tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Stripping Wife Pt. 04

My Stripping Wife Pt. 04


My wife's friend Emily approached her about a charity event she was involved in. It consisted of a dinner and auction where people would bid on clothing worn by volunteer models on stage. As each article of clothing was auctioned off, the model would remove it for the audience.

The men would strip down to a pair of boxers. The women would strip down to some lingerie. The underclothes were usually pretty conservative, although in the past some of the women would be daring enough to show a fair amount of cleavage or something lacy enough to be revealing.

Karen thought Emily might want her to model the clothes, but instead Emily said she needed help with the organizing and that Karen would be a good master of ceremonies. As an avid exhibitionist, Karen was a bit disappointed. Emily pointed out that Karen could wear something really sexy and would still be showing off.

They rounded up volunteer models and got a good response from some local university students.

"Are you sure you could stand up there on stage without taking your clothes off?" I asked Karen one night as she told me about the event.

"Don't you worry about me, I plan on wearing something especially sexy and yes, I expect I'll be keeping my clothes on," Karen replied.

She read the disappointment on my face. She's an avid exhibitionist and I love showing her off.

"It's not that kind of auction," Karen said. "It should be fun, though. Emily is one of the models."

Emily has an amazing body and looks spectacular in a bikini. I was curious what kind of lingerie she might wear. Karen told me I would have to wait and see.

There was a lot of interest in the event, especially with Karen involved. Her boss and some of her coworkers bought tickets, along with many of our friends. Some of these people had seen Karen perform her stripper routine, some of them in secret. I wondered if they thought they would get a repeat.

The event was usually held at a hotel ballroom or banquet hall. This year it would be held on a large and secluded estate outside of town. A large tent with a stage was set up. A caterer provided the food, although the serving was to be done by volunteers.

I whistled as Karen entered the living room that night. Her dress had a plunging neckline, showed plenty of cleavage and the thin material clung to her like two layers of paint. I couldn't quite make out her nipples, though I couldn't wait to see her up on that stage and to check out other people's reactions.

We arrived hours early to make sure everything was ready. There were plenty of double takes as people took notice of Karen and their eyes followed her as she crossed the dining area.

Emily looked amazing as well in a tight skirt, a jacket and a blouse that showed off her ample cleavage. All of the models wore colored nametags so they stood out for the crowd. They were encouraged to mingle with the guests during the cocktail hour, so people could see what they would be bidding on.

Several of the men from Karen's office showed up and Karen greeted them warmly with hugs. It was obvious they were checking her out, a few of them blatantly ogling her cleavage. I certainly couldn't blame them, and it always turned me on to see the effect she has on other men.

I noticed that none of the women she worked with were there and the men left their wives and girlfriends at home. Karen called Emily over to her coworkers and introduced her as one of the models.

"You're not modeling?" Karen's boss asked as he nodded to Emily's special name tag. "I bought a table for all the guys."

"I'm master of ceremonies," Karen replied.

Her boss and coworkers seemed disappointed, they tried not to let on. Her boss couldn't very well admit that some of them had seen my wife on stage at a local strip club months before.

Karen made her way around the room, greeting people and answering questions about the bidding. I stood back and watched the men watching her.

After dinner, Karen took to the stage and made the typical announcements of thanking everyone for attending and reminding them of the rules. They would bid on one item of clothing at a time. The model would remove it and the auction would continue. She reminded them that the models were all volunteers and no picture taking or videos were allowed.

With the bright lights on her, the thinness of Karen's dress became even more apparent. One could easily make out the outline of her breasts. Her nipples nearly poked through the material.

A young stud named Kevin came out first, to the appreciative shears of the ladies in the audience. Reading from a card, Karen told the audience about what Kevin was wearing and the bidding began. His jacket went first, followed by his shirt and pants. The women shared as he removed his pants and handed them to a volunteer.

The music came on and Kevin put on a show for the audience, dancing and gyrating in his boxers like a male stripper.

A group of women near the stage began chanting "more, more."

"How much for the boxers?" One of them yelled.

Keven laughed and worked his way back towards Karen.

"You know the rules, ladies," Karen reminded them.

Kevin leaned over to the microphone and grabbed hold of his boxers.

"The bidding starts at $500," he said with a grin.

The women cheered. Karen's jaw hung open. This was not part of the plan.

"You're not supposed to do that," Karen whispered into Kevin's ear.

"It's all for charity, right?" Kevin said into the microphone with a shrug.

A woman up front stood and called out her bid, "$500!"

Some in the audience gasped, though most of the women cheered.

"Uh guys, this wasn't part of the..." Karen protested.

A woman in the back raised the bid. The woman up front countered.

Karen's jaw hung open and she shook her head as the bidding continued for a bit, then stopped.

"Okay well, this wasn't part of the plan, but it is for charity I guess," Karen called out. "going once? Going twice? Sold!"

The audience cheered. The music went back on. Kevin strutted down the runway, turned away from the audience and dropped his boxers. The crowd went wild. He turned around and began dancing, shaking his package all over the place as his semi-hard dick grew to its full length.

When the music ended, Kevin walked offstage. Karen looked him up and down as he approached, then gave him a playful swat on his bare ass as he passed her.

"Well everyone, that was unexpected," Karen said to the crowd. "I remind you that these people are all volunteers and we told them no nudity, so keep that in mind the rest of the night."

The models had their own waiting area in a tent backstage. I would've loved to see the expressions on their faces when Kevin and his hardon came bouncing into the tent.

The next model was Shari, an attractive blonde coed from a local university.

"I thought there was no nudity," Shari whispered to Karen.

"That was Kevin's idea," Karen replied.

"What are they expecting?" Shari asked, nervously as she looked towards the stage.

Karen asked Shari how far she was willing to go. Shari was reluctant, until Karen offered that the charity would give Shari half the proceeds from the sale of her bra. Shari thought it over and said she didn't know.

The crowd cheered as Karen introduced her. Shari strutted her way across the stage and out onto the runway, striking poses here and there just like a fashion model. She was wearing a businesswoman's attire with a skirt, blouse and jacket.

As the auction continued, the crowd cheered louder as Shari shed each article of clothing down to her bra and panties. Shari seemed to enjoy the attention and the cheers. She looked at Karen and gave her a nod.

"How much for the bra?" Karen announced.

This time the men went wild. Shari walked up and down the runway, her bra-clad breasts jiggling with every step as the auction continued. When the final bid was given, Shari turned away from the crowd, unhooked her bra and tossed it to a volunteer. The crowd cheered as she turned to face the audience and dropped her hands.

Her large breasts were amazing, yet firm like any twentysomething's would be. The music came on and Shari danced for the crowd. She seemed nervous at first, but soon got into it as the audience clapped and cheered. She shook her breasts for the crowd and swung them around in circles as she danced. The audience groaned in disappointment when the song ended.

A male model went next, though he declined to strip any further than his boxers. The audience booed as the auction came to an end. Clearly, they wanted more. Karen went backstage to meet with the other models while the guy danced for the disappointed crowd.

Karen asked how far the other models would be willing to go.

"You said no nudity," one of the women complained. "We didn't sign up for that."

"I know, but the crowd is expecting it thanks to Kevin and look how much more Shari got by losing her bra."

Some of them seemed inclined to go along, but others were more reluctant. Karen offered that for whatever underwear they removed, the charity would split the proceeds with them. She looked at Emily for support.

"Sure, that seems reasonable," Emily replied. "I think the charity would go along with that. Not for me, though."

"So you expect us to give them the full Monty, but you're not?" one of the men complained.

"It's an option," Emily replied. "It's your choice."

Karen returned to the stage as the music ended. I felt bad for the guy as he left the stage to the sounds of boos and catcalls from the audience.

Jackie, the next model, strutted her way onstage. Unlike most of the other volunteers, Jackie was an actual stripper. Karen asked her how far she was willing to go.

"Everything," Jackie replied.

"Everything?" Karen asked. "I don't know if the audience is ready for this."

"Announce me," Jackie demanded. She turned and strutted her way down the stage,

"This is Jackie everyone," Karen announced. "I would remind you that although full nudity was not in the program tonight, some of the models have agreed to this. Jackie is giving us the full Monty."

The audience roared. As the auction proceeded, Jackie shed her evening dress and strutted up and down the runway as the bidding continued. The audience cheered as she removed her bra, then even more for her panties. She stood there on stage, completely naked except for a tiny g-string that barely covered her pussy and left her ass cheeks exposed.

When at last she shed the g-string, Jackie put on a hell of a show as she danced about the stage for the appreciative crowd.

Karen went backstage while Jackie performed. Shari was on all fours, with Kevin fucking her from behind.

"I didn't sign up for any of this," Linda protested. She nodded to the amorous activities on display. "Not for that anyway, and certainly not on stage."

"You can't back out now," Emily pleaded. "You already met the audience. People are planning to bid on you."

"What would my husband say? Some of the guys he works with her here." Linda replied.

"Some of my husband's friends are here too, but so what? That's what we signed up for," Emily replied. "Look, just strip down to your underwear and I will too. He was expecting that."

"If he invited his coworkers, that's what he wants," Karen said.

Karen rushed back to the stage as the music ended. Bill, a college senior and the next male model in line, was already there waiting. Karen asked him how far use willing to go.

"Everything," he replied with a grin. "You only live once!"

"Once again ladies, this is another full Monty," Karen announced as the audience cheered.

The evening progressed with the men shedding all of their clothes. Most of the women opted to give up their bras, and the few that didn't were an obvious disappointment.

Linda's husband passed a note to Karen and she showed it to Linda as she stepped on the stage.

"Go for it!" The note read. Linda gave Karen a nervous grin and nodded.

Karen announced Linda's name and said everything on her was for sale tonight. The audience cheered and her husband's table roared its approval as his colleagues slapped him on the shoulder.

Linda's husband watched with baited breath as she slowly shed her clothes as each item was auctioned off. It was like watching a slow-motion striptease. Linda put on quite a show as she strutted and danced her way about the runway. It was obvious she'd been practicing these moves, though I imagine she expected to be a bit more covered than she was now.

The next volunteer walked onstage as his wife yelled from the audience, "go for it, honey!"

Minutes later, he was shaking his hardon for the appreciative crowd. When the music ended his wife joined him backstage, dropped to her knees and blew him in front of the other models.

The sexual tension was off the charts as Emily stepped nervously on stage. She was the last one in the show. Emily expressed her reservations to Karen.

"Your husband said he's cool with you strutting about in your underwear," Karen said. "He might be disappointed if you didn't go along."

Emily said nothing but walked nervously across the stage as Karen announced her. The auction proceeded, and the crowd cheered as Emily shed her blouse. Her bra was probably the most transparent of the night, especially under the bright lights, and her nipples looked like they could cut through the fabric at any moment. Her ample cleavage was barely contained.

She shed her skirt and her panties left little to the imagination. They were sheer and tiny. She turned around and let the crowd get a good look at her barely covered ass.

"How much for the bra?" Karen announced.

Emily's jaw hung open and she glared at Karen, shaking her head.

"The bidding starts at $500," Karen declared.

I looked across the table at Emily's husband, John.

"Holy shit!" he gasped.

The bidding continued. Emily glared at Karen.

"Fuck, yeah!" John declared. He jumped to his feet and joined in the auction, but was outbid by someone else.

Emily shed the bra and the crowd cheered to see her ample breasts on display.

"You are one lucky son of a bitch!" one of John's friends declared.

John jumped to his feet and yelled, "$500 for the panties!"

Emily's head turned at the sound of her husband's bid. She clearly recognized his voice.

The bidding continued. Emily looked at Karen with a shrug and a nod.

John moved closer to the stage to watch his wife perform as she pranced about the runway in all her glory. She leaned over the crowd to dangle her breasts for the appreciative audience. She shook them to and fro as she strutted up and down the catwalk.

The audience cheered as the music came to an end and Emily struck a defiant pose with her hands on her hips and her chest sticking out.

As the cheering died down, Karen began to thank the audience. Emily grabbed the microphone.

"How much for her dress?" Emily announced as she pointed to Karen.

The audience cheered. Karen shook her head and tried to grab the microphone.

"I think our mistress of ceremonies should join the auction, don't you?" Emily asked the crowd." At least give up the dress."

The audience cheered. Karen motioned with her hands to try and calm them down, but to no effect. She leaned over to whisper something to Emily, who raised the microphone to Karen's mouth just in time.

"This dress is all I have on!" Karen's whisper boomed across the PA system and the audience went wild.

Karen grabbed Emily's hand, lowered the microphone and whispered in her ear.

"My boss is here!" Karen said.

"Mine too," Emily said with a grin. "Let's give the people what they want."

Emily turned to face the crowd, still fully naked, and raised the microphone to her mouth.

"Let's start the bidding at $5,000," Emily declared.

The crowd cheered as Karen's face went into her hands and she shook her head. She mouthed the word "no," to Emily.

Karen's boss made the first bid and others joined in as Emily became the auctioneer.

"Remember people, this is all she has on," Emily said as she motioned to Karen. "It's going to cost you, if you want to see this lady naked tonight."

Karen's reluctance began to give way to the inevitable. Her embarrassment slowly turned to pride as the bidding continued. It was obvious that despite having only one article of clothing, she was about to raise far more than the other volunteers. There was no way she could turn this down.

"Going once? Going twice?" Emily asked the audience. "Sold!"

The audience cheered.

"Well, Karen, time to remove that dress!" Emily declared.

Karen shook her head, but to no avail. The music came on and the audience began to chant, "take it off! Take it off!"

Karen looked out over the audience. She couldn't see any faces, because of the stage lights, but she knew they were out there: her boss, her coworkers and some of our neighbors. She gave an apprehensive shrug and began to dance.

The chanting turned into cheers as Karen gyrated about the stage, shaking her thing like a woman out of control. She would have to alter her stripper routine, as this time she only had one thing to remove. She was going to tease the hell out of the audience.

She leaned back, pointed her chest at the ceiling and shook her tits around in circles.

The movement was obvious as the stage lights reached through the thin material to highlight her breasts. She bent over and turned away from the audience. The dress rose up an exposed part of her ass cheeks, which she shook and flexed for the crowd. Karen raised the dress up even more, to expose her bare ass for the cheering crowd.

The crowd groaned as she let the dress fall back over her ass and resumed dancing about the stage. I looked over at the table where her boss and coworkers sat. Their excitement was obvious, out of control.

Karen returned to center stage, turned away from the audience and slowly raised her dress up to her midsection as the audience responded approvingly. She shook and flexed her ass cheeks to the sound of more cheers. The audience groaned again as Karen let the dress fall again.

She turned to face the audience and slowly raised the dress again, until it was less than an inch below her pussy. She grinned seductively as she looked out over the darkened audience. They were under her spell and she knew it.

Karen let the dress fall again at the audience groaned its disappointment. She turned away from the audience again and this time she slowly raised the dress past her midsection and paused, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. She raised it past her breasts as the cheers increased. She held it there for a moment before finally raising the dress over her head and removing it completely.

She held the dress in front of her and turned around. Karen resumed dancing as she held the dress in front of her. She shook her bare ass and danced about the stage. The dress did little to cover her frontside and showed plenty of sideboob. Her ample breasts did their best to escape the thin fabric held in front of them.

Finally, Karen couldn't hold off any longer. She faced the audience, spread her legs, leaned back and slowly raised the dress past her pussy, over her breasts and flung it behind her.

The audience was even louder than before and Karen grinned widely at their reaction. She danced her way across the stage, shaking her tits and ass for the appreciative crowd. She leaned back, shook her breasts with her hands, then release them as she arched her back further, pointed her tits at the ceiling and shook them vigorously around in circles.

She dropped to her knees and did more of the same. She turned to the side and shook her dangling breasts before jumping to her feet and leaping about the stage. She went to each part of the stage to dangle and shake her breasts for the crowd.

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