tagIncest/TabooMy Sister Tempts Me...

My Sister Tempts Me...


Now my name is Aaron. I'm 20 years old. I'm about six foot on the dot with jet black hair. Kallie is my step sister. She is 18 years old. She is about five foot four with blond hair down to her shoulders, blue eyes. She is an absolute beauty. This is completely fiction. Just a fantasy of mine.

Kallie walked into the living room and sat down on the couch next to me.

"Hey Aaron." She said, looking really upset.

"Hey. How you been?" I replied, noticing her choice of clothing. She had on a short skirt that really showed off her amazing legs, and a low cut blouse that was showing a massive amount of cleavage.

"Not good. My boyfriend just dumped me today." She said.

"What? What happened? Do I need to go kick somebody's ass?" I said, starting to stand up.

"No!" She yelled, pulling me back down on the couch. "He dumped me because... because I'm a virgin..."

"Oh..." I said wrapping my arms around her. She leaned against my chest and started crying. We stayed that way for a long time. And then I said "There's nothing wrong with being a virgin. It just means that your waiting for the right person."

She sniffed. "I guess so... but even if I had found the right person, I wouldn't know what to do. I've never even given a blow job before. I was hoping maybe that... maybe you could let me practice with you, and you could tell me if I do anything wrong?"

I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. She was absolutely beautiful, and she had definitely been the star of several of my fantasies, but she was my sister!

"Are you sure? You don't think it'll be... wrong?" I asked.

"Nah. People do this all the time." She said, having perked up a little bit. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into her bedroom. Now something you need to know about me is I have a control issue. I am a dominatrix. She does what I tell her weather she wants to or not.

"Now take off your pant and let me see your cock." I unzipped my pants and let my eight inch cock spring into view.

"Oh wow... I have to put THAT into my mouth?"

"Yes." I said blankly

"I think I'm having second thoughts about this..." She mumbled.

"No. Its too late now." I say as I stand up.

"Uhm... bubba... what are you doing?" She said as I walked over to her and grabbed her arm.

"You said you wanted to give me a blow job, so that's exactly what you're gonna do" I say as I force her to the ground and put my dick on her lips.

"Bubba please stop... I don't want to do this anymore..." She tries to pull away but I grab her by the hair and push my dick down her throat. I start to mouth fuck her and she starts to moan on my dick.

"That's right little girl, suck on big bubba's dick" She moaned and started to move on her own. At that point I pulled my dick out threw her on the bed.

"Please stop Aaron..." I didn't respond. I walked up to her and ripped off her skirt and panties. I ran my hand across her pussy. It was dripping wet. She was enjoying it.

"Well well. Looks like someone is enjoying having her big bubba take her like the whore she is." I spread her legs wide and licked her pussy from bottom all the way to the clit. She moaned with pleasure.

"Please please please stop Aaron..." She whined, but her heart wasn't in it. I lined my dick up with her pussy and started rubbing her pussy with it. She moaned loudly. I shoved my dick in deep and straight through her hymen. She was already about to climax. I started to fuck her roughly.

"Don't cum yet girl. If you cum I'm gonna punish you."

"I'm gonna cum... I m gonna cum... I'm cummiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg..." She squirted all over my dick.

"I told you to hold it in..." I said with a grin. I pulled out long enough to rip off the condom I put on at the beginning and resumed fucking her.

"Wait, no please put it back on.." She said once she realized what I had done. I didn't stop. I sped up and sped up until eventually I came and filled her pussy with my cum.

"Now you have to deal with that." I said with a wink as I walked out of the room.

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