tagIncest/TabooMy Stripper Sister

My Stripper Sister


I didn't even want to go out that night; not that I wasn't interested; I was just tired. I had been working hard on my report in the library. I had just gotten my hostel room and all I really wanted to do was sleep. My room mate and a friend of mine both American wanted me to go with them to see and support a new dancer they knew in a wet T-shirt contest at a private club in a nearby town, where they were regular. I told them that after the death of my parents a couple of years ago, my elder sister is working really hard for our living and had restricted me to my studies. What made it worse was they had a habit of trying to set me up. They persisted and told me that a new Indian dancer has joined this club a month ago, who was very gorgeous. Ultimately they badgered me into getting into the car.

When we arrived at the club, I became stunned as they introduced me to the girl we had come to see. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was my own elder sister wearing a summer dress of light material. The short skirt clung to her 37 inches hips and showed off her terrific legs. The fabric was gathered to emphasize her small waist. The spaghetti strap top lay over an eye-popping pair of breasts, 36D's. She didn't look like she fit the atmosphere. Just looking at her, I would never have guessed she would be a contestant in a contest like the one we came to see. She had a sweet, innocent face with, almost tender, hazel brown eyes. She was 5' 6", about 125 - 130 pounds, with terrific sun tinted brown hair that reached almost to her waist. But, as she talked with me, she didn't give any idea about our relation to my friends. She greeted me like she had seen me first time in her life. She talked with us for a few minutes; there was a strong sensuality that came from behind my elder sister's facade. She could flirt and tease. Letting the dress move up her thigh a bit or leaning over and offering a brief view of the cleavage under the top of the dress a couple of times.

My elder Sis looked into my eyes and asked me why I was quite? I regained my senses, understood her message and said, "They had introduced me to "gorgeous" girls before and I had frequently found their taste to be less than great. But, this time, they were not only right; they actually understated your beauty. "

She smiled lewdly and said, "Where are you from?"

I replied, "From Pakistan"

"It's glad to meet you, I'm also from Pakistan. " She said to me and then excused my friends and said to me in Urdu smilingly, "Muaaf karna bhai, mujhe ye majboori mein karna para. "

"Baji, mein samajh sakta hoon keh aap yeh sub hum donon key liay kar raheen hain. Koi baat hahin, Main aap ke saath hoon aur mujhe fakhar hay keh mein aap ka bhai hoon. " I answered her in the same manner.

All she replied, "Shukria, Mujhe bhi tum per fakhar hay. "

In just a few minutes she had to get ready for the contest. As she turned to go and change, she winked at me and said, "Watch this. I won't be beat.

The DJ backed down the music and lights were turned up over an area of the dance floor in the middle of a large roped off circle. An MC came to the center with a microphone. He worked up the excitement of the crowd in anticipation, then introduced the eight women who would be competing. One by one they came out in their various costuming, the common factor, the plain white T-shirt. Roma (Baji) wore the tiniest of thongs under her T-shirt. There was no bra, but she didn't need one. Her tits were firm with the nipples pressing against the fabric of the shirt. High-heeled black sandals were the only other item of her outfit. Before the contest even started I felt twinges of excitement in my crotch.

One by one the women had cold water poured over them. The tits of each girl showed through, an interesting study in the widely varying size, shape, and nipple color of the female breast. The wet bodies were exciting. Each girl was given the opportunity to dance and try to gain the support of the crowd. The dances ranged from a bit clumsy to dick-stiffening hot. Baji, with her terrific body, and two other girls were chosen as the three finalists by the group's applause. The fourth contestant and those below, didn't even come close to the top three. The finalists would return to have a no holds that barred dance off for $300. Based on the first round, the dances would be really intense.

Roma Baji came back and sat with us during the break. She was animated and down right sexy now. My innocent sister had been replaced with a very hot woman. After a few minutes, a couple of quick cold drinks, and some staring at her tits in the still wet T-shirt it was time for her to go back and compete for the prize.

The three finalists drew straws to see what order they would dance in. Baji would be number three. The crowd cheered and clapped as the first girl moved to the center of the ring. The song she had chosen was fast and loud. She twisted and pumped and ground her hips and used the music very effectively. She started to raise the shirt, baring her belly just to the bottom of her breasts. She looked questioningly at the crowd as if to say, "Do you want more?" She hooked her thumb in the waistband of her tiny shorts. With one quick yank the snap popped open and the zipper was down. Underneath the top her pink satin panties could be seen. The crowd liked this action. She was a very hot dancer and worked the crowd well. When the applause and cheers were loud enough, she raised the shirt over one tit and then the other. Slowly she pulled the shirt off over her head. She bent over with her head lower than her waist and ground her ass in the air in a most seductive, "come and get me" way. As the song ended she finished with a full, pussy to the floor, split that had the definite approval of the audience.

The second girl moved out to perform. The instant her song started playing she went into action. The short skirt she was wearing showed off her legs well but it was very quickly gone to show even more. She grabbed the front of the collar on the wet T-shirt, one hand on each side of center. She pulled hard and ripped it to the waist. Her really huge breasts spilled out and the crowd cheered. One more rip and the shirt was off. She danced wildly before us in only a pair of white panties. The texture and blond color of her pussy hair could be clearly seen through the thin fabric. Her dance moved from the center of the performance area to the audience. People strained against the rope separating them from her. She pressed into the crowd, rubbing against anyone at the rope as she danced around the circle. People pushed to get to the front and reached over and around each other. Almost 60 people did whatever they could to get where she was. Realizing the rope was an obstacle; she went under it and into the crowd. Continuing her sex dance she ground her hips into the crotches of dozens of men. Hands from everywhere in the group touched and fondled her. Not just men but some of the females, too, grabbed her ass or ran a hand over her smooth, thin belly or rubbed and pinched a hard nipple or took a feel of her panty-covered pussy. This girl was hot and her very hard, long nipples and the wet spot forming on her underwear told everyone she was having a good time. There was an audible sigh of disappointment from the audience when the music ended and her turn was over.

The crowd was at a high sexual pitch. I don't know if it was because the women were turned on by what they were watching or if, in a bit of jealousy, they were trying to keep their guys' attention, but several were getting into some hot action of their own. As I looked around the room, a girl took her boyfriend's hand and slipped it into her blouse and onto her breast. He began massaging it. She was obviously pleased with what he was doing. A couple of other girls actually had blouses unbuttoned or shirts pulled up and their tits out for their boyfriends to handle. One of them had three guys doing things to her boobs. There was even a woman with her hand through her man's fly stroking his cock.

The music Baji chose was slow and intensely seductive. Her movements were smooth and flowing as she began her dance. The wet T-shirt clung to the exquisite form of her body, molded to every curve. The cold water had made her dark brown nipples rock hard and prominent. She was totally gorgeous. She almost flowed out of the shirt as she slowly removed it over her head. There were some "ah's" and a couple of sighs when the full nakedness of her breasts was exposed. She continued the grinding, pulsating dance, closer and closer to the crowd. As she approached the edge of the circle, she began sliding against the front of men and women alike. She pressed her firm round ass against the bellies of women and the hardening penises of men, her back and breasts against the tits of the women. At times she would turn, face a man, straddle his leg, and grind her pussy into his thigh as her pelvis massaged his dick. No one was left out as she worked her way around the ring. She chose two men to come inside the line that separated her from the crowd. She moved between them. With one holding the strap on each side of her tiny thong, she slithered out of the little bit of cloth. The crowd broke into applause as her pussy was revealed. It was completely shaved and so smooth and perfect that she looked like a young girl. Her movements and actions were far from little girl like, though.

Now totally naked, her dance became even more intense. She passed the line and moved into the crowd. Hands were all over her as she did her sex dance with virtually every member of the audience. Women were sucking her nipples and men fondling her cunt only to have another and another and another, in rapid succession, take a turn at nibbling a tit or fingering her clit. At times she held two or three fingers in her. Her hands weren't idle either. She groped men's crotches feeling extremely stiff peckers. She kissed and was kissed by many, male and female. She unbuttoned blouses and unzipped pants of the crowed and, without a word, encouraged people to feel and enjoy each other.

When she came to where I was in the circle, she took me by the hand and led me to the center of the performance area. Without missing a beat or breaking the rhythm of her dance she dropped to her knees in front of me. Blood rushed to my face as Baji unfastened my fly and lowered my pants and briefs together. My painfully hard cock sprung out, its long angry redness hitting her in the face as she worked at getting my clothes off. As the crowd began a synchronized clap, clap, clap, that became louder and faster, she began to make circles on the tip of my tool with her tongue. The circles expanded until she was licking every bit of the surface of her brother's hardon. Baji's large, bright, gorgeous eyes never left mine as she worked. There was an impish smile on her face. She sucked my balls into her mouth and I moaned. I was having a hard time keeping my balance and standing as I was rapidly losing all control under the spell of her talents.

Her next move was unbelievable. In one motion she swallowed the full length of my 7 1/2 inch cock. Its tip was deep in her throat, throbbing, and her lips were buried in my hair against my belly. She held it there for a very long time before starting to move me in and out of her mouth. As she deep throated me on every stroke, the crowd picked up the pace of their clapping and cheering and began to yell, "Go. Go. Go. Go. " The faster they chanted, the faster she fucked my pecker with her mouth. I couldn't stand it any longer. I began to shoot the biggest load of cum I've ever squirted down her throat. She eagerly swallowed all she could, but some ran out of the corner of her mouth, over her lips, and spilled onto her breasts. The crowd responded with deafening cheers, applause and shouting ROMA... ROMA... ROMA... ROMA... ROMA. There was no question who the winner was. Roma Baji was queen without equal.

That was three years ago. Roma Baji still does wet T-shirt contests and Roma still won't be beaten. You might think she would tone it down because of caught. She doesn't. You might think I would want her to stop. I don't. You see, I get extremely horny watching my big sister tease the dozens of men and women that watch and touch and suck her. I get incredibly hot watching her super talented ways of making a guy cum now and then. And, Roma gets turned on to amazing heights. Her orgasms and very best work are saved for me alone. As good as those audiences see her to be, she has some extra tricks that are all mine when we get home. So, let them have their fun. We are only more and more turned on to fuck each other. And as we cum together in muscle wrenching, almost pass out, climaxes, we thank the contest crowds for the warm up.

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