My Sexy Vacation


He's still got my legs way up and he's between them and I can feel his dick starting to press against me then start into me. I shove at him as much as I can to try to get him in further. Then he's in. I can feel him filling me. It's perfect. "I think I'm going to last," he says.

"We've got all night. I want as much as possible. You can't last too long for me." Even as I say that I realize that I mean it. I also realize that there have been a number of times in the past where I've laid there as the guy is pumping into me and I'm wondering when he'd finally be done. For whatever reason, I'm really a bad girl right now. I love this. I feel like I'll never get enough.

I cum again. He rearrangs us and starts on me doggy style, leaning over me holding my breasts. "You have a perfect body," he tells me. I've always felt bad about my breasts. Too small. But I guess he likes them. "And you're the absolutely sexiest girl I've ever met. I could do this forever with you."

As I shove my hips back at him while he pounds into me I manage to blurt out. "You might be sorry. I might take you up on that. I might want more than you want."

"That wouldn't," he says as he shoves in, "be possible," he adds as he pulls out and pounds in again. He straightens up and holds my hips and keeps on fucking me hard and fast. "I could do this," he says, "forever!" he adds with a big push into me again. And he almost does. We move again so he's on top again and continue to fuck. I cum again with lots of noise and he keeps on but not for much longer. He finally unloads in me and collapses on top of me. He pulls out as he rolls to the side.

We lay there next to one another. Hot and perspiring. Sated at last. I turn on my side against him, put my hand over his waist and my head on his shoulder and fall asleep, happy.

I wake up. He's spooned against my back. I'm a mess. The bed is a mess. My pussy and thighs are caked with our mixed stuff. I pull away and get up and go into the bathroom. I sit on the john and pee then get in the shower. I wash my h air and my body. I'm almost done and here's Jake, climbing into the tub, behind me. I turn to him and we hold one another and kiss. We move around and he gets under the water and washes himself, with me helping a little. Or maybe get in the way a little. I wash his dick and balls. He's rock hard. I need that. I lift one leg and get it up against him as high as I can. :Get it in me," I tell him. He does and we fuck standing up, me pressed against the wall, while hot water runs down on us. "This is the best wake up I've ever had," I tell him. He cums and I don't. He turns and washes his dick a little and then washes me then turns off the water and we get out of the tub. He picks me up by my underarms and sets me on the counter next to the sink and kneels down and gets in there and starts licking me again.

"You need to cum, too," he says in between working his tongue and fingers in me. And I do. Then her stands up and kisses me again. "Can you pack June's things into her suitcase? I'll take it over to her and get mine and bring it back. If Doug is half as happy with her as I am with you, we might as well just change our living arrangements." So, naked, that's what I do. He pulls on his pants and drapes his shirt over him and barefoot heads out the door.

I lay down on the other bed, naked, and muse about how perfect this has been and wonder if it can last the whole week. I also wonder some whether June has done as well as me. In no time at all, Jake's back with his suitcase. "Put on your bathing suit," he says, "we're going to meet Doug and June and go eat breakfast as we head to the beach."

"This early?" I ask.

"Honey, it isn't early. It's almost ten. We need to take whatever you need at the beach. Towels and whatever." So he strips and gets in his boxer type suit and I get into my two piece and get a hat and sun block and towel, all in my beach carry-all and put on flip flops. We're off. We meet June and Doug. It's my first real look at him. He's almost as good as Jake. June seems very, very happy. It isn't time here to discuss what happened to each of us but sooner or later we will. So they're on one side of a booth in the coffee shop and Jake and I are on the other. Our thighs are pressed together. As we eat and talk I look at him often and touch him and am getting turned on more and more. We all finish. The guys pay the bill. I notice June pawing Doug a little and I know how I'm feeling.

So, I suggest, "Jake, why don't we go back up to the room for a little while." I turn to June. "How about you? Could you and Doug spend a little more time together in your room before we head to the beach? ' As I say this, I'm rubbing my hand on Jake's chest and stomach.

June grins and says, "I think that's a great idea, isn't it Douggie? Lets call each other later and set a new time to meet, o.k.?"

So Jake and I head out of the coffee shop and he says, "What's that about? Why back to the room?"

"I just realized as we were eating that we'd never sixty-nined yet and I think we need to taste each other some more. I told you that you might be sorry and I might need more sex than you."

He just looked at me and grinned. "You'll never want more than me."

To which I answered, "Promises, promises."

So, back in the room we're both naked in no time and I climb on him as he lays on his back on the bed and we get really busy with each other. I tell him after we've both cum that while I liked it, I think it's better done separately, That I didn't enjoy eating his cock as much because I was distracted by loving his eating me at the same time. So, since we're already naked we start fooling around and kissing and feeling each other. It takes a couple minutes but pretty soon I'm standing, leaning over a little to hold on to the dresserwith the mirror in front of us and Jake's shoving it into me from the back. We can both watch each other. He reaches around and gets both hands on my breasts. I have to hold on to the dresser so that I can shove back at him a little as he bangs into me. We keep looking at one another, grinning, both loving every minute. "The way I feel, I might be able to just keep this up for an hour or so. "

Between my gasps and grunts, I manage to get out, "I hope so." He doesn't take an hour although he lasts through two orgasms for me. I have no idea where I'm getting the stamina to keep this up, orgasm after orgasm. Finally we do finish and we call June and Doug and meet them outside the hotel and get to the beach. We spread out our towels and lay down.

"This girl's gonna kill me," Jake says to Doug. "I need some rest."

"Same here," Doug replies. June and I look at each other and grin. We get up and walk down to the water and wade in. We can walk fairly far out and the water is still just up to our butts.

"I've had the best sex of my life," I tell her. "If this lasts all week, I'll be lucky to be able to walk, I'll be so worn out and sore."

"Me too,. " June says, "And he's so nice. I mean almost as soon as we finish, we start up again. It's more my doing than his, he takes a little while to recover. But he's happy to just keep going and he's constantly praising me and my body and how sexy this all is. I hope they live somewhere near us because I'd just as soon keep him for a long time."

"I've never thought of anything beyond this week, I'll admit. B ut it's the same with me. I've never had this much sex so constantly before in my life. And he's so gorgeous."

We headed back after a few moments. Just as we got close to the guys, both still laying on their stomachs, I could hear Jake talking to Doug. "She is absolutely the sexiest girl I've ever known. And beautiful. A real keeper. Maybe we can continue to see them after we get back."

I was really pleased to hear him. I straddled him and sat down on his butt and massaged his shoulders a little. "Get your rest, Jake. I have plans for us later and you'll need your strength."

He rolls over. I rise up a little and stay over him so now I'm sitting with my bottom on his dick. "Don't you ever need to build up your strength, too?" he asks me.

"I don't know, there's something about you that turns me on." I lean on him a little and roam my hands over his chest, feeling him. "And it seems like as soon as we're through I see you and then am ready to start all over. Maybe if we do it often enough I'll finally realize that more is always still there and be willing to wait awhile but I think it'll take a lot more action before I feel like that. I'd just as soon aim you into me right now except we'd probably get arrested. Maybe I better go back into the water and cool off a little. Want to come along?" I could feel with my bottom that he had an erection.

"I think I better roll back over and hide this thing in the sand instead of getting up and walking around with it sticking out for everyone to see,"is his response. "Because I feel the same way every time I see you. Maybe I should drape a towel over it and we go back to the hotel and work it back down. O.k?"

June and Doug both laugh as we both get up and head back to the hotel. "I wonder how long it's gonna take before we can act like normal people and not need to just get at each other constantly?" I ask him as we walk.

He leans and gives me a quick kiss and squeezes my butt. "I'm not complaining. I've never felt like this before and I think I better enjoy it. I'd just as soon this feeling never wears off, for either of us."

And it sure didn't. Back in the room we were at each other immediately. After we'd both orgasmed, me twice, and I made a quick trip to the bathroom to clean up (which I've done a lot since Jake showed up) we lay next to one another, recuperating. I rolled partly on top of him. "I've never done this before," I said. "I mean , spend all night with a guy and wake up and have sex and then just keep on with it and sleep together again. I mean, it's basically living together. And I love it. I want it. I want you. I see it as my committing to be only with you. If we go out dancing, I dance with you. When we go to bed, I go to bed with you. Is that how you see it?"

"Claire, that's exactly how I see it. We're a couple. We're together, exclusively." I kiss him and rub against him.

"And we stay that way," I say, "until one of us says it's over, right?"

"Right, although I can't imagine me ever saying that and I hope you never feel like saying it, either."

"Maybe we should know more about one another. I mean, it isn't going to be constant sex forever. Although that'd be nice." I kiss him again. "I'm Claire Whitten. I grew up in a little town outside of Lancaster, PA. I have a mother and father, and older brother and a younger sister and I get along with all of them. It's a terrific family to be part of and it was a great place to grow up. In high school a guy and I discovered sex with each other and kept it up through our senior year. If I was willing to be married to a small town guy with a low income job maybe I could have stayed there. But I realized it wasn't love, it was sex. Just sex. I also realized there was no opportunity in that small town. So after I graduated from high school I moved to Philadelphia and got a job. Not much of a job. I went to school nights and took accounting, got my certificate and moved to a better job and then a little later to an even better one. I work in the accounting department of the phone company. I've always seen myself as a good girl. I mean, I get up and go to work every day, behave myself, don't get in trouble. But I've always sort of wanted to experience being a bad girl. And to me, this is being a bad girl. Having sex with a stranger and then discovering it's the greatest in the world and wanting it to never end. Or maybe, it's not being bad at all but being super good. So that's me." I kiss him again and rub against him.

"My turn?" he asks. "Okay, I'm Jake Janciewicz. I can spell it for you if you want. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Philly and am still there. I have two brothers and two sisters, who are all okay but we're not great buddies or anything. I almost can't stand my parents. I worked and went to Temple evenings and graduated, got my BS degree. I met Doug in class and we have a small company, barely making a living but with possibilities. In fact, we need a good accountant, that's our weakness. We're great technically but don't have the time to actually run a business and keep track of everything. We both decided we work all the time and needed time off and came here to break loose for a few days."

Then we traded our addresses and phone numbers and by then I was working on his dick. "So this body is mine to make use of?" I ask him, massaging his balls.

"It sure is," he answers, grabbing my ass with both hands. And then he pushes with a leg and we roll over and he's on top. "And this body is mine to make use of," he adds as he kisses me and caresses my butt. Then he kisses my neck and then shoulders. "And I plan to make good use of it," he murmurs as his hands and mouth get to my breasts. He sort of moans or hums as he feels each breast, kisses them and then sucks on one nipple and then the other. He slides down, kissing over my stomach. "You have a perfect body," he says as he kisses and licks me, "Lovely breasts, flat stomach, great ass and perfect legs." He kisses down my one thigh, moving way down to my feet, kissing all the way, then back up the other leg. "And an absolutely delicious pussy," he adds as he moves off the bed and pulls on my legs to get me to the edge of the bed. He kneels on the floor, my legs yo each side of him. "Other pussy's are warm and wet and squishy and feel good but yours is all of that plus being more firm and really tight, grabbing my cock all over when it's in you. The best fuck ever." And then his tongue is locking me and pushing into me and then on my clit. He slides two fingers in me and concentrates on licking my clit. Fuck, this is so sexy, it's what life is all about I think. Nothing could be better.

Then I have a really big orgasm, I know his face must be dripping from me. He stands up and aims his cock and pushes into me and I think maybe it's even better. As he pushes into me, over and over, he also pushes me back onto the bed more until we're in standard missionary position. I particularly like missionary, so I can see him and hold on to him and we're close together as he moves inside me. It's all just perfect and lasts and lasts. I have another orgasm and he just keeps pounding into me and I think I get even more aroused and when I'm about to hit it all again, he starts shooting into me and I have the biggest one since we've been together. He slowly pulls out and I'm wrapped around him and we kiss and kiss. Which means another quick clean-up trip to the bathroom.

This is definitely going to be the best week of my life.

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