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My Shower Fantasy


I am on an overnight business trip to another city, and I visit a health club I have never been to before. I arrive just a few minutes after the club opens in the early morning and I appear to be the only customer.

I change into my kit and go to the fitness room, where I see I am not quite the only user. At the far end is a man who looks Russian to me, with short-cut very blond hair, prominent cheekbones, a big square jaw, and hard, cold eyes, which he turns momentarily on me as I enter, before dismissing me as irrelevant. He is a huge guy, probably six inches taller than my five feet ten inches, and built like a granite wall, with a barrel chest, massive biceps and thighs, and shoulders as wide as a bus. He is pumping fearsome weights, which clang throughout the room as he powers them up and down, each exhalation an explosion of breath. He looks perhaps ten years younger than my 38. (To complete the picture of me, I am pale and slim but well-toned, with neatly cut dark brown hair and a small moustache, an accountant by trade, and I have been happily married for 13 years.)

I don the earphones of my MP3 player and knock out a few miles on the treadmill and cycle before returning to the changing room to prepare for my working day. As I leave the fitness room I notice the other occupant also left at some point. As I enter the changing room he is sitting on the bench on the other side of the room to mine, head hung and hands clasped, naked, his knees and feet wide apart. His pale body glows pink with the effort he put in on the weights and is covered in a light sheen of sweat. For reasons even I don't understand I find it difficult to drag my eyes away from this mountain of muscle, a large yellow bush springing from his groin above his long, thick cock. He sits upright on the bench and I realise he has noticed me staring. Feeling myself blush deeply, I turn to my own bench, strip off my sweaty gym gear and scuttle in embarrassment to the showers.

Pulling the plastic curtain across the entrance to my shower cubicle I try to forget my humiliation as I stand under the steaming torrent of water, face upturned, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of it stinging my body. I am just about to reach for the wall-mounted liquid soap dispenser when I hear the curtain swish behind me. Before I can turn round a tree trunk arm reaches around my upper body, jerking me back onto an iron-hard chest. As I gasp in shock another big arm reaches past me and squeezes out some soap into the palm of his hand. He then switches the arm around me and soaps the other hand. Then, still holding me to him in a grip of steel, he begins to soap my chest, massaging my nipples as he does so. I struggle to escape but it is useless, he is far stronger than I. I feel too physically intimidated to cry out for help, even if there was anyone else around; I am also a little winded from the force with which he jerked me back onto him.

As he soaps me I can feel his swelling cock rubbing against my slim buttocks, slick with water. His other hand drops down my body and, now terrified, I gasp, "Please, no," as the enormous mitt closes firmly round my own dick and starts to firmly stroke up and down it, lubricated by soap. I feel horror at what this huge man is doing to me; but despite myself, my body reacts of its own volition, and my cock begins to stiffen in his massaging hand. After a minute or so of this he releases my semi-erect prick and a moment later I jump as I feel one of his big fingers worming between my bum cheeks and into me, spreading liquid soap around. Close to panic at what I guess must be to follow I try futilely to escape again; then, sure enough, his finger pulls out of my arse and a moment later IO feel a burning pain between my cheeks as he thrusts his massive engorged cock inside me.

His hands grasping my hips, he begins to fuck me with a quick, ragged action. I whimper with each forward stroke and brace myself with my hands tightly gripping the shower pipes. Despite the horror I still feel at being so violated, I become aware of another feeling growing inside me: a warmth of arousal radiating through my torso, and my belly churning with excitement. It feels as if my arse is relaxing to accommodate him, and rather than pain I begin to feel an almost pleasant sensation as his thrusts become smoother and a little deeper. Before long he gives a huge groan and I feel him jerk inside me and a new warmth fills my anal cavity as he shoots his load.

I slump forward, my forehead resting on my arm, assuming that now he is sated he will depart. But he is not finished with me yet; with a new shock I feel him grip my hips again and spin me round to face him. He is crouching before me, and to my astonishment he leans into my body and takes my prick between his thick lips. My cock is a good six inches long but he easily takes the full length into his mouth, then begins slide his lips back and forward along it. It is a long time since my wife gave me a blowjob, but she was never this skilled at it. I gaze down in astonishment at the enormous big blond head of this stranger nestled at my groin as he eats my dick. As I feel my orgasm approaching I screw my eyes tightly shut and grip his powerful shoulders. I groan "I'm cumming" and he continues to suck me, his hands tightly clenched around my buttocks, holding me to him as my hips push at him and, with a sigh, I spend into his mouth.

I slump back again, the water splashing on my face. He rises and towers over me, a slight smile playing about his lips. He takes my jaw in one big paw, lowers my face to his and forcefully kisses me, his tongue, still coated with my jizz, surging into my mouth. Then he is gone. I rest dazedly against the tiled wall of the shower for a few minutes then, feeling weak, I wash my body. When I emerge from the shower he is gone.

I have never had any form of sexual relationship with another man, and I have yet to pluck up the courage to go a gay gym or club to try and investigate this strange fixation further; but alone in the privacy of my bathroom, my Russian lover has given me many moments of ecstasy.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/10/17

Hard now,thanks.

I've often fantasized about something like this happening to me,but sadly have never had the pleasure of being taken anally,least of all against my will.

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