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My Sister


Masturbation. I guess that is what changed our relationship. My sister, Brooke and I, are twins and we lived with our mother in an old farmhouse. Our father divorced Mom years before and Mom struggled to make ends meet ever since. Our house was set in between two large farms so we had alot of pasture around our property and few neighbors. We kids each had a bedroom upstairs while Mom's was downstairs. As we got older, I got used to living with two females. After I entered my teens, I began masturbating and, like most boys, did it alot.

Then two things happened that brought me and my sister closer. First, Mom got a new job at a local factory but she had to work afternoons. She was concerned about leaving us home alone but we pointed out that we were both in high school and could take care of ourselves while she was working. We both had turned 18 a few months earlier and we both got along pretty well.

The second thing that happened was a guys dream come true. We had a 45 minute ride on the school bus every day. One day this girl, Jennifer, asked me to sit with her. I thought this was odd but I couldn't turn her down. Jennifer wasn't exactly great looking, she was a little overweight, but she had large boobs. I had no experience with girls, other than dreaming about them while stroking myself, so I sat down with her. After a while, she snuck her hand under my books and into my lap. I looked at her but she was looking straight ahead. I looked around the bus and the other kids, including my sister, were all yakking away and not paying us any attention. Then she started to rub and squeeze my dick. In a second, I was rock hard.

I whispered to her, "What are you doing?"

"Just relax, I want to play a little" she whispered back.

Well, I wasn't about to argue or stop her. I was in heaven and her hand felt wonderful. She would squeeze all along my length and then rub it up and down. She did this for most of the ride home and when it was our turn to get off, I was hornier than I had ever been. I knew I would enjoy finishing the job when we got home.

I hid my hard on while we walked up to the house and then hurried up to my room. Whipping off my clothes, I fell back onto my bed and grabbed my swollen penis. She had me close a few times but now I closed my eyes and relived the ride home. I couldn't believe a "real" girl had rubbed my dick. What a day! I stroked my penis and alternately rubbed my balls. Precum was oozing from my penis as I rubbed myself. It did not take long for my cum to shoot up all over my chest and stomache.

This continued to happen every day as Jennifer wanted me to keep sitting with her and she stroked me all the way home. I would never cum though and had to finish at home. Mom was working, Brooke would be watching TV and I would jerk off until I exploded. This was a great set up for me as I loved the feeling of Jennifer's hands on my dick.

Then it finally happened. I was in my room after Jennifer had me really hot, she was even rubbing my balls now, and I was looking forward to shooting off a huge load. I was on my bed, naked, and was rubbing my penis. I did not hear Brooke open the door until she gasped out loud.

"Bobby, what are you doing?" she screamed.

Shaken out of my dreams, I tried to hide my penis but it was already hard and oozing juices.

"Brooke, don't you know how to knock?"

I expected her to leave but instead she slowly walked toward the bed.

"Brooke, I uh...um, what are you doing?"

Brooke was staring at my penis which was still rigid in my hand.

"I've never seen one...I mean, were you rubbing yourself?" she asked.

I said, "Well, it's kind of a long story but, yes, I was.

By now, Brooke was standing beside the bed looking right at my dick.

"I want you to finish, I've never seen one and I want to watch you" she said. "If you do, I won't tell Mom about this."

As weird as it felt having her there, my dick was still red and hard. I looked at Brooke and started to see her as a girl instead of my sister. She was getting some nice boobs and had a slim firm butt. Her blonde hair hung on her shoulders and her green eyes seemed glazed over as she stared at my penis.

I closed my eyes and started to squeeze my dick. I felt Brooke sit on the edge of the bed but I kept on rubbing from my balls to the head of my dick. It didn't take too long before I erupted all over myself. I kept pumping until I was empty and then I opened my eyes. Brooke was sitting there with her mouth and eyes wide open.

"Oh my gosh", she said. "That was fantastic." She felt her pussy get wet and she was hotter than ever. Even her boobs were tingling with excitement.

"Well, after I got used to you seeing me, I enjoyed it very much."

"Bobby, do you do this all the time?" she asked.

I said, "Yes, pretty much every day but it is not all my fault."

I then told her about Jennifer and what she was doing to me every day. I told her that by the time we get home, I have to masturbate like crazy.

"I would have never thought that was happening on a bus full of kids" she said. "I have never seen a dick before but your's is pretty nice looking."

By this time my dick had deflated and was laying on my stomache as we talked.

She stunned me when she said "I want to watch you every day, Bobby. I won't say anything to anyone and when we get home, I want to watch you stroke yourself and cum."

By this time, I was ready to give in to anything. Besides, I kind of got a thrill having Brooke look at my naked penis. If she wanted to see it, I thought, what the heck.

The next day, Jennifer let me squeeze her boob a little bit while she rubbed my dick. It was my first boob "feel" and it felt so good. Her nipple got hard and I could feel it through her shirt. I saw Brooke kind of watching us and I wondered if she would go through watching me jerk off. With Jennifer working on my dick, I knew I would have no trouble jerking off regardless of who was watching me.

When we got to the house, Brooke followed me to my room. She sat down and watched me undress.

"I can see by your bulge that Jennifer must have rubbed you pretty good today" she said.

"Yeah, she let me feel her boob. It was my first boob squeeze" I gasped.

I was naked and laid down on the bed. As I started to srtoke my penis, Brooke sat down between my legs. She was excited and her pussy was wet again.

"A little close, aren't you?" I said.

"I want to see this up close" she said. I could tell her breathing was getting heavy.

"Whatever you want" I said. Then I started to rub my penis. I jumped when I felt her hands rubbing my legs.

"What are you doing, Brooke?" I gurgled.

"I just want to feel your skin while you do this" she replied.

I closed my eyes and began to stroke harder. I was thinking about Jennifer but with Brooke rubbing my legs and sitting so close to me, I actually started to think about my sister too. Either way, my dick knew when it was time and I started to spurt gobs of cum into the air. A few shots landed on Brooke's shirt and the rest ended up all over me.

Brooke went to change her shirt while I got up to clean myself off. By the time I got back to my room, Brooke was sitting on the bed waiting for me.

"Bobby, I was thinking. Since we are here alone all evening, why don't you just walk around naked?" she asked.

I was shocked and said "What about you? Are you going to get naked?"

"I don't know if I can do that. But I like looking at your dick so, what if I walk around in my panties and bra?"

I started to like that idea and wanted to see if she would go through with it.

"Ok, let's try that and see what happens. I like your body and would like to see more of it too."

With that, she took off her shirt and threw it at me playfully. Her pink bra was sheer and looked great on her. Her boobs weren't real big but her nipples were hard and stuck out. Then she turned around and slid her shorts off, revealing her pink panties. Her tight butt was gorgeous even covered by her panties. I felt a stirring in my dick and wondered if I would get hard again.

"What do you think?" she asked as she twirled around for me.

"I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" I said truthfully.

We went downstairs, me naked and her in her bra and panties, and I sat down to watch TV while she did some homework. I was engrossed in a TV show when Brooke came into the room. She was walking around in front of me and bending over to pick something up. I looked right at her hot looking butt and my dick started to come to life.

She kept walking around the room and I admired her body. She was very pretty and I was getting worked up again. Then she bent down in front of the TV and spread her legs a little. I could see her panties stretch across her butt. Her pussy puffed out against the material. What a sight! By the time she stood up and turned around, I had a full hard on.

"Wow, is that because of me?" she asked innocently.

"Well, you are gorgeous and your body has me on fire" I said.

Brooke walked over to where I was sitting and turned around to face away from me. I sat speechless as she straddled my legs and began to lower her butt. I grabbed her hips as she backed her butt up against my penis and began to slowly rub against it. I moaned my approval and she slid a little higher. Then my penis slipped between her legs and rubbed up against her pussy. I could feel how damp and hot she was.

I wrapped my hands around her stomache and felt her breasts. Her boobs were so soft and her nipples jutted into my hand. I tweaked her nipples while she rubbed her pussy on my penis.

She grabbed my penis and held it against her pussy. I was pumping my dick against her hand and pussy while she aimed the head of my dick at her clit. Her wet panties made the pumping go smoothly and I felt her body begin to shake as she concentrated my dick on her clit.

I knew I would not last very long and she was moaning and shaking like crazy. She let out a scream as her orgasm rocked her body. Her legs stiffened and she shook as her clit exploded. That was all I needed and my dick began to jerk and spurt cum all over her hand and panties. She held my dick until I had finished cumming then slumped back against me, totally spent.

We were both breathing heavily as we tried to regain our senses.

"I have never felt anything so good in my entire life, Bobby" she gasped.

"Me too, Brooke, me too" I weakly replied.

"Bobby, you soaked my panties" she said laughing.

"Who needs them?" I said and began to laugh also.

Bobby could not believe how good it felt to play with his sister and Brooke was already making plans for next time.

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