My Son's Wife


"That’s it, suck it you slut", he whispered into her ear as she used her tongue to suck his finger clean. Ted squeezed her ass together and pumped into her, while Jim grabbed both her tits from behind. He was mauling her young breasts, pinching her nipples. Kelly kept moaning with pleasure as Jim felt he was close to cumming. Kelly was full of lust as her body was sandwiched between to old men. Jim finally pulled out and shot his load all over Kelly's back. Spunk dropped all over her business skirt and onto her ass. Jim couldn’t help but admire the shiny cum on her back and ass as he got up and walked around to her face and wiped his limp cock on her red cheeks. Kelly felt disgusted and humiliated as she turned her head away.

"No you don't, use that sweet mouth of yours to clean it", Jim ordered her as her grabbed her head and forced his cock into her mouth. Kelly couldn’t believe what had gotten into her as she used her tongue to lick the cock that had just been in her butt. Ted was out of energy as he stopped fucking her. Kelly needed her pussy to be filled up as she bounced up and down on Teds erect cock. She was now doing all the fucking. Jim looked down and saw his daughter-in-laws soft wet lips around his cock. Her red lipstick was smudged around her mouth. She used her hand to hold his balls as she sucked his soft member. Finally, after the hard fucking Kelly was giving him, Ted came inside Kelly for the second time that night. Kelly used both hands now to suck Jim’s cock clean, as Jim ran his hands through her lovely brown hair. He looked down at her beautiful young face as his cock went in and out of her mouth.

After finishing sucking Jim’s cock, Kelly got up and staggered into the bathroom. Jim watched as her breast jiggled with each step, her ass and skirt covered in cum. As Jim followed her into the bathroom, Ted got dressed and went to the living room. He pushed the eject button in the VCR and took the tape out. He then walked outside and got into his truck, which was parked behind the garage. On his way home he thought how lucky it was to have watched the replay of the Lakers game from the night before.

"How good does that hot water feel", Jim whispered into Kelly's ear in the shower. He nibbled her ear as he soaped her young naked body. Kelly didn't know what had come over her. She had enjoyed being fucked by by two men twice her age. One her father-in-law, the dirty old man who she had come to hate. She knew her life would be for ever changed as she turned around, grabbed hold of Jim’s cock, and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.

This is my first story in a while, so please send me feedback on what you think. Any thoughts and idea’s are welcome, and I reply to those with e-mails. Be sure to check out my other stories.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/14/17

I loved it more please

My favorite part of your stories is how you push the subject of raping the DILs but being older men u know what they really want when they say no,,,

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