tagMatureMy Son's Girlfriend

My Son's Girlfriend


My son Mark told me he had a new girlfriend, and wanted to bring her home to meet me, I didn't know the crafty sod had an ulterior motive for doing so, but it back fired on him big style.

Its no problem to me I told him, bring her around when ever you like, I'm usually around as you know.

I'm Jack Taylor, 45 years old, I live alone now that I'm divorced, Mark works for a firm of solicitors across London, and stays with my ex wife, because its near to where his offices are, and free of course, his old man pays doesn't he? He comes to stay at mine when it suits him, and I like having him around. I have a nice house, too big for me, 4 bedrooms, gardens etc, but I like it, its secluded, and I'm respected by my neighbours. (I think)

I don't do house work or gardening, although I potter about in there when it's sunny. I have a housekeeper, who is a young married mother of 22, and lives about a mile from me, she comes in 3 or 4 times a week, does the cleaning, washing and a bit of cooking for me, and for a small consideration, lets me shag the arse off her most days she is here, raunchy little sod she is, and cute, you bet she is, so I am generally quite happy, though I'll bet her husband wouldn't be if he knew!

He makes me laugh, he works a 6 to 2 shift somewhere and calls round sometimes to collect her, I can see in his eyes that he thinks something's going on, he would die if he did find out, I liked having this kind of power over a guy that thinks he's the dogs bollocks, he doesn't have a chance of catching her, because the first thing she does when she arrives is getting down to work on me.

I love her walking into the house, she has a key, and dropping to her knees in front of me and cleaning out my pipes first off, or we'll have a session in my bed, and then get on with any cleaning that may need doing

I have been a bit of a rogue over the years, made my living on the edge of the law, stepped over it a few times, but never in a bad way, I've never been jailed per se. I like to think of myself as a bit of a Robin Hood, although my ill gotten gains weren't passed on unless it was to a really needy person known to me personally.

I had taken the view early in my life that there are more scallywags in this world than is necessary, so I would relieve them when I could of their rewards, i.e. if they pinched stuff that wasn't theirs, and it was from somewhere they shouldn't have turned over, then I did my best to get it away from them, and over the years I had been largely successful.

I had a contacts in the insurance business, that I would reach out to, return items, and get paid a good reward, it was dodgy in the early days, but I got through it, I had found a niche in the market as it were, that no one still wasn't aware of. And I am now very financially secure, off shore banks and the like, and an accountant who looked after things for me.

The only fly in the ointment as it were, was Superintendent Mack of the met, he used to give me a hard time in the early years, but I had given him good tip offs of certain people who were real villains, the kind that didn't think twice about hurting innocent bystanders.

I didn't like that; I never ever hurt any one at any time, though I was more than capable of taking care of myself, I had underworld contacts, and was fairly well known on the circuit. Whenever I tipped off the super it was always about a 6 months to a year later before I passed on my info, so I made sure nothing could ever come back to me, the super knew it was me, but he couldn't have proved it ever, and therefore no one could ever find out about my clandestine operations.

So I had ended up having a good relationship with him, he left me alone and I kept him happy and his arrest rates up. Although that didn't stop him sweeping me up occasionally, and would have me held in the cells sometimes, until I could prove my innocence, which was always the case, I didn't like it one bit, but it enhanced my reputation.

So Saturday morning rolled round, Mark brought his girlfriend, he shouted out his arrival, and in he came, behind him was a vision from heaven, I just about managed not to show my astonishment at what I was looking at, its not very often Im stuck for words but I was now, momentarily. Hi dad, he greeted, I want you to meet my girlfriend Niki. Hi Niki I stuttered, get a bloody grip, I told myself, for Christ sake! We shook hands, hers was soft and gentle, I made her welcome into my house, showed her and Mark into the sitting room then went and put the kettle on.

She was about 5 feet, with the biggest brown doe eyes you have ever seen, black hair, and a short page boy cut, but curly and spiky.

She was just 19 years old! Flawless complexion, button nose, high cheekbones, soft full sensuous lips that quivered when she spoke, long neck, slender shoulders, proud pert tits, held in by a boob top type thing, fabulous legs that looked great in the mini skirt she had on, and high heels that must have lifted her to all of 5 feet 3" and her accent was Scottish, a very soft and lyrical Edinburgh burr.

She was the sexiest loveliest girl I had seen in many years, and it was all natural. I made tea, got out the scones and butter, played the host, and condemned myself for lusting after this young girl, my son's girlfriend! My prick was dancing around inside my trousers

It turned out she had been writing for the last 3 years to Great Ormond Street Hospital, GOSH, pleading for employment when she reached the age of 18, all she ever wanted was to care for children, that was her life's ambition, her goal she told me.

One of the people who worked there had taken a shine to her and her obvious desire to get a job there, and over the last 3 years had answered several of her letters personally, advising her of the best way to secure a position, and at 19 years of age, it had worked with her help, against better and more qualified applicants, but none were better in their sincerity.

So she had packed her things and come down to London, where she had met Mark 2 days later, she was staying at an Aunts house over the other side of the city, which was in Marks road, and he had met her in a coffee shop. As we talked and got to know each other, it became obvious to me that travelling to GOSH was going to be a real problem for her because it was my side of town, close to me, but miles from her, it was then that I realised why Mark had brought her over to meet me, he was going to ask me to put her up temporarily. I laughed to myself; I think he understood I had guessed, but I didn't give him an opening for him to get me to mention it; I wanted gratefulness in bucket loads! He did eventually get round to mentioning the proximity of GOSH, and my home, I had seen Niki looking at him, with a, ask him for Gods sakes look on her beautiful face, so he did, he said to me, Pop what do you think of Niki lodging here for a while until she gets her own little flat?

Wow, I said Im not too sure about that Mark, you know I like my independence, I was gagging at the thought of having this beautiful tiny angel under my roof, and hopefully later under me!

Please dad he asked me, she really needs to be over this side of London for her work, she has very little money, and you know I don't have any to speak of. I'll be over at the weekends I promise, he said. Niki was looking at me very apprehensively. How could I refuse? Yes of course she can stay here, I gladly said.

Oh Mr Taylor, thank you, thank you, thank you, I won't be any trouble I promise, I really won't, she hugged me, her beautiful firm young tits burning two holes into my lower chest! Mark shook my hand and told me I was the greatest guy around, and gave me a hug.

They left a little while later, to go and get Niki's things, they returned after 4 hours, Mark showed her to the bedroom I had prepared. And she settled in, Mark had some where to go and said he would be back later, so it was me and her, I wanted to fuck her right there and then on the kitchen table, but obviously I kept myself under control, and just enjoyed having this beautiful breathing living doll near me.

She was to start her new job the following Thursday for some reason, shift patterns she told me, Mark left early Monday morning, so I had her to myself for the next 3 days, I couldn't get enough of her, I never did anything wrong, didn't attempt to chat her up, I did my level best to make her feel right at home and to take my trust! Hah!

And it worked too, she was very comfortable with me by the time Thursday came around, she worked the 2 days and had the weekend off, Mark came over Saturday morning and we spent the day like all normal families do.

I had some business to take care of on Sunday, I had a lot of money coming in from a deal with an insurance company for the return of some jewellery that had been misappropriated, the wife's owner had been punched in the robbery, so I made it my business to get it back and I had, so I didn't see them until the evening, when we went out for dinner to celebrate Niki's new job.

I began to suspect that Mark hadn't got around to fucking Niki yet, don't ask me why, he slept in her room with her, but their actions on a morning was nothing I could put my finger on, but I read people and I was reading them. it was just a feeling I had, although I didn't know for sure. Maybe she wouldn't let him yet; maybe she was still a virgin, though I doubted that for reasons unknown to me.

I felt guilt rising in me because I was wanting more and more to seduce her, make love to her, bed her, make love to her again, and fuck her rotten, yet It would be flying in the face of my son, I didn't like myself very much.

Added to that was the problem of how to do it.

Would she go for a man old enough to be her father, one wrong move, or one wrong word and everything would be ruined, she would have to leave, Mark would hate me if he found out, my ex wife would broadcast it from the roof tops, and I would hate myself for the failure of such a deed.

It was then I had a brainwave, if I could get hold of a friend of mine he could solve my problem at a stroke, I hoped.

On Monday morning I started ringing round some of my contacts, looking for my long time pal, we had worked together a few times, and trusted each other implicitly, but I hadn't seen him in 2 years, it took me until the following day, but I found him and we arranged to meet that night.

He was waiting for me in our long time drinking hole; we greeted each other very warmly, I got down to business before we started drinking, always the best way! Tommy I said, I need you get me some of that drug, I don't know what it's called but it makes women so hot and horny, that they can't control the urge to fuck and be fucked.

Bloody hell Jack, why do you want that, you getting desperate in your old age or what, you've always been able to pull birds Jack, that's why the wife fucked you off wasn't it! He laughed. That comment earned him a gentle punch in the ribs.

Yes I said, and I still can, but this one is very special, and I don't want to fuck things up, no pun intended, Im in a position where I can get at her, but not to her, you know what I mean?

Fucking hell Jack she must be special if it's got you like this, okay leave it with me I'll call you tomorrow, but it'll cost you. How much will it be I said? £500 at least. Wow I said, but okay I'll pay that, it'll be well worth it if it works,. Oh it'll work he said I've used it myself, he laughed at me again!

The following afternoon he called me, I went to meet him, paid him the £500, and listened to the instructions he gave me, one level teaspoon into any glass of anything you like to give her, there are 3 spoonfuls in the bag, and do not, whatever you do, put more in than I've told you okay?

And only one dose in any 24 hours, no more Jack, its powerful stuff, one dose should be more than enough, but follow up with another the next day if you feel you need to. By the way, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to kick in, then your home and dry, good luck mate, let me know how you go on okay. Cheers Tommy I said, I really owe you one for this, I told him.

It was a long time to the following Monday, I didn't want to use it on her just before the weekend, Mark would have got lucky instead of me, and I didn't want that. Saturday came, no Mark, Niki was annoyed, I rang him and asked where was he, I can't get over dad he said, Im working.

So I brought my plan forward to Sunday afternoon, I didn't want Mark showing up and benefiting from me. It was a lovely day, we were sat in the garden having a drink, I waited until the sun started sinking, and went and made fresh drinks, I put the level table spoonful into hers, stirred it in, and took them out. I had taken a Viagra, to make sure I was there when she needed me!

I gave her drink to her, then suggested we went indoors as it was cooling down a little, she agreed, I locked the door behind me, and we went into the sitting room, I put the wall lights on low, and drew the curtains, she sipped her drink, I could hardly breath I was so uptight, wondering how I would know if it was working, would she walk over to me and jump my bones or what?

She was sat on the sofa in the middle; I was in an armchair, after about 15 minutes, I saw her moving on the sofa, twitching a little, she was beginning to look a little sort of uncomfortable, I asked her if she was alright, I don't know she whispered, Im feeling a bit odd, so I moved onto the sofa with her, and put my arm around her, are you okay baby I questioned.

Yes Im fine, I think, she said, I pulled her a little closer now, I looked at the clock, 25 minutes had gone by, it must have kicked in by now I thought to myself, it's time to take the bull by the horns I said to no one but me.

I rested my hand on her knee, she gave a tiny gasp, tell me what's wrong honey I asked as I slid my hand slowly up her thigh, again that small intake of breath, I didn't travel any higher than half way, before I slid my hand down to her knee again.

My left arm around her shoulder, my right hand on her knee, no rejection yet, I closed what little gap there was left between us, her head moved toward my shoulder now, again I slid my hand up her thigh, this time a little higher, her head lowered itself onto me now, had I got her? I hoped so, I didn't like what I was doing, but after today I hoped I wouldn't need to do this again, and that she would be a willing partner to me.

My hand travelled up her soft toned thigh, I felt her panties touch my fingers, I pressed my thumb near to her pussy, a soft moan escaped her lips. I made a gentle attack on her senses; she turned her head to me, and said why am I feeling like this? Im just so... and didn't finish the sentence because I kissed her Oh Mr Taylor, Jack you're kissing me, yes I said, I am, do you want me to stop, as I touched her pussy through her thong. No don't, she said, so I went for the finish line, I pushed my hand into her panties now as I kissed her fully; she returned my kiss with one of her own.

My fingers found her little slit, wet through she was, she moaned loudly into my mouth, as I stirred her into a hot frenzy, it was then, now or never I thought, so I picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs to bed.

She kissed me all the way up, saying Oh Mr Taylor, Jack make love to me please I want you so badly. My prick was at full attention now, I laid her on the bed, she was scrabbling at my trousers to get them off, I did the same to her to get her naked, and then there she was in all her beautiful glory, stretched out waiting for me, and wanting me, she looked so feline, her eyes bright with arousal, her body moving, enticing me to her.

And then the devil called and I came running!

Are you ready for this baby I whispered in her ear, my mouth closing over it, nothing was going to stop me from loving this gorgeous girl under me now, but I didn't want to hurt her. Get that prick of yours in me right now she ordered, I need it so badly, oh fantastic I thought, she can't be a virgin, I was a little disappointed but at least she knew what to expect didn't she?

So in I went, she clamped her self to me, I clamped myself to her, and we started to fuck, it wasn't lovemaking, it was pure animalistic rutting and I loved it, this dream girl was making my dream of her a reality. She was moaning groaning, squealing and shouting fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, and I did my best to oblige, I didn't last all that long but neither did she, and we came together in a mighty roar.

I was used to shagging my cleaner on a regular basis, and I could make her cum any time I wanted, so I was up to speed with keeping a woman happy, and I did my best to make Niki the happiest of women. Was I glad I had taken that Viagra! You bet it was working splendidly? Although I didn't usually use them. This young nubile and very beautiful sexy girl wanted a fucking and a fucking she would get! We spent the next 4 or 5 hours shagging each others brains out, I 69nd her, she 69nd me, she turned me on my back and sat on my face and made me lick her out, there was no way she was new to fucking she was the greatest fuck I had ever had, she was all over and around me, there was no doubt about it, she bettered me, I had to give in and ask her to stop.

She laughed at me and said Oh dear old man, can't take the pace hey? I laughed my head off at that, and pulled her sweet body into mine. Serves you right for trying to give me that powder she murmured into my chest. I was stricken, how did she know, I never said a word, I daren't.

She raised herself up onto her elbow, all you had to do she said as she kissed me between her words, was tell me, and you could have seduced me in a minute she giggled. How did you know I quietly ventured,. I saw you through the window she told me. Jesus Christ I whispered fearfully into her hair, are you angry with me?

Not a bit of it she said, I wanted it to happen, and in that one moment when I was sat on the sofa and you looked away, I tipped the drink between the cushions, she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I begged her forgiveness, and said I was so sorry; it's no problem she told me, I've got what I wanted. You have, what's that I said? You, she replied, I've got you for my own now haven't I?

Then another surprise, she told me Mark and her were no longer an item, she had called him herself and they had agreed it wouldn't work for them, and that she was mine now, to fuck when ever I wanted, that's if you want to, she asked as my cock disappeared into her hot mouth.

You are only 19 I said to her, how in hell do you know all this, Im a quick learner she told me. I had to agree, and that I had learned that too, I had been completely outwitted by this girl, and I was in awe of her, she had a head on her that belied her young years. I had been defeated, and I loved it, this tiny waif had mastered me for the want of a better word! We slept well that night but not before having another very intense session, but I won that one! When she went to work the following day, I was beside myself with the need I had for her, and much to my relief, she was the same because she charged at me when she came through the door into my arms. Get me upstairs now Jack Taylor! Right now! She commanded me.

I willingly obeyed her; I would never need a second telling. She insisted she was going to ride me, and I more than happily laid back and let her fuck me, the view of this little beauty bouncing up and down on my prick was amazing. We went and had a bath, loving each other all the way through it I fucked her arse that night too, she cried because it hurt her, but insisted it was mine when ever I wanted it, she would never say no.

And now seeing her before me on her knees, head down arse up, and me drilling her from behind was a sight to behold, only God should witness this I thought, it is awe inspiring.

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