tagMatureMy Son's New Friend

My Son's New Friend


As told by Janet, 43, brunette divorcee, 5'7, 145:

John's friends were always around, even as kids. We had the biggest yard, and then got a pool when Bob, my ex, got lucky on a horse. He's gone five years now, so it's just John and I.

Being musical, my son was always in makeshift bands, some actually being decent. We had a two-car garage, so he begged and pleaded, and the cars went outside and a musical menagerie developed.

By the time he was 18, John was adept at piano, guitar, and tuba from his days in the marching band. Don't laugh, he got offered a free ride in college, but chose not to take it.

Sometimes they practiced, sometimes it was just a jam session. I play piano and organ, so on occasion, I sat in, too. Apparently I was considered a cool mom, whatever that entailed.

Along the way, they picked up Tommy. They were all eighteen, he was 20. When I first saw him, I thought he was homeless, with a scraggly beard, mussed brown hair, and deep blue eyes. John had warned me not to judge him too quickly, and I listened as they tried a few old standards with Tommy singing lead.

The kid was amazing, the depth and range of his voice, solid, resonant. He didn't embellish the way young people do today, letting the music and lyrics take him to another level. It wasn't about him, it was about the song and the overall performance.

They took a break and I came in to meet him. John introduced us, and Tommy's eyes flash when he first saw me. He had a shy smile, and shook my hand politely. He said, "Nice to meet you, Mrs Butler." No one calls me that.

"Oh, please, call me Janet, everybody does." John nodded in agreement and Tommy smiled again. "Thank you, Janet."

"Mom, do you mind if Tommy crashes in the basement? His place is getting fixed."

Tommy seemed annoyed. "No, I told you John, it's okay!"

John shrugged. "He's been showering at the Y and sleeping in movie theatres and his car, Ma."

What could I say? "Of course he can stay, the pull-out needs sheets, you know where they are, and towels for the bathroom down there." I turned to Tommy. "I won't force you, but you're more than welcome. If you're anything like John, you eat like a bird, anyway!"

"T eats like a horse, Ma, he ate that whole pie at Vito's remember?"

"Did not!"

"Well, you two fight it out. Nice to meet you, Tommy. Either way, I'm sure I'll be seeing you around."

Two hours later, they called it a night, and I heard the cars leaving, except the old black Jeep. That was Tommy's, I surmised.

They came in the kitchen, while I was enjoying my third martini, Tommy carrying a back pack, probably with his clothes.

"Do you guys want something to eat?" I asked.

"I just want to crash, but I bet he can eat, right, T? I'll get his sheets and stuff."

"I already made the bed for him. I got bored just sitting here."

"You should have come out and jammed! T, you gotta hear Mom on the organ, man!"

Tommy's eyes widened as if he saw me in a different light. I said, "Don't flatter me, Mister. Tom, we have plenty of cold cuts. I'll take some bread out for you."

John showed T where to leave his bag and said goodnight. T sat at the counter, peeling cold cuts off the pile, seemingly afraid to take too much. I told him to pile it on, like a nice deli sandwich, and he did.

He went at it like he hadn't eaten in a month. I poured soda for him and another martini for me. As the drinks took affect, my fascination with T grew. He seemed to have a defense mechanism, as if some time in his past, he'd been hurt, badly. I was so curious about him and his family and how he came to be sleeping in movies and his car at such a young age. But I felt that was prying, and wanted him to feel relaxed in my presence, not intimidated.

"I think you have a great voice, T. It seems so pure and natural."

He blushed. "Thanks, Mrs... Janet. I just do it the way I think the writer wants it done."

"Well, it works!"

He smiled again. "I really appreciate the bed and food. I got a place lined up, and I'll be out of your way, as soon as I can."

I patted his hand, and felt a spark! He did, too! "Ooh, did you feel that?" I touched it again, and said, "That's better! I was gonna say you're not in the way. You can even come and go as you please. There's a side entrance. One rule, though. No drugs or parties, or women. Same goes for John. I don't want neighbors complaining about the comings and goings, and the way young girls are now, you may think they're of age, and they turn out to be 15!"

He was staring at our hands until the end, then those blue eyes peered at me. "Oh, I'm the other way, you don't have to worry about that."

I was surprised, I don't know why, being gay seems so common now. "Well, that stands for boyfriends, too." And I smiled to show it was okay if he was gay.

"What? Huh? Oh, no, that's not what I meant! Ha ha, I get it now! Yeah, no, I meant the young girl part. The drugs, my mom died when I was 12 from an overdose. No drugs, not even aspirin. I would never have a party in someone else's house, and the other way with girls is I'm hooked on older ones. But I promise not to bring anyone over." He smiled broadly.

"Oh, T! I'm so embarrassed! I just assumed! Too much information! Sorry about that! Well, I'm glad we got that out of the way! No hard feelings?"

"Nope, I think it's funny. I'm looking at you and I'm thinking...." He just stopped.

"What? What were you thinking?"

He got shy, again. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't say."

"Now I'm curious. You have to tell me, please!"

"Okay, but please don't get mad. I just feel comfortable with you and started to say something I shouldn't"

"What, Tommy?"

He looked down at our hands, still touching. "It's just that I was thinking how much of a knockout you are, and you're thinking I'm chasing girl scouts. It made me realize how young you think I am."

I smiled. "Well....I'm flattered, I guess. It's nice to know you think I'm attractive. But you are 20 years younger than me."

"I told you I didn't like young girls!"

"Yes, you did! But old ladies! I doubt it!"

"You're not old, you're in your sexual prime, and so am I!" he blurted out, sorry immediately.

These martinis are hitting me! "Thank you, Doctor for your evaluation. It sounds like you've done research." I smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

"I'm sorry. This is why I don't talk much, things just come out that should be filtered. Anyway, I'll abide by your rules and be out of here in no time."

I smiled again. "No rush, I haven't had compliments in a long time, I could get used to it!"

He finished his sandwich and soda. I thought, what he said was true. I've read studies that women in their forties and men in their late teens and twenties are the most compatible, sex-drive wise. I thought that as I watched him eating. If his sexual appetite was anything like his regular one, he must be a dynamo!

"Well, I guess I'll go to bed now. Thanks again."

I stood when he did, and right away, I felt the drinks hit. "John showed you where everything was, right?"

"Oh, I'll find everything, I'm sure."

"Well, watch those pipes down there, some are low and you'll get a major bump. Let me show you for sure." I led the way.

"Really, I'm okay, Janet."

"I insist! The light in the bathroom is tricky, too."

The bed was open with the sheets on it. He followed me farther into the basement, ducking where the pipes were. I reached around the corner into the bathroom.

"The switch is over here, feel, come here." He squeezed in, behind to me, and followed my arm around. "Feel it? Right there?"

I realized his body was pressed against me, his crotch and my ass, and I could smell his manly scent surround me. The drinks were taking over, and his body felt so tight and warm against me. "Can you feel it, T?"

"Yes," he grunted, in a husky voice.

Oh god, he sounds so sexy! "Or you can leave it on all night, so you don't bump into anything."

"I'll be fine."

I turned around to face him, our bodies still pressed together. "I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you."

Our faces were close in the shadows, and there was enough light to see his eyes looking down at me. I felt my lips quivering, and my body rose on my toes until our lips almost touched. "Tommy?"


"I'm too old for you."

"Then why are you here?"

Without any viable answer, I closed my eyes and we met, softly, tenderly. "I don't know, I shouldn't be doing this."

His hands were on my hips now, pressing my chest into his as he kissed back. "It's all I've wanted since I saw you," he whispered.

"My son..."

"I would never think of saying anything to anyone, much less John."

My entire body felt alive, every fiber of my being. I had allowed myself to succumb to a skinny, dirty, homeless man. And I never felt more attractive, than in his eyes.

I reached up and held his neck as we exchanged another deep kiss, with tongue. I felt his hand on my breast. He massaged it, making my nipple the hardest in a long time. Our kiss broke and he lifted my bra and top off, leaving my hefty 36D's in his hands. My head rolled back as he leaned to suck the nipples, and I arched my spine. "Oh God," came from my throat.

I reveled in his attention, then realized how much I wanted him. When I reached for his zipper, he stood rigid, and I felt the bulge. I looked into his eyes and saw the depth, and began to stroke him. He was obviously pretty far along, and he fumbled to open them, not wanting me to rethink it.

We stumbled into the bath and I sat down, pulling him toward me, his cock engorged, the large pink head. I had to taste him, it was so hard and smooth. I kissed the tip and let my tongue slide up his slit. He groaned and shifted, pressing himself into my throat, me gasping for air. My mind raced, this young man, my son's friend, ramming his cock down my throat! What am I doing?

I had not been with a young man since I was young. All the stories say how young men climax quickly from lack of control. Tommy, I think, just had too much backed up. He grunted again and I felt the spurt! It surprised me, so soon and so much! The second seemed more. I swallowed but it was difficult with him humping my head, holding tight and slamming into me. Another shot, hot and heavy, and I felt it on my chin, onto my tits, so gooey and thick, and he wasn't through. His big cock stopped shooting but the ooze continued, and I couldn't take anymore, holding my hand under my chin as it ran out with my spit combined.

T was holding himself up against the walls, out of breath as I grabbed for toilet paper, wiping myself quickly, my mind racing. What now? I sucked a young man's cock in my bathroom, and now he's looking down at me, thinking I'm a filthy whore. You know what? I didn't care! Hell, this was the most sex I had in 6 months!

I looked up at him, he was smiling down at me. "Oh, God!" he said, almost whispering. "That was awesome! I never came like that, never!"

He crouched down and kissed me, with his sperm still in my mouth! Not just a kiss, a deep sensual thank-you kiss. He stood, taking me with him, whispering how it was my turn. His hands were digging into my shorts, and he forced them down harshly. There was no way he could get hard that quickly. He lifted me onto the vanity and spread my legs. I was amazed to see him kneel before me, smiling, telling me I was beautiful.

I had trimmed and shaven for the pool, so the thing was manageable. He smiled at my tuft of hair and dove in, kissing and licking. I leaned back, enjoying the attention. So many men just want oral, and don't give oral. Tommy seemed to love it, using his tongue and nose to arouse me, like a double tongue! I was flailing in seconds it seemed. My body seemed to lift off the vanity at one point, and I felt the waves of orgasm for the first time in a while.

He seemed to sense it, maybe even taste it. He was up now, holding his swollen cock again, ready for action.

He came to me with it, and I moved to the edge, taking it in my hand and guiding him in. Oh, the feeling, being filled with his hot hard meat. I looked into his eyes and his arousal was as much as mine. We kissed, held it as he slid back then in again. We broke the kiss and went at it in earnest.

The pounding was too much for the vanity, it was shaking and banging the wall! I pushed him out, saying, "Too loud!" He lowered me and turned me around, bending me at the waist and entered from behind. I could feel him deeper now! I held the archway of the door and he began again, with me bent whimpering and him slamming!

Those mild waves I felt before were replaced by convulsions. My legs lost all muscle and he and the door were basically holding me up. I let out a deep moan, long and low, like a cat in the night, and he grunted, "Gonna cum!" He slammed once more and held it in, and I cried out, trying to cover my mouth. I felt him spasm inside me, knowing he was depositing more sperm.

I straightened and turned, still gasping for air and he took me in his arms, kissing me, saying those things men say but don't mean, and they sounded good and true. We held each other for a long time. I finally kissed him goodnight.

At breakfast, I felt alive for the first time in a year! John came down and Tom immediately came up, probably waiting for John to dispel any awkwardness.

"Good morning! Breakfast? Coffee's in the carafe. How did did you boys sleep?"

John looked at T. "She's never perky in the morning, watch out, something's up!" Then he laughed.

John went up to shower. Tommy already had. "So, did you sleep well?" I asked.

He was shy, again. "Yes, thanks."

I sat across from him like the previous night. "Look, T, I'm past the point of apologizing for every thing I do. Last night was wonderful. I had a great time, and I hope you did, too. If it never happens again, I'll always remember it for what it was, two people making love. Thank you."

His eyes brightened. "I love you."

I laughed. "No you don't, but it's sweet of you to say. You may even think you do, but it will pass. You're welcome to stay here, but another ground rule: this only happens when no one is around. If John finds out, he'll be devastated. And so would I. Okay?"

"Whatever you say, I'll do. And when I get my place again, I hope you'll visit."

"Bet on it."

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