tagMatureMy Son's Best Friend Ch. 01

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 01


This is my first attempt at writing. Most of the events I've written about below are mainly true, with a little flair added. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


My name is Jenna Smith, I'm 47 years old and have been divorced now for a little over a year. When Donald and I decided to get divorced, it was quite mutual; none of that screaming or sleeping around you see on TV, we'd simply grown apart, and Matt, our youngest son, was old enough now how the world worked. He was nearing graduation and would be leaving for his first year of college soon, and we made sure that he understood what was happening. To be honest, I think that our two oldest sons, Greg and Steve, had a much more difficult time dealing with the situation, but that may have been because they'd moved out years ago and hadn't seen the signs that Matt had seen.

As the divorce settled, everything remained civil; I'd remained in the house with Matt, and Donald moved across town, which was much closer to his work anyways. The first few days were awkward, not having him there, but that soon passed.

Life went back to normal for me, and Matt finished up his senior year of school with flying colors. He spent most of that summer before college doing what he always did; spending lots of time with his girlfriend Vanessa and his best friend Alex. She was a sweet girl that Matt had known for years in school, and Alex was his best friend since they were children, having met in kindergarten. Alex and Matt did everything together from being in the same classes, to swimming and running on the school team.

As for me personally, being divorced for some reason had me feeling all of a sudden very self-conscious about my body. It wasn't that I'd gotten super fat or anything, but I think all women can agree that once they're married, they tend to let certain things go and not focus much on the looks department (and their husbands too, for that matter). Getting back into the routine wasn't difficult, I'd always enjoyed swimming and yoga, but it seems that I'd let that slip in the last few years. Soon I was back in the pool every morning at 6am before work, and twice a week there was a Yoga studio not far from the office, so it was soon part of my day, leaving work for a nice stretch. One Saturday morning after a particularly intense swim I caught a glimpse of some toning and definition in my tummy. I was ecstatic! I felt like a teenager again; well, that's about the last time I'd seen any kind of muscle around that area! I'd gotten into what was probably the best shape I could be in for my age, at 5'5 with shoulder length dark hair, I'd dropped down to 145 lbs., which is what I was at before having kids. My breasts were at a 38D, a nice size considering my recently narrowing waistline.

I felt like I was on top of the world. I quickly dressed with a black, silky thong underneath my tight new black yoga pants and a matching push-up bra, not that my breasts needed much of the lift these days (this was new too, I've seen all the young girls parading around in them, but I'd never had the guts to wear them myself until recently) and a white t-shirt that was nicely fitted to my body. I left the ladies change room and proceeded down the hall back to the main entrance of the rec centre, when something caught my eye; I don't know what came over me, but down the hall I saw an athletic young man bent over, tying his shoelaces. The way he was positioned gave me a great view of his butt, and it looked amazing: nice, tight, and muscular to boot. He shifted his weight slightly as he moved to tie the other shoe, I wasn't even aware of my staring, or my grin from ear to ear that had crept onto my face. As I was about to pass by, he stood and turned towards me.

"Hey Mrs. Smith" Alex said to me. I almost fell back from shock, it was Matt's best friend, the boy I'd watched grow up! I quickly regained myself and responded, "Hi Alex, it's just Ms. now, no need for the Mrs."

Alex looked a little embarrassed and sheepishly replied "Sorry about that Ms. Smith, I guess I was used to saying it the other way." He looked down a little bit and didn't seem to know what to say now.

"Don't even worry about it Alex, it's completely fine, you're not the first to have called me that, it's no big deal." I waved my hand in a gesture to show that it was not any sort of issue. "Just going to work out now?"

Alex replied, "Yes Ms. Smith, Matt wants to get together later for some beers and videogames so I thought I'd hit the gym now."

"As per usual then I guess" I laughed lightly. With school out, they seemed to be playing those new games all the time. "I'll see you later then, Alex."

"See you" Alex turned and walked towards the weight room. I instinctively found my eyes being glued to his body once more. When had Alex grown into such an attractive young man? Even stranger, I'd felt that tingle between my legs that I hadn't felt in what years.

The rest of my morning was uneventful as I picked up a few things for dinner. Matt had gone out shopping with his girlfriend and wouldn't be back for another two hours. That afternoon had turned into a particularly warm one, and as I stood cutting vegetables in the kitchen I felt the heat start to get to me, a drop of perspiration sliding down the back of my neck.

"I need to get into something lighter", I thought to myself. Moving from the kitchen to the stairs leading to the master bedroom, I slipped out of my yoga pants and shirt; standing in front of the mirror and admiring the sight in front of me, wearing only my matching set of black thong and bra. "Not bad Jenna, not bad at all." After pawing through my dresser and pulling out a number of shorts that I didn't want to wear, I thought, "There's no one home, I'll just finish prepping dinner in this and then change before Matt gets home."

As I made my way back, I realized it was likely the first time I'd walked through the house donning only bra and panties since before the kids were born. The kitchen felt much, much cooler now as I returned to the cutting board. Soon I was finished prepping the meal and placing it into the oven. I was bent over and putting it down when I heard a quick gasp for air behind me and a very surprised "Oh!"

I spun around and half-shrieked, surprised to see Alex standing their completely dumbfounded and staring wide-eyed at his best friend's nearly naked mother.

Alex immediately began pleading "Crap! I'm sorry! I didn't think you'd be dressed like this!" He looked terrified, and at the same time did not seem to take his gaze away from my body, looking up and down, focusing on my chest.

I had instinctively placed my arms over my chest, but hearing his voice didn't seem to phase me, rather I'd calmed down almost immediately and felt a sudden rush, a turn on in having him see me this way. "Young man," I began, "You do not simply walk into this house assuming anything."

Alex turned an even brighter shade of red, his head somehow sinking deeper into his shoulders. He looked as though he were going to begin apologizing all over again when I pre-empted him, "I don't want to hear an apology young man, I want to hear an explanation."

"I'm sorry," Alex began, "I didn't mean to walk in and see you like this, I just finished early at the gym and Matt texted me saying I should could come over whenever to start playing Halo, we're stuck on one level and we wanted to get through it tonight."

I'd heard this before, it wasn't uncommon for Alex to come over before Matt had arrived, but the longer he stood there looking sheepishly at me wearing so little, the more I felt like I wanted to push things further. Uncrossing my arms from my chest and placing my hands on my hips, I pushed one hip out slightly to the right and said "Well I suppose it's not entirely your fault then", I paused mid-sentence, an idea creeping into my mind, "Just don't tell Matt you saw me like this, or he'll be mad at me." This was perfect; I knew he would never tell my son anyways, no one would tell their best friend they'd walked in on their mother wearing virtually nothing. Eyeing Alex up and down now, I saw he was wearing a loose pair of black basketball shorts with a dark blue t-shirt that nicely outlined his muscular torso.

Alex nodded his head eagerly, saying "Of course Ms. Smith, I won't say a thing" as he started to back out towards the kitchen door. Almost instinctively, before he could exit, I grabbed the small step-ladder next to the garbage and said "Well wait a second Alex, as long as you're here, would you mind helping me grab some of the glasses from the top shelf?"

I don't know what came over me, but I loved the feeling I was getting from being here in the kitchen like this; wearing nothing but my bra and thong with this young, virile stud so close, it was making it hard to focus on anything else. Alex stopped and slowly nodded his head again, trying to wrap his mind around the idea that I was asking for help while wearing so little. I placed the step-ladder in front of the tallest cabinet and stood on the second step, facing away from Alex now and giving him a perfect view of my butt and the thin bit of material between my cheeks. Opening the cabinet, I took two of the glasses in my hands and looked over my shoulder to see Alex, still near the doorway and looking unsure of himself. "Well, would you please take these from me and place them on the table?"

Alex snapped out of his trance and bounded over to me, almost tripping over his feet in the process, as he took the two glasses from me and placed them on the table. I took two more glasses out and repeated the process. As he placed the last two glasses on the table, I said, "Thank you Alex, now would you come over here and help me down?" The request itself was ridiculous; the step-ladder was a total of two steps, barely three feet above the ground, but that didn't stop Alex from quickly stepping in front of me and offering me his hand. Placing my seemingly tiny hand in his strong, muscular grasp made my legs feel all soft and jello-like, and once I was standing back on the ground I turned around to pick up the step-ladder, giving Alex one more view of my behind. "Thanks again for your help Alex. I'm going to go get dressed, if you want to get to your video game then go right on ahead, but remember, this is our little secret."

And with that, I walked towards the doorway leading into the living room area, swaying my hips just a little more than I normally would have. As I walked up the stairs from the living room and reached master bedroom with a number of different thoughts racing through my mind; what had I done? Did Alex enjoy what he saw? Regardless, the entire scene replaying in my mind made me very excited to have him in the house, alone.

My thoughts were interrupted midway as the phone rang next to me on the bedside table. Answering it, I heard Matt's voice was on the other end; "Hey mom, I'm at the mall with Vanessa and I'm going to be a little late coming home. I can't get a hold of Alex, if he comes over can you let him know I'll still be a couple of hours? He'll probably be in the living room playing Halo."

"Sure sweetie," I began, "no problem at all. Dinner will be ready when you get home. Alex is over now, but I think he'll be fine, I'll look after him." My mind was already playing out the events I had in store.

"Thanks mom" replied Matt, and as I hung up the phone, I found myself walking towards the dresser and digging deep into one of the drawers with clothing I seldom used. I was literally pulling out almost all of the clothing in the drawer, looking for that one specific piece. With nearly the entire dresser contents thrown onto the floor I thought to myself, "Where is that...aha!" About a year ago, I had mentioned to my friend Emily that Donald and I had not had sex in months, and as a half-joke, yet half-serious, she'd gone out and bought me a naughty school-girl outfit, complete with a (very) short red-black plaid skirt, and a matching plaid tie. Unfortunately, not having sex with Donald was a mutual occurrence, and I hadn't really had much interest in trying to kick-start anything in the bedroom at the time, and on top of that, the skirt was just a little too tight on me to wear (not tight in the sexy way it was intended, but simply not looking good from my point of view). I now held the skirt in front of me, wicked ideas racing through my mind on how to spend the next couple of hours with Alex.

I unhooked and removed my bra, electing to put on a new bright red bikini top that I'd recently bought for an upcoming trip to the Mexico with my girlfriends. I'd bought the top about three months ago, and yet now it seemed a little too small for me, covering the majority of my breasts but leaving plenty visible on the sides. I slipped off my black thong and replaced it with a matching bright red one. The skirt itself wrapped around my waist and latched on the side with three small hooks. Standing in front of the mirror, I knew I looked too old to be wearing these clothes, but the combination of things; the heat of the afternoon, the rush I'd felt in front of Alex earlier, and the confidence in my own body seemed to help push that all aside. "Well," I thought, "let's have some fun."

And with that, I made my way back to the stairs leading down to the living room. Alex was sitting on the three-person couch facing the TV which was up against the wall, and I could see and hear that he'd gotten into the video-game already, the sounds of automatic gunfire and alien noises all too familiar to me. I decided to play it cool as I reached the bottom step; I walked slowly beside him and sat on the arm rest immediately beside him. "How's it going Alex, are you winning?" I asked in a soft, relaxed voice while looking directly at the television. Alex's eyes went wide as he looked over and realized that I was next to him in little more than he had seen me in before.

"Y-yeh," he stopped to swallow, "it's going pretty good Ms. Smith, thanks." His voice trailed off and he hadn't stopped looking at me. I resumed in my soft voice "That's great honey. Listen, Matt called and said he was a little behind and won't be home for another couple of hours, but I'd be glad to keep you company in the meantime, I'm going to get myself a drink, would you like one too?" and with that, I stood up and began walking slowly past him, towards the kitchen. I could feel Alex's gaze permanently stuck on me as I swayed my hips back and forth. As I was almost to the kitchen I heard his voice nearly crack, "U-umm, sure, a drink sounds nice."

The feeling in my chest was exhilarating, I felt so naughty and alive at the reaction I'd gotten from Alex! Moving quickly, I made two di Saronno and cokes (doubles, of course), the liqueur itself always tasted like candy to me, so Alex would have no problem drinking it on the odd chance he hadn't had much experience with alcohol. I returned to the living room with the drinks and said to Alex "I hope you don't mind me in this bikini top, it's just so hot out today and besides, you've already seen me in less after your surprise arrival.", I laughed lightly, and Alex seemed completely dumbfounded at the entire situation, as I stood straight in front of him and slowly bent forward, looking slightly to the right as I placed his drink on the coffee table. I made sure to linger for a moment longer than necessary to give Alex an extra long view of my cleavage. With my drink in hand, I sat opposite end on the couch and leaned back, crossing my left leg over my right, giving Alex a perfect view of my bare legs and upper thigh.

Taking a small sip of my drink, I purred ever so lightly as the alcohol gently moved down my throat, instantly warming my centre and easing my mind down from the rush I was feeling, I said to Alex "Try your drink hun, and let me know if it's ok." Alex paused the game in front of him and reached for his drink. Taking what seemed like a large, nervous gulp, his eyes seem to respond well to the sweet and inviting flavor of the drink. "This -- this is really, really good, Ms. Smith. All I ever have with friends is beer, but this tastes like its candy."

I was glad to hear this, it seemed like Alex wasn't very experienced with alcohol, but receptive to my girly drink. A good thing too, considering that it was about twice as strong as I'd normally make it.

"I'm glad you like it," I replied as I lightly began to bounce my top leg up and down. I could see Alex looking at my bare leg from the corner of my eye, "So, how's the game going?" Alex seemed to have forgotten entirely about the video game for the moment, but snapped back to reality, saying "It's alright, kind of hard without Matt here, but I'm managing ok."

"That's good hun," I began, "you boys definitely need to relax after graduating, and your starting college soon, so might as well enjoy it now while you can. Keep on going; I'll be fine watching you, but don't forget about your drink." This was true, the game itself didn't appeal to me; I never understood why some people got so charged up about them. Alex unpaused the game and continued playing, stopping at certain checkpoints or safe zones or whatever to take a swig of his drink. He was drinking it faster than I was, and within less than ten minutes, his glass was empty. I was only about halfway done myself, but I said "You made quick work of that drink! I'll have to make you another one." As I stood up, he paused the game again and stared at me as I again bent far forward, unnecessarily so to pick up his empty glass. He wasn't as subtle now in his glances, his eyes glued to my chest even as I rose back up. The liquor must have been working faster than I'd thought on his inexperienced body. I quickly made up his drink -- another double -- and returned to the living room. Alex was staring right at me again; the liquor was definitely lowering his inhibitions, or maybe he didn't even realize that he was staring so hard. Alex had adjusted his seating, rising his knees in an attempt to hide his growing erection, which would have been difficult at best to keep hidden in those loose basketball shorts.

Handing Alex his drink, his looked me over up and down, none to subtle whatsoever, but I didn't mind, I loved it; here was an attractive young man whose attention I was one-hundred percent in possession of. Suddenly, Alex seemed to realize that he'd stared perhaps a little too long, and he dropped his eyes to the coffee table, taking another gulp from his drink. I wanted to take the teasing further now, so when I sat back down in my seat, I brought both my feet towards my panties, with my right leg up towards my chest, and my left leg down on the sofa. My short, tight skirt bunched up now, my bright red thong clearly visible, and I took a sip of my drink, pretending not to notice the stare Alex was once again giving me. I wanted to return to how we were a moment ago, so I asked, "So Alex, are you seeing anyone these days?" Alex took this as a hint to continue playing, taking another large drink and again unpaused the action, answering "A couple girls here and there, but nothing special right now." I wanted to see how comfortable he was with the conversation, at least with where I was taking it, so I probed a little further, "And these girls, are they good in bed?"

To this, Alex almost dropped the game controller and coughed slightly as I clearly caught him off guard. He replied "Well, I guess so, not all of them really like that, I guess you could say I haven't really had a lot of experience." His answer was exactly what I was waiting for, so I continued on, "Oh no? That's too bad hun, do they at least give you good blow jobs?"

As I asked this, Alex was swallowing his drink, and again I thought he was going to lose it. He recovered himself, and said "Well to be honest, I've only been with a couple girls who wanted to try, but they only did it for a minute and it didn't feel like they really knew what they were doing." By now I was completely turned on by this little game I was having with Alex. "Well hun, I'm sure that'll change soon enough. You've grown into quite the sexy young man, you'll have no problem attracting the ladies soon enough. Not like me, past my prime, I probably couldn't turn any heads if I tried."

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