tagIncest/TabooMy Sister's Proposal

My Sister's Proposal


I was 23 years old with a degree in Computer Science. I started my first real job right after graduation and I was happy to land it given the tough economy at the time. The good news was that for the first time in my life, I was making enough money to contribute to my saving account each week. The bad news was that the people around me knew I had extra cash and were quite outgoing about asking to borrow money from me.

My sister called me 10 minutes after I got home from work. What a surprise she was on her way over, no doubt to borrow money. She graduated high school a few months back and just turned 18 a few weeks ago. She drove a piece of shit car that she invested more money in repairs than the damn thing was worth. She didn't care because since she loved that car. The problem was that she worked a minimum wage job in retail and she was saving to start community college in two weeks. She borrowed $50 here, $100 there and by August she owed me over $500. Here it was Friday, my payday and conveniently she was stopping by again.

Before she arrived, I changed in to a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt so I could start to unwind. I grabbed a cold beer from the refrigerator and took my place on the recliner to watch the baseball game on TV. Before the game started, there was a knock at the door and my sister walked in like she normally does, without me having to get up.

She's about 5'3" tall with short brown hair. She was wearing her typical attire consisting of short shorts with "Juicy" printed on them and a slinky tank top. She worked at a clothing store and spent most of her check buying new clothes that advertised "Juicy" each week. She was convinced that she was saving a lot of money buying the clothes thanks to her employee discount and never saw the logic that she'd be saving more money if she didn't spend it.

"Hey big brother," she said walking past me to have a seat on the sofa. She dropped her purse and cell phone next to her. She crossed her legs and peeked at the TV for a second.

"Hey. What's up?" I asked, waiting for her to ask for money.

"I'm starting school in two weeks. You live 8 minutes away with traffic. I was thinking that if I moved in here with you, I could save a lot of time and gas money commuting to school." She suggested.

She knew I was big on saving money so she threw in 'save money on gas' to win my approval. I knew she just wanted to move out of Mom and Dad's house and get a taste of freedom. I know what a pain in the ass it can be to live in their home under their rules and I'm glad I was able to get in to a good school on a scholarship so that I could get the hell away for a few years.

"How are you going to pay rent here? You owe me $500 already and you can barely make ends meet as it is," I stated truthfully.

The look on her face turned from confident to sadness when she heard me state the obvious. Her money situation was not going to improve living here with me. It was just more convenient for her. She glanced at the floor for a few seconds, and then an idea came to her.

"Yeah, my job sucks, but you have a good one," she indicated as if somehow that justified me helping her. "What if I work it off around here?" she offered.

"Work it off? How?" I asked.

"I could cook, clean, take out the trash and do the laundry around here," she begged looking around knowing her argument was pointless since I am a clean freak and my apartment was immaculate.

"I need to move out of mom and dad's house. They are driving me crazy," she confessed almost in tears.

"How long has it been since you've gotten laid big brother?" She asked.

"Well, it has been seven months since Amy and I broke up," I confessed, wishing she had not reminded me I have not had pussy in seven months. I've been so focused on finishing school and work that I didn't realize that much time had passed.

"Seven months!" She exclaimed. "No wonder you're grumpy sometimes! Let me fix that for you right now."

I was shocked to hear my little sister offer to help me out in that department. I never looked at her in a sexual manner before. Sure, I knew she had a great body and was popular with the boys, but I never thought about fucking her before. The idea of screwing my sister was approved by my cock immediately since I felt it surge in my pants as she walked over.

She knelt between my legs on the floor and began to rub my cock through my shorts. I took another swig of my beer and looked down to watch her skinny fingers rubbing the outline of my penis stuck in my shorts.

"Wow. You really are my BIG brother," she said squeezing my cock for effect.

She moved her mouth to the end of my cock and blew in to my shorts. I felt the warm air from her mouth on the head of my cock. She unfastened my belt, tugged on the zipper and pulled my shorts and boxers off. My semi-erect cock sprung out to greet her hand while she started rubbing it up and down. I felt it getting harder and harder with each gentle stroke and I closed my eyes to take in the sensation, not wanting to think of my sister pleasuring me.

I jumped a bit when her tongue first touched the head of my engorged mushroom head. Her hand guided my penis in to her mouth and she began sucking on the tip. I sat there with my eyes closed for a few minutes while she licked and sucked my cock while using the wetness from her mouth to lubricate the rest of my shaft with her hand. I knew from her technique that this was not the first time my little sister sucked a cock.

I opened my eyes to see her right cheek bulging from my cock pressing against it inside her mouth. She expertly slid the head of my dick over her inner cheek before sliding back further in to her mouth. She repositioned herself in front of me on the floor so that she could attack my cock from a different angle. This time, I felt my cock going much deeper in to her mouth and down her throat. Her tiny fingers were wrapped around the base of my prick as she took my bulging shaft deeper down her throat. Finally, I felt her release the grip she had on my member as her lips made it as far down as she possibly could before she started to gag. I knew she was trying to see how much of my cock she could fit in her mouth, but she was still about two inches short on her best effort.

My cock popped from her mouth and the suction broke the silence.

"I can't get it down," she said, "but I know it will fit nicely inside my pussy."

Although she didn't succeed, I had no complaints and applauded her efforts. She stood up and removed her juicy shorts and tank top. She had a really tight ass with a completely shaven pussy. She turned around with her back facing me and put her arm between her legs to grab my cock again. This time she was guiding it in to place at the opening of her moist pussy. I spread her ass cheeks from behind so that I could see my cock enter my sister for the first time. The inside lips of her pussy were a very light pink color and I saw the wetness on the inside of her spread lips as my cock head slipped in to place at the entrance of her hole.

She removed her hand from my cock and began to lower herself on to my throbbing shaft. My dick easily slid inside of my sister's wet pussy. She let out a moan as my cock continued to slide deeper in to her pussy. I confirmed that the word "juicy" printed on her shorts was a great advertising slogan for my sister's pussy since it was juicy.

I grabbed her hips and began to push and pull her up and down my cock, watching the slickness grow on the length of my shaft with each stroke deeper inside her. I had a great view watching the length of my cock slide in and out of her. I finally slammed her ass all the way down on my lap so that I could feel my cock bottom out inside her juicy pussy and reached around to grab each of her tits while she sat still with my full length inside her. She moaned and began to gyrate her hips in circles on my rock hard shaft, bringing herself to orgasm with me deep inside her.

I pushed her off and got to my feet. I bent her over the arm of the sofa and shoved my slippery cock back inside her. This time, I began so savagely pump her from behind like a jackhammer. She was moaning and groaning as my cock rammed in and out of her.

"So fucking good," she groaned, "Your cock feels so fucking good. I'm cuming again."

When her moaning subsided, I rolled her over on her back on to the sofa cushion and repositioned myself on top of her. I saw the lust in my sister's eyes for the first time when we made eye contact with me now on top of her. She bit her bottom lip as my cock slid back inside her. I put her knees on my shoulders so that I could pump her deep on the sofa. My cock bottomed out inside her and my balls slammed on to her ass with each hard thrust. I rammed my cock as far in as it would go and held it there as my balls began to surge. She had an orgasm while I remained motionless deep inside her. I felt the sperm begin to exit my balls and pulled out of her just in time to shoot a two foot rope of cum on her. The first shot emerged with such velocity that it landed on her cheek. The rope of thick white semen stretched from her cheek to her tits and my balls continued to pump cum all over her. When I was done, my sister was covered in my cum, but she enjoyed it.

"How was that, big brother?" She asked feeling my cum on her cheek with her hand.

"You're a great fuck!" I said.

"You're pretty good yourself. Are you ready for a roommate now?" she asked in a sexy voice while shaking my sticky cock with her hand.

"Then we could do this whenever we wanted," she said with a vixen smile on her face.

She moved in the next day. We fucked at least 10 times per week for several months after that. I started dating a girl I worked with in December. Since I was already fucking my sister, I was able to take more time to get to know my new girlfriend before sex was brought in to our relationship.

Although, I must confess that there were many nights where I fucked my girlfriend at her house and went home and fucked my sister right after anyway. My sister seemed to get turned on more when my dick tasted like another woman's pussy. It was not for many months that I learned she was bi-sexual, but that is another story.

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