tagLoving WivesMy Step-Son's Wife...A Cheater?

My Step-Son's Wife...A Cheater?


I've discovered over the last eight years that being a step-parent isn't easy. For example, I have no problem telling my adult daughter when I think she has made a mistake. As her father, I have both the right and the obligation to do so. But I hesitate to do the same with my step-children. And as far as my step-grandchildren go, I am very careful when I correct them for doing something I think is inappropriate. I walk a very fine line and it is sometimes uncomfortable. So when it came to my attention that my step daughter--in-law might be cheating on her husband, I was in a quandary.


My name is Patrick (Pat) Hansen. My wife, Jenny, and I have been married for eight years. It is a second marriage for both of us. Our relationship however, goes back over 30 years. We dated for a few months in High School before going our separate ways. We got back together ten years ago.

I had been married for 18 years when my wife and I separated. It wasn't because one of us cheated, our finances, or our sex lives. It was because of a fence around our swimming pool. Well, in all honesty the disagreement about the fence was just the last straw in a huge bale of straw. Over the years our relationship had changed and 'we, us and our' had become 'me, mine and I' for both of us. So we decided to call it quits.

Our daughter handled the divorce as well as could be expected and accepted having two houses which gradually became two homes. She likes her step-father and treats him with respect and affection; likewise with my wife, her step-mother. Jenny's son and daughter feel the same about me. At least I think they do.

My daughter once asked Jenny why we quit dating in high school.

"Because I wouldn't put out and Nancy did." My daughter absolutely howled.

My first wife and I were separated and the divorce was still a few weeks away. I was 'online' looking for one thing and something completely unrelated to my original search appeared and reminded me of the Jenny I knew so long ago; so I typed her name. I didn't know her married name, or even if she was married, so I typed her maiden name. Up popped her name with her husband's obituary. The obituary even had her telephone number in it, which I thought was unusual.

So I called her and the rest, as they say, is history.

I am the Director of Safety for a large trucking company. We moved to New Orleans five years ago to take the job. My work is difficult, but fortunately keeps me close to home. Jenny spends her time sitting on several boards for charities around the area. We are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but we can do just about anything we want to do. Her late husband's investments helped see to that.

My daughter is single and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she and her mother own a relatively successful gift shop. Jenny's daughter lives in Estes Park, Colorado, with her husband who is a park ranger and their two children. Her son, Tyson (Ty for short) lives with his wife of five years in Memphis where he is a manager for a package delivery service. Ty's wife Lauren is a dental assistant and works for one of the area's most popular dentists. They have a four year old daughter named Madge.

Jenny and I don't get to see our children nearly often enough; maybe once or twice a year for a few days. The past couple of years we have seen Ty, Lauren and Madge more often than that. It is about a six hour drive from Memphis and he seems to have lots of three day weeks ends so they drive down every few months. Mardi Gras is a good time for them to come and Madge loves to yell "throw me something, mister" while watching the parades. She has enough beads to buy Manhattan Island all over again.

But for the last year or so only Ty and Madge made the trip. Lauren always seemed too busy. It was the same thing last summer. Jenny and I took all of the children on a cruise. Everyone made it but Lauren. "She couldn't get off work." Said Ty. Another time Jenny and I were to meet them, as well as my daughter, in New York City, but Lauren, again, was unable to be there. "It was a busy week and she felt guilty about taking off." Was the excuse Ty gave.

"I'm beginning to think she doesn't like us."

"It's not that, Pat. I guess she feels like she needs to be close to work in case an emergency pops up."

"When your job becomes more important than your family it might be time to find another job."

We never talked about it again and I never felt close enough to him to really discuss his personal life, and I have certainly not discussed it with Jenny, but I had begun to have some concerns about their marriage. Now what, if anything, should I do about those concerns? I decided to do nothing for the time being.

Four months ago, one of the trucking associations my company is a member of was hosting a seminar in Nashville. My boss decided that it would be a good idea for us to be represented so I made arrangements for my assistant to go. Two days before the Seminar was to start her husband had emergency gall bladder surgery and she couldn't go so I went. That sounds funny. Emergency gall bladder surgery. But I understand that it isn't very funny to the patient.

Jenny thought it would be a good time for her to visit her daughter in Colorado and I agreed.

The seminar was over on Friday afternoon and several of us were going to have dinner and socialize for the evening. We were able to get a table at a very nice steakhouse and their Wagyu Strip and Creamed Spinach were perfect. My flight didn't leave until noon the next day so I was in no hurry to leave the steakhouse; besides, the Hilton was only a couple of minutes away, so I decided to have another drink and call Jenny.

My gin and tonic had just arrived and I was ready to hit Jenny's number on speed dial when I saw a couple being escorted to a table not too far from my own. I watched as the waiter held the chair for the lady and she sat. I have no idea how women can sit when their dresses are so tight they can hardly breathe, much less move. It always seemed to me that the dress would rip at the seams whenever the wearer would bend and try to sit. That was the case here. How she was able to sit amazed me. And how one little string kept the top of the dress from falling down also amazed me. Spaghetti strap, I think it's called. Then I watched as the gentleman with her reached across the table and took her hands. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but it must have been funny, because she laughed at virtually everything he said.

I took a couple of sips of my drink, but couldn't concentrate on it. They ordered wine, then dinner. I sat and watched. The wait staff kept checking on me to see if I needed anything and kept hinting that they could use my table. The couple was about half way through their dinner when I decided to leave. I paid my check and stepped outside and asked the door man to get me a cab. He signaled and one appeared as if by magic.

"I would like for you get in a position to see everybody who comes out of the restaurant. I want to be able to follow them whichever direction they go. Can you do that?"

"Sure can, but I have to keep the meter running while we wait."

"That's okay."

There was an alley across the street and he parked in there. And we sat. And we watched.

It was about 9:30 and I took out my phone. It was 8:30 in Colorado; still early enough to call Jenny.

"Hi. Sweetie, How's Nashville?"

"Not bad. I'm glad the seminar is over. I was thinking about swinging through Memphis tomorrow and having dinner with the kids and then getting home on Sunday. What do you think?"

"I think it's nice that you would want to do that, but not tomorrow. Ty and Madge decided to come out here for the weekend because Lauren and some of the people she works with are helping move their offices."

We talked for about 15 more minutes and hung up. We sat there and waited. The driver was playing a game on his phone when the couple came out.

"That's them." I told the driver and pointed.

They stood there for less than a minute and a black limo stopped. They got in. We followed and I wrote down the license plate number. They didn't go far. As a matter of fact, they went to my hotel. They got out and walked in. I paid my driver and followed.

I was in the lobby in time to see them get into an elevator and watched as it stopped on the same floor my room was on.

I went back out to the door man. "Who was that couple in the limo? Anybody famous?"

"Not that I know off."

I took out my wallet and reached a hundred dollar bill out to him. "Could you find out?"

"Not for that, I can't." He said indicating the bill. I peeled off another one. Waited. Then another. I started to put all of them back in my wallet and he reached for them.

"Be right back."

He was gone about five minutes and handed me a piece of paper. I walked inside and stepped in the elevator before looking at the paper. Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Lafazo, Room 912. I stepped off the elevator. Room 912 was to the left. I turned right to 936 which was my room.

I stood at the window and looked out and wondered what Lauren was doing right now in room 912. I hadn't been sure when I first saw them walk in, but the more I watched them and the more I looked at her, the more my doubts faded. It was her and it answered some of the questions I had been having recently.

I went to the minibar and made myself a gin and tonic. I opened my phone and looked up Private Investigators in Nashville. There were a lot of them. I looked until I saw one which said 'Call 24 hours'. So I did. Less than an hour later, I opened my door to a middle aged couple who introduced themselves as the investigators and I asked them in. They turned down my offer of a drink so we talked.

I told them I wanted to know everything I could find out about Dominic Lafazo. I told them the room number and gave them the limo license plate number. Then we talked about money.

"When would you like us to start?"

"Right now too soon?" I handed them a credit card.

They took down the information they needed and left.

I had planned to go home tomorrow, but made up my mind to stay until Sunday. I went to bed and tried to sleep.

I spent most of the next morning sitting in the lobby trying not to be noticed. While I sat there, I changed my flight to Sunday afternoon. Shortly before noon they stepped off the elevator, walked outside and got in the limo. I walked down the street ate lunch and was back sitting in the lobby when they walked in five hours later and got in the elevator.

I sat there the rest of the day but never saw them again.

The next morning I received a call from one of the investigators while I was on my way to the airport. She wanted to update me. We met at the airport and she handed me 'the envelope'.

"There is some information on Mr. Lafazo. There are also pictures and a video. The pictures are pretty tame, but the video is not. The same doorman you paid to get Lafazo's name helped us get into their room yesterday while they were gone so we could plant our equipment. We figured if he took your bribe he might take ours; and he did. He was able to get us the room next to Lafazo so we could monitor and record what went on. The doorman's pretty sleazy and actually wanted a copy of the video for his own viewing pleasure. We have been in this business a long time and this is the first time we were able to get into a Hilton room so actually we considered ourselves lucky. The limo is a regular 'for hire' car. Nothing more than an expensive cab. We have contacts all over town who help us gather information. Luckily, the limo driver is one of those contacts so most of the pictures are from him when they were in his car yesterday. The info on Lafazo is far from complete. He's from Memphis, and comes here every couple of months and always brings a girl with him. The girl he has this weekend has been with him a couple of other times. We will get information on her and get it to you."

"Don't bother about her. I would, however, like for you to keep an eye on him. Stay with him the next time he comes to town and let me know."

"Will do. He always asks for the same driver, so that should be easy."

We talked for a few more minutes before I had to get through security. I was a bit concerned about going through security with the video. I was hoping they wouldn't choose me for secondary screening and find a pornographic video on me. I resisted every urge to open the envelope but I didn't want anybody looking over my shoulder.

I was home by six. One minute later, I opened the envelope. Apparently there is a network of investigators who provide information to each other. When my investigators talked to their limo driver contact they found out Lafazo was from Memphis so they called their contact there who was only too happy to give them the lowdown on him.

Dominic Lafazo was a dentist. Married with four children. He was well known as a philanderer, but was very selective. He and four other men in Memphis were a club. A 'fuck a lot' club. Their rules were simple: 'Fuck early and fuck often'. The women they fucked had to be married so they would have as much to lose as the men if they were caught and the men always had to have more than one woman. Not at the same time, but they always had to have more than one they could call on for sex. Lafazo currently had at least two women he fucked on a regular basis. He apparently took every opportunity to screw around, but preferred going to Nashville to do it. He used the excuses of dental seminars and fraternity brothers golfing outings to explain being out of town so frequently.

I took a short break.

This guy fucked for the pleasure of fucking. My first thought was that he was a slime ball. But then I thought: who doesn't fuck for pleasure? Humans are the only animals who do that...at least as far as we know. But he was married...and the women he fucked were married...and one of them was my step daughter-in-law.

I picked up the pictures. Some kissing in the back seat. An exposed tit. Relatively tame, but still enough to start any normal husband for divorce court.

Then I watched the video.

It was after they came back to the hotel yesterday afternoon when the investigator's had planted their equipment. They walked into the room. Lauren went to the window and opened the drapes as far as they would go. Then she turned on the radio to a country station. Jenny and I like country music and had often heard Ty and Lauren laugh at us for it. Neither of them liked it so I was surprised when she started swaying to it. Lafazo had taken off his jacket and was sitting on the edge of the bed taking off his shoes. Lauren put her hands on her thighs and slid them up her legs taking her tight skirt with her. Then she knelt on her knees and helped him with his shoes.

"Wanna fuck me now?"

"I need a shower. After you dragging me all over town, I'm all sweaty."

"Okay, I'll join you in a minute. I should call Ty." She sat in a chair by the desk.

"Jesus Christ. You call him six times a day."

"I have to keep him happy. And dumb."

He Stood, unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. "Suck on this for a minute. Then when you talk to him you will still have my taste in your mouth."

He pulled out of her mouth and, laughing, headed for the shower. I only heard her side of the phone conversation.

"Hi sweetie...Sure, I'm fine. And you?... How's Madge?...Good. What am I doing? We have just finished eating. I had a hot dog. As a matter of fact, I still have the taste of it in my mouth." And so it went until Lafazo came out of the shower still drying himself. He walked up to Lauren and stuck his dick in her mouth in mid- sentence. She stopped talking and sucked for a couple of seconds before turning her head letting his dick plop out. "Sorry, sweetie. I can't get the taste of that hotdog out of my mouth. I really like it."

They chatted for a couple more minutes before she said goodbye.

Lafazo had been standing there stroking his dick while she talked to Ty. After she ended the call, she turned, looked up at him, smiled and leaned forward returning it to her mouth. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off while still sucking him. Then her bra. He reached, pinched her nipples and she moaned. She reached for his hips and pushed him back to the bed then pushed him down on it. She stood and finished undressing. The skirt then the panties. On more than one occasion, I had tried to visualize what she looked like naked and now I could see. She really was beautiful. Perfect body. I had to shake my head and clear it to remember who she was.

Naked she straddled him and sat on his dick, moaning softly as he entered her. She took his hands and moved them to her breasts, pressed on them crushing her tits. She moaned even softer. I had the impression that she was a moaner and not a screamer. As I watched them, my dick started to get hard. I had no control over it.

And so it went. For two hours they fucked and for a good portion of that time, I had a hardon. It wouldn't go away and yet I couldn't bring myself to stroke it. I was almost disgusted with myself, but I couldn't help it. She was beautiful and enjoyed sex.

At one point they were resting and decided they were hungry so they called room service.

"So are you going to give him a treat when he comes?"

"I don't know. The last one liked it didn't he?"

"Fuck yeah he liked it. Who wouldn't? You opened the door naked."

They discussed the pros and cons of her exposing herself to the delivery person. When the knock came, Lafazo went into the bathroom, partially closed the door and was peeking out as Lauren strolled over to the door completely naked. She winked at him and opened the door. The young man paid no attention to her as he put the tray down on the table and checked everything off his list ensuring that what they ordered was there. He then walked to the door, opened it and left.

Lafazo came out of the bathroom and they looked at each other stunned. Then started laughing. "Maybe it would have been more effective if you had done it." Lauren said as she gave his dick a gentle tug.

"Fuck you."

"Wait til we eat."

The rest of the video was more of the same. Fucking and sucking. My dick decided it didn't want to be hard anymore so went back to normal. At some point, I stopped looking at her as a beautiful, sexy woman and returned to seeing her as my step-son's wife. The mother of his daughter and the woman who talked to her husband on the phone while sucking another man's dick. She wasn't so attractive any more.

My phone rang. It was Jenny. "Hi. We just landed and I'll be home soon. Have you eaten?"

"I'm not very hungry. I'll just have a peanut butter sandwich."

"Sounds good to me. See you soon."

I put everything back in the envelope and put it in my car.

When Jenny and I have been away from each other we like to just sit and be close for awhile. That evening we sat on the sofa and chatted about our respective weeks. There was a lull in our conversation. Two times she started to say something but stopped herself. I didn't push her. Later in bed we made love. Slowly and gently like we usually do and I was in love with my wife all over again.

On Tuesday I received a call from my Nashville investigators. "Mr. Hansen, We know you told us not to bother about the woman Lafazo was with in Nashville, but we have some information anyway. One of our investigators was watching Sunday morning as he and the woman left the hotel. He got in the limo, but she got in a car the Valet had brought. We took her license plate number and checked it out. The car is registered to a Tyson Wagner in Memphis. He is married to Lauren Wagner. And get this. She works for Lafazo. We have been trying to figure out why they traveled separately and came to the conclusion that they just didn't want to take a chance on being seen."

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