tagIncest/TabooMy Sister - My Cousin - My Wife

My Sister - My Cousin - My Wife


At 22, Samuel Clover is hopelessly in love with his 20-year-old sister, Sally. One day, he sees her looking sad, and asks, "What's up, my lovely Sal?"

Knowing she can trust her big brother, she tells him, "I let my boy-friend have sex, yesterday. He was very rough and hurt me as he broke in!"

Sam is upset. "What a pig! I'd be real gentle if you would let me love you," he tells her.

To his amazement, she tells him, "I'm sure you would, my brother. Well, I rather fancy letting you, so, when can we do it?"

"You know Mom and Dad will be going for their regular visit to old Mrs, Morris, this afternoon. They'll probably be away for their usual couple of hours. We'll use your bedroom once they are safely on their way. Is that O.K.?"

"Sounds good to me," she answers. "I'm looking forward to seeing how good my brother will be with me," she enthuses.

Once their parents are away, Sam joins Sal in her room, "Right my sweet sister," he says. "I was surprised when you agreed to let me do this with you - so let's strip for action."

She is a little more nervous than her big brother, but soon follows his lead. As they stand naked, facing each other, he exclaims. ""Wow! Not just a pretty face, but my dear sister has a highly desirous body, too! Love you hairy pussy! I'm sure I can hear it just purring, 'Come on in.' All right, I'll be in soon enough."

He sits beside her on her bed. Taking one, then the other, he squeezes, strokes and fondles her ample breasts. "Mmm," she moans, "that feels so good!" she tells him.

He responds by sucking and licking her now-erect nipples. "Ooo, you're doing amazing things to me. This is just wonderful!" she coos.

Putting his hand on her knee, he strokes slowly up her inner thigh. Reaching her hairy hole, he slides one finger, then two, into her pussy. "You feel so nice and wet and warm, sweet Sal. I can't wait any longer -- I'm coming in," he tells her.

Taking a condom from his shirt pocket, he stretches it over his stiff penis. Pushing her gently down onto her back, he climbs up and kneels between her legs. He takes most of his weight on his left arm as he lowers himself onto her body. With his right hand, he guides his rampant cock to the entrance of her vagina and eases himself inside her..

"My, you feel so big inside me, my super Sam!" she gasps.

"But I'm not hurting you, am I?" he asks, rather anxiously.

"Oh, no. You are as gentle as you promised -- and as I expected, my dear, loving brother," she assures him, kissing him lovingly.

"Then are you ready for action?" he asks.

"Oh, yes please!" she tells him, eagerly.

Starting slowly, he builds up the rhythm lovers have experienced and practiced over the years. The faster he works her, the more breathless they get, until she gasps, "Ooh, what's happening?"

"It's called a climax," he explains -- and promptly reaches his own, coming good and strong.

"Thank you, my gentle brother -- that was awesome." she tells him, when she regains her breath. "I want more like that!"

"I truly enjoyed it, too, so it will be my pleasure, my sweet sister," he assures her.

And with her bedroom being further away from their parents' room than his, he visits her often -- when everyone is supposed to be asleep. His 'hopeless love' becomes hers, too, with such forbidden love being so much enjoyed as the siblings practice it.

One night, Mom Janet hears a noise and goes to her daughter's room to investigate. Catching them hard at it, in the very act, she demands, "What IS going on?"

Sally replies, "I'm sure you can see clearly enough, Mother! If you need to ask -- my dear brother and I were just enjoying the most awesome sexual intercourse imaginable. And yes, we know that the world will condemn it and call it 'incest' -- but we love each other too much to care what anyone thinks!"

Dad Henry follows his wife into the room and she bursts out, "Can you believe that I just caught our children in the act of incest?"

Sam comes straight out and tells him, "It's all true, Dad, but I love Sally so much and I want to marry her!"

Henry takes it all much more calmly than Janet. With so much understanding, he says "There must be a way round this. Meanwhile, for safety's sake -- go 'on the Pill', Sally."

Since they are evidently going to continue to share a bed, he buys them a good Queen-size one.

He calls a full-family conference with his twin George, his wife and three daughters. Sally tells them all of the love she and Sam have grown to enjoy. Mary asks, "Does anyone have any bright ideas on how we can solve such a seemingly impossible problem?"

Sarah says, "You all know how so many folks take me and Sally to be at least sisters -- in not twins. I always figure that's because we inherit some sort of 'twin genes' from our Dads. Well, if we were to swop places -- then you could marry as cousins."

There is much discussion, but eventually everyone agrees that the plan might work. So Sarah and Sally swop places, live in each other's homes -- and take on each other's identities. When Sam and 'Sarah' announce their plan to marry, no-one expresses surprise -- only delight and happiness 'for cousins who seem to be made for each other.'

Before the wedding, Sarah/Sally comes off the Pill. As an almost traditional part of their nuptials, Sam fills his new wife with his cream, making her happily pregnant. The resulting twin girls -- who, naturally, grow up to inherit the good looks of their aunts -- are the first of a whole brood of babies!

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