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My Sexy Surprise


I like to share my own experience with my mother.

Let me first introduce my self my name is Karthik aged 20. Well-shaped body for an athletic and now I will describe my mother who was 36 looks great. She looks like she in 30. She got married at very early age at 16th to my father who was 25 that time. My mother as well shaped breast of 38 and wonderful shaped ass.

It all started at the age of 19th like all teen ages, I use to think of sex with my teacher, neighbors and classmates. One day when we are at college one of my Best friend showed me a book, which had naked pictures of girl, it was the first time I saw a naked girl in the picture.

Then, my friend explained me regarding sex. Then he only thought of the wonderful experience of Masturbation. At the time of Masturbation we think of women.

One day when I was in home, it was Sunday morning the real thing started in my life. After getting my towel and I gone to take bath, when I saw, already someone his inside the bathroom with eager I saw in the crack it was my mother with naked back.

Then Quickly thought of going back but my mind wanted to see inside the bathroom. My Heart started to beat heavily and I Saw inside my mother was her back and lovely ass at my side my manhood started to grow then she turned it was really big explosive to me.

I saw her big boobs with soapy and also I saw her bush it was neatly shaved. Then without making any delay I gone to my room closed the door and started to Masturbate. Then my mother called me then I gone to her room she was in her Red Sari.

She asked to take bath after finished when I was in the dining table for breakfast with my mother and father my mother was sitting next to me. Then I saw her hips it look so great for me then one of the plate fallen down so in order to take the plate she bend down the Sari palu fallen down I saw her beautiful deep cleavage I tried not to see but I couldn’t do that.

Then after breakfast I quickly went to my friend house. There in his room I told him regarding what are thing I saw. Then he asked me how u feels? Then, I replayed great but its sin I told him but he told me that she also a lady don’t think she your mother think like a lady then see her u will never feel bad.

Then I asked him whether he use to think of his mother? Quickly said yes and said that he always use to think her while he use to Masturbation. He showed his mother at kitchen they are Kerala’s. So the women always wore a blouse and dhoti. So there always chance to see her cleavage.

But her mother was no way to compare my mother.

Then, I too started to do the same thing I used to think of my mother and Masturbation. Whenever I got chance I tried to see my mother in the bathroom and when she changing her dress and even when his bending down.

I always thought that she doesn’t know I am always staring when she is bending. One day my father told us, that he is going to Delhi regarding a conference. So he will be coming after 10 days. The next day I caught red handed to my mother, when I was staring at her breast she didn’t took it seriously instead of that she smiled and called me close to her. My heart started to beat heavily.

I told my self that she will be giving me lecture or scold me. But Instead of that she asked me that why I stare at her breast. I kept silence, and then see asked whether I like to see the breast, I am thinking whether to say yes or no? Finally I made my mind and told yes. And she asked me whether I seen any breast of the ladies. I told yes and in pictures and told that incomparable to your breast.

Then she smiled with out any further enquiry she pulled off her palu and started to remove her blouse when she started to remove the pins from her blouse my penis started to grow and my heart started to beat heavily finally she removed all the pins and both the breast revealed to me.

By seeing it my penis started to make tent in my Pant and she asked to touch it and see. Then slowly I started to touch it was so warm.

She told me when I was baby she used to give milk from this breast so there is nothing to hide. Then I took courage and asked her I can suck the breast now? She told okay suck it. Then I started to suck then she started to laugh and said you are still doing the same thing when I done when you are a baby she then asked me not to hurry.

Then she took breast and kept in my mouth the nipples are very hard I started suck she his pressing her breast I kept my left hand on her right breast and started squeeze she doesn’t say her word instead of that she started to rub my head.

Then I started to squeeze my penis that time. Again I caught by my mother and she asked me what you are doing?

I told her that my penis are become big and she asked me to remove it I was little ashamed to open she said that, she seen me naked so many times before. So not to ashamed for removing the dress, then I removed my pants my penis quickly come out and saluting her. She told that my little boy has really grown big. The small penis now turns in to length of 7 and 1/2 inches now.

She kept her hand on my penis and now I feel it was so great for me. She started to rub it but in seconds of time I started to ejaculate on her hands even some cum on her face too. She took her hand to her mouth and started to lick my juice on her hand then she told me that it tastes great.

Then she took my penis to her mouth and started to suck it felt I was in heaven. I again started to ejaculate on her mouth she drank all. Then the doorbell rang so we separated my mother quickly gone to the bathroom to clean then and arranged my clothes quickly. Then I open the door it was my friend.

I called him inside, when I was talking him to my room my mother called me and said not to tell any one about the thing happened. I promised her that I would not tell to anyone?

And she told me to call her after my friend had gone. Then my friend and I went inside my room and started to talk regarding the holiday plan. Then my friend took my books and he went out.

After he went out I quickly gone to my mother’s room the door was locked inside. So I called my mother saying that my friend had gone. Then she comes out now she was in her nightgown. Then we didn’t speak any word after the dinner.

When I was going to my room mom called me and asked to sleep with her today. So that she can speak and play with me my heart was full of joy. Then I went to her room she was in the bed waiting for me she called me to come and sit on the bed.

The room smelled great then she asked whether I like to see her breast again squeeze I said yes then she quickly asked me to undress myself and come to the bed. Quickly I undressed my penis was erect. Then my mother removed her nightgown she was wearing a bra and panty. Then she switched off the light only the dim might lamp was glowing.

Then my mother called me closes within a second his lips in my lips. I was surprised then she asked how it was then I said one more. Then she said we could have as much as possible but I shouldn’t tell any one I agreed then this time we hugged and kissed for more than 10 minutes.

Then I removed her bra started to rub her breast and squeeze it was more erect then morning. I asked her it was so erect she replied me that she was thinking him all the time sexy so it made it erect and she took my penis in her hand and started to squeeze then she rubbed it on her breast it felt great for me.

Then I started to ejaculate she started to drink my juice then I touched her panty and slowly tried to remove she said okay remove it I was unable to see the bush. Then I rubbed her pussy then I inserted my fingers in it then she asked my put my tongue in it and see how it taste I kept my tongue it felt like current passing through my body.

Then I started to suck it with in time she started to moan and she ejaculate then I slowly inserted my manhood in it. And with in a minute started to pump her she started to moan loudly now I asked her whether it’s paining. She said that she his enjoying so don’t stop it continue then aster 15th min I stopped and I hugged her and kissed we both felt tired by sucking her breast we both slept.

Next morning when I wake up I saw my mother was in front me of naked with teacup then I saw her pussy very close it was red. Then I pulled her close and now her pussy near my face then I started to fuck she started to moan. Then I got up inserted my penis into her we had sex by standing.

Like then I spent my holiday with my mother not going outside the house to play. After 14 days my father come back so I have to sleep in my room but even then when he was not close to us we use to hug and kiss sometimes my mother use to show her pussy to me when I was alone in my room.

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