tagIncest/TabooMy Summer With Mom

My Summer With Mom


My name is Tom, I'm 24 years old, and ever since I hit puberty, around 13 years old, I have been dreaming of fucking my mom. Two years ago my dad died in a horrific car accident, and my mom hasn't seen anyone since. Every summer I stay with her to help her out, and every summer I plan on seducing her, but I never actually did it. I decided this next summer was going to be different.

I got off the airplane and walked through the terminal until I saw my mom. She was wearing blue jeans and a white blouse and she still looked sexy. My mom's got long shapely legs, a flat stomach(she worked out after she had me, and still does), and huge 36d breasts. We walked over to each other and had a long hug. Then we left the airport.

When we got home he told me she had to run to the post office. When she left I hurriedly made us some dinner, and set up a table with candlelight. When she came home, shed saw the dinner and didn't think anything of it, I always did this the first night I was back. We sat down and had a long dinner talking about anything that came up. After dinner she went to her room and changed into a tank top and some short shorts. We went over to the couch and sat down to watch a movie. My mom kept rubbing her neck so I asked her what was wrong.

She said she had a cramp she couldn't get rid off. I told her to come closer and I would rub it. She came over and sat in front of me on the couch between me legs. She lifted her shirt off like she always did when I gave her a massage. The sight of those big breasts gave me an instant hard-on. I sat back a little so she wouldn't feel it. I massaged her shoulders for a while, then I wove down her back. I unclasped her bra like I always did and she held the cups on her breasts. I massaged her back some more, and slowly moved my hands toward her breasts. At last I just reached around and grabbed her breasts. My mom only moved her hands and laid her head back with her eyes closed. I slowly worked my way down to her shorts. I unbuttoned them, and slowly reached my hand in and felt her nice hairy twat, she was soaking wet.

At this point my mom stood up trying to cover up everything and looked me in the eye. Then she told me we could fool around but that it couldn't go all the way. She told me to come to her room in 5 minutes. I waited and it seemed like forever, when the time was up I rushed to her room.

My mom was standing there wearing a black halter top and crotchless panties. She told me to get naked and lay on the bed. When I was laying on the bed my 9 in dick was sticking straight up in the air. My mom walked over and slowly started to massage my dick with both hands. Then she lowered her head onto my dick. Her warm lips went over the head of my cock and I felt her tongue lick across the top. She deep-throated me and sucked hard, then she started humming. The sensation was to much and I blew my load deap into her mouth. She crawled over to me and placed her pussy in my face. I licked up her thigh first, just teasing her, then I ran my tongue across her pubic hair. Then I decided it was time and started spreading her lips with my fingers. Then I entered her with my tongue. My mom moaned in pleasure, and I sped up.

She started screaming, "make mommy cum, make me cum with your tongue baby." Then she exploded, and I tasted her juices flood my mouth. We lay on the bed for a moment then my mom turned over and looked me in the eye, I instantly knew what she wanted. I got up and climbed over her. I fingered her pussy for a while, then I slowly entered her. She hadn't been fucked for 2 years so I took it slow. Finally I was all the way in with my balls touching her ass.

My mom screamed, "Fuck your mom, right now, pound me hard." I didn't need anymore coaxing, I started pumping it in and out of my mom with hard thrusts. I realized I was about to cum. I didn't have on a condom so I pulled out. My mom looked at me and I told her I didn't have a condom on and asked if I could blow in her mouth. She went over to a drawer and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. She gave it to me and got on the bed on all fours. I knew what she wanted so I poured some lubricant on my dick. I climbed in behind her and used more lubricant to get her asshole nice and wet. I stuck a finger in and realized she was a virgin back here.

I slowly stuck the head off my dick against my mom's asshole. Then I pushed slowly. My mom let out a few moans until I got all the way in. Then I slowly started to fuck my mom's ass. I got faster and faster with each thrust, until our bodies were smacking together.

My mom arched her back and yelled, "You're gonna make me cuuuuummm. OOOhhhhh shiiiiiiit. Make mommy cuuummmm. Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuck. Make me cum, make me cum. Ahhhhhhhh." All this was to much for me and I blew my load deep inside of her.

Ever since that day, I come over and we sleep in the same bed all summer.

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