tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 05

My Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 05


I was starting to come down from the drug which had contributed to my just being intimate with my own mother and over which I had no control. My stepfather and his brother were still in the room and as I gazed over from the bed where I lay, I saw Russell was once again servicing my mother. She lay on her stomach with her wrists secured to the bed head and pillows supporting her pushing her butt high into the air. I soon figured that he was taking her anally as he had reapplied the ball gag in her mouth and she lay motionless as he pounded her pushing his cock deeper and deeper. As I watched my stepfather now joined me on the bed and he pulled my head toward his cock.

"Put your mouth on it you fucking bitch," he hissed as he pushed his cock head against my lips.

"Open nice and wide baby so daddy can stick his dick in your slut mouth."

"Daddy has something real nice for his little girl to eat," he smiled.

He now controlled me and I found that I obeyed his commands without him forcing me to do so. His cock had a distinct flavour of his manhood, mixed with semen and my mother's pussy juices. He hadn't given me the drug, yet here I was doing as I was told to do and willingly taking his cock in my mouth. I wrapped my fingers around the thickness of his shaft and began to stroke it as I used my tongue to stimulate him. His fingers made their way to my pussy and his index finger soon found my G spot. He fingered it roughly and I soon found my body started to again respond to his touch. I wanted him to finger me and in order to make him satisfy me I worked harder to pleasure him. I was soon taking his balls in my mouth sucking them inside my wet oral opening and rolling them between my lips, at the same time stroking and licking his cock head and shaft. He was moaning loudly as he was being turned on. His cock would soon be nice and hard where hopefully he would then fuck me. I wanted cock, and I wanted it now. I wanted to be fucked hard and I didn't care who did it.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and moved down the bed between my legs. I felt him stretch them wide and could feel my pussy lips part, exposing the pink entrance to my cunt. His large hands grasped my ankles and he pulled my legs up over his shoulders. He was going to fuck me and I prepared myself to accommodate him. My pussy was well lubricated from the fingering it had received and his cock head easily pushed past my pussy lips and made it's way deeper into my opening. I arched my back as his cock stretched me. moving along my love tunnel.

"Oh baby your cunt is so fucking tight."

"Daddy has to be so careful as he is going to cum too soon," he laughed.

"Come on honey."

"Tell daddy how you want his cock in your sweet little cunt?

"Yes daddy," I mouthed through gritted teeth.

"Fuck me daddy."

"Fuck your baby girl hard."

"I want to be better than mommy."

"And I want to feel you're cum inside me."

"Oh yeah baby."

"Daddy's gonna fill your cute little pussy with his hot, thick milk."

"Yes daddy, I want it inside me," I smiled.

My hands gripped his buttock, pulling him into me as I wanted his cock deep in my pussy which was now wet. I was his bitch and didn't care what he did to me as I ground my pelvis against his thrusts and his pelvic bone pressed against my clit. The moaning started deep in my throat and I was soon letting him know that he was fucking me that way I wanted to be fucked.

"Oh yes, yes daddy," I screamed.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard."

"Your cock feels so fucking big in my pussy."

"God it feels so fucking good," I cried.

His ball slapped my buttocks as his mouth moved to my nipple where he sucked it in and then his teeth nibbled it as he sucked it so hard. The pain shot throughout my body only it had become a pleasurable pain as my nipples became even harder. My head moved off the bed and my lips found his nipple. I bit it hard and he cried out.

"Gentle baby," he yelped.

I let it slide out from between my teeth and the kissed it gently, then took the second one between my lips sucking and licking them. He was doing the same and it was having the desired effect as I would be soon ready to cum and it would not be too far away. My stepfather's brother now joined us where grabbing a hand full of my hair, pulling my face to his cock. It was big and hard as he used it to slap my face like some sort of paddle. Precum oozed from the eye of his cock leaving a long slimy trail across my cheek and lips as he steered his throbbing cock towards my mouth. It pressed against my lips, as if it had a mind of it's own wanted entry into my oral cavity. There was no use fighting as I eagerly opened my lips and mouth and accepted his cock meat. As he pushed it deeper and deeper, I soon realised that I was taking it down my throat and was now deep throating him. I was controlling my gag reflex and I had soon learnt to breath whilst doing so.

I was a cocksucker and he was enjoying what I was doing as he began to moan loudly.

"Oh fuck yeah," he yelled.

" Suck my cock you fucking little cock sucker."

"Man, I'm gonna shoot my load down your fucking throat"

"Hey bro, this little bitch sucks better than your old lady," he laughed. I opened it like some greedy animal taking it's pray into its mouth; I sucked him with a desire to taste his cum deep down my throat. The sight of me servicing his brother was having the desired effect as my stepfather now uncontrollably pounded my pussy with increased vigour. His cock was rock hard and his balls were full, almost ready to explode inside me. For a fleeting second I remembered that I was not taking any form of protection and that there was a chance that he could impregnate me. That thought didn't last too long as I wanted him to continue to fuck me and I wanted to cum.

"That's it, suck that cock real good."

Two of my openings were now being pounded and I loved every minute of it it. I glanced at my mother who just stared at her little girl being taken by her husband and his brother. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling that filled my body with lust. Russel's balls slapped my chin and his pubic hair tickled my nose as my hand continued to stroke him as he fucked my mouth. I felt my stepfathers cock swell and thicken and I had felt that same feeling before, the feeling that he was going to cum. With one last thrust he did, shooting his cum into my anus.

"Oh fuck yeah." he yelled as thrust after thrust produced more and more cum. I could feel it deep inside my butt and he must have shot so much as it was soon leaking out of me.

"Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," Russel yelled as his cock exploded in my mouth, where he forced me to swallow it down my throat, gulping it down like a young girl would eating ice cream, until I had consumed every last drop of his hot love milk. I was then made to lick them clean where I used my fingers to scoop and push every last drop into my mouth. Soon I was lying peacefully and contented with my work.

That night they both used me over and over in every imaginable position, which resulted in me coming on several occasions throughout my introduction to fucking. In time I would find that I had been impregnated only there was no way to tell which one of them would be the father of my child. My stepfather liked that I was pregnant and he also enjoyed seeing me naked with my big belly and swollen breasts. He would dress me just in high heels and I would parade around the house for him dressed only that way. He was looking to degrade me even more and it was during his usual Friday night poker games he had me dress just in lace top stay up stockings and heels, where I would bring them food and drinks. The men would touch me on my milk filled breasts and my pussy and there were some that my stepfather would inform me that needed their cock sucked. Others were told that I would accompany to another room in the complex where they could fuck me on all fours, like some cheap slut. He too enjoyed fucking me and I now liked being fucked. I carried the child to the full nine months and gave birth to beautiful baby girl. I made plans for both mine and my daughter's future, which didn't include my stepfather and his brother.

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