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My Sister


I never knew my father. I doubt my mother knows which of the countless frat boys she fucked in college he is either. When I was 3 she got married to the librarian at my school after he got her pregnant in a closet at a PTA meeting. That’s when Gracie, my half sister and constant pain in my ass came into the picture. At least her dad was pretty cool, he never acted like anything less than a father to me. Sadly, he was killed when a tornado hit the school and wiped out the building the library was in. I was 11 then, and Gracie had just turned 8. Mom, Gracie and I lived almost entirely of off social security checks, Her college education was in Arts and Philosophy, which make great conversation, but looked like a slacker with a scholarship on a résumé.

Lucky for her and her kids, Mom got a job as a receptionist for a software firm. Not the best job in the world, but it put food on the table, and got us out of the roach infested apartment we were living in. After a few years, one of the higher-ups in the company took notice in her in a lot more than a professional sense. They were married in April, on Gracie’s 15th birthday. This didn’t make much difference to me, besides the fact it meant I’d finally get a bedroom to sleep in and a car to drive when we moved in with him. It didn’t make much difference until his daughter came home from vacationing with her mother.

Sammie looked like a gothic version of one of the Olsen twins. Pale skin, black hair (with a stripe or two of dark red), black clothes, black lips, and a black full-back tattoo in some weird tribal design. The only thing about her that was in color was her ice blue eyes. I had and still have a major fetish for the tattooed and pierced antisocial bitches like that, weather their goth, punk, skater, whatever, I can’t tell the difference in them. So of course, I wanted Sammie the moment I saw her. She saw me as an invasion on her home and didn’t say much the first days other than “Stay out of my room, and if I catch you stealing my panties I’ll castrate you.” Well that didn’t stop me from thinking about fucking her, especially when I jerked off nearly every night before bed. I guess that’s how it started.

Now it wasn’t that I was such a loser the only relief I ever got was from my hand. It was more the fact that since we had to move to Atlanta for my mom to get married, I hadn’t had too much luck with any girls cause I didn’t fit into any of the school’s idiotic little ‘cliques’. One night, during my pre-sleep wank, I guess I moaned Sammie’s name a little too loud, because the door opened and I saw her head poke in just as I shot off into the washcloth I was using. Her icey looking eyes got wide for a split second and she stammered an apology before slamming the door shut. I jumped up, shoving my cock back in my boxers as I rushed to the door. I was gonna go try and explain, but the small chalk board on her bed room door read “KNOCK AND DIE” I had only lived with her about a week, but knew better than to test her. I went back to bed, deciding we’d talk in the morning.

I didn’t see Sammie the next morning. I asked Mom and she said that Sammie was gone when she woke up. Apparently it was common for Sammie to wake up at 3am and drive around the city until school started. After swallowing the breakfast prepared by the cute Puerto Rican maid Josephine, I pulled Gracie out the front door as she was slipping her headphones on to listen one pop slut or another on the way to school. When I go to my car, I opened the door to see Sammie sitting in the front passenger seat. “My car broke down, you’re driving me to school.” she explained and looked up at me.

I shoved Gracie in the back seat and tossed my books in after her. Half way to school, nobody had said a word, other than Gracie who was attempting to lip-sync to Brittany Spears, or who the hell ever it was. “Can we talk about last night?” I finally asked.

Sammie glanced at me. “Do you really wanna talk about that with the princess in the back seat?” she asked and threw a long sharp black nailed thumb in Gracie’s direction. I glanced back at her, she was in her own little word, dancing and snapping her fingers with her eyes closed.

“I doubt she’ll notice.” I grumbled, facing front again. We went along in silence for a lil ways more. Until “I just wanted to apologize.” I told my new step-sister.

She turned to look out the window, but I could hear her sigh, and start to bite and suck on the stud she had pierced through her tongue. Finally she looked up at me “Nothing to be sorry about. It’s perfectly natural for a teenage guy to masturbate.” she said “And I’ll just pretend you were fantasizing about some other ‘evil fucking gothic whore’ named Sammie.” she added as I pulled into a parking space.

I sighed and leaned forward to bang my head on the steering wheel as she got out of the car and Gracie quickly followed. I got out and went after Sammie after locking my doors. “I didn’t mean it that way.” I told before we got within earshot of anyone I cared about impressing.

Sammie smiled at me, showing off the fangs she got her mom to pay a dentist to attach to her canines. “Sure ya did.” she said. “And ya know, it makes me love ya even more, brother.” she said and pulled my head down to kiss me on the cheek before going into the school.

I was confused, or possibly missing the joke. Sammie either actually liked me, or really sucked at sarcasm. I watched Gracie run up to her new friends, cheerleaders and wannabe cheerleaders of course, I saw Sammie and her friends, all looking creepy as usual, from the corner of my eye, and decided I’d just go sit in a bathroom stall until the class bell rung. I glanced at the mirror on my way into the bathroom and silently wondered why I was the only one not doing well. I mean I looked decent, I was tall, well built, had nice hair and I dressed well. I shook my head and guessed it was the lack of defining myself. I mean I wore a pair of black jeans with open toes sandals and a logo-less t-shirt whenever it was warm enough. I opened the stall door furthest from the door and sat on the toilet lid and leaned over on my knees. That got uncomfortable quick and I leaned back as I heard someone open the bathroom door.

Heavy footsteps, like combat boots. Great, I thought, one of Sammie’s buddies come to kick my ass for not being smart enough to lock my door when I jerked off. I just sighed and closed my eyes as the boot-falls got closer. Why bother fighting? All I’d do is get suspended and probably arrested and eventually sued. The door to the stall was pushed open and before I could look up to do or say anything, I felt someone jump on my lap and kiss me, shoving their pierced tongue in my mouth. I tried to push them away until my hands fell on a pair of small, yet firm breasts. Hell, it was the first action I’d seen since my mother starting dating, so again, why bother fighting?

I massaged and groped the titties in front of me as I eagerly sucked the tongue that was thrusting it’s way in and out of my mouth. The girl on my lap moaned and I pulled my head back for a breath and opened my eyes. “Sammie?!” I gasped at my step sister straddling me. Her normally pale face was flushed, and her black lipstick was smudged around her mouth. “What’re you doing?” I asked as she started to lean back down to my face.

She sat up straight with a slightly confused look. “I thought this is what you wanted?” she looked at me, and I had no response, I was dumbfounded. She looked down at her chest, where my hands were still firmly attached to her breasts. She slapped them away “But since I was wrong, I’ll leave you to whatever you were doing.” She got off me and started back towards the door.

I shot after her, grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. Lucky for me her boots added a few inches so I didn’t have to lean down to far to lock lips with her. Just as our tongues started to wrestle, the bell for class wrung. Sammie pushed me off and checked herself quickly in the mirror and wiped her smeared makeup off on the back of her hand. “Lunch?” I asked.

She grinned at me again, and I wondered to myself why she liked showing off those fake fangs. “I don’t eat lunch, but I bet you can get my dad to pick up Gracie after school, and we can get a motel room for a few hours.” She kissed me on the cheek before walking out the bathroom door reapplying her lipstick. I went to class trying to get it off my face. I called Mom at lunch, and she said that Gracie would be no problem. I made up some bullshit story about a group project that Sammie and I had to stay after school to do. I was the first one out the door at the end of my last class. I was walking as fast as I could despite the erection threatening to burst out of my jeans.

Sammie was waiting in my car. She had the spooky talent of always being where ever she wanted to be and no body would ever see her get there. “So, You ready to go?” I asked.

“Just drive before I dry up.” Sammie muttered with a smirk. I knew when not to waste time, so I immediately left the parking lot, cutting a few people off in the process. I figured they’d understand if thy knew my situation. I knew where a room-by-the-hour motel was close by, I figured the price would be lower if I didn’t buy the hooker this time. “Pleasant.” Sammie sighed as I pushed the door open and heard the distinctive crunch of a cockroach. “It’ll do.” She said and sat on the twin sized bed to remove her knee high thick soled boots. She stopped halfway through unlacing the left one when she saw me watching her. “What? Was it part of you fantasy to fuck me with my boots on? Cause we can do that too.”

I shook my head and blushed. “No! Well... Yeah, once or twice” I admitted. Sammie smiled and told me to undress while she laced her boots back up. Which I did while I watched her. I had noticed that her pants, which were very tight and made of something that looked like stretchy nylon, had two large zippers down each leg. She unzipped them and the pants got looser, and I noticed another pair of zippers under the ones she had already undone. She stood and told me to sit down as she took off her shirt. I couldn’t help but grin as she turned away from me and showed me the beautifully done tattoo on her back. I was all points and twisted barbs, like something evil had possessed a wrought iron gate, then branded Sammie with itself.

She turned back around with her arms crossed over her breasts. Honestly she didn’t have much to conceal, but I felt like I was being denied a view of one of the most glorious pieces of art in creation. She removed one hand to point, but her opposite arm till covered but her nipples completely. “You’re boxers.” she said as she pointed and I thought she was going to start laughing. They were black with little blue hearts. “My favorite colors, but take them off.” She leaned down and started to undo the second set of her zippers. I quickly took off my boxers, not wanting to disappoint the gothic goddess before me. My erection sprang out the second my boxers where out of the way, but Sammie didn’t noticed until she had stood up. “Wow. Nice.” she cooed and licked her lips. I finally got to see her breasts, from the bras I had examined when doing the laundry a week before, she was a 24B, they were lovely, teardrop shaped and her pointy pink nipples faced slightly to each side of her body. I noticed also that her nipples each had a small ring through them. They looked just big enough to grab hold of.

I blushed again. I never considered myself huge, but I never had any complaints from previous girlfriends. Honestly, I think just seeing Sammie’s breasts made my cock harder and larger than I’d ever seen it. “Same to you.” I muttered and licked my lips and stared more at her nipples.

Sammie’s hand were on her hips, I guessed so they could keep her pants even partly on. She removed them as she walked closer to the bed. I wanted to watch them fall, to see if she was wearing anything under them, but my darling stepsister grabbed my face with her hands and pulled my face up to kiss her. She thrust her pierced tongue into my mouth again, and I pushed back on it with my own. I felt her vampire like teeth scrap across my tongue as the tiny barbell in hers hit my molars.

I found out soon enough that she wasn’t wearing panties. Her clean shaven slit rubbed the underside of my cock as she wrapped her legs, still covered halfway in hard leather, around me, still frenching, and pressed her pussy against my cock and it up against my stomach. Her hands had moved from my face to my sides, almost the same place I was holding her. She snaked one of her slim long fingered hands down to my cock, and rubbed it up and down. I suddenly remembered. “I don’t have any condoms” I said, spitting her tongue out of my mouth.

Sammie smiled. “Relax, I can’t get pregnant.” She kissed me again. “I had ovarian cancer a few years ago, they had to remove most of my uterus.” she kissed me again and her grip tightened on my dick. “And I don’t have any STDs, do you?” I quickly shook my head no, silently shouting halleluiah. I hated wearing condoms, they killed the sensation and made my dick hurt after I pulled them off. “Good” Sammie said as she reared up and rubbed my cock against her slit harder.

I gasped as I popped into her. She was tighter than I expected, but delightfully so. I felt like I was slipping my cock into a searing glove of wet velvet. Sammie cooed as she sunk onto me, “Mmm, Jason, this better than I ever imagined.” she rested against me, her head on my shoulder and her pussy slowly throbbing around my dick. “I’ve wanted you since the wedding. I was scared you were one of those stupid preppy shitheads though.” She started to rotate her hips, twisting her vagina around me. “Hmm... This is nice, I have friends who loves guys like you. Maybe I‘ll introduce you.”

I nearly came then, it was already too much for me to know that Sammie had wanted this as long as I had, and that I was fucking her while she told me so. But to hear she was going to hook me up with some of her friends was almost a sensory overload. I thrust upwards at her, trying to bury myself deeper inside. “Easy there cowboy!” Sammie giggled. She kissed me gently and laid me back on the small bed. She slowly moved her body up and down, riding me and moaning each time I sunk into her. I was groaning, trying to hold back my own orgasm, wanting Sammie to reach hers first, doing my best to impress her with my stamina. She smiled through one of her moans, and rested her body on top of my mine, stopping the movement of her hips. “Jason, if you need to cum, just go baby. I don’t mind.” She said

She leaned back up, but before she could begin riding me again, I was letting loose streams of semen inside her. “Oh!” Sammie jumped like she was surprised, and started humping me faster. Despite Sammie’s best efforts, I started to soften before she could reach her own climax.

“I’m sorry.” I sighed. I really was, I wanted her to get more out of this than I did. I hate to appear selfish in bed, especially wit a girl like Sammie. She smiled and shook her head before sliding herself down my body. Her crotch was pressed against my leg, I could feel her rubbing our mixed juices into my skin as she licked down my stomach. She looked up at me just before opening her mouth and sucking up the head of my cock. I gasped again as the barbell in her tongue rubbed my cock roughly as her tongue attempted to revitalize my dick. I laid my head back down, closing my eyes and enjoying what Sammie did to me. I filled my thoughts with her, the possibilities of us, and concentrated on making an erection for her.

I felt myself begin to grow, but Sammie only sucked harder, bobbing her head up and down and fondling my ball sack. When my shaft was swelled to nearly as big as it had been, she stopped and mounted me again. My eyes snapped back open as her wetness swallowed me again. “I think this time it’s my turn.” Sammie said and started to buck, pumping her own body up and down on my cock. Sammie was moaning and groaning as her pussy throbbed around my cock and her juices were dripping from her cunt and rolling in streams down my legs and ass to make a puddle on the bed. “Oh.. ooh.. Goddanmit!” Sammie screeched as her first orgasm hit her. She screamed and pounded her body onto mine as her love honey streamed faster from her.

She finally collapsed breathless on top of me. Her pussy was still gripping me rhythmically, and I was still hard. “I want more.” Sammie cooed in my ear. I quickly rolled over and stood up, pulling Sammie to the edge of the bed. She grabbed the pillows off the bed and put them under her ass after I hoisted her waist into the air, level with my cock. I lifted her boots over my shoulders and shoved my dick back into her velvet vice. I pounded into her shaven little pussy relentlessly, her juices were soaking the pillows as they squished past my cock. Sammie had taken hold of the rings in her nipples and was pulling at them as she rocked back and forth from the force of my thrusts. “Oh God, Jason! Call me what to called me last night! Please!” she cried out, looking up at me with her hair sticking to her face.

It took me a second to remember what she meant, but I didn’t stop fucking her while I thought. “You Evil Fucking Gothic Whore.” I grunted. Sammie seemed to like that, and started thrust back at me. “Yeah, you like it don’t you, you Lil Goth Cunt.” I went on, I’d never actually talked like this to a girl, other than when I was jerking off and thinking of them.

“Yes!” Sammie yelled. “I like it Jason! I want more! Please, don’t stop!” She pleaded with me as the bed shook. I fucked my step-sister like a pornstar, calling her disgusting things that half the time didn’t make any sense while I pounded her cunt so hard my balls were slapping against her ass. She started screaming again and I felt her juice spray out and land on my stomach. I’d only seen a girl cum like that that in movies. Sammie’s ejaculation surprised me so much that I start squirting what was left of my cum into her again.

I nearly collapsed on top of her as her squeezing walls sucked the cum from me. We kissed periodically while we caught our breath. “You said something about your friends?” I commented as she got off the bed, heading towards the tiny bathroom.

“Yeah, I have friends that like to take control of guys, and friends that like to be controlled them.” she told me through the open door just after I heard the toilet seat fall. “If you’re interested in either, I’d be more than happy to introduce you to them for a price.”

I laughed then. “So you’d be my pimp?” I yelled back as she took a piss in what I knew was one of the dirtiest toilets in the county.

Sammie poked her head out from the bathroom. “Yeah, exactly.” She went back to the small shower and started it, I heard her cussing about the water never gets warm fast enough. I quickly went to talk with her, but only gave her a confused look when I saw her standing there outside the tiny tub. “I could keep you for my self ya know?” She stepped in half way and steam rose around her gorgeous little body. “It’s not like you’d be loosing money, you’d just give me like.. a quarter of what they pay you.”

“What if I just introduce myself?” I asked, trying to get a loophole. “Then what?”

Sammie turned and winked at me as she lathered up her hair. “Can we talk about this later? Why don’t you just climb in the shower with me for now?”

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