tagIncest/TabooMy Sexy Sister in Law

My Sexy Sister in Law


I am 27 year old and I got a great wife of 3 month. Her name is Sandy and we known each other for 2 years before tying the knot. She cooked real well, got a great career and she look good with her 36B, 25, 35 figure. I know many of my friends envy me and I am really grateful that I got her as my wife.

Sandy got a sister whom she really doted on. Her name is Rachel. Being 5 years younger, Rachel look good as much as her sister. I did wonder how she will fair in bed, but never thought anything will happen between us, afterall, she is sandy sister and I don’t want to risk losing a good wife.

Rachel is staying with us right now, as her university is just miles away. And that’s where it all got started. Sandy’s career takes her away from me very often. And that fateful day, it happened. Sandy is away in new york attending a conference as usual. I took a day off that day, away from work, I wanted to get a good shower, sit back, drink some beer and watch a good movie.

The day started with me fixing a good breakfast. Knocking on Rachel’s door, I asked if she would like to join me and she say yes. I told her that it will be ready in 20 mins and asked her to meet me in the kitchen. I went back to the kitchen, started to do my toast. Then as I swing around with two plates in my hands, I froze. I saw Rachel walking towards me in her white tight camisoles, without her bra! Her nipple stood so proudly against her white tee.

“Good morning, Mike!” She smile, walking with her breast bouncing.

“Er…good morning, Rachel, u better get this breakfast down and get started to school.” I said with trembling voice.

“oh…. I got no school today, my lecture is cancel. I have decided to stay at home and relax myself. Been studying too hard for exam. Look at me, I am totally wore out.”

Wore out?? She must be kidding, she look great, like she been doing lots of work out. Her figure can kill anyone. “ oh… okie…then what do u plan to do?” I asked, feeling a slight tingle as I look at her.

“ Catch a good movie maybe. You got anything to recommend??” She sat down drinking coffee. Only then did I realize she is only wearing her panties. That must be her sleepwear, but she has never appear in that outfit.

“oh… I am going to catch a movie too, maybe we can do it together later.”

“Sound great! I will pop some popcorn, u get the movie disk on and maybe later on, I will do u a good lunch. Deal?”

“deal!” But I can’t help but feel that she has a double meaning to her words.

I put the movie on, and she sat down next to me with a huge bowl of popcorn. She pop her legs up the coffee table and I notice how silky they were. She must have just shave it. Make me wonder if she shave her pussy as well. She reached over me and grab a beer, her breast rubbing slightly my cock. Almost immediately, my cock sprang up. Thank God, I was wearing a huge loose pants, I grab a cushion and cover it. I couldn’t keep my eyes on the TV, my eyes wander from her toes to her thighs to her breast. Oh, and she smell so good. I got the impulse to grab her, pin her down and kiss her, make love to her. I want to feel her pussy and squeeze her breast and lick her.

“Mike, you want another drink?”

“uh…. Yes pls…” she must have caught me staring at her. Oh god, what am I thinking, she is my sister in law for god’s sake. I ought to kick myself.

She came back with two drinks and more popcorn. As she tried to put everything on the table, she trip, the popcorn flew and landed all over me, we both started laughing she sweep the popcorn off me and begin to feed me and herself. Then she pop herself next to me on the sofa, landing so near me that I could feel her soft breast pushing against me. Then she suddenly stop laughing and stare into my eyes bringing her lips so near me. I stop breathing for a second waiting to see what she is going to do next. She put a popcorn into her mouth and then another into mine, without taking her eyes off me. Then as sudden as it could be, she stood up and say she is going to take a shower and prepare lunch. I was a little disappointed, but I kick myself again for wanting something to happen. What could happen anyway, her sister is my wife.

I heard the water running in the showers and finally manage to put my concentration back to the movie. Then I heard a scream! I rushed to the bathroom, but she is nowhere to be found. I turn around and saw her standing inches away from me, all wet still in her tight camisoles. She pushed me into the shower, grab my hands and place it on her breast. I was too startled to move, but my cock betrayed me. It sprang up never like it did before.

“Mike, I promise a good lunch, here it is.” She smiled and bring her lips to mine. My lips offer no resistance and my tongues slip into her mouth. We kissed with huge passion, my hands moving from her breast to her asses, my cock burning with desire.

“Rachel….. we…. Shouldn’t be doing….. this……” I manage to say in between kisses.

She stop and I immediately regret what I have say. She smile and said “ Mike, its ok, I wanted you, I have wanted you ever since the day Sandy brought you home, take me Mike, make me your lunch today, it will be the best lunch you ever have, I promise you.” With that, she put her tongue back to my mouth and started to stroke my cock. “Take me, lick me, kiss me, touch me, fuck me, make me yours, mike, make me yours.”

I lift her up from the floor and carry her to my bed. Without parting from her lips, I peel away her camisoles. “Rachel, oh….. u feel so good… your breasts is so….tender. oh…” I bring my mouth to her breasts and started to lick her nipple and pinch her. She moan and make me more horny. My hands move to her pussy found her dripping wet. “ oh…. My god, you are so wet…. Do u want me to lick you there Rachel?” She nodded and pushed my head down, she smell so good. I licked her and she screamed…. “Mike… don’t stop, oh…. Ohhhhhh please don’t stop” I continued to lick her with one hand on her breast. “Mike, I am cuming… ohhhh…. Ohhhh” I felt her cum then together with her juices, I proceed to kissing her again.

She pulled herself away from me and I wonder where she is going, then I realize what she is going to do. Sandy has never done that to me, she pull my shorts off and started to deep throating me.” Oh Rachel, oh darling…. Oh…….” I moan. She is so good at this, Sandy would never do that, she think it is down right disgusting, but it has been my dream,my fantasy. I beg sandy a few times, but she never do it. I looked down at Rachel and saw her staring at me, she smile and look like she really enjoy my cock. “Rachel, I am cuming, do you want to stop?” I asked.

She stopped, look up at me and smiled. Then she brought my cock back to her mouth and suck me even more gently. “darling… I am cuming…oh…. Ohhhhhhhh” I came into her mouth, shooting load after load of juices. She came back kissing me and I found no drop of my semen in her mouth. I realize she has drank it all. “Rachel, …. U drank it?” I was shocked but my cock shook with satisafaction.

“ yes, Mike, you taste so good….. make me cum again… please…..”

I kiss her, stroking her breast, thinking of her drinking my cum. I moved to her pussy and found her still dripping wet. “ Mike, enter me, cum inside me, please…. I wanted you so…. much”

I moved on top of her. “ you sure darling?”

She nodded. I thrust my cock into her pussy, oh… she feel so warm and tight. I begin to thrust, going faster and faster and she moan in ecstasy. “Mike, faster, oh… I love you inside me… faster….” I went faster and faster and finally shoot load and load into her, until I feel it over flowing out. I stay inside her, hugging her, never feeling so good.

“Mike, you like your lunch?” she asked with a wink

“Rachel darling, this is the best lunch ever. Can I have it for dinner as well?” I beg

she laughed and begin to stroke my cock and said “ for tea too”.

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