tagRomanceMy Sister's Wedding

My Sister's Wedding

byDG Hear©

This could go into a number of categories. Loving wives, Erotic couples, Romance and possible others. A big thank you to Estragon for editing this story and making it a much better read.


I'm John Connors and I come from a large family. I have three brothers and two sisters. My older brothers are twins, Larry and Gary; they are thirty-six. Then there's my elder sister, Marie, who is thirty-four, followed by me at age thirty-two. My younger brother Dave is twenty-nine and my little sister Christine is twenty-four.

I'm considered the black sheep of the family. Mom always blamed it on me being the middle child, but I just like doing my own thing. I'll get more into our backgrounds later. We are all successful, and of course our parents are proud of all of us. All six of us graduated from college. The only two who weren't married were me and Christine.

Chris started to work for me while she was still a senior in college. My degree was in Web Design and Engineering. I started my own firm and was doing exceptionally well. I have now been in business for eight years and obtained a number of large accounts. It took a lot of hard work.

I now have twelve people working for me. Four are web designers and two others mainly do updates for our current customers. I have two salespeople, two secretaries and an accountant. Chris started with me as a secretary and bookkeeper. She also sat in as the receptionist when needed. I leased the fifth floor of a large business complex. Everyone working for me has their own office. We also have two large meeting rooms, where we meet daily to discuss plans and accounts.

Chris had been dating Jason for about a year now. Jason was one of my web designers. One morning she came into my office and said she had something important to tell me. She was smiling from ear to ear.

I loved my little sister more than anyone. I felt like her protector, I guess because she was the youngest in the family. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her.

"John, Jason asked me to marry him," said Chris.

It really wasn't a big surprise. Everyone in the office and in our family knew they were a couple. It was just a matter of time till he popped the question.

"By the smile on your face I take it you said yes," I replied.

Jason was my youngest designer but he did excellent work. He graduated from a prestigious college and came from a good background. I was happy for my little sister. I always hoped for the best for her. It's one of the reasons I hired her. I guess I wanted to make sure she made some right choices, unlike me.

"I said yes. We told mom and dad a few days ago and they called everyone else. I told them I wanted to tell you," said Chris.

As I mentioned I was the black sheep of the family. Went to a different college than everyone else. Went into business for myself instead of joining the manufacturing plant where the others mostly worked. Other than Chris, I'm the only single one in the family.

I do go to most family functions, but otherwise I'm pretty much doing my own thing. I date some but haven't found the right woman. I've had a few relationships but they never worked out. The women I cared for chose someone else, and a couple of them recently were more interested in my financial situation then my heart.

That's one of the problems being financially secure brings. You wonder if women want you for your ass or assets. That was a joke but I think you get the idea.

"So, when is all this going to take place?" I asked. "I take it you both will want a little time off."

"Well, there's more to tell you," replied Chris.

"You're not pregnant are you?" I was almost starting to get mad. To me Chris was the happy pure one in the family.

"God no!" replied Chris. She smiled at me knowing I was the over protective big brother.

"Ok, sorry, I should have known better. What do you want to tell me?" She sat down in the chair across from me.

"There's a number of things. First of all, Jason wants you to be his best man."

I smiled at Chris. Why did I believe this was her idea? She could make Jason do whatever she asked. "Ok, I can do that but he has to ask me himself. What else is there?"

"We want to get married on a cruise ship. We've been checking into it and we can have the wedding on the ship. It would be a three day cruise. Everyone invited will pay their own cruise fares. We don't want presents but we would hope our whole family would be there."

"Wow, that's a pretty big undertaking. Have you got any responses yet?"

"It will be this summer and we figured everyone could make it their vacation if they wanted to. Larry and Gary both said they talked it over with their wives, and they are ecstatic about it. Marie said she wouldn't miss it for the world and of course mom and dad's on board.

"It leaves you and Dave. Dave and Cindy haven't got back to me yet. But since we are going to book this through Cindy's travel agency I'm pretty sure they will be going. On Jason's side, he's an only child, and his parents love the idea. So, are you on board with this? Please say yes, you have to be there, you're my favorite brother."

"Ok, I couldn't say no to you and you know it." I smiled and she came around the desk and gave me a big hug.

"I love you John," said Chris.

"I love you too little sister," I laughed.


I have to go back to my college days to explain some of the problems I have with my brothers and their wives. I have slept with all my brothers' wives. Don't hate me yet, give me a chance to explain. I'm really not the bad guy here. Dave is the only one who knows I slept with his wife.

When I first went to college I had two things on my mind. One was getting good grades, and I was an all-A student and did graduate the top of my class. The other thing I wanted to do was party. It was just my second nature to party like a wild child.

I was in pretty good physical shape but didn't really play sports. I did run cross-country but it was more for the exercise than it was about winning. I did do pretty good if I may say so.

My weeknights were all studying, but my weekends were for partying. It was nothing to find a party going on somewhere every weekend. I drank and smoked weed but didn't do hard drugs. I tried cocaine one time and it fucked me up but good. I don't even remember who I had sex with and missed a whole day.

After that, I said 'never again'. The weed made me mellow and I liked that. I usually drank mixed drinks like rum and coke. I rarely got so drunk I didn't know what I was doing but it did happen a couple of times my first year. After that I was better able to control myself.

Larry and Gary both went to State college and got business degrees. They both worked in the largest manufacturing plant in our city. Not sure exactly what they did but they were making good money. Dad was the one of the division managers at the plant. Eventually, after my younger brother Dave graduated from the same college as my other brothers, he joined the same manufacturing firm.

One thing you have to understand at parties in college, at least from my point of view. Parties consisted of dancing, drinking and sex. That's just the way it was. Both guys and gals drink and before you know it somebody starts taking off their clothes.

Are these bad people? Hell no! They were the sons and daughters of you people out there. It was just a way of letting loose once in awhile. I laid more women than I can count. It wasn't about love but about getting off and having fun.

When I first started having sex with these girls, I thought I was falling in love with every one of them. At the next party I would see them fucking another guy and realize it was just about having sex. By my senior year I had grown up quite a lot. I still went to parties and still got laid but I tried to put more feeling into the sex acts.

I would do my best to make love to the woman I was with. I didn't just screw them and find another. I actually kissed, hugged and even massaged the women I was with. I'd suck on their titties till they became hard as nails. I would eat their pussy till they came. I would do everything I could to make them come.

My days of ass fucking and threesomes were over, unless of course a woman asked me to do her anally. To be honest, it hurt my dick and why fuck an asshole with a nice warm pussy so close?

I went to college year around, so I could get a degree in Web Design and in Engineering. I didn't go home too often, just around the holidays. On one trip home during my sophomore year, Larry asked me about a woman named Theresa. He said she was a senior and also a cheerleader at the college I went to.

I'm glad he continued talking before I said anything about her. He told me she was his girlfriend and that they had been dating for a couple of months. I knew her and had fucked her a few times.

I just told him it was a big school and I knew who she was but didn't know her personally since she was a senior. When I went back to college, I mentioned it to her, and she was scared shitless.

"Oh my God! Please don't say anything to him. It was just college partying, I really like your brother. Promise me you won't say anything to him?"

It was something I faced a few times. Should I have said anything to my brother or any other friends who ended up marrying someone I had sex with? I told Theresa her secret was safe with me. She actually asked me if I wanted to do it one more time to seal the deal. I told her I couldn't, knowing she was my brother's girlfriend.

I noticed she stopped going to parties after that. Right after graduation she married my brother. I made it home for the wedding. She looked beautiful and when I danced with her she thanked me for keeping our secret. To the best of my knowledge they have a great marriage. They also have three kids now.

I couldn't believe how many of my friends ended up marrying some of the same women we all had sex with at college. I guess love is different for all of us. I would have a hard time marrying someone who I had shared with my friends.

Gary's wife and I met under different circumstances. I would soon be graduating and was starting my business. I was at the library getting a lot of the detailed information on starting a business. I was about done when I spotted a young woman sitting at the computer getting mad. I watched her and couldn't help smiling. She looked up at me as though she was ready to cry.

"Are you having a problem? I'm something of a computer whiz and might be able to help."

She was a good looking woman, I would guess a few years older than me. She wasn't wearing a ring so I figured she wasn't married. I got up and sat next to her. Her name was Collette and she was filling out a resume. She was trying to use a standard form and it just wasn't working right for her.

All her information was written on some papers but she wanted it to be much more professional looking. She told me she worked at one of the local department stores, but had a chance getting on at one of the manufacturing plants in town and needed her resume looking as neat and professional as possible.

I switched seats with her and told her that she would have to have dinner with me if I went through all this trouble helping her. She seemed reluctant at first but finally agreed. I sat down and brought up another site and began filling in her information.

I was learning a lot about her in the process. She was a department head in the store but wanted a secretarial job that was opening up and she had a little pull to get an interview.

I would have hired her if my business wasn't just beginning. She was beautiful, smart, and later I found out fun to be with.

After finishing her resume I reminded her of her promise. "Ok, but only dinner. I'm seeing someone and I don't think he would approve of me having dinner with another man."

"Are you engaged?" I asked. I didn't want to split up engagements or marriages.

"No, just good friends right now," she answered.

"He's a lucky guy and if he doesn't treat you right, you can call me," I laughed, but meant what I said.

We got in my car and I told her about opening up my own business and even told her if her job didn't work out to give me a call. I could use someone like her in a few months.

I went out of town and pulled in at a Holiday Inn that was known for their food. I played the perfect gentlemen and opened her door and did my best to treat her good. We ordered drinks and dinner. As we ate dinner, I knew she was warming up to me. I was already hot for her even though she might have been a few years older than me.

"I shouldn't be here, you know," said Collette.

"We've already talked about that. You're still a free woman and can do as you please." I then asked her if she wanted to go into the lounge and have an after-dinner drink.

"Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" she said with a smile on her face.

"I don't want you drunk but would love to take advantage of you," I replied.

We got up and sat at a small table in the lounge. I ordered us drinks and we got up to dance. She smelled so good. I honestly could fall for this woman. I held her close and she didn't seem to mind.

We had a couple of more drinks and danced some more. "Collette, I want to make love to you. I won't do it unless you agree. I know you probably have doubts seeing as how you're seeing someone. If you say no I'll understand."

She leaned forward and kissed me. She seemed so nervous; she was even shaking a little, I asked her what was the matter.

"I have only been with one man other than my boyfriend. I have a feeling he might propose soon and I never lived some of the fantasies you hear about. He's a good lover but I always wondered what it might have been like with someone different. You know, someone I didn't know. Someone I might have met by accident, like being taken by a stranger. Not rape, I'd hate that, but someone who would make love to my whole body. To feel multiple orgasms."

As we sat down and Collette was finishing her drink I went and reserved a room for the night. I went back and took her by the hand and told her I was going to make love to her for most of the night till we couldn't do it anymore. I think she was both scared and nervous. She was reluctant but went along with me.

When we got to our room I kissed her lightly. I could feel her nervousness as we kept kissing. I began unbuttoning her blouse. I kissed her neck over and over again. I was going to take my time and make love to this woman.

She had on slacks, which I unbuttoned and let them fall to the floor. I dropped to my knees and began kissing her tummy. I could hear her making noises while holding onto my head. I could smell her sex while kissing her at the top of her panties. I could tell she had a nice but trimmed bush. I pushed my face against the outside of her panties.

I think she might have had a mini orgasm while I was kissing her bush. I pulled her panties down and put my hands on her ass and pulled her bush into my face. I licked the nub of her cunt while holding tight onto her ass cheeks.

I stopped and stood up. She stepped out of her slacks and panties. She unhooked her bra as I quickly undressed. We both got on the bed and I started by kissing her and working my way down and sucking her nipples.

While kissing her breasts I buried two fingers deep into her pussy. She was wet. I added a third finger and pumped faster and faster. I could feel her juices flowing as she kept pushing against my fingers. I felt her come and closed her legs together with my fingers buried deep within her.

When she relaxed her leg muscles I pulled my wet finger out of her. She went to apologize but I stopped her by kissing her. I put my wet fingers to her mouth and she tasted her own juices. She was as hot as any woman I had ever been with.

I dropped down and buried my tongue in her wet pussy and we started all over again. I kissed and tongued her bush and pussy. She tasted so damn good. After raising her legs up in the air I pushed my cock all the way into her. God, it felt so good. I pistoned into her and she was pushing back at me as fast as I was giving it to her.

"Fuck me, Fuck me, give me your cock. I've never felt it so good. Oh God, oh God, fuck me."

I came hard and she screamed out how good it felt and how hot my cum was. After we both had our orgasms we had to rest awhile. I called room service and they brought up some more drinks, strawberries and whipped cream.

We rested and each had a drink. I also went over to my pants, reached in my back pocket for a blue pill. I knew I was young but I wanted to go the whole night.

Before the night was over I had eaten whipped cream off her breasts and strawberries dipped in cream from her pussy (which we both ate). She had cock à la whipped cream, and we finished the night with me taking her anally. It was one of the best nights of sex I can remember.

I didn't wake up until ten the next morning. She was gone. All that was left was a message thanking me for the best sex of her life. "I will never forget you. I can't ever see you again. I feel bad I cheated on my boyfriend but yet I'm so glad I met you and learned so much. Hopefully I can teach my boyfriend the things you have shown me." She signed it, "Love Collette."

Damn, I didn't know what to think. I was trying to remember her address but what was the use. Maybe someday I would meet a woman like her. She never even knew my last name.

For Thanksgiving, mom was having us all over for dinner. I was just getting started in my new business and it was doing quite well. I at least had my head above water. It was odd seeing Larry and Theresa. Every time I looked at her I couldn't help think about the times I had sex with her. They already had one child. They seemed happy together.

Marie came over with her husband and two kids. She also invited April, Bob's sister, to dinner. Dave came home from college and of course Chris still lived there.

The last to arrive was Gary and his date. I was in the bathroom when they arrived but I overheard him introducing his fiancé. I walked out and couldn't believe it was Collette.

Gary looked at me and said, "Beautiful isn't she, John? She started working at the plant a few months ago. I didn't want to tell anyone in the family about her just in case she said no. I'm pretty sure Larry and Dad had it figured out."

I walked up to Collette and gave her a hug. "Welcome to the family. We're a loving bunch."

I was doing my best to help her hide her surprise at seeing me. I did whisper in her ear that our secret will always be safe.

"Jeez John, let her go. Go find your own girl." Everyone laughed, but I don't think Gary liked me hugging his future wife.

I have to say I was totally surprised. The wedding was six months later and by then I'd been able to talk to Collette a few times. I reminded her that her secret would always be safe with me. I really could have loved her but never told her so.


Let me talk a little about April, Marie's friend. She was another one of my failed love affairs. As I said, I met her at Thanksgiving dinner. I was doing my best to avoid Collette so I put my attention on April.

She was Bob's sister and was a nurse at the local hospital. I had seen her before, years ago at Marie and Bob's wedding. She was going with an intern at the time and was in nursing school herself, so I left her alone. I have this problem about not wanting to date people that are in relationships, but I still seem to do it.

I was sitting next to April at dinner and found her to be quite the conversationalist. At parties I was always kind of the laid back guy, somewhat quiet and liked to watch the ladies. You'd be surprised how many women like the quiet ones instead of being hit on.

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