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My Sex Slave


You know how you hear that people that are hypnotized will never do anything under hypnosis that they would never do in real life. Now, that might be true for most people but I wasn't sure about my girl friend.

Here is our story -

My girl friend, Sherry, and I have been together for a few years and in the beginning the sex was great but has now gotten boring. I loved her and did not want to lose her but I didn't know what to do.

One day, I was talking to my best friend, Tony and asked him how his sex life was since he was married longer a few years. He said his sex life was great. I asked him how he managed that. He told me that a few years ago he met a fellow who hypnotized his wife and that changed everything with regards to their sex life.

He gave me the fellow's number and told me to call him. I told him I would call the guy and thanked him.

A couple of days later, I called the fellow and introduced myself to him as a friend of Tony and wondered if he could help me.

We set up a day and time to meet to discuss my needs.

The day came and we met for coffee at a local diner and got a booth away from everyone so we could talk in private. I told him my situation and he said he could help me, if that is what I really wanted. I told him I wanted my girl friend to be my sex slave and slut. He did warn me that it might not be possible and she might resist the hypnotic suggestions but he would be willing to try. He said his fee would be $500, success or fail. I agreed and we made the necessary arrangements.

I called my friend Tony and asked him and his wife to come over this Saturday as the hypnotist would be here. He said he would be there. He did ask how I was going to explain the hypnotist being there. I told him that I already told my Sherry that he was a co-worker, new to the area and I invited him to join us.

Saturday came and our guests started to arrive. Tony and his lovely wife, Justine arrived first and soon thereafter, Jason, the hypnotist came.

Sherry introduced everyone to each other and cocktails and snacks were served. Everyone seemed to be getting along. Sherry even struck up a conversation with Jason about hypnosis.

Jason told everyone that he could hypnotize people and did it for fun at gatherings such as this, I told him I didn't believe he could hypnotize people unless they wanted to be hypnotized. He somewhat agreed and said he would like to try to hypnotize someone here.

Tony and I volunteered Sherry who refused at first, but we were relentless and she finally gave in.

We all gathered around as Jason started his routine on Sherry. Soon, Sherry was supposedly under Jason's control but I asked to prove it.

Jason told Sherry to bark like a dog, which she did but I still wasn't convinced she was under hypnosis.

I told Jason to get her ro do something that she would never do in real life to prove to me she was under his control.

Jason told Sherry to describe my cock to everyone. Sherry started saying that my cock was about 7 inches long and wasn't thick and recently shaved all his hair off around his cock.

We all laughed and I said she was right and that I was convinced she was under his control.

Now, Jason was going to try the hard part with Sherry. He told her to stand up and remove her blouse. She did exactly as she was ordered.

Then Jason told her to go kiss Tony and she did.

He then told her to remove her bra. We all waited to see if she would as this was the big test. She put her hands behind her neck and unhooked her bra and dropped it ti the floor, baring her beautiful breasts.

I was in shock but pleased. It looked like the hypnosis took.

Jason spent the next hour or so with Sherry making sure the post hypnotic suggestions took and she understood the key word I was to use whenever I wanted her to be my sex slave and slut.

Jason gave her the word "fusion" as the trigger word for only me yo get her into the slut state.

He told her that whenever I, and only me, said the trigger word, she would obey me. He asked her if she understood and she said yes.

Then Jason told her to awaken and not to remember anything the trigger word. He asked her to repeat the word, which she did. He then told her to put her bra and blouse on. and told her to awaken.

We all laughed and Sherry wanted to know what she did and we just said she barked and meowed and did silly stuff.

Jason looked at me and told me to try out using tbe trigger word on Sherry,

I looked at Sherry and said to her, "Fusion" and she looked at me with a blank look and asked me, "What would you like me to do?"

I said to her, " Sherry, I want you to remove all your clothes for us."

Without. batting an eye, Sherry removed her blouse, bra, jeans and panty and stood completely naked in front of us. I then told her to spend the rest of the evening that way for all the guests to see and admire. I also told her that if anyone wanted to feel her tits or pussy to let them. She just looked and said ok.

As the evening progressed, Tony and Jason and even Tony's wife asked Sherry to let them feel her up and she obliged by going to them and letting them touch her wherever they wanted.

Now the big test was coming. I told her to lay on the floor with her legs spread so Tony, Jason and myself could fuck her.

Sherry cleared the floor and laid down and spread her legs, showing her wide open cunt. As Sherry was getting ready, we undressed. Tony mounted her first and started fucking Sherry. It didn't take long for him to cum in her. Jason was next and enjoyed the benefit of his success. I followed and fucked my girl friend in front of everyone and came in her cum filled cunt.

Not to be left out, Tony's wife mounted Sherry and was grinding her pussy into Sherry's pussy until she came.

The night finally ended and everyone left.

Sherry was still naked and cum was oozing out her cunt as we cleaned up and headed to bed.

We got into bed and I was thinking how lucky I was in having my own sex slave.

I rolled over and kissed my naked slut and said the word "fusion" to Sherry.

Then I got the shock of my life when Sherry said, "Fusion, your ass. I had a great time tonight. When are we going to do it again?"

"Goodnight," she said as she rolled over and went to sleep.

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