tagMatureMy Son's Best Friend

My Son's Best Friend


You know how sometimes you just know something is going to happen. Not because it might happen and not because it should happen., not even because you want it to happen. But just because whatever it is will happen no matter what anyone does.

That's how I felt when I answered the doorbell to find Drew, my son's best friend, standing on the porch. I knew the instant I saw him, without doubt or question, that Drew and I were going to make love. And, I knew it was going to be good.

Drew wasn't devastatingly handsome. He was a good looking, nineteen year old kid with short, dark hair. He stood about six feet tall and had an athletic, muscular build. I knew him fairly well. It wasn't as though I were his second mother but Drew was my son's best friend. We had talked before and I had always thought he was a very nice young man. I also had the feeling that for some unknown reason he had a crush on me.

"Hi, Drew," I greeted him in my friendliest tone of voice. I instantly wished I was dressed differently. With nothing to do that day, except for some light housework, I was wearing a yellow tube top, that left my shoulders and stomach bare, and cut off Levi shorts that I had cut too short. The rounded bottoms of my ass cheeks showed and if I wasn't careful when I sat down, since I wasn't wearing panties, my pussy was exposed, too. I was not wearing make up. My hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and my feet were bare. I may have wished I was dressed differently but, if the expression on Drew's face meant anything, he liked the way I was dressed.

"Oh--uh--hi, Mrs. Driscoll," Drew said, obviously flustered by my appearance, "Is--uh--Andy around?"

"No," I told him, "he went on an errand for me. He should be back in fifteen or twenty minutes. Why don't you come in and wait for him?" It was a lie but it had come to me so quickly and easily even I was surprised. Actually, my son was gone for the day.

His father, my ex-husband, was a long distance truck driver. He called the night before and invited Andy to ride with him for the day. School was resuming in less than a week so that was their last chance to spend time together. Though I no longer got along with him, Andy and his dad were great pals.

'You're sure its alright," Drew said politely.

"Of course its alright," I told him, "sit down and relax. Would you like something to drink?"

He asked for a coke and I went to the kitchen, hoping he was looking at my ass and legs. I felt like a teenager in lust for the first time and I did not have the slightest idea why. Maybe I was just horny.

On my way to the kitchen, I passed the hallway mirror and paused to study my reflection. I was forty two years old and had three kids. Andy was the only one still living at home. Despite the way I was dressed, or maybe because of it, I still looked good.

I was five-six and had shoulder length,bleached blond hair. My face, without make up, showed it's age but I was still pretty. My body wasn't as lean as it had been twenty years ago but I had gained only twenty pounds. I might have been a little chubby but I was far from being fat. I had C cup breasts, still full and firm, a nice ass and great legs.

"Thank you, Mrs. Driscoll," Drew said when I handed him the coke.

"Just call me Brenda," I told him.

I sat down across from him and from the way his eyes suddenly widened, I must have flashed my pussy at him. I was pretty sure I could see a bulge growing in the front of his jeans. He looked nervous, almost scared, and I was enjoying it.

We made small talk, family, school, his part time job. Finally, we got around to what I wanted to talk about.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked him.

"No," Drew answered, "I mean, I date but there's no one special."

"That's too bad," I said, "a young guy like you needs a regular girlfriend, someone to relax with, someone who can relax you."

"I don't know," Drew said, his nervousness increasing, "that is--uh--I mean--I never--"

"Are you saying that you never had a woman?" I asked, "A good looking young man like you."

Drew looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He wanted to run but didn't know where. ''No ma'am,'' he said, ''I mean, I'm not a ---''

''You can tell me,'' I said, ''I'd really like to know.''

''I had a girlfriend,'' Drew told me, obviously nervous, ''we had sex twice, in the back seat of my car. Then she got nervous about getting pregnant, even though I used a condom. She wouldn't let me--you know--and finally we broke up.''

''That's too bad,'' I said, a plan suddenly taking shape in my mind. I stood up and slowly walked towards him. "Do you like my legs?" I asked.

"Y...y...yes," Drew stammered, his eyes wide, his mouth open.

"How about my ass?" I asked, turning my back to him and looking over my shoulder, "Do you like my ass?"

"Its beautiful," he told me, "you're beautiful."

Facing him again, I hooked my thumbs in the top of the elastic tube that covered my breasts, lowering it a couple inches. "Would you like to see my breasts?" I asked, "I'll take my top off if you say yes. In fact, if you want me to, I'll take my shorts off. But if I do, you have to take your clothes off, too."

Drew was sweating. He had an expression of fear mixed with desire. I could clearly see the bulge in his jeans. A very large bulge. Teasing Drew had been fun but it had gone beyond teasing. I could feel the moisture of my vagina spreading onto the tops of my thighs.

"Would you like to come upstairs with me?" I asked, offering him my hand.

"What about Andy?" Drew wanted to know, reaching for my hand.

"He won't be home until late," I said, ''Don't worry about Andy.'' I took Drew's hand in mine and led him upstairs to my bedroom.

Drew stood at the foot of the bed as I unbuttoned his shirt. I pushed his shirt back, off his shoulders and down his arms. He wasn't wearing a T shirt and I could not resist rubbing my palms against his hairless, muscular chest.

As I unbuckled his belt, he said in a hoarse whisper, "Take your top off."

"You do it," I told him, sticking my hands straight up. He pulled my tube top up and off, exposing my breasts. His eyes were fixed on my chest. I took his hands and placed them on my bare breasts, letting him rub and squeeze the large globes as I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans.

Once his pants were open, I put my hands on his head, forcing his face down to my breasts. "Suck the nipples," I told him, directing his mouth to my right breast. He sucked the nipple with short, fast pulls, each one shooting pleasure into my crotch.

I moved his face to my other breast and he continued sucking. "Bite it," I told him, "Not hard. Just take the nipple between your teeth and pull it."

"Yes, yes, yes," I chanted as I moved his mouth back to my right breasts, "god, it feels so good. So fucking good.'' Drew caught on quickly.

Slowly, I pulled away. As I did, I unbuttoned and pushed down my shorts. "Did you ever see a woman completely naked before?" I asked Drew.

"No," Drew said, his voice strained.

I kicked my shorts away then spun around slowly with my arms out, "So what do you think?" I asked. But before he could answer, I dropped to my knees.

Drew's pants were already down around his knees. I pulled off his shoes and socks and got his pants free of his feet. Then, I turned my attention to his briefs.

The bulge in the front of his shorts was bigger than I had thought and I could not tease Drew. or myself. any longer. I hooked my fingers in the elastic waist band and pulled the underwear down around his ankles.

If I had known what Drew had between his legs I might have seduced him much sooner. His cock was eight inches long and so thick it looked fat. I could feel my juices flooding my over-heated pussy, overflowing it and trickling onto my upper thighs.

Looking up at Drew's face, I gripped the base of the shaft, opened my mouth and let him watch his cock disappear between my lips. He groaned loudly as I tightened my lips around the middle of the shaft and sucked the fat pole of hard flesh in and out of my mouth.

"Oh, god," Drew rasped, "I think I'm going to cum."

"Go ahead, baby," I told him, breathing hard, "You can cum. I want to taste it and feel it shooting into my mouth." I lowered my free hand and fingered myself, rubbing my clit as I sucked Drew deep into my mouth.

"Uh--oh--I'm cumming," Drew gasped as his hips moved back and forth. His hands gripped the sides of my head and he began fucking my face with long, deep strokes. He groaned loudly and his cum, hot and thick, shot into my mouth. I pulled back and, with my eyes closed, let the rest of his creamy load shoot across my lips and cheeks and nose in long, hot streaks.

When he finally stopped cumming, he fell back on the bed, "Oh, WOW."

I swallowed what was in my mouth and went into the bathroom to towel Drew's cum off my face. When I came back, I stood in front of Drew and asked, ''Did you like that?''

He looked up at me, smiled, and asked, "Can I fuck you now?''

It was sooner than I had expected but I was more than ready to have his cock inside me. I pushed him back onto the bed and straddled his hips. Slowly, I impaled myself on his stiff rod, watching his expression change from nervous anticipation to complete ecstasy.

I pumped my hips up and down, lost in the sensation of Drew's over sized cock filling me, slowly withdrawing, then filling me again, completely. My orgasm built slowly, reaching it's peak just as Drew's throbbing member began spurting. I pressed my breasts against his chest and my lips down on his lips, as hot cream flowed into my belly.

Drew went into the bathroom and I went downstairs to get something for us to eat and drink. For the next hour and a half, we ate and drank, talked and laughed, then kissed and touched. As I lay on the bed, telling him, suggesting what he should do, Drew massaged my breasts, squeezing and pulling the nipples as he kissed my mouth, my face, my neck. Then he kissed and sucked my breasts while he rubbed my clitoris and finger fucked me. He kissed his way down my stomach, my belly, and finally between my legs.

As he licked and sucked me, I told him to swing one leg over me so I could suck him, too.. Then we rolled over and, lying on top of him, I sucked and licked until his cock and balls were coated with saliva. As Drew licked and sucked me, his fingers fully explored my pussy and ass. After a long sixty nine, he got between my legs, fucking me for what seemed a very long time. We both experienced a strong, exhausting orgasm.

Afterward, we slept for more than two hours.

A few days later, while waiting for a load of clothes to dry, I figured out that during twelve years of marriage, my husband and I made love more than fifteen hundred times. Fifteen hundred times in twelve years and not once had it been even close to what I experienced in six hours with Drew.

It had been a perfect afternoon.

Sometimes, you just know.

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