tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Sexy Neighbors

My Sexy Neighbors


I live in the apartments that are single level and separate buildings. The backs of the buildings face each other with a large yard between. Today is Monday. My buddy, Jim, and I have the day off work, one of those stupid holidays. But the schools are not off. We were in the large separating yard throwing the football back and forth when a neighbor's daughter came home from school in the afternoon. I stopped and stared at her, staring until she walked into her unlocked back door.

She was wearing her school uniform, and had her book bag over her shoulder. She had long straight brown hair going down to the middle of her back. From where I could see, she had little boobies.

Jim laughed at me and said "Ron, buddy, forget it. I don't think she's old enough."

With that said, we went inside my apartment and put down a couple beers each.

That night I laid awake in bed thinking about her. I hadn't had sex for 2 years ever since my wife left me, because of my roving eyes. Just thinking about her gave me a raging hardon. I just rolled over and tried to get some sleep.

The next morning I called off sick from work. I had some homework that I needed to do.

I got up early and cased the joint. There was only one car. It turned out that the father left them alone when she was a little girl. The mom left for work at 7:00 am. She had a sexy body, even though she was 40 years old. She kept herself in shape. I went around the back of the building and the daughter left at 7:15 am, not locking the back door of the apartment. I waited until she was out of sight.

Making sure no one was around, I walked over to the door and tested it. It wasn't locked. I walked in. I walked from the basement to the first floor. The layout was the same as mine. I immediately found her room. Set on her dresser were birthday cards.

The cards had sayings like "Happy 18th today" and "Happy Birthday Chris". So, her name is Chris.

I took a look through her room. There was nothing unusual in the dresser drawers. Went through her closet, and found nothing unusual. However, on her dresser there was a Bible open to Psalm 23. Highlighted was verse 1 "The Lord is my Shepard. I shall not want". So, this girl is in to clean living. But soon she was going to have something to compare it to.

At that moment the phone rang. I stiffened in place. Then I heard the answering machine pick up. "Chris, are you there...well anyway, this is Bev, you know there's no school Friday. Can I come over Friday, about 7:30? Give me a call. Bye."

I thought "Damn, two for the price of one."

Let me tell you about Bev. She had turned 18 a month ago. She went to the same Catholic school and church as Chris. She was a real blonde, and her hair length was down to the bottom of her neck. She kept it in curls, using her natural wave. Both Chris and Bev had perfect, flawless complexions. Neither girl wore makeup. They didn't need it, and neither of them wanted to.

I had 2 days to get ready. I went out to get tape, rope, a sharp cutting knife, and camouflage paint.

Friday arrived, and I called off of work again. I had a "relapse".

As soon as the mom left, I went in the back door. Apparently, they never locked it. I could hear Chris walking around, cleaning up after breakfast. I snuck up the steps, not sure where she was. I checked every room till I found her in her bedroom. She was naked except for her panties from changing out of her pajamas. "Perfect" I thought.

I snuck up behind her, and grabbed her around the waist and clamped a hand over her mouth. She started struggling.

I kept a tight hold on her and told her "Settle down, and relax. Now be a good little girl. No screaming, and no running away. I don't want to have to hurt you."

She replied "I'll be good." The she said, "Please, mister, we don't have any money."

I sat her in the chair in her bedroom and tied her arms and legs to the chair. Her nipples were perted out, from her fear.

I asked "Does your mom have any jewelry?"

Chris said "I don't know" so I left the room pretending to search the mother's room. It wasn't jewelry I was interested in, but I did find a couple of interesting pieces, and put them in my pocket.

I walked back to Chris's room, and taped her mouth. It was almost 7:30, and Bev was due. I went to the dining room and brought in another chair for Bev to sit in.

Right on time. At exactly 7:30, Bev walked in She called out "Chris!" No answer.

Bev went straight to Chris's room and saw her almost naked friend tied to a chair. Her immediate reaction was to go to her friend to untie her. Chris shook her head NO, and Bev could see the fear in her eyes. Bev immediately understood, and got up ready to run. But it was too late. I immediately grabbed hold of Bev, let her see the knife, and told her to be a good girl. I moved her to the other chair, and tied her arms and legs, and taped her mouth.

I stood in between the 2 girls facing them. I turned to Chris, and told her "I didn't come here for money or jewelry. I came for something else."

Both girls looked confused until I started taking off my clothes. Both girls tried to scream through the tape, but it was no use. When I was undressed totally and showing a partially erect cock I said, "Both you girls are very pretty and very sexy, but I want to start with you, Chris"

I walked over to Chris and knelt on the floor. I began by softly licking one nipple and squeezing the other tit with my hand. I was not rough with her. She let out an involuntary moan. I asked her "Do you like it?"

She shook her head no. I replied, "You shake your head no, but your body says yes."

I untied her from the chair, stood her up and took the tape off of her mouth. I tried to give her a tender kiss, but she turned her head away, refusing to kiss. I threw her on the bed, and ripped her panties off of her. I said to Chris "We'll have to do this the hard way."

I turned around and said to Bev "Think about it. Whether you want it the easy way or the hard way."

By this time, my cock was completely hard. I retrieved the rope I had used to tie her to the chair, and tied her arms above her head to the headboard. Chris started thrashing about on the bed, and started to scream. I quickly retrieved the tape that had been on her mouth, and put it back in place.

Her thrashing legs were a good thing. I was able to get between her legs, spreading them apart wide. I admired her furry cunt, and could see her hairs glistening with a woman's moisture. I stroked her pussy, and found her clit.

I said to Chris "I haven't fucked for 2 years, and I got a lot of sperm built up." Chris tried to scream again through her tape.

I announced to Chris "Here it comes" I moved my cock to her cunt opening, and put in just the head. I felt her tighten up a little, and I could see tears welling up in her eyes. Then with a mighty shove, I rammed in and popped her cherry. She tried to let out a blood-curdling scream. It must have really hurt her.

I grumbled to her "It won't hurt any more." I gave mighty shoves into her broken cunt.

I thought I would climax quickly, but to my surprise, it lasted longer than I remember.

"Girl, I told you I have a lot of sperm, and here it comes!" With that, I climaxed into Chris, giving what seemed like a gallon of cum. I withdrew and slumped on the bed next to her. She was no longer fighting.

She was defeated, and she knew it. I got up, untied her from the bed, and retied her to the chair.

I walked over to Bev, and said to her "Well, I hope you thought about it. Do you want it the easy way, or the hard way like you saw your friend?" as I removed the tape from her mouth.

She answered "I want it the easy way. I'll cooperate fully. I don't want to be hurt"

I asked her "I still have a lot of sperm left to give you. Are you a virgin too? "

Bev answered "Yes I am"

I walked over to Bev. Her mouth was the same level as my cock. I told her "You're going to suck my cock, and swallow every drop". Bev opened her mouth and I put my partially swollen cock in. She sucked slowly at first getting used to the taste of a cock covered with woman's cum. I got hard again quickly. Her mouth was so smooth, soft and velvety. I began fucking her mouth fast. Because her mouth was so sexy, I came quickly and shot my load into her mouth. She played with my load with her tongue, then swallowed the entire load.

I untied Bev and led her to the edge of the bed and told her "Put on a strip show for us" and sat down in the chair that Bev was on.

Bev sat on the edge of the bed and took off her shoes and stockings, and then stood up again. She was nervous and fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. She slowly slid her blouse off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. The she fumbled with the button and zipper on her skirt and let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it, kicking it aside.

I got up, walked over to Bev and told her "Let me finish." I put my hands at the side of her face, and brushed back her hair. I bent over and gave her a tender kiss and to my surprise she kissed back. She looked into my eyes and told me "It's too bad you're my rapist. We could have been lovers". Then she put her arms around me and pulled me close for a wet, sexy kiss.

I put my arms around her and unhooked her bra. She took her arms from around me and removed her bra. Her nipples were erect. As I sucked on one nipple, I put my hand on the other, kneading it. I also gently pulled and twisted her nipples. Then I switched to the other side. She was gently moaning.

She reached her arms down and began sliding off her panties. They fell easily to her ankles, and she kicked them aside. I instructed Bev "Stand beside the bed." She turned and walked over to the bed, and I watched her ass move. It was like poetry in motion. Then she turned around and stood, putting her hands behind her head and I was staring at her beautiful patch of fur between her legs. She had such a breathtaking body. She had the most fantastic body I had ever seen. My cock was stone hard, ready to fuck Bev, the most beautiful teenager in the world.

I walked over to Bev, turned her around, and bent her over placing her hands on the bed. There was her beautiful ass beckoning me to fuck her. She begged to me "No, please. I always wanted my first time to be flat on my back".

I wanted to please as much as possible this perfect goddess. I told her "OK. But your next fuck will be my way." She laid flat on her back, and opened her legs lifting them up. I climbed onto the bed with her, and positioned myself between her legs. I didn't want to hurt her too badly. I spread open her pussy lips, and eased my cockhead in. I began pushing in with slow steady strokes. I reached her hymen, and tried to be gentle. I pushed firmly against it, and gently opened it. Bev was no longer a virgin. She let out a moaning scream at the loss. I continued making love to the beautiful woman. She was totally enjoying her first fuck, and I could feel the heat of her building climax.

I breathed out to Bev "I'm gonna cum inside you."

Bev breathed back "Yes stud, cum in me...make me pregnant." With that statement I shot my load in her belly, and it splashed against her cervix. She screamed out with her first climax. It was all so beautiful.

I climbed off of Bev and told her "You just lay there for a moment so my sperm can start swimming looking for your egg." Then I turned to Chris and told her "See how easy that was. You didn't need to fight me."

It was now nearing noon time. I took Bev to the bathroom first, and Bev and I fixed ourselves lunch, leaving Chris tied to her chair. When Bev finished, then I did the same for Chris, tying Bev to her chair.

At that moment, the phone rang. The answering machine picked it up. It said, "Chris, this is mom. I decided to come home early and spend some time with you; I'll be home in half an hour. Love you."

Chris pleaded, "Please leave before she gets home."

I took Chris back to her room and retied her to her chair. I looked at Chris and said "Mommy's on her way home. It will be a triple play."

Exactly a half hour later, mommy comes home and shouts out "Chris, I'm home!...Chris?" She walks to her daughter's room, and sees her daughter tied to a chair, and the frightened look in her daughter's eyes. Mom immediately senses danger, and decides to run. I was hiding behind the door, and as soon as she starts to run, I take off after her, catching her before she makes it to the door.

I drag mommy by her hair back to her daughter's room. She sees both her daughter and her daughter's friend tied to chairs. I tell mommy "They were both fun, and now it's your turn. You know what to do."

Mommy immediately started getting undressed, and was soon totally naked. She was trembling with fear. (I later find out mommy's name is Pam)

I spent little time with Pam. I force her to her knees, and order her "Suck me till I'm hard" It only takes me a minute to get hard in her mouth. I grab her hard and throw her on the bed, telling her to get on all fours. I ask Pam "Have you ever been butt fucked before?"

She cries out, "No, not there!" I put my cock at her rosy pink opening and push my cock in. She cries out in pain, "No, Please stop. It hurts too much." I only give her a few thrusts in her butt, wanting to dump my sperm elsewhere. I take my cock out of her ass, and immediately shove it into Pam's cunt. She was tight, and I could tell she hadn't been fucked for a very long time.

Her pussy hadn't lubricated her, and a dry fuck was uncomfortable for the both of us, but it wasn't her comfort I was concerned about. So I took my cock out of her pussy and moved up to her mouth. I told her "Open wide" and I put my cock in her mouth. It only took me a few minutes to cum, not because she was hot, but I wanted to get it over with with her. She choked a little on my cum dump.

I threw her off the bed and onto the floor. I ordered her "Untie Bev, and sit in her chair." Then I told Bev "Bev, you'll tie her up real tight then come over to me."

I sat on the edge of the bed supervising the untying and retying. Bev came over to me and I motioned to her to sit on my lap. I told her "you're the most beautiful and sexiest teenager I've ever known, and I think I fallen in love with you. It's too bad I can't take you with me. But I also know we'll both get over it."

She gave me a very tender kiss, and whispered "Please fuck me again. I really want it."

She bent over the edge of the bed with her ass inviting me in. My cock was ready for this dove.

I went over to Bev, and pushed my engorged cock in her pussy with one mighty shove. Bev cried out "Aaahhhhhh..................It hurts so good." Her pussy is so warm, so soft and velvety around my cock. I'm giving her loving thrusts, not hard rapes that I gave to Chris and mommy.

I ask Bev "Do you want my cum in your pussy or your mouth?"

She answered me "I wish you could give me both."

I answered back to her "Maybe I can give you both, 'cause here I come nowwwwww..........................."

I give her a good shot of cum filled with my sperm, then I pull out and quickly move to her mouth, and give her a shot of cum in her mouth. She plays with my cum with her tongue, and spits some out, blowing a bubble with it, then puts it all back into her mouth and swallows it all.

I get off the bed and get dressed, telling the girls "Well, I'm all fucked out. I hope you two girls end up getting knocked up."

Bev gets up off the bed and runs over to me "Please, will I ever see you again?"

I answer her "You can count on it."

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 "Seven Months Later"

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