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My Sexy Black Wife


I met Shanice at work three years ago. We worked for a manufacturing company, I worked in the plant and she worked in the lab. It was at the company Christmas party that we really had a chance to talk.

I had such a great time with her at the party that I decided to ask her out. Things progressed from there and soon we were dating on a regular basis.

I can still remember the first time we had sex. Shanice is a beautiful, athletic black woman. I had never seen a naked black woman up close before and the first time was such a thrill.

The first thing I noticed was the incredible contrast of her black skin against the ultra pink insides of her pussy. I was hooked from that day on.

Sexually Shanice and I are a perfect match. At least I thought we were at the time. I was so enthralled with her dark pussy with its brilliant pink center that I spent most of my time there.

She hated giving head but I didn't care. All I could think about was my face in her sexy little twat. That's what she loved about me. Shanice said that most black men simply don't eat pussy. They think it's disgusting.

We were married about a year after we fist met and I couldn't be happier. Our sex life stayed basically the same except I found the joy of eating her out from behind.

I would start on her ass, that hard, round, sexy ass. Licking and sucking on her dark brown anus. By the time I got to her pussy her juice would be running down her leg. It was an incredible turn on.

I loved our relationship and thought that the sex just couldn't get any better. Little did I know how wrong I was!

I was in the basement of our house exercising one day and Shanice and her girlfriend Ebony were in the kitchen having coffee. I don't think they knew this but I could hear every word of their conversation.

They were chatting away about stuff and I was sort of following along when I heard Ebony ask Shanice what it was like to be with a whiteboy. I was interested in her response and listened closely.

"He sucks pussy, Eb. Every day, I don't even have to ask him." "Girl, you are lucky" responded Ebony.

"I don't even have to suck his cock. Now what black man wouldn't make you suck that nasty thing."

"Sounds like you got it good sista, haven't had a man's lips on my pussy in years." Ebony added.

There was a bit of a silence then Ebony asked, "what about his cock? Is it big? Does he give it to you good?"

"Well not really Eb. It's kind of small and he's not really good with it. Not like Tyrone that's for sure."

With that, both women burst out laughing. "Well I guess you can't have everything Shanice. Too bad you can't have a big black cock for fucking and a white man's tongue for sucking" Ebony teased.

Shanice broke the tension and asked if Ebony was going to the club tonight. I continued with my workout after that and heard Ebony leave a short while later.

During dinner my wife asked me if we could go to the club tonight. I'm not much of a dancer but Shanice sure enjoys it so I agreed. After we cleaned up the dishes, we went and changed and got ready for the night out.

When Shanice was finished getting ready, I wanted to undress her and start sucking her right then. She looked hot, she always does. A short, tight mini skirt that really shows off her legs and ass. I was horny as hell.

We got to the club and walked around looking for her friend Ebony. She was sitting at a table by herself and Shanice and I joined her. I ordered some drinks and sat back and watched people dance.

Shanice asked if I wanted to dance and I told her to go out and enjoy herself. She knew I didn't dance. With that, she grabbed Ebony and onto the dance floor they went.

They were dancing away and I was quite content just to sit back and watch. My eyes glued to Shanice's sweet little ass and beautiful bouncing breasts. I was getting hornier by the second. They weren't out there long when a couple of black guys made their way over to them and started dancing.

Every now and then, Shanice would make her way over to the table and ask if I was okay. I would tell her how hot she looked and how I couldn't wait to suck her off. She would lean into my ear and tell me hoe horny she was getting also before returning to Ebony and the black guys on the dance floor.

As the night progressed, the music got a little wilder and so did the people on the dance floor. Shanice and the guy she was dancing with were now grinding each other. He held her tight from behind and was slowly grinding his crotch into her ass.

Watching this made me even hornier than I already was. Seeing my Shanice gring herself on this guy's crotch was quite a turn on. In fact, I was well aware of my very hard cock straining beneath the table.

The song ended and Shanice came back to the table and grabbed a few swallows of her drink. She sat down next to me and again asked if I was okay. She asked if I was upset because of the way that she was dancing with that guy.

I assured her that I wasn't and that it was actually turning me on. Shanice gave me a bit of a sly grin and reached under the table and put her hand on my crotch. When she found my cock hard, her eyes popped open. She leaned into my ear and said, "just wait till I get you home."

With that she left me and went back out on the dance floor. I watched intently at Shanice and her man humping on the dance floor.

When Shanice and I got home, we both ran like young lovers up to our bedroom. My lust had consumed me to the point that I was shaking and my mouth was drooling. We undressed as fast as we could. Not saying a word. Shanice discarded the last of her clothing and crawled up on the bed with her ass thrust into the air.

We both knew what we wanted. I crawled up behind her and sloppily slid my tongue around her ass. The scent and taste of sweat was glorious. Shanice was breathing heavily as I sucked on her sweet anus.

My cock was hurting it was so hard. I was grinding it into the sheets as I tried to force my tongue past her puckered hole. I was enjoying the little folds of her asshole when Shanice huskily said, "CLIT."

I lowered my face and pointed my tongue straight at her button. I just pressed it onto it and started doing small, hard circles. My nose was buried in her ass and my hips were bucking wildly. Shanice's moans, the intoxicating smell of her ass, the taste of her pussy and my humping the sheets were too much for me.

I grunted into her and came. I could feel my cock pulsing, sending its load on the bed. Shanice started to shake and with a big moan, she came. We stayed like that for a minute, both breathing heavily.

When I found the strength, I separated from her and lay down on the bed. Shanice rolled over and reached for my cock. All she found was a sticky, shriveled mess. "You came?" She sounded confused. "Yes, it was incredible", I told her. We made plans right then to go back to the club the following weekend.

The week was filled with anticipation. I must have sucked her off fifteen times. We couldn't wait to go back to the club.

Saturday finally rolled around and we were both giddy. Shanice said that she had a surprise for me and led me into the living room. I sat down on the couch and Shanice put a tape in the VCR before joining me.

It didn't take me long to realize that she had put a porno tape on – an all black porno. We sat there fondling each other as we watched the hot action on the screen. The cocks on these guys were mesmerizing. I was extremely turned on watching those women getting fucked by the massive black rods.

Shanice was hot too. Her legs spread lewdly as I massaged her pussy through her panties. She wasn't watching the movie though. She was watching me. Watching me get off on the action before me.

"You like the movie?" Her voice was husky and her breathing was shallow. I responded that I did. "What do you like about it?" She whispered. I was lost in my lust and said the first thing that came to mind. "I love watching those women getting fucked by those huge black cocks, " I said.

With that Shanice stood up and removed her panties. She climbed up onto the couch, lifted her leg and shoved her cunt into my face. I was in overload, my hand busy rubbing my aching cock.

I reached around with my free hand, grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy into my face. Shanice really started breathing heavy and put both hands on my head as she ground herself on my tongue.

My own hand was a blur on my erection. Rubbing myself through my pants, I came. I focused on her clit and Shanice came seconds later, bucking and sucking her breath.

After she calmed down, she sat down on the couch and slid her hand into my pants. When she reached the mess down there, she looked at me and smiled. "I'm glad you liked it honey. I can't wait till tonight."

The club was busy but we found Ebony right away. I took my usual place at the table and told the girls to have fun. Off they went and joined two black guys on the dance floor.

I sat there and watched Shanice doing her magic out there. Grinding her ass into that guy's crotch. My cock was hard again and my mind was lost. Visions of a huge black cock fucking Shanice were dancing around my mind. I couldn't wait to get home.

We left the club a few hours later, both consumed by lust. Just like the last time, we ran upstairs and quickly got rid of our clothes. Shanice said that she had another surprise for me and told me to lie down on my back.

I assumed she wanted to sit on my face and could hardly wait. Instead, Shanice went over to the closet and started rummaging around. She told me to close my eyes and get ready for the surprise. I did as I was told and closed my eyes.

I felt the bed shift and soon felt her legs around my head. She told me to open my eyes and when I did, I noticed we were in a 69 position. I thought she was going to suck my cock but she had other plans.

She lowered herself a little and I just started to lick her very wet pussy. I felt her hand on my erection and she asked if I was ready. I just mumbled into her cunt. Then I saw something in her other hand. It was moving toward my face.

Shanice wasn't aiming for my face though. She was aiming for herself. When it came into clear view I realized what it was, A massive black dildo. She put the tip to the entrance of her pussy and pushed. She gasped and I did too. Not even an inch from my face a massive black cock was pushing into my wife.

My eyes were wide as my lips sucked her clit. I could feel her hand on my cock. It wasn't moving but it was enough and I came. Shanice was shaking and her breathing was deep as she fucked herself with that monster. I kept up my pace on her clit and seconds later she exploded with her orgasm. She removed the black cock and we lay still both breathing heavy.

We used the black dildo several times that week. By Saturday my mind was twisted with lust. Thoughts of Shanice getting fucked for real were constant in my fantasies.

We hit the club at the usual time and I took my usual seat. The girls had the same partners as the previous week and I was enjoying the show immensely. My cock was throbbing in my pants and my mind was racing with images of him fucking my wife.

My daze was broken when Shanice came over to our table and sat down beside me. "I need to see it," I blurted out. She looked at me quizzically and said, "see what honey?" My lusty eyes connected with hers and I said, "see him fuck you with his big black cock. I want him to fuck the hell out of you and shoot his cum deep inside."

Her lips engulfed mine and we kissed roughly. "I can do that for you honey, but I don't think he will let you watch," she said slowly. "What if you hide downstairs in the basement and I'll bring him home. I'll make sure I'm extra loud for you."

I stood up immediately, my cock making a small tent in my pants. "I'll be waiting at home," I managed to say. I raced home and went straight to the basement. I couldn't believe how much I wanted this to happen. I was nervous but the excitement far outweighed it. There were no jealous thoughts, just pure desire.

I jumped when I heard the front door open. I heard footsteps followed by a deep voice, "I'm going to fuck you good Shanice, haven't had any in a while. You're going to get it real good." I listened intently my mind was on fire.

I listened to the footsteps and took my place beneath our bedroom. All was quiet for a few seconds followed by the creaking of the bedsprings. I heard muffled talking and was straining to hear what was being said. I wanted so badly to go upstairs and watch but knew I couldn't.

The creaking bedsprings got a little louder, I was so excited. Then I heard Shanice moan, then louder and louder. I was in another world. My hand was on my cock as I listened to their fucking. I could hear my wife clearly now. Telling her friend to fuck her harder and harder he did. It sounded like they were going to bust through the floor. The bed was bouncing and Shanice's cries of pleasure were ringing in my ears. I grunted quietly as I spilled my seed onto the basement floor.

This went on for about twenty minutes when I heard my wife yell, "yes, cum inside me, yes, yes, yes." A loud, deep grunt and all the noise stopped. He had done it, I thought to myself. That big black cock has just cum in my wife's pussy. My own cock was hard again and I couldn't wait till he left. I had to go see me wife. What had that monster cock done to her?

I heard some more muffled talking then footsteps towards the front door. I heard the door open and footsteps outside then the door shut. The cellar door then opened and Shanice called my name. I ran up the stairs and embraced her. "That was incredible," I said. She just grabbed my wrist and headed for our bedroom.

The first thing I noticed was the wet spot on the bed, it was huge. My wife crawled onto the bed with her ass facing me. I lay down in the wet spot and just stared at the mess that was her cunt. The hole was gaping. Her lips were distended, puffy and red. Everything was wet the hairs were matted and stuck together.

The fact that some black stud had just cum inside my wife did not slow me down. I clamped my mouth over her wetness. My nose pressed firmly into her anus. The odor was intoxicating and I inhaled sharply. My tongue went straight for her hole. Licking all around the rim hitting every fold. I was so excited I couldn't take anymore. My cock twitched and I added my cum to the wet spot already on the bed.

I forced my tongue inside her gaping hole. It was hot and slick. My lips sealed around her entire pussy and I started to suck. New flavors and new textures invaded my mouth. It spurred me on I had to get more. My tongue danced inside my wife's fucked vagina as I sought out more of him. Shanice was shaking and her breathing was erratic.

I was lost in what I was doing when Shanice started to lower her hips. "Turn over," is all she said. I reluctantly released my vacuum grip on her pussy and rolled over onto my back. My wife then lowered herself all the way onto my face. I had just pressed my lips to her cunt when a massive glob of cum landed in my mouth. I moaned and swallowed it. I pushed my tongue back inside her and more and more cum came flowing out.

It was exactly what I wanted, what I needed. I kept my mouth glued to her and my tongue inside. Glob after glob of his cum poured into my mouth. When the flow finally stopped, I attacked Shanice's clit. She bucked and bounced on my face moaning and groaning the whole time. I grabbed my cock, gave it two tugs and sent my sperm shooting. Shanice came just after me.

We rolled apart and lay still catching our breath. I told Shanice how much I loved her and how much I enjoyed it. She just looked at me and said, "I'm glad you did honey because we are going to do this a lot." I smiled and thought I can't wait till next weekend.

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