other for a couple of months and it had been all very innocent at first, holding hands, kissing when we were alone and occasionally letting him put his hand up my top to play with my tits. Generally we just enjoyed being together. On this particular evening however, things got a little bit more serious.

We were at Patrick's place. His mum downstairs and we were supposedly helping each other with our studies. We got that quickly out of the way and then, as we so often did, we sat on his bed and started kissing.

Things quickly became quite passionate as our tongues explored each other's mouths and Patrick's hands kept straying up the front of my t-shirt. I was getting quite excited and decided I wanted to experience a little more.

I got off the bed and sat down with my back against the bedroom door (to give us some delaying time if it was needed). Patrick joined me on the floor and soon we were kissing again.

Feeling more and more daring as we kissed I reached behind me and unfastened my bra. I struggled a bit with the straps under my t-shirt and then deftly removed my bra while leaving my t-shirt in place. When Patrick asked me what I was up to but I silenced him with a kiss then lifted the front of my t-shirt up over my head, giving him his first view of my tits.

As I said before, Patrick had played with them before, either through the material of my clothes or by putting his hand up my top but this was the first time that I had let him see them. His eyes were glued to them.

I asked him to touch them and Patrick cupped my tits in his hands. The feeling of his hands on my tits turned me on even more. Then I asked him to lick them. Patrick didn't hesitate. I was in heaven as he sucked on my nipples and squeezed my tits in his hands.

Because I was so turned on, I was feeling even more daring. I inserted one hand inside his jeans and my fingers came in contact with his cock for the first time. I'd felt it through the front of his jeans before but this was the first time I had actually touched it

I stroked his cock as Patrick continued to lick and suck at my tits, making them wet all over.

I felt Patrick's hand slide up my leg and under my skirt. Pausing at my knickers he looked at me and I nodded. His fingers slipped under the gusset of my knickers and gently started to stroke the lips of my pussy. He gently slid a finger into me and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying out.

A familiar tingle spread through my body. I always got this feeling when I played with myself and I knew what was about to happen.

As Patrick's finger played with my pussy and his mouth teased my nipples my body began to shudder. I wanted to cry out as I came but with Patrick's mum downstairs I had to hold it in.

All this time I was oblivious to the fact that I was still stroking his cock, gripping it more tightly as I came. Patrick told me I had to stop before he had an accident and reluctantly I removed my hand from his trousers.

I pulled my t-shirt back down and we sat there for a while just holding each other paying attention to nothing else.

Finally, we became aware of our surroundings again. Patrick noticed the time, and realised I had to catch a bus home. We got up and went downstairs. We looked in on the living room where his mum was watching the news. I said goodnight to her. Then he walked me to my bus.

In my bed that night, I relived the events of that evening. I was still turned on by what had happened earlier. Eventually I decided to do something about it and began to rub myself, teasing myself until I came once more.

Somehow, eventually, I managed to fall asleep.

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