tagIncest/TabooMy Sister and Her Friend

My Sister and Her Friend


My sister is a sex maniac. She has been for as long as I can remember. I knew about it far longer then mom did but than I had a more inquisitive mind than she did. Or perhaps she did know and just ignored it. But as most boys are, I was curious about girls and what better way to learn then to watch a younger sister.

I began masturbating at an early age, but never really thought girls did it too. Then one afternoon at the lodge, I saw her sitting on the floor, and leaning against her bed. There was a full length mirror directly in front of her and from the doorway I could see her reflection in the mirror. She was using a cucumber, sliding it in and out of her pussy and watching her reflection in the mirror.

I thought she didn't see me, but later I found out she had seen me, but just ignored me and continued. Later she confessed that my watching her made her even more excited.

I guess it was one or two nights later that she snuck into my room and sat on the edge of my bed and made me promise not to tell anyone about what I had seen. Not Mom or any of my friends. Although I promised, she wanted something to make sure I wouldn't tell.

I made my first mistake then. She crawled under the covers with me and played with my cock. Sure I loved it, but I didn't expect her to do much more than just tease me.

Oh maybe I hoped, but never really expected anything to happen. That was the first time I had ever been jerked of by someone else and it was really special. When I cried out: "Lillian stop! I'm gonna shoot," she just smiled and whispered, "Go ahead, give it to me!"

It didn't end at that. I had thought she would get a tissue and let me clean up, but most of it had shot on my tummy and the rest ran down the back of her hand. She shocked me when she licked her fingers off than ran her tongue up my tummy and kept mumbling, "yummy, your soooo yummy, Teddy!"

Then she kissed me on the cheek and whispered: "Wanna watch me cum? I wanna cum now and let you watch how wet I get." Hell yes I did, And I watched her and even played with her nipples until she began moaning and rubbing her fingers over her clit. Suddenly she began bouncing up and down and called out to me as she gasped.

Now I had to keep her secret, or she would have let it out that I had sex with her. Oh it wasn't really sex, but still I was embarrassed enough to think it was.

About a week later I was sawing and stacking firewood behind the house, when she suddenly appeared. She stood there watching for a while then motioned for me to follow her. She led me into the woods and we found a grassy spot in and opening and sat down.

"Lets do it," she said.

"Do what," I asked.

"what we did the other night in your room, you know make each other cum. Ya know, play with each other until we get off."

She's not so innocent I thought, and she has a dirty mouth too. Then she pulled down her shorts and lay back. She had no panties on and her pussy was clean shaven and as pink as a babies back side. I remembered what I had seen her doing in the mirror and wondered how she could get something that big inside such a small tight pussy, but kept quiet and watched her begin to play with herself.

"come on Teddy, you do it too. I want to watch you shoot and you can watch me cum. I can cum lots of times if I can watch you doing it too. Pleeeeese. Take it out and make yourself cum for me. I want to cum while you do."

That was the beginning of the end. I mean I couldn't say no because I was afraid she would say something to her girlfriends or mention it to her boyfriend, if she had one. So I did it.

I pulled my cock out and jerked myself until I was almost ready to shoot when she suddenly got onto her knees and came closer. I thought she wanted to see better but she quickly reached out and held me tight as she pushed my dick into her mouth. I came. I mean I came hard and she held it in her mouth and swallowed. I looked at her in amazement.

" I like it Teddy, and I don't have anything to clean it up if it shot on your jeans or my shorts so don't worry, this way is better."

"Now do me! I want you to taste me too. Come on, don't be a dummy. I taste good."

She backed up against a tree and had me kneel in front of her. She held her pussy open for me and that was my first lesson in eating pussy. I guess I was good because she screeched aloud and my mouth was flooded with her slippery sweet juice.

Three days later Mom had gone to visit her sister for the weekend and we were left alone. Lillian had invited two of her girlfriends over for a pajama party and I went to a movie with the guys. On the way back we had a few beers and I got home sort of early, sometime before midnight I guess.

I heard a lot of moaning coming from Lily's bedroom and sneaked a peek. They were all nude and Lillian was down between Barbara's thighs sucking and licking, while the other girl was pumping the handle of a hairbrush in and out of Lillian's pussy.

My sister was gay, I though, and I watched for almost a half hour while they ate each other and fucked each other with everything they could manage to fit into their pussies.

Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and went to my bedroom and wanked off, cumming twice in a matter of minutes.

I guess it was inevitable. About a week after that we were alone again in the afternoon. It was raining outside and Mom was again visiting her sister. Lillian walked into the living room and turned off the TV. I was a bit pissed but puzzled.

"Come on stud, I need you upstairs. We have something to do and it can't wait."

I followed her into her bedroom, expecting to move furniture or something but instead she began to undress. Turning to me she looked puzzled and asked, "Well, you gonna take all day?"

"Oh oh," I thought. We're going to have one of our mutual cum parties again. Oh well, why not, I was getting sort of addicted to doing it with her. I quickly stripped down and everything began as it had before, but now she told me not to cum, just to get hard and keep it that way, but not to finish.

I worked myself up to that point where I'm hard as a rock, then just stroked enough to stay that way, when she threw herself back on her bed and spread her legs.

"Eat my pussy Teddy, get me hot and juicy!"

I was really getting good at it and could tell just when she was going go over the top, but this time, when she was right there, she stopped me and breathlessly gasped. Fuck me! Put it in Ted! I want to cum all over your cock this time. I want to have your cock inside me. Do it or I'll tell everyone you're a whimp and can't fuck."

I was torn between wanting to smack her and wanting to do it. Again better judgment failed me, and I knelt between her outstretched legs as she grabbed my cock and directed it into her cunt. From that point on I lost it.

For some strange reason, although I stroked in and out like a frenzied machine gone wild, I couldn't make myself cum. On the other hand Lily, was cumming like some delirious maniac. She had a voracious appetite for sex and was bouncing all over the bed. Her breasts were being tossed up and down and her legs were flailing in the air, now spread wide and high, than tightly wrapped around my ass.

We were both coated in a patina of wetness and we were panting like wild horses. It was another twenty minutes before she got me to cum.

She had begun chanting, "more, yeah fuck me more. There, yeah Teddy fuck me harder and faster! Babeeee fuck your sister deeper and make her happy! Yes, yes, oh yeaaaaahhh fuck it good Teddy. Give it to me deep and hard! Yeahhhhh I'm gonnaaaaa cummmmmm again!'

I guess the thought of fucking my sister was in the back of my mind all the while, but when she suddenly began to scream at me to cum in her, and give it to her, I lost that inhibition.

I sobbed, "Oh god Lily I'm gonna cum. Take it Lillian, take it now!" And I began to spasm deep inside her hot body. Almost as if by magic she went limp and panted in my ear.

"God, oh god Ted, your good. That was fantastic. I must have cum a dozen times and it never seemed to end. Oh baby, you're a dream."

So now I was completely under her control. I couldn't very well say no even if I wanted to and the rest of the summer was exhausting. She had an appetite that was never ending. Some nights she would spend with her girl friends, and those in between, were spent in either my bedroom or hers.

Finally in September she went back to college and I relaxed. But then there was spring break, and Mom asked me to go up to the college and bring her home. I really didn't mind but I had made up my mind that what we were doing was getting out of control and too risky with mom in the house. I wasn't going to keep it up.

I picked her up at her sorority house and headed home. About half way back she had me make a detour. She wanted to drop something off at one of her sorority sisters homes and I agreed.

Her friends name was Sue Ann. Sort of a Hillbilly name I thought, and that's exactly what it turned out to be.

A broken down sort of farm in the middle of moonshine country. I wasn't expecting Sue Ann to be what she turned out to be. A beautiful girl with long dark reddish hair and a body that models would kill for.

She wasn't dumb, but was very strong willed and rather demanding. Her father seemed to be the only one who could control her and I was heading for the car and ready to leave, with sis, when the old guy came up to me and told me we were going to stay the night.

"Sue Ann, wants you to stay and that's the way it is young fella," he mumbled.

Now I really didn't think he would use that shotgun of his, but then too, I wasn't going to find out. I agreed that we would stay over.

The old man took off to tend to his still. That left Lily and Sue Ann to fix supper and whatever. I didn't think the old farm had a spare bedroom and was wondering if I was going to spend the night sleeping in the hay loft. It seemed a bit crude, but what the hell.

The two girls were chatting and giggling as they made a sort of basic meal for dinner. I caught them hugging and feeling each other up a few times when I wasn't supposed to be watching, but as the sun set and darkness set in, they stopped trying to hide their affections for each other. My sister was at it again!

I turned on the TV and watched one of the three channels that were on. The girls had left and the house was sort of quiet. Then they returned. Both the girls had their blouses and bras off. Sue Ann wore a pair of cut-offs that were sort of shredded at the hem and my sister was wearing a pair of mini light blue shorts that were a size too small and were drawn up into the crack of her pussy.

The fact that her pussy was very wet couldn't be hidden, the light blue shorts, were showing a dark blue patch where she had leaked out.

Lily came over and leaned over the back of the couch and put her arms around my neck and her mouth to my ear.

"Teddy, baby, Sue Ann and I want a favor. I sort of told her about you while I was at college, and well, I guess I bragged a little and now she wants you to do her the way you do me. Will you? Please baby, She's really hot and I want you to fuck her while I sort of join in. Pleeeeeesssee?"

I think I would have said yes, if it were just Sue Ann but because my sister had arranged it, I really didn't think I'd feel comfortable about it. That's when Sue, moved around in front of me and began to wiggle out of her denim cut-offs.

She had a tight tummy, firm thighs, and a very inviting pussy that seemed to sparkle in the dim light. She was beginning to leak and I suspected that my sister had something to do with that.

After three stiff shots of Moonshine, I was getting smashed. And quite frankly I could have been talked into doing almost anything. I followed the girls like a puppy dog, out to the barn and up into the hayloft.

I guess they had been arranging things during those few minutes when they were alone, because there was a dim light burning and a blanket lay on the straw in a corner of the loft. A box was laying to one side and I turned to watch my sister climb the up the ladder behind me.

I had already had quite a view of Sue Ann as she climbed the ladder ahead of me. With each step she took her butt seemed to sway back and forth and her moist cunt moved with it.

I was the only one who was wearing anything and that was when Sue Ann became sort of forceful. She practically tore my shirt off, losing two or three buttons in the process before she tugged at my belt and drew my jeans down around my ankles. I stepped out of them and stood there. Next she squatted before me and my shorts were tossed into the darkness.

My sister had been watching and quickly squatted next to Sue and began to roll my balls in her palm and lick my cock from its base to its tip.

I stared down into Sue's face as she ran her tongue around her lips, Occasionally glancing to the side to watch what Lily was doing to me.

"Now Lillian? Is he ready for me now?" "Mmmmmmfffff," came my sisters muted reply from around my cock.

Taking that for a "yes," Sue joined her and they took turns swinging my cock from one open mouth to the other. Suddenly Lily pulled my cock out of Sue's mouth and motioned to her to lay down on the blanket.

Standing, she took my hand and led me to the blanket and nodded. I fell to my knees between Sue's thighs, as she lifted her legs up and put them over my shoulders. I knew what was expected and began.

Sue didn't help. She just lay there as Lily knelt beside her and gave her a deep kiss. I tilted my head to begin my part and was surprised at how quickly Sue began to respond.

Lillian and I knew exactly what to do to get each other off, but it was a bit different with this girl. She tasted different, sweeter and less musky, and she wouldn't hold still while I ran my tongue up the folds of her inner and outer labia.

What had kept my sister building up for her orgasms, was working too quickly on Sue. It was as if she were being shocked and she began to suddenly go thru a series of quick shuddering spasms.

I looked up to see what Lily wanted me to do, but she was now sucking on one of Sue's nipples and slowly rolling the other between her fingers. I bowed my head and continued.

I decided to be more daring and slid my index finger into her pussy, drew it out slippery and wet, and inserted it into Sue's butt. She didn't jump or anything, just moaned more loudly.

I worked it in and out, not going too deep but just twisting and turning it as I began to stab my tongue in and out of her pussy.

Sue began to sob. "Oh My God! Holy Shit Lilleeeeeeeeeeee! He's gonna kill me! Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum. More, oh damn it, I want more. Eat me baby!"

I took that to mean that she was ready for me move my lips up over her clit and tease it with my tongue. As I did that, I slid the fingers of my other hand deep into her pussy and began to fuck them in and out. She screamed so loud that the whole damn county must have heard her.

Her clit was larger than Lily's and I could actually get it far enough in my mouth to run my tongue back and forth across its slightly pointed tip and she began to chant and gasp.

"Yeah OH YEAH, suck me! Bite it! Oh god I'm gonna cum again! Lily, Hold me! Oh god do something! I'm gonna explode I think."

My sister never ejaculated that I know of, so this was a surprise. Suddenly her back and ass were sort of rolling in a series of waving thrusts and my mouth suddenly was flooded with slippery musky fluid. Not very thick, but sort of milky and very sweet. I was getting really turned on by her and kept sucking and fucking her with my two fingers until she went limp.

I lifted my face to see Lillian looking down at me as if I had killed someone. She actually looked sort of frightened.

When Sue began to move again it was to sort of thrust her pussy up against my mouth and she drew slow deep gulps of air as Lily again put her mouth over her breasts, moving from one nipple to the other quickly.

I didn't change anything but kept doing what I had done before, but she was reacting differently. At this point I sort of figured she was done and I could move on to Lillian and do her, but it wasn't over.

Lillian looked down and in a sort of loud voice barked, Get her on her knees, I want her to hold her cunt over my mouth and eat me out while you fuck the little bitch.

I didn't even have to help Sue, she knew exactly what to do. The girls took a sort of sixty nine position with Sue on top and sis on the bottom. As they started, I knelt behind Sue and began by sliding my stiff cock back and forth across the outside of her pussy. Each time I ran its head over her clit she moaned into Lily's pussy.

"Put it in Teddy! Slide your cock in her gooy cunt while I lick her clit. Oh god Teddy, she's licking me almost as good as you. Damn it slide in and stop playing games. I want to watch your cock pumping her real deep."

All I had to do was swivel my hips back further and moving forward, I slid in as easily as if her pussy was a mouth waiting to be filled. Oh god, was she tight and hot. The walls of her pussy closed tightly around my shaft and held me inside.

Lily must have been sucking and licking Sue's cunt, but every few seconds her tongue would flick against my balls and run down the underside of my dick. And every second I went on, the wetter Sue got.

Now there was that slurping, salacious sound a thick cock makes as it whip a woman's wetness, to a creamy froth.

Feeling Sue contract each time she came, I could tell when to slow down and when to plunge in and out with a flurry of frenzied thrusts. I was learning her and playing her as I had learned to do with Lillian.

After twenty or thirty minutes, she had cum at least five or six more times and I had listened to my sister moaning thru almost as many of her own as Sue sucked her pussy.

When Sue looked back over her shoulder and gasped, "No more! I can't do it again! Oh god I can't cum again!"

Lily moaned, "Don't stop Teddy! Cream in her! Fuck her cunt and shoot a load deep in her cunt. She needs it! For me. Fuck her and give her your cum! I want to watch you give it to the little bitch!"

My sister knows that I can't hold back when she begs me to cum, so I ignored Sue and began to pound my cock in and out ruthlessly. My thighs pounded her butt, making a slapping sound and forced her to rock back and forth.

As her breasts swayed, they dragged her tits across Lily's tummy and forcing her face to slide over her wet pussy.

Suddenly I felt it coming. I was going to erupt and I spoke more to Lily than to Sue. "Here it comes. Babeeeeeee Take It! Shooting hard! Oh god take it all!"

I was going to just hold my dick in deep and let it pump inside her, but Lily gasped.

"Nooooo Teddy, keep working it in and out. I want to watch it ooze out. I want to catch it in my mouth."

So I began to rock back and forth again as Lily began to lick my balls and cock, then I pulled out and she quickly thrust my shaft into her mouth and sucked hard.

Finished, I began working my way back on my knees and when I looked down, Lily had her mouth pressed over Sue's pussy and was working her tongue in and out.

Sue may have thought she couldn't, but she did. She came again in my sisters mouth and lay panting on Lily's tummy.

Another shot of white lightening and with Sue's mouth over my cock I was again hard and Lillian lay waiting on the blanket. Now Sue was hovering over her and tormenting her nipples as I slid my cock into the familiar tight entrance of my sisters body.

She likes to feel my every move, my every twitch and thrust, so she closed her legs tightly around my shaft and had me straddle her hips as I began to fuck her. I was back to the starting point, and had to spend the better part of twenty minutes plunging my cock in and out before I got close.

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