tagIncest/TabooMy Submissive Little Sister Ch. 02

My Submissive Little Sister Ch. 02


Within a few minutes, my little sister, Alison, had recovered from the colossal finger diddling I gave her deep inside her panties. After making sure she'd be able to stand on her own two feet after her thunderous orgasm, I relaxed my hug and leaned back to look at her. I had to chuckle to myself at the way she thrashed and then went limp in my arms as she came. I was impressed at the massiveness of what she experienced, and apparently, Alison was impressed, too, judging by the look of complete exhaustion on her face.

"I'm going to want those panties." I said to my little sister, pointing down to the thong she was wearing. "That's going to be one of our hard and fast rules from now on." I added. "I'll collect your panties periodically and you might end up going through three or four pairs a day, but, don't worry - I'll make sure you have enough clean ones."

Alison giggled and then blushed as she pushed her thumbs into the elastic band of her underwear as if she was going to skim them down her legs and give them to me, but, I stopped her.

"Hold on." I said quickly. "I'll want to take them off myself...... that's part of the fun for me, but, I want to save that until we have time for me to really enjoy them the way those panties deserve to be enjoyed. We have something more important to do right now."

I reached my hand out to Alison and waited until she took it in hers. Then, without further explanation, I led her out of my room, down the hall and directly into her own room. I pulled her in front of her computer desk and told her she needed to email her friend Brent and break their date. Alison started to pull out her chair to sit down, but, I told her I had something else in mind.

Pulling the chair completely away from her desk, I put my hands on her hips and positioned her right in front of her keyboard and then pulled her back towards me two steps. Then, reaching down and tapping the inside of her knees, I told her to spread her feet apart. Immediately, she did so, and once she was settled, I put my hand on her shoulders and applied a little downward pressure.

"Bend over at the waist." I instructed.

I pressed on her back until she was bent over with her butt stuck out in a very unlady like position. I continued to push her down until she could rest her forearms on the desk and easily reach the keyboard. Then, I told her she was going to send a short, but clear email to Brent telling him something had come up and she'd be completely indisposed all weekend. I also told her to tell him she'd catch up with him at school after the weekend to explain.

"That's all I want you to say." I told her. "Short and sweet, and that's it."

"There's no school on Monday." Alison informed me. "It's a planning day for the teachers."

"Good." I replied. "Then we can spend the day together while Mom and Dad are at work. Go ahead and send him the email and we'll worry about what to tell him later."

Alison didn't question my direction at all. In fact, I think she felt relieved to break her rendezvous with Brent after hearing what I was offering her. And for the time being, this was the first step in getting Brent out of the picture.

So, as Alison bent over to get her email started and begin working on the note, I busied myself by bending down behind her and staring in between her legs from the back. Now, I've always enjoyed looking at a female from behind, and even more so if she's standing right in front of me wearing panties. But, this was the first time a beautiful girl was bent over in front of me with her legs spread who would, for a lack of better terms, let me do anything I wanted to her. This would be an opportunity for me to enjoy the view of my little sister in her panties, and, to begin indoctrinating Alison into the finer points of my panty fetish.

Carefully, I reached up and put my hands on her butt cheeks, touching her briefly with just my fingertips and then resting each of my hands on the soft cheeks of her ass. I massaged her butt for a bit, and then slowly began to pull her cheeks apart. Almost immediately, I could see the back of her thong as it traveled up and down her crack, and as I spread her open some more, I could finally see the crinkled rim of her anus and the very bottom portion of her pussy lips.

The position she was in was perfect for rear-end viewing. He legs were spread just enough so I could see the full width of her mound between her legs, as well as her panty as it covered her pussy lips.

Her panties were indeed soaked. Even if I hadn't felt their wetness while I was masturbating her earlier, I could now actually see that they were sopping wet. These panties would be a treasure to have once I took them off her, and for a few seconds, I wondered how she would react when she saw me sniffing and sucking the juices out of the gusset of her thong. My hopes would be that she would get aroused seeing me enjoying her panties, but, whether she did or didn't would deter me from doing it. If she was going to be my submissive, she'd have to get used to the idea that her panties were going to play a big part in my pleasure, and if she was smart, she'd understand the importance of playing along.

It wasn't the right time to tell her, but, I made a mental note of the fact that this might be the last time she ever wore a thong -- at least in the foreseeable future. I much preferred full back bikini panties or boy shorts, and that would be one of our rules. But, for now, I was enjoying the view too much to worry about any of that. What an amazing sight it was -- and as I kneeled behind her while she was bent over and spread apart, all I wanted to do was impale my nose against that tiny triangle of fabric that snugly covered the entrance to my little sister's eighteen year old virgin pussy.

I swear, I would have loved to lick her as she stood bent over like that. I probably could have spent a good hour just licking up and down her beautiful crack, tonguing her and nibbling at her panties, but I knew I needed to take her training slowly -- one step at a time. But, soon, the time would come when I would thrust my face into her crotch from behind and take my pleasure.

I wasn't hearing any clicking of the keys on the keyboard, so I peered around from behind her beautiful butt to see what she was doing. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to see Alison leaning down on her computer desk with a dreamlike look on her face and her eyes closed. Quickly, I reached up and smacked her right butt cheek smartly with the open palm of my hand -- not very hard, but hopefully enough to give her a little tingle.

"Ooohhh!" She exclaimed, rising up and reaching back to sooth her stinging cheek.

"Alison!" I said sternly, standing up next to her. "What were you supposed to be doing?"

In the matter of an instant, she realized she was supposed to be sending the email to Brent, and not daydreaming or thinking about what I was doing to her bottom.

"I'm sorry." She said, continuing to rub her butt. "I know..... I was supposed to be sending the email."

I placed my hand on her shoulders and pressed her forward and down. In turn, she bent at the waist again and pulled the keyboard to where she needed it and began typing. Rather than bend down behind her again, I dropped my hand to the cheeks of her ass and I started to gently rub where I'd spanked her. Then, I let my hand wander to the crack of her ass and slowly pushed my fingers down into her crack.

Obviously distracted by where my fingers were going, my little sister's typing stopped. I immediately pulled my hand out of her crack and slapped her ass again, exactly where I'd spanked her before.

This time, she didn't move, rise up and she didn't say anything. Her hand reached for the mouse and then her fingers began to type. My hand drifted back to the crack of her ass and this time, I felt around for her anus with my fingertips. Once I found it and touched it through the strap of her thong, my little sister moaned, wiggled her bottom a bit, and spread her feet further apart.

As my finger felt around the edges of her thong to play with the sensitive tissues surrounding her anus, I glanced up to see what she was doing, I read her note to Brent and it was exactly what I requested -- short and to the point. When she clicked the send button, we both watched and waited to make sure the email was gone, and when I saw the notification that the email had been successfully sent, I placed my left hand on her back to keep her from standing up.

"Given the way you were distracted from your task and the way you wiggled that cute little butt of yours," I said softly, "I get the definite impression you'd enjoy me touching you some more back there. But, I should warn you, little sister, I'm not like those boys at your school who might be bashful about touching or fucking a girl's ass. So, another rule we'll have is that you are always to be fresh and clean for me back there...... and I mean clean enough to kiss and lick. Is that clear?"

Alison turned her head to look back at me the best she could and she nodded her head. "Yes, Brett." She answered clearly. "I just took a shower an hour ago. I can go clean myself off with a washcloth if you want me to, though."

"No." I answered. "I just want you to keep in mind what I said."

I kept my one hand on her back and started to explore between her legs with my other hand. I was making these wide, sweeping circles down over her butt cheeks, then directly between her legs and over her pussy and then up her crack. I intentionally let my fingers drag slowly over her anus as I did this, and when my fingers were between her legs, I made sure I applied some pressure to her pussy lips so she would feel my fingers there, too.

I kept this exact pattern of touching going for several minutes as I held her in this bent over position -- long enough for her to get used to the idea that I would be touching her everywhere, including her anus. And, while I repeated the cycle of stroking and touching, I pressed the front of my jeans into her hip as if I was dry humping her.

"Feel that, little sister?" I asked as I gently pushed into her. "That's your big brother's cock, which by the way, you've made very hard and anxious. It won't be too much longer before I'll let you give it some attention, and I'm really looking forward to that."

As I stopped speaking, I pushed the string of her thong out of the way and gently laid one of my fingertips at the exact center of her butt hole. Without any lube, sticking my finger in her butt was out of the question. However, applying just a tiny bit of pressure brought about the same reaction I was looking for, and when Alison laid her upper body down on the computer table and relaxed her butt muscles, I think she accepted the fact that her butt was eventually going to be one of my play toys.

Up to now, I'd left my sister dressed in her bra and panties and done a few things to test her resolve about being my submissive. So far, she'd passed all the tests with flying colors -- she let me take off her shirt and shorts; she let me touch her outside her panties; she let me wiggle a finger under the edge of her panties and masturbate her, and, she let me touch her asshole. But it was time to up the ante.

I decided it would be best to take the next step back in my room. Knowing I'd be removing the rest of her clothes, I didn't want her to have the familiar feeling of her own bedroom lessen the intense sensations she'd feel as I took first her bra, and then her panties away from her. I wanted her to feel vulnerable and uncomfortable in her nakedness. Being in her bra and panties was one thing, but being naked in a place where you're not used to being naked is another. This might be hard for her, I knew it -- and it might scare her to the point where she might change her mind about being a submissive. But, it had to be done.

I took my hand off her shoulders and asked her to stand up. When she turned to look at me, I asked, "How do you feel so far? You still want to go through with this?"

"Oh, yes, definitely!" She replied emphatically, smiling back at me. "I'm fine. This isn't exactly what I expected, but yeah, I'm fine."

"What do you mean, this wasn't what you expected?" I asked.

"Well, I have this DVD......" Alison began, "it's one of those triple X-rated things..... and anyway..... they get this girl and force her to do all kinds of things in that movie. They hold her down and, uh.... you know.... make her suck them and then they do it to her. That's kind of what I was expecting."

I wasn't trying to make my sister feel bad, but, I couldn't help laughing.

"Alison," I chuckled, "first of all, you know that's a porn actress doing that stuff, right? She's probably been having sex professionally for years."

She just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. "I guess so." She answered.

"You've never even had a boyfriend for more than a week." I said. "Just be patient and we'll work up to all that other stuff, okay? I'll watch the movie with you and you can show me what you're interested in. How about that?"

A big smile beamed from my little sister's face. "That would be so great. I'd love for you to watch it with me."

"We'll watch it this evening, then." I replied. "But, Alison, I personally think it's important for any girl's first time with a man to be a loving and gentle thing. Your first time should be more like making love, and not like you're being held down. It should be soft, gentle, enjoyable and pleasurable. After that, I promise I'll fuck your brains out and make you do all kinds of seriously nasty things."

My sister threw herself into my arms and hugged me tightly. "I love you, Brett." She said softly. "And I'd really like you to be my first lover.... the first man to make love to me. But after that, I'm going to hold you to your promise!"

A sly grin appeared on Alison's face and I think we'd come to an understanding. I had a pretty good idea what was on the DVD she'd been watching and clearly, she wasn't ready for that kind of serious, hardcore sex. But, she made it clear it was something she was interested in once she lost her virginity, and that was just fine with me.

"So," I said, as she grinned at me, "where's that DVD you've been watching?"

Alison reached for her backpack and pulled out a folded manilla envelope. Opening it up, she reached in and handed me the case. I looked at the cover and then looked back up at her face in surprise.

"Diary of a Submissive Schoolgirl Slut?" I asked.

She blushed as I looked up at her, and then hunching her shoulders she reached out to the DVD case I was holding and turned it over so I could see the back. There were several pictures on the back cover depicting the scenes on the DVD. There were pictures of young looking girls in short schoolgirl skirts and panties being spanked and mouth fucked. One picture showed a crying girl holding her skirt up and with her panties pulled down to her knees, and, she was standing in front of a group of four guys who were all stroking their cocks. Another picture showed a girl with white, knee high socks being fucked hard from behind, and there was a bigger picture of a girl with a cock being forced down her mouth and she was gagging and crying.

"Alright," I said, "we'll watch this later and we can talk about what you like and what you don't like. But, tell me this," I asked, "does the idea of being a submissive schoolgirl slut turn you on?"

Even before Alison answered, I could tell it excited her. Her eyes were moving back and forth and I knew she was trying to come up with the words to answer me. "Just say yes, or, no." I said. "I'm not going to judge you."

"Yes." My little sister answered.

"Well, this kind of turns me on, too." I replied. "So, we have something to work with now. You know, something we can use as an example."

I could see the sparkle in Alison's eyes and I detected a glimmer of hope in her facial expression when I said we could use it as an example. And I was serious about doing that, too. I've always been a fan of the whole 'Schoolgirl' thing. Short skirts, knee socks, white panties and bare pussies...... who wouldn't like that?

But, I needed to get back to business with Alison, especially if we were going to have time to watch that DVD tonight. There were several more things I wanted to do before our parents got home, and time was clicking away.

I led Alison back to my room and sat down in my desk chair. Then, pulling her close to me, I positioned her between my legs and looked up into her eyes.

"It's time for me to undress you the rest of the way, little sister." I said.

I paused for a few seconds to let my words sink in. I wanted her to feel a little uneasy and uncomfortable right now. I could have just unsnapped her bra and yanked her panties down, but, I felt strongly that she needed this step to be somewhat of an embarrassing and humiliating episode that she'd have to endure. And if she did okay, then I could go to the next step.

"It'll be your bra first." I added. "And, I'll need to inspect and examine your breasts for a while before I lower your panties."

Alison closed her eyes and took a huge breath. At first, I thought she might pull the plug and run back to her room and shut the door on me. But after a second, she looked at me through squinted eyes and with a very soft voice began to say something.

"Please don't laugh at me, Okay?" She begged.

"What?" I replied, not having any idea what she was talking about.

"My breasts." She answered. "Please don't laugh when you see them. Okay?"

"Alison," I answered, sympathetically, "why do you think I'd laugh at your breasts?"

"It's happened before, Brett." She replied, sighing. "In PE class the girls used to make fun of me 'cause they're..... uh..... a little weird. They're horrible and I hate them."

"I already told you I like small breasts and I'm sure yours are lovely." I said.

She hung her head and pulled her hands up to her bra and covered herself. When she looked up at me, there were tears starting to build in her eyes. I'd seen this look on her face before -- when she was young, and I knew it meant she was close to breaking down. I'd already said everything I could to assure her I'd love her breasts, but, somehow she wasn't emotionally ready to take the next step.

"Do you want to stop?" I asked. "We can stop everything right now, or, we can put it on hold, or whatever you want to do."

"No, I don't want to stop!" She said firmly. "I just don't want to disappoint you. You've been so good to me with all of this...... so understanding and nice about everything. I just don't want you to be repulsed or feel cheated when you see me."

I reached up and gently took her hands away from her bra and held them between us. Looking at her, I squeezed her hands and told her if she wanted to keep going, I was going to have to take her bra off her, there was no way around it. "You have to be brave and trust me, Alison."

I didn't wait for her to answer. I simply guided her hands to her side and pressed them against her hips like I did before, indicating I wanted them to stay there. Then I leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips and while I did, I reached around to feel for the clasp at the back of her bra strap. I felt her flinch when she realized I was reaching for the clasp, and once I found it, I unhooked the strap and let it fall.

The anxiety in her eyes was apparent and once I unhooked the strap, she looked away from me and down at the floor. I felt so much compassion for what she was going through, that I almost stopped and rehooked the bra. But, after the speech I gave her about being brave and trusting me, I felt I had to follow through.

So, I reached up to the thin shoulder straps and pulled them down over her shoulders. The only reason the bra didn't fall away was that her arms, pinned to her side, kept the bra against her body. Knowing full well that the next move I made would expose her breasts to me, I reached up and put my fingers under her chin and tilted her head up.

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