tagIncest/TabooMy Sister Jennifer

My Sister Jennifer


It's hard growing up a boy being raised by a single mother. It's even harder when you add twin sisters two years older. Yes, I grew up in a household full of women.

Though some things were hard, my sisters and mother were pretty cool. And I attribute my later successes with women from my early experiences growing up around them. My sisters would give me plenty of advice about girls, what they like and dislike. All-in-all, we were a pretty happy family.

Right after I graduated high school my sisters came home from college, the same one that I would be attending that fall. Though they were twins (fraternal) they were very different. Jennifer was the elder by two minutes, and she was the free spirit. Tall and blonde, curvy in all the right ways, she was the perfect mix of wildness and responsibility. Though she dated a lot of guys and went to lots of parties, she always got good grades and did the extra curriculars and everything.

Jamie was the studious one. She always did the best of the three of us in school, had the same boyfriend from 10th grade on. Was in all the academic clubs and honor societies. Short and brunette she was no less beautiful than Jennifer, just in a different way. Jamie would later give birth to both Chris and Tiffany, who you will remember from my other stories.

When they returned home for the summer they were full of advice for me on my upcoming matriculation. They had scouted out dorms, fraternities, majors, everything.

Our mother was taking a well-deserved vacation with her new boyfriend. I filled the girls in on him since they had not met him. He was an okay guy, treated mom nice, and had made a lot of effort to get to know me. Jennifer and Jamie unpacked their stuff and we got down to planning our fun. We met out by the pool.

It was in swimwear that my sisters really shined, physically. Jennifer, as always, wore the skimpiest bikini she could find. That day it was red and shiny, showing off her tits and ass as intended. Jamie, being Jamie, wore a blue one-piece, which still looked great on her.

After splashing around in the pool and generally goofing off, we all lay down in the sun on lounge chairs. Jamie quickly fell asleep, leaving Jennifer and I to talk.

"So, little brother, you getting laid much?"

"Not as much as you, I'm sure."

"Well, you sure have gotten buffed. Baseball really agrees with you."

"Thanks, Jen."

"All the girls at college will be fighting over you. Get in the right fraternity and you'll get all the pussy you can handle."

"Fucked a few frat boys, have you?"

"You could say that."

"I can't get over how good you look."

"Thanks again."

Jennifer reached for the suntan oil and started rubbing it into my chest and stomach. The feel of her hands, slick with oil, felt great. As she leaned over I got a great look at her tits. My cock started to stir in my Speedos. This didn't go unnoticed by Jennifer.

"Is little brother getting turned on by his own sister?"

"Hey, I'm a guy and great tits are great tits, no matter who they're attached to."

Jennifer smiled. This made my cock go to full staff, threatening to burst out of my swimsuit. I had grown up fantasizing about her. I had jacked off hundreds of times thinking about my sexy older sisters.

Jennifer's hand slowly, teasingly made its way down toward my cock. Our eyes were locked as she started to rub it through the spandex.

"Little brother's got a big cock." As natural as could be, our mouths met and we kissed. Not like brother and sister but as lovers.

"Joe, feeling this big cock of yours and seeing your buff body has made me horny. Would it shock you if I said I wanted my own brother to fuck me?"

I was eighteen. Full of hormones. A beautiful girl rubbing my cock.

"Shouldn't we go inside? We don't want to wake up Jamie."

We rushed inside to my bedroom and closed the door. I took my sister in my arms and swapped spit with her. Her hands were all over my back and she kneaded the taut muscles of my shoulders.

I reached between us and untied her bikini top, freeing her marvelous tits. They had no sag as they popped out of their cups, capped by tiny pink nipples fully erect. I squeezed them together and licked and sucked them, making Jennifer let out little moans. Her hands were frantically trying to get into my Speedos and reach my cock.

She pulled away and dragged me to the bed. I lifted my ass up so she could remove my swimsuit. In a flash she had my hard cock in her mouth. I reached around to remove her bikini bottoms and get at her pussy. Once they were off she swung around and offered her neatly trimmed pussy to me. I lapped at it, admiring her neatly trimmed, golden curls. Her clit was hard and erect and I flicked at it with my tongue.

"Eat my pussy, Joe! Make me cum!"

Jennifer really knew how to go to work on a cock, using her hands and mouth on every inch of shaft and balls. She could sense when I was close to shooting and calmed me down every time. She stopped when I brought her to climax, screaming my name and flooding my face with her juices.

Before she could come down fully Jennifer rolled over onto her back and pulled me with her.

"Jen, I'm out of condoms. I…"

"I don't care, little brother. I need that cock of yours in me NOW!"

Jennifer was only the third girl I had fucked and the first I had put my bare penis into. The feeling was incredible as I slid all nine inches into her. She was tight but easily accommodated me and, before I was all the way in started humping her ass off the bed. I met her thrust for thrust and my hips became a blur as I pounded her pussy.

She was a screamer, crying out obscenities and my name as we fucked. Her hands went to my ass, urging me on. I got up on my elbows so I could penetrate even deeper.

I rolled over and she got on top, riding me hard. I sucked on her tits as she bounced up and down and I thrust my hips off of the bed. I wanted to last a long time with her so I gradually slowed down to postpone my orgasm. We went for awhile very slowly and she brought her lips to mine. We shared a slow kiss, joined at the crotch.

"Can I do you doggie style, sis?"

"Oh yeah!" She got on all fours and she reached back to guide my cock back into her. Once again I thrust hard and she let out a gasp as my cockhead brushed against her cervix.

"Fuck, Joe! Fuck me!" I reached around and fondled her tits as I fucked her. I was going for the fuck of my young life and loving every minute of it!

All good things come to and end and I felt my sperm boiling up from my balls. I thought of my sister's unprotected womb but I couldn't have stopped for anything in the world. I got very turned on by the thought of planting my seed in this forbidden field.

"Jenn, I'm going to cum!"

"Shoot in inside me, little brother. Fill me with your sperm!"

I grabbed onto her hips and pushed my cock all the way into her. I screamed as I unloaded shot after shot of my thick, creamy semen into my sibling. She cried out with me, rubbing her own clit as I climaxed. When I was done and pulled out, big globs of sperm leaked out of her and onto the bed.

We rolled over, exhausted. I looked into her eyes, and we kissed.

For the rest of that summer, we snuck around and fucked like rabbits. I don't think our mother nor our sister suspected what we were doing. In the fall, all three of us piled our stuff into the van and went off to school. After I helped them unload their stuff at their apartment, I took the van to my new dorm. I met my roommate, made my half of our room livable, and greeted college as a great new experience and seat of great new adventures.

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