tagIncest/TabooMy Stepmother's Panties

My Stepmother's Panties


I didn't really like my Stepmother, but I did like using her panties and nighties to masturbate with. Susan, my Stepmother, was 35 and fairly attractive. She has dark brown curly hair, a 36c chest and a nice, plump ass.

When I lived at home, I would routinely search my parent's bedroom for "contraband". I discovered my Stepmothers stash of porno flicks buried in her panty drawer. I would watch the movies when no one was home and masturbate, and since I had to dig through a pile of panties to get to them, it didn't take long before I discovered the joy of wrapping some of her silky undies around my hard cock while jerking off.

After a while I found her lingerie stash, which had some great feeling satin nighties. I didn't think it could get any better, but then I found the joy of the clothes hamper. Masturbating with her recently worn panties and nighties was pure heaven. I especially liked to sneak into her room when she was in the shower, and quickly rub one off with the clothes she had just removed minutes before. Stealing the clothes was almost as exciting as the way they smelled.

I had been masturbating with Susan's clothes for months when the inevitable happened. I was coming out of the bathroom at about 2 in the morning and walked right into my Stepmother, who was on the way to the bathroom. We were both surprised, and she brushed up against me while walking through the doorway. She was wearing her jade baby-doll nightie, and I could see her panties clinging to the curves of her ass once she got into the light. She must have seen me staring, and she must have noticed the bulge in my boxers before she shut the door. I went back to bed and masturbated 3 times before falling asleep, thinking about how great she looked and trying to figure out which pair of her panties she had been wearing.

I was filled with excitement the next morning as I waited for her to take a shower the next morning. As soon as I hears the water start running, I cracked open her bedroom door. I didn't see her, but I did see her discarded jade nightie on the floor-with a pair of pink panties balled up on top. My dick was raging in my shorts, and I could feel the pre-come starting to ooze. I grabbed both pieces of clothing off the floor, and immediately brought the panties to my nose. Somehow it was more exciting because I had seen her in these clothes, and didn't have to just imagine it. The scent was incredible, and the panties were moist! My left hand was rubbing the jade nightie on my crotch and my right hand was rubbing the soiled pink panties across my nose when my Stepmother walked back into the room.

I wanted to die. All I could think about was how much trouble I was in, and how embarrassed I would be when Susan told my Dad. She was wrapped in a towel, and her hair was wet from the shower. She stared at me for a while before she crossed the room and sat down on the bed she shared with my Father.

"So you're the one who's responsible for all the cum stains on my underwear?" she asked. I just stood there, with her silky things still clutched in my sweaty grasp and my member rapidly shrinking. She crossed her legs, reached over to the night table and grabbed her smokes. "Answer me" she said, before lighting her cigarette. I mumbled some things, not being able to think of anything I could say that would reverse time. Susan told me to come sit next to her on the bed. I was so scared and confused, why wasn't she yelling yet?

Next she said "I want you to tell me all about your underwear fetish". Stunned, I just continued to stare at her luscious, towel clad form. "If you make it a good story, I promise it will be our little secret" she said. Could I trust her? She shifted positions on the bed, showing more leg. I couldn't take it, and began to tell her all about finding her porno movies and the joys of smelling her worn panties. Through it all she just looked at me and smoked her cigarette.

I was out of breath and hard as a rock when I finished. "I've known for months that someone was cumming in my panties and on my lingerie" she said, "but I wasn't sure if it was you , one of your brothers, or even your father". Then she said something that I will never forget. "Would you like to see me wear those panties I caught you sniffing?" she asked. I was shaking so bad, but I still managed to nod my head yes.

"Turn around while I put them on" Susan asked, and I jumped off the bed and turned my back to her. That was the longest five seconds of my life! She told me I could look, and when I turned around, there she stood…in her towel! I remember thinking that she had tricked me, and I was probably going to get in trouble, and then she whipped the towel off!

There she stood, her damp hair clinging to the back of her neck, feet slightly apart. Her breast were so nice, chubby and full, with light pink , puffy nipples. Her belly was slightly round, and served to accentuate the curves oh her body.. The pink bikini-style panties clung tightly to her wonderful hips. Her bush was pushing against the front of the panties almost as much as my raging erection was pushing against the front of my shorts. I could see a few hairs poking out here and there. She turned around and bent over slightly, thrusting her ass in my direction. A little moan escaped my lips, and I started to fondle my cock.

"I guess you like what you see" she said as she turned around to face me again. I said yes, and stopped rubbing myself. "No, no, no" Susan said, "I showed you mine, now I want to see yours-take off your clothes and jerk yourself off for me."

Was she serious? She sat down on the bed again, and spread her legs wide. I could almost smell her magnificent pussy. I quickly took off my clothes. She looked at my dick and smiled. She tossed me her jade nightie, and I went to work on my dick. I was stroking my shaft and fondling my balls while she watched She slipped her hand inside her underwear and began fingering herself. I couldn't take it, and began to yank on my cock harder. Suddenly, she sat up and told me to stop. "Come sit on the bed" Susan whispered. I sat on the bed next to my Stepmother, totally naked. I wanted to blow my load so badly.

She took her hand out of her panties, put it in front of my face, and said "Suck these". Before this day I had never even seen a naked woman in the flesh, and now I was getting my first taste of pussy! I put her fingers in my mouth and started sucking. The taste was amazing, nothing like I had imagined. Then I felt her hand begin to caress my dick. I was so shocked that I stopped my oral massage of her fingers. About 30 seconds into her hand job she stopped. Susan took her fingers out of my mouth and reclined on the bed. She then spread her legs, her panty covered mound inches in front of my sweaty body.

"Would you like to fuck my panties?" she asked. I turned around on the bed and kneeled between her legs. She was propped up on some pillows watching me. "Do you know what to do?" she asked next. I nodded, and lowered my body on top of hers. As my cock came in contact with her silk-enclosed mound, it dislodged a large amount of pre-cum. Susan wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me close with her arms. Her tits felt wonderful crushed against my chest, and I began to hump for all I was worth.

I could feel the heat and moisture my Stepmothers cunt was generating through her panties. She was letting out little moans as I slammed harder and harder against her, and I was on the verge of crying. I pulled back from her embrace a little bit and lowered my mouth to her right tit. When I sucked her diamond-hard nipple into my mouth, she moaned really loud and bucked against me. I was licking and kissing all over her boobs, and finally our lips met in a lust-filled kiss. When she stuck her tongue in my mouth, my cock erupted all over her panties and belly.

I lay on top of her for a couple of minutes before rolling off. I couldn't believe what had just happened! My Stepmother was on the bed next to me, covered in sweat and my jizz. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before standing up. She hooked a thumb into each side of her pink panties and quickly yanked them off. I stared at her pussy, the first I ever saw. Covered by a thick bush of curly brown hair at the top, I could see her plump lips sticking out from the juncture of her thighs. My cock, which had been going limp, instantly sprang back to life.

Susan kneeled on the bed next to me and said "How bad do you want to fuck me?" I barely managed to say "badly", I was still staring at her box. "Roll over and lay on your stomach" she commanded. I quickly obeyed, and she put her gooey panties in front of my face. "I want you to lick all your cum and my pussy juice off of these while I finger your asshole". I was shocked, both by the thought of eating my own cum and having my Stepmother want to stick her finger in my ass. "When they're good and clean, I'll let you pussy-fuck me" she moaned in my ear. I surrendered to desire, and buried my face in the soiled panties as she began inserting her finger in my ass.

The panties tasted better than anything I had ever had in my mouth. The pussy juice and cum tasted great, and I was soon moaning and slurping away. My Stepmother was behind me, thrusting her finger in and out of my butt. My raging erection was rubbing against her bed sheets, and I quickly came again. She continued to finger my ass until I got hard again, and then she rolled me over.

She threw her left leg over me, straddling my raging wood. She grabbed my cock and moaned loudly as she lowered herself onto it. The feeling of my dick in her pussy was incredible! Hot and slick with her juices, I couldn't believe that I thought humping her panties had been great! She started rocking back and forth, and I reached around her and cupped her glorious ass. Susan leaned forward and I picked my head up and sucked a nipple into my mouth. We fucked like this for about two minutes before she started to orgasm. While she was bucking and moaning in the throws of sexual release, I blew my last load of the day deep in her twat. She rolled off me and lay in the bed, panting heavily. I was tingling all over with the thoughts of what had just happened and my virginity a thing of the past.

We cleaned up and got dressed, then we talked about our new situation. Susan said we could keep doing it as long as I never told anyone. It had only been 10 minutes and I already wanted to fuck her again, so of course I agreed. From that day on whenever I found a pair of her dirty panties hidden under my pillow I knew we'd soon be fucking.

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