tagTransgender & CrossdressersMy Summer as a Girl Pt. 04

My Summer as a Girl Pt. 04


By now you probably know my story. The summer between freshman and sophomore year at a major university in the Midwest, I was able to get an internship. That never happens, right? No first year business major gets an internship. Well, come to find out the company was on the brink of filing for bankruptcy and was hoping to limp along on the nearly free labor from interns. Until they did actually file for bankruptcy.

I had been staying with my aunt, and I found out a couple of things. First of all, she was also on the verge of bankruptcy and was hoping I could lend a little help with the rent. Can't check that box. I also found out she was working as an internet date - You know, the kind where you video chat and she does basically anything you want in front of the camera, but for money. One of her dates wanted to see her with another girl. Since we needed money for groceries, I became the other girl.

Now because I was raised in the Midwest and went to public schools, I'm going to continue to try and avoid taking any responsibility for dressing as a woman. I'm going to pretend that everything happened to me and I am somehow a victim here. But the truth is, I kind of like it.

Despite my slight build and lack of physical prowess, I was always expected to act "like a guy". I was expected to carry heavy things and open jars and normal stuff like that, stuff that honestly I was never very good at. I was also ignored a lot and expected to just deal with it.

Life with my Aunt Janey was different. When she was getting me all "girl-ed up", she paid attention to me. She told me I was pretty. She brushed my hair and rubbed lotion into my skin. She made me feel special - really special. I liked that.

I know a lot of folks probably think I'm a jerk for getting sexual with my mother's younger sister, but it's different. We've been best buddies my whole life. I guess I can rationalize anything when it works for me, but I got to tell you, this works for me. She's gorgeous - a true farm girl with big beautiful eyes and one hell of a rack. And she's got a libido I just can't keep up with. I mean she really likes sex! Yeah - I'm the 19yo, and she's the 34yo, but she's the one who can't get enough. It's wild.

So it's been weeks since my internship fell apart. We've been making videos and doing live performances for this guy named Peter, and we've been making good money. Aunt Janey still owed him some money for all the cameras and equipment he'd put in her place, but we were easily going to pay that off before the end of the summer. So we were being a little n____ rich. Aunt Janey had left to go shopping, and I was lying around the house drinking wine. Yeah, the wine helps me a bit so I don't get as nervous in front of the cameras. Plus drinking wine does make me feel more girly than beer, so I was "getting in the mood" for a promo scene we were going to shoot once Aunt Janey got home with "the perfect outfit".

I went through all that so you'd have a better understanding of exactly how I wound up tipsy on wine in my new wig (curtesy of Peter), looking far more like a girl than a guy.

So about 1:30 in the afternoon, I was kind of dozing on the couch when the doorbell rang. It was a nicer day, so we had the door open and the screen closed; in other words, whoever was at the door could already see me. Knowing I couldn't pretend to not be home, I stood up, smoothed my skirt out and went to go answer the door as Molly.

I cannot explain the surprise of seeing my guidance counselor Miss Patsy Ignozzio standing on Aunt Janey's front stoop. She had been so nice to me when I was applying for the internship and getting all of that stuff done. To now see her here, and me dressed like this. I can't put the fear and horror into words.

When I appeared in the doorway, I kind of froze. She took control of the situation and opened the screen door letting herself in. She looked me dead in the eye and said, "Brian, I am really hurt and upset that you haven't gotten in touch with me. It's been weeks since you were laid off and nothing. You are enrolled in my program and I'm responsible for you."

This was just so surreal. She seemed to completely ignore the fact that I was dressed as a girl, but just called me Brian and kept on going. She was getting ready to sit in a chair at the coffee table, and I'm still stammering in the front hall. She just looked back at me and motioned for me to sit on the couch - where I'd been most of the day.

I honestly don't recall exactly what we talked about, but she was upset - because she was worried about me. Apparently all the other interns had basically driven back to school and tried to find other internships to replace the crappy one with the bankrupt company. I just sort of fell off the radar.

Of course, I asked her why she was here. Apparently she had done a pretty major internet search to find me. I had told her I would be staying with my aunt. She found Aunt Janey's address, but then she did a reverse address look up and found Peter's business license to film in the house. I doubt it was all that easy, but she figured out the kind of business Peter ran, and then went on line to see her missing intern participating in online porn. OK, I have to admit, I probably scared the crap out of her on this one.

But the part I wasn't understanding is the stance that she had on this. She was mad, sure, but she wasn't just bitching me out. She really wanted to know why I hadn't come to her for help. All the others had, and she had been able to get the ones who really wanted internships into other jobs. She was sure that if I had come to her earlier, she could have done the same for me, but now she was pretty much tapped out on jobs. She wasn't going to be able to help me.

Yeah - think that one through. She was angry that she wasn't going to be able to help this young boy she found dressed as a girl. That's what I was having trouble with - she was still trying to be nice to me.

"Who the hell are you?" Aunt Janey screamed as she walked in the front door.

I went to stand up and get between them to let Aunt Janey know things were OK, but apparently two alpha-females shouldn't meet unexpectedly when they're both trying to protect a cub. Miss Ignozzio jumped to her feet slinging accusations at my aunt about how she wasn't looking out for my welfare and how she was taking advantage of me without advancing my schooling.

You've seen how I'm pretty submissive. I mean I hate conflict and I don't handle it well. These two handled it pretty damn well, because they were getting into it right here. I probably should have felt like a teddy bear in a tug-of-war between two girls, but I felt more like I was the scraps of meat two wolves were fighting over.

Thank goodness, they were both reasonably intelligent ladies. After about 15 minutes of screaming at each other, they did both come to realize that they were both defending me and trying to protect me from the other. Things calmed down and we sat down to talk through what the next steps were.

At some point, my Aunt Janey said, "Can't he just be my intern?"

I looked at her like she was insane, but Miss Ignozzio stayed calm and professional. "No, you don't have a legally recognized business here. This Peter fella does, but you don't."

"Well, can he be Peter's intern?"

That stopped her. She was actually thinking about it. For the first time, Miss Patsy Ignozzio looked over at me with something other than sweet, maternal thoughts in her eyes. There was something whirling around in her head, and I wasn't sure if it was in my best interest. "If Peter would accept that, and list Brian here as working for one his many businesses that didn't sound like it was a porn studio, I think something could be worked out. But this is a big favor you're asking of me. Brian has already missed two of his scheduled internship reports. I'd have to back date some of his reports, and there could be no mention of anything untoward."

Wow! It looked like somehow this all might just work itself out. But despite my innocence I knew there was something behind that "big favor" comment. I looked over at Aunt Janey and asked her to go get us something to drink. When it was just Miss Ignozzio and me in the room, I asked, "Is there more to this?"

"That was very professional of you Brian", she said to me as her hand found my knee. "Of course there is. You didn't follow the rules, and I cannot bring myself to reward misbehavior." Her tone had changed from worried guidance counselor to a far sterner schoolmarm, but there was something about how she said "misbehavior" that hit a note deep in me. "Since you have not submitted your reports electronically, I cannot pretend that I received them by the due date. Therefore I am going to have to report that you are meeting me in person and we are accomplishing the same exchange of information via personal interviews."

"Well, OK, that sounds good."

"I'm glad you think so, but I am going to need you to come back to campus, say every other week, to show that we are in fact meeting in person. And Brian, well Molly, I am going to expect that you will grateful enough for all the trouble I've gone to here to show me some gratitude. I don't have to spell it all out for you, do I?"

Aunt Janey was coming back into the room with a tray of lemonades, so I had to wrap this deal quickly. "No, Miss Ignozzio, you don't have to. Aunt Janey, every other week, I'm going to have to go in and meet with Miss Ignozzio so we can establish the interviewing protocols that the internship demands."

"Well, I'm glad you two worked that out. Miss Ignozzio, can I call you Patsy? I apologize for my earlier behavior, but I truly appreciate that you made the trip out here to get Brian's program back on track." The two women smiled at each other politely, but I was thinking I might be the canary that one or both of them caught.

Well Miss Ignozzio left shortly after that. Everything seemed to be worked out. I asked Aunt Janey if she had overheard what was said while she was outside the room. She said, "no", but she saw it in Patsy's eyes. Aunt Janey had been on this side of eyes like those before, including Peter's. Patsy had something over me, and she was going to take advantage. I needed to learn how to accept what was coming and if it wasn't worth it to me, I just needed to walk away. After all, this wasn't the only college in the world. If I transferred, I'd probably get to keep nearly all my hours, but the internship hours would be a loss. I wasn't exactly going to lose my whole life here if I walked away from Miss Ignozzio. But the problem was, when she was being stern, it did something to me. It stirred in me. That sounds so romance novel, but it did.

In order to have it so Miss Ignozzio only had to fake one meeting, I went to go see her two days later. It was less than a three-hour drive, but it gave me a lot of time to think. I'd thought she was cute the moment I first met her, but I didn't think she was at all attracted to me. Plus, she was probably younger then Aunt Janey. Older than me, but not much. I wasn't really understanding what she might want to hold over me on this. I mean, she knew I was broke. What could she want from me?

Campus sure is a lot different in the summer! There were a couple of kids around, but the place was practically a ghost town. I got a great parking spot and walked up to Miss Ignozzio's office. I wanted to look somewhat professional, so I was wearing khakis and a navy golf shirt. I knocked on the door, but it was ajar, so I walked in.

Miss Ignozzio was there behind her desk and the look she shot me told me I was in deep trouble. I looked back at the door, wondering if I should have waited, but her eyes indicated a chair by her desk and I sat down in it. She glared at me for another moment, then got up and locked the door behind me. As she sat down at her desk, she had recovered a bit and I was less worried she was going to literally bite my head off.

When she spoke, it was in that somewhat professional, but really pissed off tone so you emphasis things a bit much. "When I left your aunt's home, you had told me you understood and that I didn't need to spell it out for you. Apparently I did need to spell it out for you."

I was still floored. Completely bewildered, I said, "I came here like you asked, and I'm willing to do extra work in order to make up for my missed assignments." I had come up with that on the drive, thinking it was the right amount of innuendo, without coming right out and saying what I expected she was going to have me do.

She was calming herself as time went on, but clearly, I wasn't getting it. She visibly calmed herself and then looked at me, directly in the eyes with an almost hypnotic power. "I don't want Brian to come to this office again. I expected Molly. I told Molly to come here every other Friday, not Brian."

OK, so I'm a dumb shit! "But, I thought since Brian got the internship ..."

She didn't let me finish. "I am a dedicated lesbian. It's on my resume. I am not going to be helping some boy with his internship. I am going to be helping a gender fluid student with her internship." "Her" was clearly being emphasized here.

I stammered a bit, said "Um" a couple of times, but there was no way I could have transformed into Molly, even if I wanted to, and I don't think I wanted to. Miss Ignozzio was cooling down, but it was pretty clear she liked me being completely off my game and at her mercy. She had me squirming in the chair, and she seemed to like it.

You know that part in the porn movies where the two look at each other, and even though the setting is absolutely wrong for it, they start making out and then have sex? Yeah, this wasn't like that. She looked at me and said in what I can only describe as a frustrated gasp, "Fine! Get on your knees. You knew this part was coming. No sense in me going without."

I did as she said. Aunt Janey was pretty sure this is how I was going to wind up, though she had expected some pretense of discussing the internship. Miss Ignozzio spread her knees and I saw she wasn't wearing any underwear. I got under her skirt a bit, but that didn't really work so she stood and hiked it up to her waist, and I went back down on her.

Clearly, I still fumble around a bit, but I was actually starting to get a little bit good and eating out a woman, certainly at eating Aunt Janey. I was working at it as best I could, but Miss Ignozzio did not seem to be enjoying it. I kept at it, figuring she'd tell me to stop, but instead, she started fiddling with her computer. It took me a bit, but I figured out what she was doing. She was watching videos of Aunt Janey and me, or rather Aunt Janey and Molly. Reality doesn't work when you're trying to get a woman excited, but she's fantasizing about you, being you, just dressed as a girl. I'm either too young or too small town to understand how this works.

But it did work! Within minutes, she went from a dry, frigid administrator to a wet, happy coed. She was really getting into it. She started running her fingers through my hair, and humping into my face. I was concentrating on her clit, and she started moaning every time I hit it. I started to get a taste of her, maybe a better taste of her, and she was sweet. This was different from Aunt Janey. Aunt Janey was, and I don't want to me mean, but a little more funky. Maybe I should say tangy? I don't know how to describe it. She's not bad tasting, but she seemed more natural. Miss Ignozzio was actually sweet, like there was a flavor of Mountain Dew in her. You better believe I liked it. It was getting me hotter, and I was working harder at her.

In a pretty short time, Miss Ignozzio tensed up, squeezing my head between her knees. I wasn't uncomfortable, and I was enjoying myself, so I kept going. She didn't squirt the way Aunt Janey did, but this was a nice reward! A gush of her cum and juices came flowing out of her, and I lapped up every drop. As she was coming down off her orgasm, I slowed and then backed away a bit. I was nervous, still. I didn't know if we were over. I didn't want to be over, I was really hoping she wanted to be fucked, but she put her now bare feet up on my shoulders and sort of held me back away from her.

For the first time today, I saw her smile. She looked down at me, and I must have had her cum all over my mouth. She seemed to like that. But she wasn't entirely done with me. "Two weeks, be back here, same time. And so help me if you aren't Molly, I'm going to have you expelled. Now get out."

I jumped up, unlocked the door, and hustled out into the hallway closing the door behind me. I had no idea how I was going to come back on campus dressed as a girl, but I could worry about that later.

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