tagErotic CouplingsMy Sex Life Ch. 27

My Sex Life Ch. 27


Chapter 27: Home Again

Gary came and picked Katie and me up from the airport and, after dropping Katie off at Dan's (so that he could welcome her home in a suitable fashion), since it was still mid-afternoon, we didn't go straight back to the flat as planned. Instead, since the weather was so good, we headed off for a drive down the coast in East Lothian.

Having parked at the car park at Aberlady bird sanctuary, we went, armed only with his car blanket, to find somewhere isolated.

It took us about quarter of an hour to tramp our way to the beach and then about another ten minutes to find somewhere where we were reasonably confident we wouldn't be disturbed. The chances of that were unlikely given that the beach was pretty much deserted but we decided it was better to be safe than sorry.

After Corfu, it was strange to be on a beach that was almost completely devoid of people. The sun was still high in the sky (although it was nowhere near as warm as Corfu had been), the sand stretched for miles and, from where we were sitting, we could see right out along the Forth towards the bridges. The word, idyllic, certainly sprung to mind.

If you've ever visited that stretch of coast, you'll know what I'm talking about; if you haven't, you really should some day; but enough of the tourist description.

We stretched out on the blanket and began to kiss. Gary's hands were all over me and he kept telling me how much he'd missed not 'seeing' me during the week that I'd been away.

As we kissed, I was content to let him lift my t-shirt up so that he could kiss and caress my tits (I'd sort of forgotten to put a bra on when I got dressed that morning). Gary was quite impressed by my lack of white bits.

As his mouth reacquainted itself with my tits, he slid a hand up under my skirt and discovered that I'd also forgotten my knickers (I can be quite careless that way sometimes) and that he already had me very wet. To be completely honest, it wasn't his recent attention that had got me that way; to steal a line from the film, Gerry Maguire, he'd had me at "hello".

Without any prompting from me, he moved between my legs, dropped his face to my pussy and, being even more impressed by my further lack of white bits, began to lick.

After having only had Katie's tongue on my pussy for the past week, it felt good to have Gary's tongue working its way between my moist folds again. That isn't to say that Gary is better than Katie, simply that I haven't had time to get used to his tongue in the way I have with hers.

I began to moan softly as Gary lapped at my pussy. "Oh, Gary, that's so good!" I breathed as he slid a couple of fingers into me and began to work them in and out as his tongue flicked over my clit.

It only took a few minutes for me to feel the first stirrings of my orgasm. "Play with my tits, Gary," I begged as he ate my pussy. He quickly did as I asked, coating my nipples with my juices.

The effect was immediate. Teasing my nipples as his tongue flicked my clit, I felt the pressure inside me mount and, suddenly, I was cumming hard. "Oh fuck! Oh yessssss! Oh Gary!" I moaned as quietly as I could as my body shook in response to his touch.

There's something about being outside on a lovely warm afternoon that, I find, makes the sensations so much more intense. I wanted to cry out and did moan a bit but I was painfully aware that we were probably no more than about a quarter of a mile away from a golf course and, given the tranquillity, my voice might well have carried that far if I'd given full volume to my climax. As it was, the need to restrain myself only heightened the sensations.

My body trembled and shook as Gary continued to lash my clit and my orgasm washed over me like the waves breaking on the shore just a few yards away.

Eventually, I forced his head away. "Enough! Ohhhh fuck! No more!" I begged. "I want you inside me, Gary. I've missed that lovely cock of yours all week and I want it in me now!"

Gary quickly pulled down his shorts and was on top of me, the head of his cock pressing against the entrance of my pussy. "Ohhhhh yessssss!" I moaned as he slowly sank into me, making me savour each inch as it slipped inside.

We kissed as he thrust in and out and I could taste myself on his lips and tongue. The friction of his body against mine quickly reignited my orgasm and I was moaning and sighing as his cock pounded me.

Spreading my legs wide, opening myself up for him, I grabbed his arse and pulled him towards me. It felt so good having my pussy filled with his cock. As my orgasm coursed through me, I let out a loud, "Yessssss!" of pleasure, not caring if anyone heard me.

"I'm getting close," Gary announced eventually, breathing hard and with sweat dipping down his face. "Cum in my mouth," I urged, albeit somewhat reluctantly. Much as I would have loved him to have flooded my pussy with cum, I was mindful of the fact that I didn't have any knickers and the potential mess that my cum-flooded pussy might have on the upholstery of his car seat. He pulled out and I immediately felt an uncomfortable emptiness where he'd been before. I slid down and took his cock in my mouth. Savouring the taste of my juices on his shaft and sucking hard, I stroked his cock with one hand and played with his balls with the other.

In next to no time at all I pushed Gary over the edge. "I... I'm cumming, Julie!" he moaned and my efforts were rewarded with him shooting jets of hot, sticky cum into my mouth which, of course, I happily swallowed.

We lay out in the sun for about half an hour after that before deciding to head back to the car.

It was about 7:30 when we got back to his. We'd stopped to get a pizza on the way. We polished it off, washed down with a couple of ice-cold bottles of lager then made our way to the bedroom.

It didn't take me very long to get undressed given that I was only wearing a pair of sandals, my skirt and t-shirt. It didn't actually take Gary that much longer, although he did pause to admire my all-over tan, and then we were on his bed kissing and exploring each other's bodies properly with our hands and mouths.

Eventually, we ended up in a 69 and Gary's tongue lapped at my pussy once again as I sucked his cock fully back to life.

Gary licked me until I came. It wasn't as powerful or as intense as the one I'd had at the beach, but then, there's no such thing as a bad orgasm and I savoured it as its energy surged through me.

Once my climax subsided, I turned round, reached back between my legs and slowly impaled myself on him. As I slid down his cock, I luxuriated in the feeling of having my pussy slowly filled. After a week of well behaved abstinence, I couldn't get enough of having him inside me.

I rode his cock with carefree abandon and Gary licked and sucked on my tits as they bounced and jiggled in front of his face. "That's it, make my tits nice and wet all over!" I demanded, flexing the walls of my pussy around his cock for emphasis. Gary did as I required; coating my tits with a warm, wet film of saliva. He rubbed it in to my skin as I ground my body against his.

I came again, suddenly, my pussy gripping his cock tight inside me as lightning bolts pulsed through my body. "Yessssss! Oh fuck, yessssssssssss!" I cried. Gary squeezed my tits and sucked hard on my nipples, intensifying the power of my orgasm.

I let my climax run its course as I slid my pussy up and down his cock. No longer worried about whether or not I could be overheard, I gave full voice to my pleasure.

When I calmed down, Gary asked if he could fuck my arse. With a dreamy smile on my face, I nodded, dismounted and got on all fours. Gary quickly positioned himself behind me and slipped into my pussy as he applied some lube to my arsehole.

After a few thrusts, his cock slipped from my pussy and I felt its head pressing against my tight rear hole. "Mmmmmmmm, yessssssssssss!" I sighed as his cock sank into my back-passage, stretching me as it worked its way in. Once he was fully in, he began to fuck me. "Faster! Harder!" I urged.

Gary, increased his pace, fucking my arse harder and harder, his balls slapping against my pussy lips with every delicious stroke of his cock.

I rubbed my clit as he fucked my arse and, before long, I was cumming again, screaming the house down as his cock battered my arsehole. I dread to think what his neighbours must have thought if they heard; I was just thankful his flatmates were away.

As Gary buggered me mercilessly, I found myself fantasising about what it would be like to have George fucking my pussy at the same time. At the same time, in my mind, as well as being taken by two thick cocks, I was eating Katie's pussy, her moans of pleasure joining with mine as she came again and again.

With my imagination in overdrive, my fingers on my throbbing clit and Gary's cock battering my tight and tender arsehole, my climax climbed to ever increasing heights.

I was so lost in the throes of my orgasm that I was totally oblivious to Gary's gasped warnings that he too was close to boiling point.

Suddenly, Gary was cumming too, his cock firing thick jets of cum deep into my bowels. "Ohhhh, Gary!" I moaned as his cock throbbed and pulsed in the tight confines of my back-passage. With our bodies drained, we collapsed, his cock still inside me, on to the bed.

After a shower to get cleaned up, we made a half-hearted attempt to watch some film on the TV. To be honest though, our attentions were almost entirely on each other and it wasn't to long until we retired to the bedroom where Gary managed once again to demonstrate very convincingly that he had, in fact, missed me. I think I also did a pretty good job of convincing him that, actually, I had missed him too.

Just goes to show that, nice as it is to get away some times, it's even nicer to get home again.

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