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My Sister's Friend


Every summer since I was born my family takes a trip to a different location in the country. However, since I've become older it's became more of a chore to go along than anything else. This year particularly, it seemed that I was coming more and more to be the babysitter of my two younger siblings when our parents wanted to go out in town. I tried to argue that I was nineteen and didn't have to go along anymore, but they wouldn't hear a thing, and we ended up in Orlando, Florida, to the great pleasure of my youngest sister who had never been to Disney World. My other sister, Katia, was sixteen and fought along my side that we were old enough not to go along, and while she and I did fail to convince our parents, we did successfully earn the right to stay by the beach while the rest of the family was at the amusement park.

She was in her rebellion days and we got along very well – as long as we didn't speak to each other. So every day the family would go to Disney world, we would go our separate ways. I made a few friends by the beach, playing sports or chasing girls, but it was my sister Katia who picked up the hottest one of all.

The resort being very small, my sister and I would constantly bump into one another while hanging out on each our sides; and that's how I found out that my sister had befriended the hottest woman on the resort during our time there. Her name was Hayllie, she was 18 and a stunning beauty. With long dirty blond hair, deep baby blue eyes and a stunning figure that would've made models jealous, she had every guy turn their heads as she walked by. Including me.

After a couple days into our trip, Katia brought Hayllie home at night to watch a movie. I was watching TV in the living room when they arrived and to be polite they offered for me to watch the DVD they rented with them. So I stayed and they turned on the movie. Seconds before the movie began, the phone rang and my mother announced to Katia that Dad had won a free night at Disney's fanciest Hotel at the casino they were going to spend the night with our younger sister and they'd be back the next day.

Quickly the girls decided that Hayllie would spend the night, and went to change. When they returned, I was surprise to see Hayllie wearing only one of my t-shirts and panties. She hadn't brought any PJ's therefore Katia provided for her.

I gasped. The t-shirt would only cover up to under her ass and here long silky legs turned me on. She looked at my troubled face and giggled as she sat down to restart the movie. It played but my mind was constantly on Hayllie's legs and body; I wanted to fuck this girl, I wanted to fuck her like she'd never been fucked by any of her little high school boys.

We were sitting face to face and I knew she caught me staring on quite a few occasions. At one time, I almost got the impression that she did it on purpose to spread her legs so that I could see her thighs. She was teasing. She knew I wanted her and was enjoying herself at the thought of my desire.

The movie ended and the girls talked about going to bed. We exchanged the typical "good night" and they exit the room. My rod was stiff as a rock at the idea of sliding in and out of Hayllie's hot ass. I headed right to my room where I started to relieve myself from these thoughts. But I heard the door open and a small filet of light shed in my room. I quickly covered my nudity.

"Hey! What the…?" I screamed, thinking it was my sister.

The door opened wide and revealed it was Hayllie walking towards me. She closed the door behind her. She never said a word and kept on walking towards me. I lifted my back up in a standing position, and she simply glued her mouth to mine when she hit my body.

My hands found her ass and I showered her neck, ears and shoulders with kisses. She was surprised for a second at the contact of my skin to find me naked, but she slowly made her way to my stiff pole with her hand and wrapped her fingers around it.

"Ummmm… I can tell you were thinking about me" she said.

I pulled her panties to the ground. She responded by stroking my dick.

"I know you want me…" she continued. "I've been seeing the way you look at me…" She stroked my dick again.

She pushed me onto my back and placed herself on her knees right about my cock and waist, my dick pointing directly at her eager hole. She pushed herself down on it and let the first few inches of my long dick inside her tight lovebox.

She placed her hands on my chest, tilt her head back and moaned. I could only think of pushing my tool deeper inside of this little girl's hot pussy. I pulled out a little and pushed myself, harder, deeper inside of Hayllie's hot slit. She gasped loudly and screamed. I still hadn't buried all of my length inside of her. I moved up and down a little, moistening her love box and was finally able to push myself completely inside of her.

I paused of a minute. I didn't want to scare her. She looked down to her slit and couldn't believe she had taken all that meat inside of her. I lifted my shirt above her shoulder and threw it on the ground, exposing for the first time her little, firm breasts. He had nice, wide pink areolas and I didn't waste any time in taking her hard nipples in my mouth.

I flipped over her and gently deposited her onto her back so I could be on top. I pulled my cock out of her hot pussy fully and gently pushed it back all the way in. She breathed loudly as I pushed inside her and almost sounded relieved when I had buried it 'til my balls.

"Fuck baby your pussy is so tight" I said, breaking the silence that filled the room since she walked in.

I pulled out again, this time penetrating her a little faster. She was starting to enjoy it. I did it again. And again. And again. And before we knew it, we were fully blown fucking and she was moaning intensely. I was pulling my cock out fully every thrust and penetrated her again fiercely with each trust.

"Uh" she made with each thrust. "Uh, oh, oh, uh, oh yeah, oh baby, oh yeah, oh fuck me like that, fuck me like you like" she said after a few minutes of increasing sex.

She lifted her waist a little to accommodate me. I plunged harder and deeper with all my weight everytime I penetrated her and I knew I was making her feel something she had never experienced before. I kept fucking her and she squeezed her tits harder every time. She couldn't open her eyes so hard I was fucking her and never stopped moaning the whole time.

"Uh, oh, oh, oh, oh my god, oh, oh, oh yeah, oh baby don't stop, oh baby, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm cumiiiiiiiiiiiIIiiIIIIiiiiiIIng!" she screamed just as her love box opened up and juices flooded my hard prick. Her body convulsed in the most powerful orgasm I ever saw a woman have. I wanted to keep fucking her and give her another, but she begged for me to stop and eventually pushed me out of her soaked cunt.

She pushed me in a sitting position and crawled on all fours to take my cock into her mouth. She fondled my balls as she licked the full length of my shaft and took the most she could in her mouth, but after a few minutes she could tell I wasn't going to cum and I would need some more of her hot sex.

So she climbed on top of me and forced my cock all up her sweet cunt again. In the process she pushed my entire foreskin back onto my dick and exposed the entire tip inside of her vagina. I began fucking her in this sitting position and placed both of my hands on her small, tight ass. I also took one of her nipples in my mouth and she was sliding me in and out of her at an increasing pace.

She was quickly moaning and breathing heavily and I wanted to give this girl a time she'd never forget. So I placed a finger at the entrance of her butt. Her eyes widen in surprised and she obviously had never had any attention given to her ass but was naughty enough to let me experiment with it. I slowly placed the tip of one of my fingers inside her ass as she fucked me. She didn't seem to mind and quickly I was moving it gently in and out of her ass at the same pace as she fucked my cock.

Sooner than I expected I was pushing firmly my middle finger in and out of her ass as she fucked me. She was moaning incredibly loud and letting and occasional scream when she had both my dick and finger deep inside her holes.

Her excitement got to me and I knew I was approaching climax rapidly. I pulled out of her and pushed her onto her back. I slid my veiny rod back into her slit fiercely and after a few powerful strokes, exploded in an incredible orgasm which sent shooting massive amounts of hot jism into this fresh new eighteen years old slut.

We stayed like this a moment in silence and then she left my room for the night. I didn't know if I was going to see her again, but I sure hoped so, and I definitely knew I wasn't out of her mind for a very, very long time…

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