tagIncest/TabooMy Son's Girlfriend Ch. 02

My Son's Girlfriend Ch. 02


The second of a story about the taboo pleasures between a mid-aged man and his son's teenage girlfriend.

All sexually involved characters are eighteen years old or older!

Please read the first part of this story to get the best out of it, It's kind of short and a fast read.


Part two: Finding a way inside her panties.

I was troubled about my late night episode with Veronica the other night, not knowing if it was a awesome sexual encounter she would keep on doing or if she did it as a once in a lifetime favor to me for treating her nice on all her stay-over-nighters. I really wished and longed for her naughtiness to continue, I had to find out if she was up for more than that memorable facial creampie.

I was blaming myself for not have been able to take a cell-phone photo of her cum stained face, a picture to remember her cute smiling face all dirty in thick sticky strings of cum. A perfect image to hold on to, if it never would happen again.

I had only to wait a few weeks for a suitable moment to arrive. It was a sunny Saturday morning and I decided to take a ride on my motorbike, bending corners, straightening curves or whatever you call it. I love to go fast on serpentine roads, twice the speed limit if possible and if the cops ain't out driving.

My leather clothes laying on the floor in the hallway, I'm in my briefs and a t-shirt ready to put them on, all of a sudden Veronica steps out of my son's room looking bored.

"I's he playing his stupid computer games?" I asked her.

"Yeah..." she said, with a not at all cheerful look on her face.

"The weather is nice, so why not head outside and put some tan on your body." I suggested, trying not to seem too eager when I did ask her if she would join me riding my bike.

"It's perfect outside for a bike ride I see." Via said looking a bit more joyful.

Perfect indeed I thought as I let her take the bait and wheel her in.

"Would you like to join me for a ride?" I casually asked her.

"Oh... I don't know... I don't have any sexy leather to wear, and no helmet either." She answered looking like she was teasing me on.

"I have got some slim skin pants lying around and a small jacket you could wear if you would like. A helmet won't be a problem, I have a few extras in different sizes downstairs in the basement." I replied not giving her simple away out of this hot sunny ride.

"Okay... I'll ride with you, but you better drive slow and gentle and not as fast as your son is bragging about. Do you want to know how fast my dad can ride his bike to this place... or to that town." Via said and looked down at my pile of leather on the floor, lingering her eyes at my brief covered crotch for a second or two, before she looked back up facing me with one of her lovely heart melting smile.

"I'll get you the needed stuff and we better head of before the weather changes." I said knowing the weather wouldn't change for all day, I just wanted to hit the road with this stunning beauty. To feel her holding on to my body in a tight grip pressing her ample breasts at my back.

I went to gather her biker's clothes and told her to fetch a fitting helmet from downstairs, she did and went back upstairs to tell my son she was going for a ride on my bike. He plainly just mumbled at her not slightly interested in what she was about to do at that time, only to keep his attention on the stupid game he played. Unfortunately for him as his dad was going to give his gorgeous girlfriend a ride of her life, and if it all went smooth it would include more than a ride ontop of the motorbike.

I piled her stuff on the floor beside mine and started to get my skin-clothes on. I watched her try to get them slim skin pants ontop of her thin but still sweatpants only to see her failing at it.

"You need to get undress to get dressed." I said with a crocked grin on my face, she had to pull down her pants a mere foot away in front of me, I was bending down to get my own pants on.

My eye's locked at her crotch as her panties came in view and they followed her tugging move down by an inch to stay and remain on her hips and not sliding further down, that would have been a vision to absorb but it sadly didn't occur. When Veronica had taken her pants of she pulled the waistband on her panties back up.

Mesmerized by seeing a slightly visible cameltoe form at her puffy pubic mound, I nearly swept her down on the floor to fuck her right then and there. She pulled her skin pants on to cover up her panty clad privates from my ogling eyes.

"Having trouble to get them on?" she asked, knowing that I had been staring at her panty covered pussy instead of dressing myself.

"No not at all." I replied and pulled my pants up to find the waistline got stuck under the swelled bulge in my briefs.

I needed to tuck in my slightly grown package in my leather pants, as I did I looked up in her gazing eyes, Via is looking like she want to give me a helping hand to get my cock in place. If we was located in any other place then the hallway in my house, I definitely would let her do it but not here, we could and probably would get caught at the very moment of it.

I put on my jacket and held my helmet in my hand, looking at her trying to zip up her slim male shaped leather jacket. Her ample breast in the way of an easy up zipping, she looked back at me and her body language told me. 'How the hell am I going to get this zipper closed.'

I put down my helmet and grabbed her jacket at the zipper.

"Tuck them hooters inside and I will I slowly pull the zipper up." I said and in a combined effort she got her jacket on.

Her busty chest nearly bursting it open, if it should have been any other fabric then a rough leather jacket with a metal zipper It definitely would. Her lush figure completely reshaped the straight cut jacket into a hot feminine curvy one.

"Okay we are all done her... lets get on the bike and hit the road, pillion babe." I said in a lascivious mood.

Veronica followed me to my bike, I unlocked it and put the key in the ignition. I tuned it to on and hit the starter button, a roar from the powerful engine shredded the silence and quieted the tweeting birds.

She looked like she was about to jump on the spot in excitement, I felt excited too but not for the ride on my bike. I had something else in mind, thinking of something much more naughtier for her to ride then a fast motorcycle.

I got on my bike and turned the handle that control the throttle, I higher roar from the modified muffler sounded like music in my ears. I folded out the back footrest's and she got on the bike behind me, she placed her hands on my waist holding on but not nearly as hard as I needed her to do.

I drove off and put a few blocks of tarmac between us and my house, I pulled up to a stop at the next traffic light. I flipped my visor open and turned my head to hers.

"You need to hold on tight, for me to feel you lean with the bike and not against it as we run the tight corners."

A simple nod from her side to my amendment and she did as I asked, holding me tight in her arms as she wrapped them around my stomach. As the light switched to green I pulled the throttle fast and the bike reared and the front wheel left the tarmac, a short wheelie with her crying out in sheer excitement behind me holding on tighter than ever.

I slowed down with the precious cargo in mind and turned right at the next corner to get out of the city, riding along winding roads I kept the speed low and safe. I felt her relax a bit more for every mile we spent on the bike, her hands no longer in such a tight hold on for your life grip as before. I felt her right hand slowly slide down towards my crotch, she placed it strait on my bulge and started to gently knead my skin covered cock.

She was horny that's a fact I couldn't ignore, I felt myself get very aroused by her intimate massage. Via's hand tugging at my cock, right there on my bike riding within speed limit but yet fast enough to have a serious crash if I lost control.

I know I never would have crashed whatever she would try, but I felt it was a good time for a break. The road I drove on was very familiar to me and behind the next corner there is an exit to a dirt-road, leading down to a small secluded lake. A perfect place to execute my next daring move.

I slowed down to a stop and turned off the engine, hearing the ticking sound of hot metal cooling down in the colder surrounding air. We both stepped down from the bike, pulling our helmets off, me stretching my body next to her as she did the same.

Veronica peeled her jacket off and it was way too hot to keep the leather pants on, so she pulled them off too, so did I. Standing by the lake on a grassy slope next to a young beauty made my cock twitch and swell in my briefs. Not wanting to act as an eager and horny youngster to screw her straight away, I pulled my t-shirt off and jumped in the water.

Cooling my arousal down a few notch in the slightly chilling but reasonably warm water, I watched her pull her shirt off baring her big breast at my sight. I have never seen such firm perky globes on a girl her size, her titties looked like fake silicon boobs on a petite porn-star. I knew by my son's word, talking to his buddies on a drunk evening in the backyard that she didn't have any surgery scar on her flawless body, no silicon what so ever had amplified her amazing breasts.

I felt my arousal linger and my cock to stiffen into a semi erect state, I knew I was screwed to get out of the water as if I wasn't effected by her and her bald move on my bike earlier. She entered the lukewarm water and closed the gap between us by swimming up to me.

"Fun ride Bob." she said flicking her eyelashes flirtatiously.

"Yeah... But I know a better way to ride then on a bike." I replied with a devious smile.

"On a horse?" she said, clearly showing by the looks on her smiling face that she knew it wasn't what I meant.

"On it or below it?" I replied and saw her blush for a split second, leaving me thinking of if she ever had done such a nasty perverted thing.

She must have seen my reaction as she hasten to reply.

"Oh fuck hell no... Not like that you dirty bastard, a girl need a big cock in her puss once in awhile." she bluntly explained her sudden blush.

"Oh I see, and how do you feel about a mid-aged man coating his cum on your face." I had to ask to know how she felt about the other night.

"I can never get enough cum on my body or in my face Mr." she said and continued. "I won't mind to get a big load inside my puss either."

I was so exited to hear her say those sexy words about her love for cum, I needed to get her on her back on the grassy slope and me between them slender legs of hers right now.

"How about we get out of the water to dry up in the sun." I suggested.

"Lets do it, I need another ride, to feel a masculinity roar between my legs." All her words seemed to have a naughty double meaning.

I got out of the water first, turning myself back at her as her voluptuous body slowly ascend the shallow depth of the water seeing her firm round breasts shatter the rippled surface. Wearing nothing else but her now nearly translucent white cotton panties, her pubic mound visibly shaven and the inviting slit between her puffy pussy lips, only a straining thin, tight triangular cloth separating her sex from me and my ardent eyes.

"You better take them wet undies off or you get cystitis as mommy always says." Via uttered.

"Then we must do what your mom say or you could end up on her knee for a unpleasant spank on you buttocks." I urgently replied and pulled my briefs off reveling my erected member at her delighted yearning eyes.

"Who said she needs to spank me, I could tell her how a bad girl I had been, but that you spanked my butt to set me straight."

"Oh I don't think your mother would appreciate me spanking you naked butt, she would call the cops and have me arrested for such an dirty act." I replied.

"But I might like a tendering spank on my ass, to feel a finger slap my teen puss. Oh that would be so hot Bob" Veronica twisted her body in arousal pain tightening her legs and trembled looking as horny as I felt.

Her panties fell on the ground beside my briefs, I sat down on my jacket, skin-side out and pulled Via's quivering body to mine. Gently bending her body over my bent knees, her sexy peachy ass at me. I raised my hand and planted a soft yet firm palm on her right butt cheek, her yelp sounded to excited for me to stop.

I slapped her ass a few more times alternating my hits on her left and right butt-cheek, listening to her delightful cries, my fingertips landing at her wet slit each time. I slid it along the slippery cleft to softly spank her again and again.

"Oh... Ah... Yes I am such a bad girl. Spank my ass Bob. I need to be punished." Via's words fueled my arousal to a fiercely burning degree. My cock harder than ever and I needed to feel her young juice drooling pussy wrapped around my stiff shaft and my bloated head deeply inserted, all the way inside her pussy buried to the hilt.

I lifted her body up from her bent down position, I gently caressed her softly beaten smooth ass. She looked at me with glowing hot eyes lusting for whatever I could give her, I placed her butt on my knees and parted her legs widely on each side of my body. Opening her up for me to enjoy, I lent forward to relish her slippery wet slit with my mouth.

I needed to taste her young pussy as she had tasted my creamy cum that other night, as my face neared her meaty curved pubic mound, puffy swelled and ready for some nasty action. My nostrils filled with the sweetest scent of her young teen pussy aroma, I relished Veronica's mindblowing flavor for a few more seconds. I licked my lips and opened my mouth to put it on the most intimate part of her beautiful body, Her body shivered by the touch of the tip of my tongue and my mouth covering her pussy completely.

"Ohhhh... Fuck... yeah... "She was panting out the words as my tongue kept licking at her pussy.

Finding my way at her velvety folds teasing and tasting every square inch of her labia's, her slick entrance and most of all her big swelled clit nearly a pea in size. I sucked it in my mouth pulling at it with my lips, feeling her lusting after my pleasing mouth. Her hips humping my face fucking herself on my tongue.

My tongue made tiny circles around her throbbing clit, switching my moves to suck her engorged clit, nibble it with my lips. I tried to keep her quivering slightly shaking body steady on my knees, I reached my tongue far out and shoved it in her sopping wet pussy. Her body convulsed as she got her first, by me, oral orgasm, her young sexy body spasming in pure pleasure. Via is squirting her climax secretion all over my face, I loved to feel her powerful orgasm coat my face in tasty gushing pussy juice .

I gently licked her pussy feeling her body tremble at the tip of my tongue, I kissed her inner thighs as her orgasm linger on to finally fade out.

My balls is aching severely due to my pent up cum strained nuts, I needed to get some relief. I moved her slender body from my knees to lay her down on my jacket, on her back I spread her legs wide and kneeled down in between. No need for a hand to guide my straight up standing cock to her pussy entrance, I eased my body down on hers supporting my weight on my arms. I felt her slippery slit at the tip of my cock, how her swollen pussy lips kissed my cock for the first time. Oh fuck... I am doomed to hell for doing this heavenly dirty act to her teenage body.

I gently descend ontop of her pushing in an inch at a time inside her hot wet love-box, relishing every single second as I slowly stuffed her pussy with the full length and girth of my cock. Feeling her tightness stretch around my meaty pole, loving every inch I could feed her cock hungry pussy.

I let her adjust to my size for a few seconds, then I really needed to bang her pussy. I begun to pound her wet slit, pulling out only to keep my bloated head inside then with a fast and hard thrust impale her body over and over again.

"Oh.. Fuck yeah.. Fuck me Bob... Fuck me god.. Ahhhh.. Yeeeeessssssss... " her divine words cheering me on to give her another climax.

I pushed myself deeply inside her pussy, fucking her by moving an inch in and out. Grinding her swelled clit between our bodies, I angled my cock at her belly and pounded in and out. Stimulating her g-spot with my bloated head, I felt her instant reaction as her body went from shivering jerks into a powerful body shaking and earth trembling orgasm.

Yet again I was rewarded with a squirting climax by this awesome young babe, I felt her pussy grip my cock tight in a pulsating muscular spasm. I kept on fucking her, lengthening her climaxing peak into a multiplied orgasmic bliss. I couldn't last any longer I needed to ejaculate, I pulled out of her warm slippery slit. No need to jerk it off, just rub my head between her slick swelled labia.

I stood up on my knees between her widely parted legs, holding my hands on her trembling knees. Her soft girly hand on my cock sliding the pussy juice slick length of it to please me until I blow my load.

Looking down at her attractive naked body to feel and see a thick ropy string of cum shoot out of my cock to hit her chin and line up on her lavish body. Then another spurt of cum followed by another, every spurt as thick and creamy as the first. After more than half a dozen thick ropy spurts I was finally drained, I smeared the last drooling drips of cum on her pussy lips and put a sticky drip of cum on her clit.

Looking down on her perky boobs stained in strings of cum as well as the rest of her upper body, ropes of whitish creamy cum from her pubic bone all the way up to her jawline. A few splattered drips on her face this time but still as mindblowing sexy as last time I coated her in my sticky seed.

I fell to the side and pulled her cum gooey body on my chest not minding my own sperm on my skin I turned on my back letting her exhaust body rest ontop of me, I slid my still fully erected member inside her wonderful pussy.

Veronica is truly a breathtaking beauty lying on my chest, panting heavily, her face beaming in a blissful sexually satisfied glow. Her eyes slowly close physically drained, her climaxing contractions slowly subsiding around my spent cock, still hard and throbbing deep inside her pulsating pussy.

How am I going to get up on the bike to ride us safely back home feeling like this utterly spent I didn't know.

Half an hour later slightly weak legged we got back up on my motorbike, I left my cum stained t-shirt on the slope as a reminder of our naughty escapade, I used it to clean off the most of my cum of our bodies.

Veronica held me in a firm grip around my waist as we slowly headed back home to my waiting wife and her gaming boyfriend. Her hand slid down to my crotch to hold my limp cock in her hand nearly all the way home, me knowing that she wanted my cock inside of her as much as I wanted it to be inside of her.

A block from my house she removed her hand from my cock, and I missed her tender affection immediately. I wished for her to be my girlfriend, to replace my frigid wife with my son's girlfriend, a young hot teenage girl I could fuck daily. In the morning, at noon, in the evening and late at night.

But what if I kept on fucking her as often as I possibly could. That would keep my sex-drive satisfied and stay happy enough to pay the family bills. A young horny mistress in my own house without my wife ever finding out.

To be continued...

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