tagIncest/TabooMy Sweet Mother Ch. 1

My Sweet Mother Ch. 1


I had been away in the service for 3 yrs, and when my enlistment was up, I headed straight home. It had been over 3 yrs since I had seen my mother. I was involved in a highly secret overseas project, and I was paid well, and compensated, I wasn't allowed to leave. I was feeling really homesick, and the flight seemed like it took forever. Finally I arrived at the airport, and rented a car. I hadn't told Mom that I was coming home. I thought the surprise might be good for her. Mom is a single woman, 50 yrs old. When her and Dad divorced, I was quite young. I never really knew him, but Mom and I were best friends, and very close.

I showed up at the house, and quietly opened the door. I entered the house, and went upstairs. I crept into Mom's bedroom, to wake her. I gasped as I looked down. Mom was lying on the bed, wearing only a pair of panties. I stared in awe at her naked breasts, as they laid across her chest. They were quite huge, and for her age, looked quite well. Her nipples were medium sized, and very dark. They were very erect. My eyes roamed downward, and I looked at her panties. They were a white cotton, and you could see small bits of pubic hair, escaping from the sides.

My cock was stiff as a board, as I stared at my mother. I couldn't turn away, no matter how I tried. My eyes just wandered across her entire body, soaking in her extreme beauty. Suddenly she started moving around a bit. I thought she was waking up, but instead, realized that she was dreaming. She softly cooed in her dream, moaning and jerking around. "Oh yes, please eat my pussy" she moaned. I freaked, and stood there, unconsciously stroking my cock through my shorts. Suddenly her hand slid between her legs, and she began rubbing herself through her panties.

My cock throbbed beneath my hand, as she slid her hand inside of her panties. "Wow, this is incredible!" I thought to myself. Mom was now rubbing her pussy furiously, moaning louder and louder. She was really getting into this, and I looked up to make sure she was stilla asleep. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be sound asleep. I whispered her name once, to see if she'd react. Mom didn't even flinch. I wished she had her panties off, so I could see her hand playing with that beautiful pussy.

I thought about it with both heads, the one on my neck, and the one between my legs. I guess I followed the advice of the one without a brain, because I gently gripped the waistband of her panties. I began pulling them downward, carefully, hoping not to wake her. I got them over her hand, and around her thighs. I stopped there, not wanting to wake her up. I stared at the thick patch of black fur, and watched as her finger toyed with the swollen clit. I was leaking precum, from excitement, believe me.

I lowered my head between her legs, so I could at least smell her pussy. I inhaled her sweet scent, and desperately wanted to taste her, but knew that would be asking for trouble. I kept my face close to her pussy just smelling her, and looking at her. Her pussy was so wet, her finger glistened from her juices. I'm pretty sure the head of my cock was glistening with precum as well. She grunted, and thrust a few times, and then slid her hand from her pussy. I could now see the entire pink slit. It was beautiful, it smelled nice, and I bet it tasted wonderful. I looked at her hand, resting on her belly, and figuring it to be less sensitive than her pussy, I slowly and softly licked her pussy juices off her finger.

It was wonderful. I wanted her so bad, but what would she do, how would she react? I decided to be smart, and I left the room. I came back a few minutes later, and loudly approached the door. I knocked, and yelled her name. I watched as she jumped up, quite startled. She looked down, and grabbed her panties, with a stunned look on her face, and pulled them up. "Bob!" she yelled, jumping up. Her large breasts flopped wildly as she ran to me. She pulled me close, hugging me. Her breasts pressed firmly against my chest. I could feel her hard nipples through my shirt.

She looked down, and quickly turned away. She picked up her robe, and put it on. She then faced me, and we hugged again. We went into the kitchen, and she made some coffee. We talked and laughed, and caught up on everything. I looked at her in a new light now. I actually found myself getting hard as I looked at her. God, just to think a little while ago, she was almost totally naked. My cock throbbed wildly in my shorts. We spent some more time chatting and catching up on lost time. Mom had a date with a couple of her girl friends, she said they were going to play bingo. She invited me, but I wasn't quite into that sort of thing.

I told her I would stay home, and watch tv or something. She got ready, and as she left, she hugged me tightly, pressing her large chest against mine. Her lips went from my cheek to my lips. I almost couldn't breathe at that moment. I kissed her softly, and I felt her mouth open slightly. I opened mine too, and waited for her next move. She just remained there with her open mouth over mine. No tongue, just a passionate kiss. She then broke away, breathing a bit faster. "I better get going" she said. My cock was almost at full hardness, and I know she saw the bulge.

She bumped into the door, as she left. She was nervous, or embarrassed or something. I was excited, really I beyond being excited. I was horny as hell. I sat on the couch, and thought about her, and that kiss. My cock was so hard, I needed a bit of relief. I pulled my shorts down, and began jacking off. I stroked my 8 inch cock softly and slowly. I imagined it being mom's mouth, mom's pussy, mom's ass, you name it, I was thinking it. I came very hard, my cum shot up onto my chest. I laid there moments later, wiping the cum off my self. I was tired, and I dozed off.

I woke up to a loud noise. It was mom, and she seemed to be drunk. She staggered into the room, and flopped down on the couch. "Hi Bob, honey" she moaned. I realized that my underwear and shorts were pulled down around my ankles. She pulled me into an upright sitting postion. "Give Mom another kiss" she moaned. She pressed her mouth over mine, and began roughly kissing me. No tongue, again, but a hot passionate kiss. I was trying to figure out a way to pull my shorts and under wear back up, when suddenly she pulled the blanket off me. She looked down at me, with my naked erect cock standing proudly.

"Bob, is that a surprise for Mommie?" she asked. I gasped. Mom's hand was soft, and it delicately moved up and down my thick shaft. She had wasted no time, taking it into her hand. I moaned as she jerked me off. She caressed my balls with her other hand. I was in ecstacy. I watched the expressions on her face as she stroked my thick cock. She was loving it, and the looks she was making, really turned me on even more. I reached over, and slid my hand up her shirt. I reached behind her, and unhooked her bra, letting it fall from her nice tits. Mom moaned as I pinched her nipples. She was still stroking my cock, lovingly, as I took one of her nipples into my mouth.

I softly bit it, and her hand closed tightly around the shaft of my cock. She shuddered, and I slid my hand up her skirt. Her panties were soaked, and I rubbed her pussy through them. Mom moaned and thrust against my hand. "Mmmm, come to bed with Mommie" she said, leading me to her bedroom. She led me by my cock, and I was attempting to remove her clothes on the way. We both totally stripped, and got onto her large bed. She climbed ontop of me, lowering her pussy onto my face. We began to 69, and we slowly worked on each other. Her mouth engulfed my large cock, and her tongue moved up and down my thick shaft. I sucked on her large clit, while teasingly rubbing a finger against her tight ass.

Mom moaned, and thrust downward, grinding her pussy against my mouth. She was cumming, and her juices flowed into my mouth. She began moving her mouth more quickly on my cock, obviously wanting me to cum. I moaned, and thrust against her. I shot the hardest load of my life. Mom gagged a bit, and then began swallowing the spurting jism, as it erupted against the back of her throat. I continued licking and sucking on her clit, as she milked all of the cum from my throbbing cock. She sucked me for a little longer, and she then removed her mouth from my cock. "Mmmm, that was nice" she moaned. She climbed off me, and pulled me close. Our tongues met, and we began passionately kissing. We rubbed our naked bodies together, thrusting our tongues against the others.

"Mmmmm, does baby want to fuck Mommie?" she asked. My cock almost erupted then.

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